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Culture - Birthday parties






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Culture - Birthday parties Presentation Transcript

  • 1. American birthday parties
  • 2. Level: TRANSITION
    Requirements: Parental guidance, companion and active participation and a computer.
    Topic: Cultural competence: Identifying and understanding American English speaking people’s day to day conversational language and behaviors at little girls birthday parties.
    Subtopic:Language structure – How old are you? – I’m (1/2/3/4/5/6/7) years old.
    Happy birthday song.
    Vocabulary related to Parties such as invitations, decorations, favors and activities.
    Average time:
    Online: 30 min
    Offline: 30 min
    To develop cultural competences by means of:
    Identifying the different ways American people celebrate little girls’ birthday parties
    Identifying how do Americans celebrate a little princess party.
    Identifying and understanding American English speaking people’s day to day conversational language and behaviors at little girls birthday parties.
    Follow numerals 1 to 10, each numeral has a specific instruction, go one by one.
    Have fun!
  • 3. 1. Take a look at Cristinas birthday…
    Click on the link
    2. Howoldis Christina?
  • 4. 3. Howold are you?
    Ifyouhappen to beinvited to anamerican birthday party, itwouldbenice to beable to communicate in english.
    -Howold are you?
    • I´m (one,/two,/three,/fourorfiveyearsold)
    Click on the link below for a lessonfrom
    Lesson Title : My Birthday, Language structure : How old are you? , Vocabulary: Birthday, numbers, happy
    In the link, click on the cake video clip `s play button.
    Click on the link
  • 5. Practice
    Imagine you are in a party and someoneasks: Howold are you?
    Youanswer: ______________________
    (I´m (one/ two… yearsold)
    Nowask: ________________________
    (Howold are you?)
  • 6. 4. Clickon the links to listen to and sing the “Happybirthday” song
  • 7. 35. Englishspeakingpeople celebrate their birthday , as well as we do here in Colombia, take a look at somedifferenttypes of parties americanpeople celebrate fortheirlittlegirls’ birthday.Take a look at these links, click on each of them to watch the movie clip.
  • 8. 6. As yousawthere are manywaysamericans celebrate littlegirls’ birthday…
    Click on the following link to listen to professionaladvisement on how to celebrate a Princess birthday party,
    The steps for a great Princess party are:
    - Step 1 Invitations
    - Step 2 Decorations
    • Step 3 Favors
    - Step 4 Activities
    Match each picture with the correct place. Listen : Step 1: Invitations; Step 2: Decorations; Step 3: Favors; Step 4: Activities such as baking cookies, making bubbles or decorating cakes…
  • 9. 7. Click the following link to watch more ideas to have a great princess party
    8. To which of the four steps do Princess Amerah’s ideas: Storytime, crafts, singing and dancing, belong to?
    Are: Storytime, crafts, singing and dancing,
    - Invitations?
    - Decorations?
    • Favors?
    • Activities?
    • 10. Did you say invitations, decorations or favors?
    Sorry, wrong answer.
    • Did you say activities?
    Good answer!
  • 11. 9. Click on the following links to listen to Princess Ariel’s song “Manners and Etiquette.” Listen carefully to learn the lyrics.
    10. Sing along, click on the link for the video and sing along. (Lyrics are provided for your parents to read.)
    Hi I’m Ariel and I found a fantastic book about the way a princess should act
    Let’s see…
    At a social event ,
    At a most special day
    or at home with your family .
    Your mother should say,
    It’s time to eat
    Take your sit, no time to play
    It’s time for manners and etiquette
    Sit in your chair
    Never play with your food
    Never speak with your mouthful, it’s terribly rude.
    Say please and say thank you
    Don’t mumble or grunt,
    That’s called manners and etiquette
  • 12. What you do and the way that you do it.
    It’s what makes you a princess … or grub
    And it looks, easy too
    And I’m telling you all about
    Your manners and etiquette
    Napkin stay on your lap
    One must not slurp one’s soup
    Always wait to be served
    And be part of the group.
    Not elbows on tables
    Your head must stay through
    And that’s good manners and etiquette
    Don’t leave your sit please, before dinner’s end.
    Sip your tea , leave your pinky extent.
  • 13. 11. Click on the following link to listen to a little princess who explains about manners to be followed at a tea party.
    - Do you think these are good manners and etiquette? Do the princesses from the video act like princesses do?
    Yes? No? Talk about it with mom and dad.
    • Do you act like a princess does?
    Go back to number 10, Listen to Ariel’s song carefully, ask your mom for advise.
    If you do , congratulations!!!
    If you don’t, well, keep trying, You will
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