Mens fitness magazine uk february 2013
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Mens fitness magazine uk february 2013

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  • 4. HELLY HANSEN CATWALK Aurelien Ducroz World Champion Freeride Skier Lofoten, Norway Scandinavian Design is the cornerstone in all Helly Hansen gear. The optimal combination of purposeful design, protection and style. This is why professional athletes, patrollers and discerning enthusiasts choose Helly Hansen. CONFIDENT WHEN IT MATTERS
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  • 6. Contents p42 THE GREATEST Phelpsongolf, his bestracesand whatcomes next WIN! Onthecover Blast your gut One kettlebell is all you need to carve yourself a six-pack Gym membership p161 FREE! Earphones p148 p143 Instant attraction p24 179 ways to improve Six-packs are built in the kitchen. These 27 foods are your tools p21 Supersize your bench p109 Abs snacks p117 Torch fat, look amazing, kick date night up a notch – it couldn’t be simpler Use verbal cues to improve instantly p149 Middle management Still doing sit-ups? Update your routine with these essentials p137 Hard core Every good six-pack needs support. Carve your whole midsection into flawless shape with these four simple moves Our Trainer section is chock-full of advice and tips to get you in supreme shape Strength, not stress Calm down, beef up p42 One man, 22 medals Record-breaking Olympian Michael Phelps talks exclusively to MF about his plans for the future p24 COVER SUBSCRIBE TO MEN’S FITNESS Model Richard Pearce@WAthletic Photography Glen Burrows Grooming Danielle Ogilvie using Kiehl’s products And get 5 issues of the print or digital edition plus BioSynergy Thermogen fat-burners free 6/FEBRUARY 2013/ For more details see p74 or go to
  • 7. Issue151 February2013 15 Fit List Swing your way to awesome cardio + The world’s best abs move + Fat-burning aphrodisiacs + Must-have smartphones + The perfect punch + Rory McIlroy on learning from defeat 35 Experts Build your biceps like Charles Poliquin + Training tips from Jessica Ennis’s coach + Tim Ferriss on how to master anything 42 Features Michael Phelps talks golf and golds + 31 days to ultimate fitness + Why everything you ‘know’ about fitness is wrong + Are you in the gym elite? 77 Out There MF jumps off a cliff + Gearing up with the best road running shoes for any budget + Downhill mountain biking - the ultimate adrenaline sport 95 Eat Fit Metabolism boosters to help you get lean + The only cooking oils your kitchen needs + Slow-carb lamb + Perfect eggs - any style + 27 six-pack snacks 117 Trainer Fast-track your fat loss p143 Footwear for pressing success + Four core-carving moves + Two dumbbells, one workout + Keeping your fitness resolutions on track + Snowboarding stretches Editor’s letter Going downhill fast p87 Quick muscle soup p23 Ones for the road p83 Food of love p21 There are two big reasons why your New Year fitness plans might falter. The first is making the effort but following bad advice. You might, for example, think that if your goal is to sculpt a six-pack, you need to eat less fat and do more crunches. If that’s your view, you’re misguided, and we explain why – and what you should be doing – in ‘Everything You Know About Fitness Is Wrong’ (p68). The other big pitfall is suddenly adopting a training regime that would make an Olympian shudder and a diet that would make a supermodel’s stomach rumble. The smart thing to do is to make small changes gradually, like the ones suggested in ‘31 Days To Your Fittest Year Ever’ (p52). Your first task is to drink more water. If that seems like an insurmountable challenge, you may want to try a different magazine. Jon Lipsey, Editor 2013/7
  • 8. TheMFers Issue151 The staff of Men’s Fitness are always in the thick of the action Subscribe to MF and get five issues of the magazine for £5 plus free BioSynergy fat-burning supplements JOE, deputy editor What I’ve been up to Getting in front of the camera to demonstrate all the exercises I did to get in shape for the cover of the September issue of Men’s Fitness. This wasn’t just to satisfy my own vanity – the shots will appear in our brand new MagBook, 12 Week Body Plan. It contains the complete training programme, nutrition and supplement plan I followed – for more details, see below. JOEL, features editor What I’ve been up to Visiting Brazil for a holiday, although I still managed to get some training in thanks to the excellent outdoor gym on Rio’s Arpoador beach. It’s all concrete weights, pull-up bars, and benches with wooden uprights, and the sea’s much better than a shower. I also took the opportunity to do some Brazilian jiu jitsu at the city’s renowned Checkmat academy, and got my arse kicked. JAMES, feature writer What I’ve been up to Pelting down a French glacier in the Mountain of Hell downhill mountain bike race. I was nervous on arrival because it’s been years since I’ve been on a mountain bike but a day’s practice, a few bracing crashes and a broken bike later, I dredged up something that could pass for decent cycling form. Discovering the balls to hit 2m-high drop-offs proved somewhat harder. Read the full story on p87. BEN, staff writer What I’ve been up to Attending a jeet kune do class at Elements Martial Arts in Brighton ( JKD was devised by martial arts legend Bruce Lee as a hybrid of traditional martial arts and direct, practical movements that would be effective in real-life combat. The combination of aerobic/anaerobic exercise with ballistic movements makes it a great workout too. Two great new MF books Call 0844 844 0081 or go to links/subscribe For overseas subscriptions information call +44 (0) 1795 592916 Already a subscriber? Renew your subscription or change your details at MEN’S FITNESS Dennis Publishing Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London W1T 4JD Editor Deputy Editor Art Director Managing Editor Features Editor Designer Staff Writer Features Assistant Staff email Thanks this issue EDITORIAL Jon Lipsey 020 7907 6515 Joe Warner 020 7907 6521 Donovan Walker 020 7907 6522 Chris Miller 020 7907 6520 Joel Snape 020 7907 6816 Rob Lavery 020 7907 6518 Ben Ince 020 7907 6528 Sam Rider 020 7907 6523 Marc Southey (art), Jo Williams (subbing) DIGITAL Head of Content Nick Hutchings SEO Manager Kimberly Shepherd Content Manager Max Anderton MANAGEMENT Group Publisher Russell Blackman 020 7907 6488 Group Managing Director Ian Westwood Group Advertising Manager Advertising Manager Account Manager Classified Sales Executive Creative Solutions Project Manager Northern Representative ADVERTISING Claudia Nicoletti-Dowd 020 7907 6702 Rick Asiyani 020 7907 6713 Stephen Cooke 020 7907 6558 Kathryn McCabe 020 7907 6557 Avril Donnelly 020 7907 6618 Steph Binns 01423 569553 Fax 01423 709319 Managing Director Julian Lloyd-Evans MARKETING Marketing Manager Juliette Cooper 020 7907 6424 Partnerships Manager Sophie George 020 7907 6853 PRODUCTION Senior Production Daniel Stark 020 7907 6053 Executive SUBSCRIPTIONS/NEWSTRADE David Barker 020 7907 6489 James Mangan 020 7396 8042 Holly Mills 020 7907 6158 Anj Dosaj-Halai 020 7907 6132, Licensing Manager Carlotta Serantoni 020 7907 6550, Newstrade Director Newstrade Manager Direct Marketing Manager Syndication Sales Manager Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Financial Officer Group Finance Director Chief Executive Officer Chairman SENIOR MANAGEMENT Brett Reynolds Ian Leggett James Tye Felix Dennis Men’s Fitness is available for syndication and international licensing. Plea contact Nicole Adams on Please or +44 (0) 20 7907 6134 for details. Did you know? You can reserve a copy of Men’s Fitness free at a newsagent in the UK. Ask your newsagent for details. any Out 20th Dec Out 22nd Dec Origin Origination and retouching by Mullis