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Family care study......

  1. 1. FAMILY IDENTIFICATION DATA NAME OF THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY : Ramwati Bhati ADDRESS: Ramwati bhati, Bisrakh, Gautambudh nagar, Gajiabaad, Noida. RELIGION: Hindu CASTE: Gujjar TYPE OF FAMILY : Joint FAMILY SIZE : 9 Members FAMILY COMPOSITIONS.N NAME AGE S EDUCATION OCCUPATION MARITL IMMUNI REMARK E SATUS ZATION X1- Ramwati 75 yrs F Illiterate Housewife Married No Joint Bhati pain2- Jagdish 37 yrs M 10th - Unmarried No Healthy Bhati3- Adesh 36 yrs M MCA Own business Married - Healthy bhati4- Arun 22 F BA Housewife Married - Healthy Bhati5- Lokender 35 yrs M 10th Company Married - Healthy Bhati work6- Ripul 20 yrs F BA House wife Married - Pregnant , 5th month7- Aryan 2yrs M - - - Done Healthy8- Khushi 1.5 yrs F - - - Done Healthy
  2. 2. 9- Aashu 6 F - - - Done Healthy month RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY- The head of the family Ramwati Bhati is having good relationship with her family members that is with son’s and daughter-in-laws . There is no relationship problem among them. FAMILY TREE (Arjulal, 1995) (Ramwati Bhati ,52yrs)Jagdish(37) (Adesh,36yrs) (Arun,22yrs) (Lokender,35yrs) (Asha,20yrs) (Aryan,2yrs) (Ashu, 6 months) (Khushi,1.5yrs) FEMALES MALE
  3. 3. THE HOMEHOUSING CONDITIONType of house was pucca and it was their own house which consist of 3 rooms andthe roof was terraced and wall were cemented . There were adequate ventilationfacility and there were 2 windows per room and one door through which air iscoming inside the room .Proper lighting was there .The house was having electricconnection .They were having kitchen attached outside home and in verandahalso one small cooking facility was present and chimney facilities was not there.They were using smokless chulah inside the house that is gas cylinder as well assmoking chulah which is outside the house using commonly for cooking food .There were no hand-washing facilities separately .The house was not clean .Thesource of water supply through summer se-well. They were having their ownlatrines which is sanitary . The source of refuse disposal is either burning orthrowing at common place. The drainage system was open drain .The presence ofdomestic was there and that was at one side of house and was separate. Ratswere found in there houses. Mosquitoes were also there inside and outside thehouse both during day time .PROBLEM IDENTIFIED – SUGGESTED CONTROL MEASURESPROBLEM IDENTIFIED SUGGESTIONS GIVEN1-The house was not clean . keep the house clean as the uncleanness cause the various diseases related to infection .Use phenyl for cleaning the house3-The drainage was open, water Try to make it close drainage, as it canwas going outside the home in lead to various dengue mosquitoes Keep all water pots ,tanks covered *Use mosquito net or use coil for the mosquitoes.4-To prevent from flies *Use anti -rodent for the cockroach as they are also causing many diseases.
  4. 4. ACCIDENT HAZARDS-INSIDE THE HOUSE –There were many articles like knife, nails and water bucketskept at the reach of the small children that can lead to accidents to children.SUGGESTION GIVEN – - Keep knife, nails out of the reach of the children. - Do not keep filled buckets at the reach of the children and it kept at ground level then keep them covered with the tight cover. - Try to make closed kitchen outside and if not possible then keep the articles carefully and also be there when child is playing near to it.OUTSIDE THE HOUSE –The small arrangement of kitchen which was made outside the house was withoutany walls that means open and things were thrown here and there which canfurther lead to many home accidents to the small kids, which were there at home.SUGGESTION GIVEN-When you are using Chula then stay there for whole time so that no children cancome there. Don’t leave place till the time fire is there in the chulha. And also donot keep anything at the reach of the child which can lead to problems.Family does not consider that this home is adequate for there need because offollowing reason –1-They were not having adequate room for their living as there are two marriedcouple , and self with wife and sometimes daughters also use to come home, soproblem occur for their accommodation.2-The condition of kitchen is not good as it is in the verandah and congested too.3-The income is not fulfilling their requirement as all are in the private job andone is unemployed at home.
