Want to ignite a thriving workplace, profitable brand or stand out career?Ready for a program guaranteed to energize your ...
Looking for a fresh speaker with the proven ability to engage, delight,inform, and inspire audiences to put what they’ve h...
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Monica Strobel Professional Speaker Onesheet


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http://www.positivefocussuccess.com One-sheet for Professional Speaker Monica Strobel America's Complimentologist Author of The Compliment Quotient

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Monica Strobel Professional Speaker Onesheet

  1. 1. Want to ignite a thriving workplace, profitable brand or stand out career?Ready for a program guaranteed to energize your audience and message? SPARK It Up! Igniting High-Performance Drive, Connection and Results, Bringing out the Best in Your Organization, Those You Lead—and YouAs today’s do-more-with-less, unsettled and competitive climate stallsout productivity, morale or customer care—even your own attitude orimpact, it’s easy to get stuck focused on what’s wrong or a next big thing.Yet we overlook and underestimate the core essentials that not only matterdeeply—now more than ever—but are proven to activate and sustain ourmost important assets: people and relationships.In this compelling program, leaders, managers and everyone looking to fueltheir success will discover how to revitalize results with the core powers ofSPARK. Using this quick, practical, irresistible formula ignites others—and Monica Strobelyou—with the sense of value and drive for excellence key to a culture of high America’s Complimentologistperformance and enthusiasm, exceptional customer experiences andresilient, productive connections. Plus, SPARK It Up to boost your career and Clients rely on this wise, witty and warmhealthy well-being—and make a bigger positive difference, at work and in life. speaker, author and entrepreneur for her positive leadership and distinct re-Key Takeaways sults systems, drawing on 25 years’ How SPARK triggers motivation, collaboration and brand-boosting wow professional expertise in non-profits, Simple mindset switches we overlook and their bonus leadership benefits business, government and volunteering. Using the 3-step SPARK system for immediate results—and what to steer clear of Monica’s achievements as an executiveApplications director, author, and communications expert have received numerous awards Leadership Organizational Culture Employee Engagement & Recognition and acclaim, with speaking and media Productivity Teamwork Customer Service Career & Personal Success appearances across the country.Count on your program with Monica to be: Some of the Places You’ve Seen Her: Content-rich — Filled with the latest research, stories, myths and insights Dynamic — Plenty of interaction and practical take-aways LOS ANGELES Lively — Always entertaining, upbeat and sprinkled with humor Empowering — Stick-with-you inspiration for audiences of all sizes Public Radio Focus on what’s strong, not what’s wrong. - Monica Strobel 303.898.8706 positivefocussuccess.com The Compliment Quotient and Cultivating SPARK (coming soon!)
  2. 2. Looking for a fresh speaker with the proven ability to engage, delight,inform, and inspire audiences to put what they’ve heard into action? SHE’S AVAILABLE FOR Contact Monica today: Keynotes, General sessions direct - 303.898.8706 Association, Corporate, Small Business, Non-profit Events monica@positivefocussuccess.com Women’s Programs Breakouts, Workshops, Retreats WEB www.positivefocussuccess.com Webinars, Executive Sessions VIDEO positivefocussuccess.com/hire Tailored, of course, to meet your needs TWITTER @ComplimentologyMonica is an easy-to-work-with professional, committed to your success.Plus, she wows your audience while making your attendees at all levels FACEBOOK ComplimentQuotientfeel appreciated and connected (would you expect anything less?)—adding significant value to your event. PUBLICITY Firedup Communications 630.306.3435W HAT T HEY ’ RE ARE S AYING“Your talk was inspiring and enlightening...appreciated your humor and…your passion for helping others…” Mary Ellen Lewis, Aurora Business Women,Aurora, CO MONICA STROBEL“Your professional style and warm personality blended well together asyou delivered a very informative seminar.” Rev. John Poleski, Workshop Host, Founder, International Positive-FocusSan Diego, CA Success Institute“We are the ones who should be thanking you. You really hit the nail on Positivity to ProfitsTM Success Mastery Seriesthe head...” Ron Podboy, VP of Programming Arapahoe Sales Professionals SPARK Leadership SystemTM“Thanks for today’s talk ...the importance of joyfully giving away something Employee Recognition, Cause Marketing,that costs nothing...” Bernadette Hyland, Attendee, Fredericksburg, VA Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry“Thank you for your excellent presentation…adding so much to the success Compliments for a CauseTM fundraisingof this program." Elizabeth Geiser, Event Host, DU Publishing Institute 3 Compliments a Day Movement WHERE SHE’S BEEN Gratulari * Compliments Gifts Line www.complimentquotient.com NBC Philadelphia The 10! Show, KTLA Los Angeles Morning News, Good Day Colorado Morning News, International Positive Psychology CBS Pittsburgh Today Live, San Diego Morning News Association, Member (IPPA) FOX5, New Day Cleveland FOX8, Charlotte Today America’s Complimentologist TM WCNC-NBC, KDET Public Radio, Family Talk Radio, Love, Laugh & Learn Luncheon Temecula, Unleash Your Appreciation Workshop San Diego, Power of Compliments Fundraiser Charlotte, Fredericksburg Community Event, Aurora Business Women, BHS MileHi, Northwest Sales Professionals … and more www.positivefocussuccess.comImagine if everyone was empowered to consistently give their best. - Monica Strobel