Morgan. Printed by BGP. Distributed by Seymour Distribution, 2 East Poultry Avenue, London EC1A 9PT. Tel 020 7429 4000. Men’s Fitness, copyright 2012 by Dennis Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. Men’s Fitness is a trademark and may not be used or reprod reproduced in the UK or Republic of Ireland without the permission of Dennis Publishing Ltd. Men’s Fitness is published in the UK and Republic of Ireland by Dennis Publishing Ltd and is sold subject to the follow terms: namely that it shall not without the written consent of the Publishers first given be lent, resold, following hired out or otherwise disposed of by way of Trade at more than the recommended selling price shown on the cover and that it shall not be lent, resold or hired out in a mutilated condition or in any unauthorised cover by way of Tra or affixed to or as part of any publication or advertising, literary or pictorial matter whatsoever. Trade FOLLOW US 8/FEBRUARY 2013/ The paper used for this magazine is produced from sustainable fibre, manufactured by mills with a valid chain of custody. Words John doe Photography Jane doe Keen to get your hands on every bit of training info you can? Try these new Men’s Fitness MagBooks. Workout Manual is full of the best routines and expert advice from the pages of MF to help you get fitter, stronger and better at sport, while 12 Week Body Plan demonstrates how Joe Warner built a cover model body in three months – and shows you how to do the same. Buy them from February2013
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  • 11. LIVE THE LIFE OF A PRO CYCLIST AND DISCOVER A BRAND NEW TYPE OF CYCLING HOLIDAY ACCOmmODATION RECOVERY Exclusive 5* luxury villas in locations great for riding Latest post-ride recovery technology NormaTec Recovery System SuPPORT NuTRITION Vehicle supported rides carrying food, drink, spare wheels & clothing | Race experienced guides | Bike mechanic Fresh cooked meals | Created by a leading sports nutritionist | Prepared daily by our chef TRAINING TERRAIN Challenging routes | Stunning scenery Power Meter rental to boost your training ESCAPE TO THE WARm WEATHER FOR A PRO CYCLING EXPERIENCE AT A NEON VELO WINTER TRAINING AND RECOVERY CAmP NEON-VELO.COm/mF01
  • 12. THE BIG PICTURE Liveby the board When the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series came to the UK for the first time, MF was there. Our man Warren Pole may not have emulated Ukrainian diver Anatoliy Shabotenko (pictured) with a twisting, dizzying, death-defying 27-metre leap into the Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire, but he wasn’t going to miss out on the adrenalinepumping action. Turn to p77 to find out how Warren’s attempts at cliff diving went. 12/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 13. Words John doe Photography Jane doe Photography Red Bull
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  • 15. YOUR COUNTDOWN TO A FITTER LIFE Hit the streets with our top running tips and shoes p16 To get the perfect abs you need to roll with it p18 Inspiration for those wanting to lose weight p21 How talking can help you improve your lifts p24 We round up the very latest smartphones p30 Swingmore togetfitter Short, high-rep kettlebell sessions will inflate your lung capacity Do a high-rep kettlebell workout and you will improve your cardio fitness as well as boosting your strength endurance, according to new US research. When subjects did as many swings as possible in 12 minutes, clocking up an average of 265 reps with a 16kg weight, the training effect led researchers to conclude that the exercise ‘can impart a metabolic challenge of sufficient intensity to increase VO2 max’, the body’s ability to use oxygen. They also said that ‘kettlebells provide a useful tool with which coaches may improve the cardiorespiratory fitness of their athletes’. Words Jon Lipsey Illustration Peter Crowther@Debut Art For a 12-minute kettlebell workout, turn to p143 2013/15
  • 16. Runitoff Get off the treadmill and forget pounding the pavement. These running techniques are much more fun – and will burn loads of fat Trail running High-intensity interval training ‘Cross-country running is a great alternative to city running,’ says Geracimo. ‘The constant body adjustments required to navigate uneven terrain provide a tough physical workout that burns more fat than running on even ground and avoids the damaging jarring effect of road running.’ ‘HIIT combines repetitions of highintensity exercise with lower-intensity intervals,’ says trainer Pete Geracimo of KX Gym ( 'This improves your athletic capacity and your body’s fatburning ability. High intensity means near maximum effort, while low should be around 50%.’ HIIT session 20-30sec sprint 1min easy jog Repeat for 15-20 minutes Find your feet style of Whatever Track sessions Discover your inner Usain Bolt or Mo Farah. ‘Find your local 400m track and join in group track sessions,’ says Geracimo. ‘Training with others is a great way to keep you motivated and competing against others will spur you on to improve. You’ll still be burning lots of calories long after you take off your spikes.’ Track session 400m hard 400m easy Repeat four times TRADITIONAL TRAIL PERFORMANCE MINIMALIST BAREFOOT Salomon Speedcross 3 Saucony Xodus 3.0 GTX New Balance Performance M890V2 Adidas AdiPure Gazelle Vibram FiveFingers Sprint Beginner Any Experienced Intermediate Experienced KEY FEATURE Cushioning for heelstrikers, protecting the achilles, calf and knees. The shoe digs into the ground to provide traction. Cushioning and durability is stripped away to reduce weight. The midsole mimics the natural stability of bare feet. No extra support. Many runners find they help reduce injury and improve efficiency. TOP TIP If you’re a beginner, have your running gait analysed to ensure you get the right support. If the surface is soft enough that you can dig your sole into it, use a trail shoe such as this. It will help improve your running times – try it if you’re aiming for a sub2hr 45min marathon. Teaches you to run on your forefoot as a bridge between traditional shoes and barefoot. Don’t just switch over – integrate them slowly into your training. DETAILS £95 £110 £68 £85 £89 Words Sam Rider Photography Danny Bird, Hugh Threlfall running you choose, pick the right shoe with tips from Jamie Smith, manager of the Sweatshop store in Reading ( EXPERIENCE LEVEL 16/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 17. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ Chronograph Wor ld Time Alar m Back-light 10 Bar Water R esistance From the Nairobi Collec tion PV4005X1
  • 18. Ready toroll Add barbell rollouts to your regime for rock-hard abs BARBELL ROLLOUT Sets 4 Reps 6-8 MUSCLE TIP A Be aware of your abs 5Get on your knees with your arms extended and your hands holding a barbell with a shoulder-width grip. Slowly roll the barbell away from your body, keeping your core braced throughout. B 5Once you have extended until your torso is parallel to the ground, contract your abs to pull the bar back towards your body to the start position. If you focus on how your core muscles move during abs exercises, they will grow back bigger and stronger. Research has shown that being aware of your muscles as they work improves the mind-muscle connection, allowing you to work them harder for greater results. ABS Words Joe Warner Photography Tom Miles Model David Peters@MOT MYTH I f you thought barbells were only good for big strength lifts such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses, it’s time to think again. The barbell rollout is one of the hardest – and consequently most effective – abs moves for building a rock-solid six-pack. The key to making this move as effective as it can be is to keep tension on your entire core during every rep, forcing these muscles to work overtime to stabilise your torso. This means you won’t be doing high-rep sets because the focus should be on slow, high-quality reps to reap the maximum results. To keep tension on the muscles, don’t go fully upright at the end of each rep ‘Doing lots of sit-ups is the best way to build a rock-hard six-pack’ T his myth has been around as long as men have coveted an impressively defined core. However, sit-ups don’t directly target the abs muscles, making them ineffective at crafting a six-pack. Instead they work small, stabilising muscles within the hip joint. Great for hip strength, rubbish for abs. Instead of wasting hours on sit-ups, focus on barbell rollouts, crunches and leg raises. For more abs exercises go to 18/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 19. DRY SKIN? Available at selected Boots Shop online at Shop online at Subject to availability Subject to availability
