10 simple tricks for mastering customer care while keeping a positive spirit


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I spent a fair amount of time doing crisis management and after having thousands and thousands of people approaching the brand I was responsible for in an extremely furious manner, I had to learn how to keep people at ease very quickly.

Back then I came up with a series of tricks and tested and expanded them on the job as a community manager. I hope they help you do great customer support.

Email me for additional tips and observations. Thank you.

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10 simple tricks for mastering customer care while keeping a positive spirit

  1. 1. 10 simple tricks for mastering CUSTOMER CARE while keeping a positive spirit
  2. 2. Make people feel special. // They went through the trouble of writing to you. They most certainly are special for your business. 01
  3. 3. Be as human as you can be. // If the branding of the product you represent is not status-driven, don’t act like an anonymous brand. People like to interact with people. 02
  4. 4. Check back on the people who wrote to you. // They should be the ones to know about new developments before everyone else does. Turn them into ambassadors. It’s more likely to work out. 03
  5. 5. All negative feedback can be turned into a positive interaction with your brand. // Be empathetic, ask more questions, be open to ideas. 04
  6. 6. If you cannot answer a question directly, don’t address it directly. // There are many ways to give a satisfying response. Talk about the things you can talk about. Say that you’ll be in touch as soon as you know more. And get in touch eventually. 05
  7. 7. Acknowledge that a mistake happened on your side. // Never make anyone feel stupid. Ever. 06
  8. 8. When someone complains about something, show them you’re on their side. // Choose your words wisely. You can be on someone’s side in many ways. 07
  9. 9. When an email makes you furious, don’t answer immediately. // Do it the next day, first thing in the morning. And follow all the tricks mentioned above. 08
  10. 10. When you notice your tone is a little too cold, ask someone to help you. // The email is written. You just need some corrections: get some tips from someone who isn’t emotionally attached to the issue. 09
  11. 11. End your emails with an open question. // You don’t want to be the one who shuts ‘the door’. Now they started a conversation, keep it going. Ask for more feedback. 10
  12. 12. ANYTHING YOU WANT TO ADD? @kathmography monikanicoletta@gmail.com