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Language project

  1. 1. Language project3.9.moduleMonika ArratibelAnuska GorrotxategiJudith LarrañagaAlaine Roa
  2. 2. INDEX• Introduction.• School Context.• Language Objectives.• Language Policy.• Fields of linguistic intervention.• Pedagogical Fields.• Institutional Fields.• Teacher training.• Conclusion. 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION1. School context.2. Language project.3. Additional work.3
  4. 4. SCHOOL CONTEXT• La Salle around the world.• La Salle ARLEP.• La Salle (Sector Bilbao).• La Salle San Jose (Beasain).4
  5. 5. SCHOOL CONTEXT• Is located in Beasain. (Goierri, Gipuzkoa).– 13.717 people.– Economy. (Industry and services)– Basque language.• 2 buildings.– I.E. + 2.P.E.– 3.P.E. + 4.S.O.E.5
  6. 6. SCHOOL CONTEXT• Aim: christian and basque school.• View: developing different skills using innovative projects.• Values: respect, group work and responsibility.6
  7. 7. SCHOOL CONTEXT• Identity. (Each student is a globalcreature)• Pedagogical style. (Children interests as a starting point to work incorners)• Projects.– Neuro network area. (Ulises)– Psicomotor area.– Perceptual cognitive area. (Mapping)– Lateral area. (CREA, HARA, IRATI, SEIN, Effectivereading)7
  8. 8. LANGUAGE OBJECTIVES• Reading.• Writing.• Listening.• Speaking.8
  9. 9. LANGUAGE OBJCETIVESTEACH LANGUAGE• Speaking and reading – basical level.• Motivation and compression.• Create text and undertasnd.9
  10. 10. LANGUAGE OBJECTIVESSOME ASPECT:• La Salle (Students-Students).• La Salle (School- Family /Family School).• Foreing People- School.10
  11. 11. LANGUAGE OBJECTIVESSchool and teachers aims:– Create communication project.– Make a different works.– Use a grammatical roles.– Work in group/cooperation.11
  13. 13. LANGUAGE POLICYDEFINITION:-General definition.-La Salle school context/language.-Example: Moorish/Granada13
  14. 14. LANGUAGE POLICY• La Salle School• Bilingual System.• Student that not speak Basque...– Decided what is (L1) (L2) (L3)14
  15. 15. LANGUAGE POLICY• The importance of BasqueLanguage.• Basque Culture: Town, Cities, …• Forein language.15
  16. 16. FIELDS OF LINGUISTICINTERVENTIONIt is essential to make an analysis of thecommunicative context of the schoolTo identify all the fields thathave an influence on languagedevelopment.16
  17. 17. PEDAGOGICAL FIELDS1. WITHIN THE CLASSROOM- Pedagogical management section• Clear and defined decisions aimed at developingintegrated language curriculum.• The objectives are divided in different areasPromote Basque language and culture.• Includes the criteria to choose language curriculummaterials (classified in 7 points)• Tables with all information about each areas (Basque,Spanish…)= sequence.17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. - Didactic interaction• Includes different types of activities (for information, application,research, motivation…) and ways of grouping (large group, smallgroup…) as a guide to foster good interaction.- Resources and Training• Teachers have to speak Basque and have an appropriate linguisticprofile.• They will received Basque language courses to improve or enrich it.2. OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM• Takes into account the other people (other school staff, monitor ofschool activities…) and it has defined the objectives and decisionsfor this groups.• They have to know and use Basque.• Receive courses to learn Basque or improve it.19
  20. 20. INSTITUTIONAL FIELDS• The main language is Basque and the project reflects it’slinguistic policy.• Defined use of language of different work areas (schoolorganization, teachers, families…)• The protocol to be used with a new foreign student andthe use of the language in those situations.• The school will use Basque in its external relations andnew members have to know the school linguistic criteria.20
  21. 21. • Campaign to motivate.– Potxolotxo.– Tamalgutxi.– Amaiur.– Mari.– Morkotxa.21MOTIVATION
  22. 22. • Multilingualism Schools– Basque, Spanish, English and French»Teacher TrainingBasque(Irale and Ulibarri)English (Some training session in Oxford)22TEACHER TRAINIGQUESTIONNAIRETO A TEACHER
  23. 23. • The language project analyse the different linguistic actions that takeplace in the pedagogical and institutional fields of the school.• The importance of the schools context.• Defined use of language of different work areas (school organization,teachers, families..)• La Salle San Jose have a good and extend Language project thatalways is in action. They have an active L.P. and professionals.• We have to say that the questionnaire was very useful to create thiswork, so thank you to the teacher!23CONCLUSION
  24. 24. Bibliography•• Teachers of La salle San Jose.• Thanks for: Amaia Ezkiaga.24
  25. 25. 25