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  • 21. Turn her on Want inspiration to lose weight? Look no further Every woman wants her man to look fit and healthy but, according to a survey, almost one in five goes further and admits that seeing their other half trying to lose weight is a turn-on. You’d think that was inspiration enough to ditch your gut, yet only 6% of men admit to dieting to get more action. The foods below will help – and also serve as aphrodisiacs, so treat yourself and your partner to get fit and invigorate your sex life. Hot chillies Capsaicin, found in fiery peppers, increases blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings while firing up your body’s fat-burning ability. Salmon Oily fish is packed with omega 3 fatty acids, which have been found to boost the pleasure hormone dopamine. Seeds Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and vitamin E, which raise levels of the sex hormone testosterone, as well as omega 3 fats. In fine style Make sure your hair has the right stuff Choose the best styling product for your barnet with these expert tips from Michael Douglas, style director of Head & Shoulders and Shockwaves. Wax Mousse Putty/clay Cream Appearance Silky but sticky feel. Harder and stiffer than gel. Similar to gel, but lighter. Thick and firmer than gel and wax. Silky and light. Key feature Provides strong hold with added volume. Gives hair the ‘just got out of bed’ look. Adds volume to hair. Gives hair a matte finish. Provides moisture for a continuous wet look. Best for… …creating big quiffs and extreme styles. …all hair types and lengths. …thin or limp hair. …giving lots of texture to short hair styles. …dry hair. Technique tip Blow-dry it in your hair for a natural hold without a sticky look. Use a hard wax for short hair and a soft wax for longer styles. Apply to damp hair and blow-dry. Only use in long hair if it’s soft to the touch. It doesn’t tend to dry out, so use sparingly. 2013/21 Words Sam Rider Photography Shutterstock Sources LighterLife, One Poll, WHFoods Gel
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  • 23. Superbowl Get loads of goodness in one dish with this quick soup Words Ben Ince Photography Food styling Karol Gladki minute meal Few dishes do as good a job of keeping you warm in winter as soup. This comforting broccoli and stilton soup is packed with nutrient-rich vegetables, takes minutes to prepare and is guaranteed to give you a boost when the going gets cold. INGREDIENTS 1tbsp olive oil / ½ onion, diced / 1 garlic clove, crushed / 250g broccoli, cut into florets / Handful of spinach / 150ml vegetable stock / 1tbsp stilton, crumbled / 1tbsp toasted almonds / Salt and pepper to season TO MAKE ● Heat the oil in a pan over a medium heat. ● Add the onion and garlic and cook until the onion is softened. ● Add the broccoli, spinach and stock, and bring to the boil. ● Remove the mixture from the pan and blend until smooth. ● Serve with the crumbled stilton and toasted almonds on top. BROCCOLI is high in chromium, which the body needs to build muscle, reduce body fat and produce energy. GARLIC can help to lower cholesterol and protect blood vessels from oxidative stress. For more healthy meals that are ready in minutes go to 2013/23
  • 24. Talk itup Stats show that high levels of stress prevent your body from building muscle and losing fat. Here’s how to reduce it. Use verbal encouragement to bench press more weight Getting verbal encouragement while you’re bench pressing can increase muscle activation in the pec major – the key muscle in the move – by 22%, a study published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research shows. When subjects were told to focus on the chest muscles during a lift weighing BEAT STRESS GET STRONGER 50% of their one-repetition maximum, this prompted them to switch on. This is useful because there’s a correlation between muscle activity and how much weight you can shift. Make the instruction about the muscle – shouting ‘it’s all you’ or ‘one more rep, big man’ while your partner is on the bench will just annoy your fellow gym-goers. 72% of people who exercised on a work day reported more successful time management in a study at the University of Bristol. 6 minutes of reading is enough to reduce stress by two-thirds, according to a University of Sussex study that measured resting heart rate and muscle tension. 85 Words Jon Lipsey, Mark Bailey Photography Tom Miles beats per minute is the desirable tempo of music to reduce stress levels at work. Oasis’s ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ is a suitable choice. BENCH MORE RIGHT NOW Three ways to improve your bench press instantly, from MF ’s muscle expert Charles Poliquin 1 Ensure you have a shoulder-width grip on the bar. Too wide and you’ll place too much strain on your shoulders, too narrow and you’ll be working the triceps more than the chest. 2 Pretend you are trying to pull the bar apart (rip it in the middle) as you press. This has been shown to increase the activity of your triceps so you can lift more weight. 3 When the weight feels heavy, drive the back of your head into the bench. This activates an innate reflex that will allow you to lift as much as 5% more weight. 30 minutes of moderateintensity exercise helps maintain low anxiety levels, says a study published in Medicine And Science In Sports And Exercise. For more bench press tips from Charles Poliquin go to 24/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 25. Giving Yu! a healthy boost! Just Fruit Chews Yu! Bars (av. 40% fruit) Jam-packed with fruits and cereal in a tasty yogurt-coating Strawberry, Cherry, Wild Berry, Apricot and Blueberry 100% fruit, one of your 5-a-day; low in calories, fat free & no added sugar Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Cherry, Blackcurrant and Raspberry Where can Yu! find them? Find the perfect healthy snack for Yu! in the healthy snacks and home baking aisles (with the dried fruit) at Tesco & Sainsbury’s stores nationwide now. The Bars can also be found in Waitrose. For more information, head to (for a chance to WIN an action-packed holiday worth £1,500) or call us on 01344 707363