  5. 5. INCOME AND EXPENDITUREMs. Ramwati Bhati is housewife and is the oldest member of the family. Her oneson is unemployed, he use to see household work. The other son has his ownbusiness (a restorant), his earning is not specific but they have told that he use toearn 20,000 per month. The third son of Ms. Ramwati bhati is in private jot i.e.working in some factory and his earning is round about 6000 per. Total number ofearning member are 2 member and other are dependent on these two members .They have sold their some fields and because of that there work has suffered. Asthey have got compensation money but that was not sufficient to meet the needsfor whole life and because of all this their work has also suffered a lot. Their totalincome per month is round about 26000-30,000 and per capita income as per26,000 is round about 2500 per person.MONTHLY EXPENSESThe house condition was fine and good as the house was pucca. They all are non –vegetarian taking once a month and expensing nearly about Rs 5000 for the foodper month .They were wearing appropriate dress according to the season .Education of all members was appropriate, except Jadish who has studiedupto10th std. The health condition of Ms.Ramwati Bhati is not good as she ishaving joint pain and use to have gastric problems. The overall condition of homeis satisfactory.LEISURE TIME ACTIVITIES:They all used to see television during leisure time and sometime use to gossipwith each other and passing there time .There were no educational activitiesfound. For the religious activities they used to go temple and celebrate all thefestivals of Hindus .They do not participate in cultural and civic activities FAMILY WELFARENumber of eligible couple in the family was 2. There present age is –Adesh Bhati-36 years, Arun Bhati-22 years
  6. 6. Lokender-35yrs, Ripul-20yrsAdesh is married at the age of 33 years with Arun who was at the age of 20 yrsduring merriage. They were having one son name Aryan that is of 2yrs and secondson (Ashu) is of 6 months. The menstrual status of the Arun is regular that is of 30days cycle.Lokender is married at the age of 32 yrs with Ripul who was of 19 yrs at the ageof marriage. They have a girl child named Khushi who is of one and half yrs andRipul is 6 months pregnant. The family planning awareness and practices is verymuch poor or we can say inappropriate. They were not using any contraceptive.They do not talk about contraceptive much.NEED IDENTIFIED SUGGESTION GIVEN Lack of awareness Education given regarding the use of familyregarding family planning planning practices and devices. Education given regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each family planning devices . Special emphasis given about the spacing between the two children’s Given advices regarding the use of copper t insertion advantages Not to use the condom and medicine because most time they lead to failure Three year minimum gap should be there between two children. Go for tubectomy after having the two children
  7. 7. MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH MATERNAL HEALTH Obstetrical history of previous pregnancies and there outcomeDATE DURATION DELIVERY CONDITION BREAST PRESENT OF PLACE/TYPE MOTHER/CHILD FEEDING CONDITION CONDITION OF CHILD DURING PREGNANCY(1) 36 week hospital condition of the breast present delivery/ child and feeding condition is2010 vaginal delivery mother is started normalAryan satisfactory within 1hour(2) 36weeks Hospital condition of the breast present2012 delivery/vaginal child and feeding condition isAshu delivery. mother is started normal satisfactory within 1hour(3)2010 37weeks Hospital condition of the breast presentKhushi delivery/Vaginal child and feeding condition is delivery mother is started normal satisfactory within 1hour Mrs. Ripul w/o Mr. Lokender is pregnant and is in 6th month. She was taking regular health checkup and her health status is satisfactory.
  8. 8. VITAL EVENTS IN THE FAMILY –Mrs. Ripul is pregnant (G2P1A0L1).No marriages , death occur in the past one year.CHILD HEALTHThere are three under five children in the family,2 years name Aryan, one and halfyears named Khushi, and 6 months named Ashu and their health status issatisfactory and proper growth and development is going on .The dietary patternof child is that they are eating everything which is made at home and Ashu is onweaning. The immunization status of that child had been from the PHC, Bisrakh,had been completedAs all kids are under five so there are chances of home accidens, so mother is toldregarding the home accidents and asked to take precautions to prevent thesehome accidents. FAMILY FOOD PRACTICESThe source of food material is from the fields and purchasing. They used to have 3meals per day .General menu for each meal are as follows – MORNING(BREAKFAST)Roti-4 (male) 3(female)Vegetable –moderate quantityDhal- one bowl (either vegetables or dhal)Tea -1 cup AFTERNOON(LUNCH)Rice-1bowl (each Person)
  9. 9. Dhal-1 bowl each personCurd- 1 bowl each person EVENINGTea-1 cupBiscuits or rusk-acc to wish NIGHT(DINNER)Roti- 4to 5 males 3to 4 femalesVegetables- 1 bowl eachMilk -1cup each personFruits- sometimes not daily .Method of cooking adopted by boiling, frying and steaming in general. They usedto wash vegetables before cooking and used to wash rice and pulses beforecooking .Food storage was done properly .Special need to the member of family is that they do not know the well balanceddiet and which diet has to be taken when .The knowledge toward the diet is notso good because they are less educated and having normal attitude regarding thediet .They are having less knowledge that the nursing mother should be takencare of her diet and also regarding the weaning.DIETRY ADVICES GIVEN REGARDING TWO THINGS1-pregnant mother2-Weaning
  10. 10. CONDITION ADVICES GIVEN Take high calorie diet PREGNANT MOTHER (Mrs.Ripul) Take iron and calcium rich diet like green leafy vegetables ,all pulses ,jaggery . Drink juices and milk. Do not take iron and calcium together Take food high in calories and protein . Take snacks in between whenever feels hungry. CHILD ON WEANING Start with liquid things or things which can be easily swallowed like Khichdi, Mashed Dal, Daliya, Give food alternatively Be on breast feeding also, do not stop breast feeding abruptly Start food with 2-3 spoons first and then increase the quantity slowly. With the passage of time fruits like mashed banana missed with milk and mashed apple mixed with milk and mashed cooked vegitablescan be given to the baby Be there whenever feeding the baby with weaning food Give feed slowly
  11. 11. PERSONAL HYGIENEThey used to take bath regularly with soap and water and they use to wash theirclothes daily with detergent soap. The personal hygiene is adequately maintained.SLEEP AND RESTThey used to go for sleep at 10.00PM at their respected room .They used to sleepat the day time according to their wish if they had work they do not sleep if nothaving work they used to sleep .They use to take proper sleep and rest. CARE OF SICK AT HOMEMrs.Ramwati Bhati is having Joint pain and use to have gastric problem since longtime .She rarely goes for checkup when pain become untolerable. Mrs. Ripul is 6months pregnant and she use to go for regular visit and does not do mush heavywork at home.Other than Mrs. Ramwati all the members in the family are healthy . SUMMARYThe family identification data has been taken of this family in this family there are9 member Mrs Ramwati Bhati is having Joint Pain and Gastric problem. Mrs Ripulis Pregnant and Mrs. Arun is a nursing mother having 6 month old child and thereare the other five members in the family .Problem is identified from the familyand possible suggestion has been given to the family members.