10 ground rules for product community managers to lead a happy community

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Things I've learned working as a community manager for Somewhere.com.

Things I've learned working as a community manager for Somewhere.com.

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  • 1. 10 ground rules for product to lead a happy community COMMUNITYMANAGERS
  • 2. You’re the circle around, not the centre of your community. // Your responsibility is to make sure everyone feels involved. Introduce people. Be the connector. 01
  • 3. Make people talk about your product with other people. // Your job is to inspire conversations, posts on personal blogs etc. Your aim is to encourage word of mouth. 02
  • 4. Talk about the people you want to encourage to talk about you. // Mention them, quote them, make them feel your appreciation. 03
  • 5. Be the lead and the role model of the behaviour you want to establish. // Show how to do the things you want from people, don’t tell them what they should be doing. 04
  • 6. Interact with people offline. // Meet with the people who wish to see your office. Dare to ask for people’s address and send them something nice. 05
  • 7. Be as excited about the people in your community as they are about you. // Show how much you appreciate their feedback and how important they are for the success of your product. 06
  • 8. Be generous with positive feedback. // Make interacting with your brand a rewarding experience. 07
  • 9. You can’t do everything: automate when possible. // Think deeply about how the way you communicate can feel personal without writing individually to everyone in your community. 08
  • 10. Involve your community in product development. // Ambassadors are people invited by brands to be part of an inner circle, feel ownership. 09
  • 11. Build a network of influential ambassadors around you. // And check on them from time to time individually. Ask for their opinion. Listen to their feedback. 10
  • 12. @kathmography monikanicoletta@gmail.com ANYTHINGYOUWANTTOADD?