  • 26. Setthepace This new boot is ideal for speedy strikers Puma EvoSpeed £150 Being able to change direction at speed is a crucial skill for any forward, regardless of whether they’re playing Sunday league or Premier League football. That’s why Puma has equipped the EvoSpeed with a Pebax outsole and a mid-foot stability insert, both of which help to provide optimal flexibility, allowing you to alter your course without losing your balance. Its lightweight design helps to ensure you can play at top speed – it’s worn by the likes of fleetfooted Manchester City star Sergio Agüero – while its anatomically shaped K-Leather upper offers maximum sensitivity for precise penalty box finishing. Words Ben Ince, Sam Rider Photography Danny Bird Nick Levett is National Development Manager of Football at the FA’s St George’s Park A heel counter protects the sensitive area around the achilles The internal Everfit cage allows great ease of movement Give me five The speed and constant adjustments required by five-a-side football make it a great way to keep fit. It also works as a challenging highintensity interval session, according to research published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research. Use these tips from FA coach Nick Levett to hone your game while you boost your fitness Movement Use dummy runs to shake off your marker. Fake to go one way then quickly change direction to find space. That extra metre of space can be vital. First touch Passing Shooting Communication Before you receive the Disguise your pass to When you shoot, use Tell your team-mates ball, get your head up fool the opposition. the inside of your foot if they have space to to recognise where the Change the angle of for accuracy. If you turn or an opponent is space is. Then when your foot at the last have a chance but the near (‘man on’). This you get the ball you second or try to look angle is tight, look for a helps them make a can exploit that space away from the player better-positioned quick decision, giving to start an attack. you’re passing to. team-mate. your team the edge. For more of the best football boots around go to 26/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 27. Your trail starts here Your Best ride starts at a speCialized ConCept store. Whatever you need, our highly trained staff have the knowledge and experience to match you to the bike you want, in the size you need. That’s why we’re Specialized. speCializedConCeptstore.Co.uK speCializedConCeptstoreuK OUR STORES: Birmingham Bristol Chester harrogate london Covent garden london ruislip london Kingston WorldMags.netneWBurY plYmouth staFFord
  • 28. Powder power Why it pays to have sodium bicarbonate in your corner GET THE JAB DONE Master this fundamental punch in three simple steps st If you want to sting like a bee when you throw a punch, try taking a pre-fight dose of sodium bicarbonate – also known as baking soda. When study subjects were monitored over four three-minute rounds, the group who had taken sodium bicarbonate experienced ‘a significant increase in punches landed’ compared with fighters in a control group, according to the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research. The theory is that it helped to control blood acidity levels and delay fatigue. To make your shots even more effective, follow our expert tips. STANCE ‘Your feet need to be wider than your hips, with your lead foot – the opposite to your strongest hand – in front,’ says striking coach Kenny Moyston. ‘Keep your hands high and elbows tucked in for a guard.’ TWIST ‘Step forward with your lead foot and rotate your whole body, from your feet, up through your hips and shoulders to generate power.’ Words Jon Lipsey, Ben Ince Photography Tom Miles Kenny Moyston ( is head striking coach at ZT Fight Skool in Brighton SNAP ‘Use the power to snap your lead hand out straight at your target, keeping your other hand up. Return to your guard position, tucking your elbows back in to your ribs.’ BAG TO BASICS Improve your striking skills with our user’s guide to punchbags Heavy bag Ideal for… practising most strikes – it’s substantial enough to absorb power shots. Coach’s tip ‘Try to work the bag for three minutes without losing form,’ says Moyston. ‘Pace yourself – if you throw 20-punch flurries you’ll burn out in 30 seconds.’ Speed bag Ideal for… building hand speed and muscle endurance. Coach’s tip ‘Start slowly and build up your speed. If you try to hit it too hard from the outset, it’ll be impossible to generate a good rhythm.’ Angle bag Ideal for… throwing strikes at upward angles such as uppercuts and upward knees. Coach’s tip ‘Don’t stand still – you’ll get more out of your sessions if you move around the bag and work on your footwork while throwing strikes.’ Floor to ceiling ball Ideal for… working on your speed, timing and head movement. Coach’s tip ‘Make sure you only hit this ball with light shots. If you throw a strike with real power it will just bounce back and hit you in the face.’ For more boxing tips and workouts go to 28/FEBRUARY 2013/
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  • 30. Ringleaders Get the lowdown on the latest smartphones from Paul Briden of Apple iPhone 5 Words Sam Rider, Saajan Raja Photography Hugh Threlfall Platform iOS 6 Even with its enlarged 102mm retina touchscreen and robust aluminium unibody, the iPhone 5 is lighter and thinner than previous models while offering the same crystalclear visuals. There’s a processor upgrade and the camera has been tweaked to allow for HD video calls. Why buy it Its familiar software makes it easy to use, and it’s faster than ever with enhanced apps functionality thanks to a redesigned App Store. £529 Motorola RAZR i Platform Android 4.0 Although a mere 8.3mm thick, the RAZR i is hard-wearing due to its aluminium and Kevlar body. It’s also treated with a splash-resistant coating inside and out so a spot of moisture won't kill it. An Intel 2GHz processor helps it run at an impressive speed. Why buy it It’s longlasting in every sense – both physically durable and, with a massive 2000mAh battery, able to stay charged for ages. £345 AFTER EFFECT Here’s how to make the perfect post-workout shake The benefits of a rigorous workout can be undone if you don’t take on the right nutrition after training. Consuming the optimal blend of nutrients straight away is the most beneficial way to ensure muscle synthesis, according to research published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition. Here’s what you need. 30/FEBRUARY 2013/ Nokia Lumia 920 Platform Windows Phone 8 The display is huge and extremely sharp, giving the iPhone a run for its money. Films and games look particularly good, even in direct sunlight. It also has 4G data capability and the 8.7-megapixel PureView camera uses advanced stabilisation techniques. Why buy it It delivers the best-quality pictures and video of any current smartphone. £20 with EE contract Samsung Galaxy S III HTC 8X Platform Android 4.1 Jelly Bean The picture quality is top-notch thanks to the large 122mm display and, alongside the 1.4GHz quad core processor, this makes it a great device for gaming and films. The Jelly Bean OS is Android’s best yet and provides a remarkably smooth interface. Why buy it It’s now easily the equal of Apple for both ease of use and apps, with 700,000 in the Google Play store. Free with Vodafone contract Platform Windows Phone 8 A 110mm Super LCD2 display provides excellent visual clarity, while its attractive rubberised matte-finish body is also available in red, yellow or blue. The 8X also has Dr Dre Beats Audio sound enhancement for improved audio. Why buy it It does the important things well – messaging and social network integration – and is the lightest Windows 8 phone at just 130g. £400 Milk or water Milk contains muscle-building protein, calcium to strengthen your bones and iodine to help regulate your metabolism. The other option you can use is water, which will rehydrate you after a punishing workout. Dextrose 40g This contains fast-release carbs that cause an insulin spike, driving nutrients to your muscle cells to speed up recovery. Creatine 3-5g Naturally produced by the body from amino acids, creatine helps to supply energy to your muscles, helping you train harder. Exercise depletes your stores, so you should replenish them as soon as possible. Whey protein 30-45g This is the most quickly digested form of protein and has a 100% bioavailability, meaning nothing is wasted – it’s all used to rebuild your muscles.
