How To Close A Sale
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How To Close A Sale






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  • Answer Key: 1. a 2. c 3. c 4. c 5. a

How To Close A Sale How To Close A Sale Presentation Transcript

  • Overall Objective
    • In a role-play situation, the student will close a sale with at least 70% accuracy, according to the rating sheet developed by the instructor.
  • Enabling Objectives
  • Identify your Customer
    • There are four types of buyers
    • Understand each type of buyer
    • Each buyer can be grouped into a category
  • Timing the Close
    • Buying Signals
      • Things customers do or say to indicate a readiness to buy
      • These signals include: facial expressions, body language, and comments
    • Trial Close
      • Tests the readiness of the buyer
      • Initial effort to close the sale
  • When to Close
    • You begin closing once you meet your customer
    • All actions are directed towards closing
    • Remember: ABC’s
  • Closing the Sale
    • Recognize Closing Opportunities
    • Help Customers Make a Decision
    • Use words like “you and your” to create ownership
  • What Defines a Great Close
    • Enthusiasm
    • Emotionally packed
    • Fantastic Presentation
  • Various Techniques for Closing a Sale
    • Trial Close
      • Series of trial close questions
      • Trial close questions give you an indication of interest
    • Which Close
      • Encourages buyer to make a decision between two items
  • Various Techniques for Closing a Sale
    • Standing-room-only close
      • Used when product is in short supply and the price will soon rise
    • Direct Close
      • You ask for the sale
      • When buying signal is strong
    • Service Close
      • Explain services to overcome buyer objections
  • Be Prepared for Objections
    • Prepare for potential objections
    • Formulate responses for potential objections
    • Be able to think on your feet
  • The Close Question
    • Establish a close question
    • Memorize your close question
    • Practice your close
  • Eight Yes’s
    • Strive for yes
    • Green light means go
    • More yes’s = greater chance of completing the sale
  • Handling Indecision
    • Fill out closing documents
    • Get buyer to an emotional high, then close
    • Give the buyer one more reason to buy
  • Quick Summary
    • Customer buying signals help a salesperson determine a customer's readiness to buy, which is important in trial closes. The signals include facial expressions, body language, and comments.
    • General rules for closing a sale are the following: recognize closing opportunities, help customers make a decision, create an ownership mentality, do not talk too much, and do not rush.
    • The three specialized methods for closing a sale are the which close, the standing-room-only close, and the service close.
  • Review Quiz
    • 1. What is closing the sale?
      • a. Obtaining an agreement to buy from the customer
      • b. Obtaining a few buying signals from the customer
      • c. A trial close technique
      • d. A way to get feedback from the customer
    • 2. What is a which close?
      • a. A selling method used when a product is in short supply
      • b. A method where you ask for the sale directly
      • c. A way to encourage a customer between two items
      • d. None of the above
  • Review Quiz
    • 3. If the customer is giving you strong buying signals, which close would you use?
      • a. The which close
      • b. The standing-room-only close
      • c. The direct close
      • d. The service close
    • 4. What is suggestion selling?
      • a. An after-sales activity
      • b. A service close
      • c. Selling additional goods or services besides the main purchase
      • d. Suggesting which product to choose when the customer is hesitating
  • Review Quiz
    • 5. CRM is
      • a. Maintaining relationships with customers
      • b. Offering related merchandise
      • c. Giving customers reviews of the product
      • d. Demonstrating the product
  • Homework
    • Due Next Class:
    • Case Study
    • DECA Prep
    • Sales-Role Play:
    • Begin preparing for your role-play. I will give you practice time in class, and then we will act out the role-play!