Repositioning Strategy for Genever // HKU 2011
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Repositioning Strategy for Genever // HKU 2011



This was a university assignment during the MA program Fashion Communication Design at the Hogeschool boor de Kunsten in Utrecht. ...

This was a university assignment during the MA program Fashion Communication Design at the Hogeschool boor de Kunsten in Utrecht.

The task was to reposition Bols Genever in the Dutch market.

The starting point and with it the greatest challenge was to handle Genever's reputation in the Netherlands.
Another challenge was the fact that alcohol is only sold in specialised off-licence stores. In other words; potential customers have to leave their usual grocery supplier to buy alcohol.

For me personally the first step was to bring the product back to people's daily lives and thus reposition it in a rather radical way.

This pitch is based on the idea of co-operating with other traditional brands to make Genever part of the daily life.

It's all about "tradition and heritage" and sharing great moments in your circle of best friends.



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Repositioning Strategy for Genever // HKU 2011 Repositioning Strategy for Genever // HKU 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • @kathmography Monika Kanokova Assigned by James Veenhoff Positioning Strategy of BOLSGENEVER in the Dutch market
  • Status Quo: // Genever Bols’ current strategy was developed for foreign markets. It’s focused on strangers who meet in a bar. // The visual language is highly erotic. It’s developed for cities like NYC, LA, London a.s. 01
  • Challenge: // The current strategy is great but doesn’t connect to the local market. //Visually appealing, but without a strong message explaining the added value applicable in the Dutch market. //In Holland, Genever has the reputation of being drunk by old losers. 02
  • Holland the way we see it: // Gezellig, family-focused, friendly, friends meet through other friends, people eat mainly at home and invite others to join them. Eating out is not as popular as in other countries,.. 03
  • What does Holland stand for? // Homemade food, Heineken, tomato-soup, great cheeses, cosiness, fresh-mint tea,.. 04
  • Who is Bols Genever’s target group in the Dutch market? // Highly educated young professionals, 26-40 // Young, stylish, business oriented // Home; end of the week, dinner parties, home parties, house-warming, pre-going-out,.. 05
  • What makes us believe, communicating Genever to be drunk at home with friends is the right way to go? // What are we confronted with? // How do we deal with that? What makes us feel good? 06
  • We live in an insecure, intimidating world. Our home is our ‘safe place’. *
  • Honouring traditions makes us feel safe and happy. The question is, what do we value? // Sharing, paying attention to our loved ones, giving, connectivity,.. *
  • ! *
  • What’s our solution? // What should be the main idea of Bols Genever’s repositioning strategy to attract the Dutch market? 07
  • 16 Couples need other couples. Also in Holland. *
  • Companies need to understand the context to be able to develop products and services that people will embrace, share & consume. // Holland is unique in many aspects. It’s a home-focused nation, which values family & friendship in an outstanding depth. *
  • Who are Bols Genever’s competitors? // It’s not other alcohol brands, as one might expect. 08
  • The things people like to bring as a present when they go to other people’s homes. // Would someone bring a bottle of Bols Genever, they’d bring it to a whole new level. *
  • What’s the retail strategy? // Cooperations, positioning Bols Genever as traditional heritage, which should be part of every well-equipped kitchen // Present packaging, smaller amounts, different tastes,.. 09
  • 21
  • What’s the digital strategy? // iPad app with recipes for food & homemade cocktails, exploring Dutch heritage, The world of Genever, background knowledge, possibility to collect,.. // Cooperations with shops, food bloggers, Instagram,.. 10
  • Let’s summarise.. // Bring Genever back to people’s minds as a real Dutch brand with heritage. // Seek cooperations to bring Bols Genever back to the conventional supermarkets. // Involve your audience through digital media. 11
  • @kathmography Monika Kanokova First published Winter 2011 Positioning Strategy of BOLSGENEVER in the Dutch market