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  • 32. Iron man Golfer Rory McIlroy turned early disappointment into world dominance and he’s not going to loosen his grip on greatness I’m an athlete, not just a golfer. The way golf has evolved means you need to be an athlete now more than ever. The gym is a big part of my training regime, as well as getting my diet right. Words Thomas Unsworth Photography Getty I worked hard to build muscle and now it’s important to make sure I keep it. I lift weights a lot and have also started doing a lot of single-leg work to help balance both sides of my body. I do enjoy running and will use the treadmill a bit, but I’m careful not to do too much running. I wasn’t ready to win the US Masters in 2011 [McIlroy led by four shots going into the final round but hit a round of 80 to finish joint 15th]. I wasn’t ready to win any major. The experience showed me there were parts of my game I needed to analyse and that I also needed to improve mentally. I went away and did that. Winning my first major was a result of the mental changes I made. I went into [the Masters] wanting to win but not really believing I could. But I went into the US Open a couple of months later knowing I could do it. I felt ready to win and I didn’t want to just turn up and compete [he won by eight shots]. Everyone has bad days at the office and you need to get your head around that, no matter what you do. But you can’t dwell on it. You need to move on, learning from your defeats and disappointment. That’s a big part of being a top athlete. Relaxing when away from sport is the key to dealing with the stress of the big tournaments. My parents and Caroline [Wozniacki, professional tennis player and McIlroy’s girlfriend] help me switch off. You need to unwind when play has finished. Having the right people around you makes the world of difference. Nothing feels as incredible as winning as part of a team. Winning a major was amazing, but the 2012 Ryder Cup victory is my career highlight to date. It’s always special to win the Ryder Cup but the way in which we did it [after a dramatic final-day comeback] made it extra special. Winning is addictive and I want to keep on playing and winning. I now enter every tournament expecting to win it. In reality that is never going to happen so I’m not going to put pressure on myself by setting a target. I’ve won two majors [his second was the 2012 US PGA] and I’m only just getting started, so I hope there’s a lot more to come, but I’m not going to say I can match Tiger [Woods, 14-time major winner] or Jack [Nicklaus, 18-time major winner]. You never know – in reality I might even be able to surpass them. I want to compete in Rio in 2016. I’d love to go to the next Olympics and I don’t think there was anybody who wasn’t inspired by the events in London. I hope making golf an Olympic sport encourages more people to take it up. ‘Everyone has bad days at the office but you can’t dwell on it. You need to move on, learning from your disappointment’ 32/FEBRUARY 2013/ TEE TIME Follow McIlroy’s tips for a huge tee shot 1 Train your torso Bulking up my upper body has helped me so much. It isn’t that I’m hitting the ball any further but it takes less effort and my swing is much smoother. The more strength I have, the less effort I need to put in and the more control I have. 2 …and your legs You need to work on your lowerbody strength too because you need to be able to support your torso. Balance is everything in golf and strong legs will support your torso when going for power. 3 Practice makes perfect There’s no better way to perfect your swing than to take yourself down to the driving range and hit balls for hours. You need to take care of your shoulder if you’re doing this often, and make sure you get massage work when needed.
  • 33.
  • 34.
  • 35. The best advice from the biggest names in fitness ‘People thought Jess was too small to succeed. But we made sure she focused on herself and didn’t get distracted, and that helped her improve’ Tim Ferriss s GUEST EXPERT p38 ERT OLYMPICS EXPERT p40 ERT WHY YOU SHOULD HOULD LISTEN TO HIM M He is the world’s rld’s leading authority ority on strength and conditioning and has trained Olympians in 12 sports. WHY YOU SHOULD U LISTEN TO HIM He’s a bestselling stselling author who’s o’s perfected the art of learning anything, fro languages to from uages sports, in a short space of time. e. WHY YOU SHOULD HOULD LISTEN TO HIM He coached Jessica essica Enn Ennis to Olympic c heptathlon gold in hep old Lon London and was as nam coach of the named year yea 2012 by Spo Coach UK. Sports Toni Minichiello ello Words John doe Photography Jane doe MUSCLE EXPERT p36 PERT Photography Getty Charles s Poliquin in 2013/35
  • 36. Muscle Buildbigbiceps Bored of doing the same old biceps exercises over and over again? Here are five must-do moves to get sleeve-busting arms from Charles Poliquin P There are dozens of biceps exercises. The trouble is, unless you’re involved in this business full-time, you tend to adopt a few exercises and do them over and over again to the exclusion of all others. This is simply a list of five of my favourites. Obviously, many of them will be familiar to you. However, you may want to read the descriptions anyway because you might discover a new way to do that particular movement or you might find that you’ve been doing it incorrectly. L One-arm dumbbell preacher curl Most biceps exercises require some assistance and stabilisation work by other muscle groups, but the preacher bench was designed to isolate the biceps. Most gyms have standing and sitting preacher benches. I prefer the seated version because it minimises cheating. Sit on the bench with one arm fully extended. Use your free hand to lock your triceps in position. As you curl the weight, keep your neck aligned by looking straight ahead. You want to keep tension on the muscle throughout each rep, so don’t curl the weight up until your forearm touches your biceps, but make sure you do lower the weight all the way back to the start. ‘Most biceps exercises require some assistance and stabilisation work by other muscle groups, but the preacher bench was designed to isolate the biceps’ L Incline dumbbell curl This is a simple, common exercise and the most effective for isolating the long head of the biceps, but I see it done incorrectly time and again. Recline on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand and your arms fully stretched out. Curl the dumbbells up together while keeping your elbows still, at least through the first 90˚. Keep your palms facing up at all times so your elbow flexors are well stretched. Here’s a tip: if your head comes off the bench no matter how hard you try to keep it down, roll up a towel and place it between your neck and the bench. You’ll find it increases your strength. I recommend the incline dumbbell curl as a staple of your arm workouts, especially if you want to do specialised work for the long head of the biceps. Just make sure you change the angle of the bench every six workouts so your muscles don’t adapt. L Dumbbell concentration curl The concentration curl can be performed in a standing or a sitting position but I prefer the latter. When you’re standing, your nervous system has other responsibilities such as maintaining balance, but if you sit down it has its full attention on the movement. Sit on a bench, lean over and grab your dumbbell. Sit back and rest your triceps against your inner thigh. Keep a slight arch in your back while leaning over the dumbbell. Make sure to curl the dumbbell slowly and deliberately until full range is completed – the dumbbell should be near your pectoral muscle. It’s crucial that you lower the dumbbell until your arm is fully extended. L Close-grip chin-up If your arms haven’t grown for a while, you might want to consider doing this move more often. It’s a surefire mass builder. Grasp the chin-up bar with a close grip. The palms of your hands should be facing you about 8-12cm apart. Pull yourself up until your chin clears the bar. Do this very slowly – it should take about 15 seconds or so. Then, slowly lower yourself to the start position. You won’t get many reps in the bag, but that doesn’t matter because you want to expose your muscles to the maximum amount of tension. And don’t shortchange yourself by not coming all the way down. Range of motion is critical. L Seated Zottman curl This is one of the best upper-arm builders. It feels uncomfortable at first, so it may take a few workouts to get used to this movement. Grasp two dumbbells and sit on a flat bench. Fully extend your arms downward and keep your palms facing forward. Begin curling the weight, but keep your palms extended away from your body – the tendency is to curl the wrist upwards, but I’m asking you to extend the hand backwards. Once you reach the top, rotate your hands so your palms are now facing downwards and straighten the wrists so, in effect, you’re ready to do the eccentric portion of a reverse dumbbell curl. Slowly lower the dumbbells, keeping your elbows glued to your sides throughout the entire exercise. Get advice, find a course and buy supplements at For more muscle-building advice from Charles Poliquin go to 36/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 37.
  • 38. Life Skills Begreatatanything Being good at something needn’t require a lifetime of practice. You just need to upgrade your approach to learning, says bestselling author Tim Ferriss P Tim Ferriss is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The 4-Hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Body. His new book, The 4-Hour Chef, focuses on meta-learning, a concept that allows you to cut down the learning time required to develop world-class skills in many fields, including cookery, sports and languages, by over 50%. Ferriss bases this on a system he calls by the acronym DiSSS, and he explains how to use it here. UNIT 1 UNIT 2 UNIT 3 Arm motion Rotation Kicking L Deconstruction The first stage involves taking a large, intimidating skill and deconstructing it by breaking it down into its minimal learnable units. I wanted to learn how to swim at the age of 35, so I started by breaking it down into units such as arm motion, leg motion, rotation and kicking. To help me deconstruct it, I sought out triathletes locally in San Francisco who weren’t built physically for swimming and examined how they trained, as it helps to listen to people with very different training ideas. L Selection With the skill deconstructed, you need to select which 20% of the units you need to focus on for 80% or more of the outcome you want. The decision will be based on the research you carried out during the deconstruction process. For instance, if you want to learn a language such as Spanish in the space of 12 weeks, you need to first identify the words that are used with the highest frequency – you only need to learn about 1,200 words to be considered functionally fluent – and start learning them using flash cards. Alternatively, you could start by learning a ‘The first stage involves taking a large, intimidating skill and breaking it down into its minimal learnable units. That’s how I learned to swim at the age of 35’ handful of verbs and use them to unlock the rest rather than conjugating them. L Sequencing Having established which units you need to learn, the next step is to work out the order Done with DiSSS? Hit the CaFE Ferriss’s secondary acronym offers up more principles of efficient learning 1 COMPRESSION If you can compress the most important 20% of the units into an easily graspable form, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed when you hit a learning plateau. I created a poster containing 1,945 Japanese characters and made it my ritual to learn at least 20 a day. You can apply this to almost anything. 2 FREQUENCY Determine how frequently you should practise your chosen skill - your brain doesn’t have unlimited quantities of neurotransmitters. Consider whether you should you cram, what teething troubles you can predict and what the minimum effective dose is for volume. 38/FEBRUARY 2013/ 3 ENCODING This involves making difficult material easy to grasp by anchoring it to something simpler, such as using mnemonics and acronyms. More sophisticated methods of encoding, such as converting numbers into images, allow you to remember almost anything. in which you need to learn them. A good example of the importance of sequencing is learning how to swing a golf club. When most golfers ask experts or coaches for advice, the problems usually lie in their sequencing rather than their form – they’re performing the right moves but doing so in the wrong order. This applies to just about anything. L Stakes With your learning programme in place, you need to set up stakes to create real consequences to help to guarantee that you follow it – essentially creating a carrot and a stick. One year I made a New Year’s resolution that I would be able to deadlift 225kg – and made it public, which meant I had lots of people to hold me accountable for it! That definitely helped me achieve it. The 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss is published by Amazon Publishing and priced £21.99. For more visit
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  • 40. Olympics Trainlikeachampion Toni Minichiello explains the training philosophy he used when coaching Jessica Ennis to Olympic gold – and how it can help anyone P I’ve coached Jessica Ennis since she was 11. Along the way to the Olympics she’s finished third at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, won and lost the world championships, come back from several injury setbacks and slowly convinced the world of her remarkable talent. Yet success in London was far from guaranteed. We knew some aspects of her ability were not up to the required standard but we followed a plan to ensure they’d get better. And the key lessons we learned on the journey can be applied to anyone’s training. L Focus on yourself Don’t compare yourself with others. Before Jess started winning medals people thought she was too small to succeed – she’s 165cm. Every time she has stood on a podium the women next to her have been tall and robust. But Jess has always had a terrific work ethic, and we made sure she focused on herself and didn’t get distracted by anybody else. That’s helped her learn and improve. Test yourself regularly. If you’re improving, that’s all that matters. You’ll gain confidence from that. L Intervals make you fit Once a week I’ll do Fartlek training with my athletes – this means working at intervals of fast, slow and medium intensity. It’s a great way to burn calories and get you seriously fit. They do circuits of exercises but a good drill is to run using lampposts as markers. Jog for three, then sprint for three and so on. Those bursts will help you get fitter quicker. Minichiello trained Jessica Ennis to defy the doubters and win gold L Keep your body guessing Week to week your sessions should change. If they don’t you’ll stagnate. Your body responds to confusion, it likes that each session is different. Look for ways to keep developing but also make sure your different sessions complement each other. If you’re doing endurance work in the park but strength and power work in the gym, you’ll become sore and risk injury. L Watch your carbs One big nutrition misconception is that sports drinks are needed for carbohydrate replacement. People will guzzle down two sports drinks after a session but they won’t have burned that amount of energy during exercise. Take on most of your carbs at breakfast and some at lunch but not too many at night or your Photography Getty Take it on the chin Less than a year before the Olympics Ennis was defeated at the world championships. Here’s how Minichiello helped her bounce back 1 ‘You’re never going to be the finished product. The people around you will help you improve continually’ ACCEPT Don’t worry about being upset. It’s part of the healing process and it’s natural to have an emotional response to a stressful situation. Go through it. 40/FEBRUARY 2013/ body will store loads that it’s not going to use. That’s how sumo wrestlers gain so much weight. Unless sumo wrestling is your sport, avoid this practice. L You never stop learning You’re never going to be the finished product. A large chunk of talent is natural ability but it’s important to use the people around you to help you improve continually. Two books I’d recommend anyone to read are Sports Training Principles by Frank Dick and Periodisation by Tudor Bompa and Gregory Haff. They will help you make your training vastly more effective. The UK Coaching Awards and the Gillette 2012 ‘Great Starts’ campaign reward coaches and offer support to inspire the next generation. 2 LEARN See it as an opportunity to reflect. Identify what should have happened, what did happen and what made the difference. Analyse your success as much as you analyse your defeats. 3 MOVE ON Defeat is only temporary but giving up is permanent. Dwell on it, learn from it, but then move on. That’s what makes you a stronger person.
  • 41. WORLD CLASS TRAINING SINCE 1984 WE OFFER A VAST SELECTION OF FITNESS COURSES INCLUDING: Personal Trainer | Gym Instructor | Exercise to Music | STOTT PILATES ® | Yoga | Plus over 30 CPD courses YMCAfit is the UK’s most established training provider of fitness qualifications. Whether it’s personal training or aerobics, yoga or Pilates, a career in fitness is diverse and rewarding. Completing one of our qualifications will allow you to gain employment in some of the top gyms in the UK and across the world, or to launch and run a business of your own. In fact, there’s never been a better time to make your move in the fitness industry. start your journey here Not for profit. Registered charity no. 1001043. Registered in England and Wales no. 2551972
  • 42. ‘Coming into the Olympics I knew what I was capable of and was looking forward to finishing how I wanted to, on my own terms’ 42/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 43. MICHAEL PHELPS ONE MAN 22 MEDALS Years of dedicated training brought him a record-breaking Olympic haul – but now it’s all over. Michael Phelps talks exclusively to MF about what’s next for him Words Nick Hutchings, Joel Snape Photography Glen Burrows 2013/43
  • 44. F or most sportsmen, the question of what to do when it’s all over is one of the toughest they’ll ever face. Settle into the cosy circuit of endorsements and motivational speaking? Marry a former soap star? Maybe reverse the retirement and take one last run at glory? It’s a difficult decision, made even more so by the fact that they’ll never get to do the thing they’re best at – certainly the thing they’ve spent the most time on, and maybe the thing they love the most – at a competitive level again. For Michael Phelps, who has spent more than 20 hours a week in the pool ever since he was in his teens, who’s been to four Olympic Games and netted more medals than anyone in history – 22 overall, 18 of them gold – it’s equally tough, but for different reasons. After retiring at the peak of his powers and the pinnacle of his sport, the world at his feet, the question isn’t what to do now – it’s what to do first. New regime ‘We always joked about me getting superhuge and jacked,’ says Phelps, relaxing between shots in the private swimming pool where he has agreed to do a rare photoshoot with MF. ‘At the moment I’m doing some squats and weighted pull-ups, but I’m going to try to do some more bench pressing. ‘I’ve done more in the last few weeks than I’ve ever done after an Olympics. After 2004 I took a month or two off, after 2008 I worked out five times in six P90X], to see what that hype’s about. My trainer Keenan Robinson’s done that.’ Shaping up If it seems odd to hear one of the most successful athletes in history talk about wanting to stay in shape, even talking about trying an infomercial-based fitness DVD, it really shouldn’t. Thanks to taking up swimming at seven, making the Olympic squad at 15 and breaking his first world record eight months later (in the 200m butterfly, three months shy of his 16th birthday), Phelps has never had to worry about putting on a bit of extra weight. Take his infamous 12,000 calorie-a-day diet, which supposedly involved fried-egg-and-mayonnaise sandwiches for breakfast. Surely even an Olympian needs to watch what he eats? ‘When I was swimming, no. Now that I’m retired, yes. I was burning so much that it didn’t matter what you ate, how much you ate.’ He trained, he says, for roughly five hours a day in the pool, usually totalling 24 hours over a week, with another three hours in the weights room and three doing core or bodyweight exercises. ‘It might get old staring at the black line but it’s part of life,’ he says. ‘It’s something that we all love and that’s why we do it.’ Of course, that doesn’t mean Phelps and his US team-mates didn’t try to liven things up occasionally. And the abolition of the streamlined swimsuits that saw dozens of world records fall in Beijing led to one interesting addition to the hours in the water. ‘I did a lot of boxing,’ says Phelps. ‘Leading ‘I always enjoy new things when I start doing them, then I get sick of them. I used to love lifting, then I hated it. Now I’m just, “Ehh”’ months. After London I worked out five times in two weeks. There’s a spot that I want to hit and stay at.’ And pushing up his bench numbers isn’t the only addition to his workout regime. ‘I’m running a lot more. Being outside is really something I enjoy, just putting on headphones and choosing where you want to go and running at your own pace. Since London it’s been varying between two and eight miles, anywhere from 12 minutes to an hour.’ The obvious question: does he have any ambitions about racing? He’d be a monster in a sprint-distance triathlon. ‘Ha! No,’ he says. ‘I want to try some of the other Insanitytype workouts [a DVD workout released by the makers of ‘muscle-confusion’ workout 44/FEBRUARY 2013/ up to the last Olympics we did so much training that we did different routines just to keep things interesting. And since the sport changed into what it is now, where we’re not allowed the suits, you have to have a stronger core. Boxing helps you put everything together and work that core.’ Punched out Does he still do it? Not so much. ‘I always enjoy new things when I start doing them, and then I get sick of them,’ he says. ‘So I used to love lifting and then I hated lifting and now I’m just, “Ehh”. I don’t mind it but it’s not my top choice. ‘I used to love boxing but then I was over it by the end. So I started pushing a weighted sled down a beach, this makeshift
  • 45. MICHAEL PHELPS Phelps has trained in the pool for five hours a day since his early teens 2013/45
  • 46. MICHAEL PHELPS shopping-cart-turned-sled thing. I was doing a lot of training in a sort of oldschool, Rocky-esque gym. Nothing flashy, but we went in and got the job done.’ Rival schools Another man trying to get the job done was Phelps’s team-mate and rival Ryan Lochte, who came to London looking to add to his two golds from Beijing. The US media seemed keen to stoke up the rivalry between the two men and, in some ways, the fratboyish Lochte – who has his own signature sneaker line, a workout DVD called HardCORE and post-retirement ambitions to be a fashion designer – is Phelps’s opposite, but the two are apparently good friends. So did Phelps find the rivalry motivating? You get the sense that he’s tired of being asked the question. ‘It’s always great to have somebody to race, somebody to compete with,’ he says. ‘But at the end of the day, I’m preparing for the goals that I want to achieve and I can only control myself. So I can only try to achieve those goals and if I manage them, I’m happy. I’m satisfied.’ Another thing he’s looking forward to is acting as a mentor for the younger members of the US team. ‘We’ve seen a lot of people grow up on the national swim team. They’re coming in to replace some of the guys that are retiring. We’re gonna lose a lot of great people over the next couple of years and we’ve got some great people coming through who can continue our national success. I’ve been on the team for 12 years and we always seem to come out on top. It’s been great to see the rookies grow up.’ One thing he’s adamant about, however, is that he won’t be taking on any kind of coaching role. In fact, he laughs at the question. ‘I could not coach. I don’t have the patience,’ he says. ‘I can help people along the way, but I could not see myself doing what Bob [Bowman, who has coached Phelps since he was a teen] does. I could not see myself coping with some of the frustrations I’ve put Bob through.’ Charity case There are other projects too, of course. After Beijing, Phelps used his $1 million (£627,000) bonus cheque from Speedo – awarded for beating Mark Spitz’s single-Olympics gold medal tally – to set up the Michael Phelps Foundation, Phelps aged 14 at the 2000 US National Championships At the 2012 London Olympics, Phelps won four gold medals ‘I could not coach. I don’t have the patience. I could not see myself coping with the frustrations I’ve put my coach through’ ‘It might get old staring at the black line, but it’s part of life,’ says Phelps 46/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 48. MICHAEL PHELPS Phelps has continued to work out since the London Olympics Golden boy The highs and even-highers of the most successful Olympic run in history 2000 Qualifies for the US Olympic swimming team at the age of 15, becoming the youngest athlete to do so in 68 years. He doesn’t win a medal in Sydney but finishes fifth in the 200m butterfly. 2001 Becomes the youngest man to set a swimming world record – in the 200m butterfly at the World Aquatics Championships – taking the title from Ian Thorpe. Breaks his own 200m butterfly record just months later to take his first world championship in Fukuoka, Japan. 2004 Wins six gold medals and a pair of bronzes in Athens, the second-most successful single performance at the Olympics since Mark Spitz’s seven gold medals in 1972. 2005 Drops his speciality events – the 400m medley and 200m butterfly – to experiment with entering the 400m and 100m freestyle at the world championships. Inevitably, takes gold in both. 2008 Wins eight gold medals in Beijing, setting seven world records in the process – the greatest Olympic performance of all time. Edges out Serbian Milorad Čavić by 0.01sec in the final of the 100m butterfly. 2009 ‘Golf is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. It’s going to be an exciting career but I don’t see myself being professional, just competitive’ an organisation dedicated to promoting swimming and healthier lifestyles among teens. Then there’s his involvement in the Caps For A Cause charity and his swim schools, plus the foundation’s biggest annual fundraiser, the Michael Phelps Golf Classic – something that meshes particularly neatly with another of Phelps’s serious interests. ‘Now I’m retired and done, I’ve started picking up golf,’ he says. ‘And I think I’m more comfortable standing on a starting block in Speedos in front of millions of people than I am standing on the first tee at a pro-am golf event. It’s so different. On the block I’m in my own zone. At that point you just get up and do what you have to do, it’s such a 48/FEBRUARY 2013/ part of your nature.’ However, the breaker of 39 world swimming records has already transferred his record-setting ways to the green on one occasion, at the Dunhill Links Championship at Kingsbarns in Scotland. ‘I holed a 53-yard putt – supposedly it was the longest televised putt in history,’ he says, before immediately downplaying any notions that he’s going to be competing in the Ryder Cup any time soon. ‘Golf is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. It’s going to be an exciting career, but I don’t see myself being professional, I just see being competitive. ‘Right now I’ve just been travelling around. I’m filming a golf reality show with Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’s old coach. Golf is a sport Takes silver in the 200m freestyle at the world championships, losing to Germany’s Paul Biedermann. Phelps’s coach Bob Bowman complains about Biedermann’s polyurethane swimsuit giving him an unfair advantage, but Phelps is unruffled. 2011 Takes silver in the 200m freestyle at the world championships, losing to his US team-mate Ryan Lochte, leading to rumours that Phelps might try to qualify for shorter races in 2012. 2012 Qualifies for his favourite eight events in London. Comes fourth in the 400m medley – the first time he’s failed to win a medal in an Olympic final since 2000 – but rallies to scoop four golds and a brace of silvers. Wins his 18th career gold to cement his place as the most successful Olympian ever. 2013 Golf, charity work and the Michael Phelps Foundation beckon. Life is golden.
  • 49.
  • 50. MICHAEL PHELPS On his way to gold in the 200m butterfly at the 2011 World Championships I’ve been interested in for a long time, but I’ve been too busy to get involved.’ On a break Finally, there’s the stuff Phelps simply couldn’t do before, for fear of jeopardising his sponsorship deals, medals and place in history. Lochte has infamously fractured an ankle riding his scooter, gone through knee surgery after a breakdancing incident and hurt his shoulder falling out of a tree. Phelps has been more careful – until now. ‘There are a lot of things on my bucket list now,’ he says. ‘Skiing and snowboarding are at the top of the list. Waterskiing is something I’d definitely like to do. There’s a lot of stuff I want to do now that I’m not potentially going to ruin a career.’ Retirement is obviously an exciting time for the man who’s arguably the most successful athlete ever. Anything is possible and, for the first time, everything is allowed. For the moment, everything’s also incredibly busy – but you get the sense that’s just fine. ‘I’ve just come from St Andrews,’ says Phelps. ‘Tomorrow I fly back to the States. I’m there for three days, then I’m heading to China for a pro-am golf tournament, then to Brazil. I’m seeing new places and spending more time with my foundation. It’s a lot of travelling, a lot of suitcases, but not too many pools.’ He pauses. ‘That’s a good thing.’ ‘There’s a lot of stuff I want to do now that I’m not potentially going to ruin a career. Skiing and snowboarding are top of the list’ Photography Getty Phelps on… It's not all work and no play… Phelps kicking off the 2011 pool season Phelps and his 4x200m freestyle relay teammates, including Lochte (second from right) Since retiring, Phelps has played on the pro-am golf circuit HIS LAID BACK APPROACH HIS MOST MEMORABLE MEDAL HIS MENTAL PREPARATION HIS FAVOURITE TRAINING TUNES ‘I’ve been motivated for everything. I’ve had goals every step of the way. So coming into the London Olympics I was been more relaxed than I ever was. I knew what I was capable of and I was looking forward to finishing how I wanted to, on my own terms. I can say that I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted, and that’s fine. I never have to worry about what if I did this or that.’ ‘I have to mention the 400m medley from 2004, my first Olympic medal. But the 200m freestyle from Beijing was one of my best ever races and it’s hard to not put the 100m butterfly in there, or the 400m relay. There are a lot of memorable races, but the 400m in Athens and that 200m free in ’08 are probably my favourites.’ ‘Before a big race there’s not much you can do. All the work and everything that you do is in the preparation. So really I’d spent years leading up to London. Once you get to that point you can’t change how you’ve prepared, you can’t change your strokes, everything you’ve done is going to come out during the meet. So at that point you just try to have as much fun as possible.’ ‘I look at music like the soundtrack of my life. There’s a song for everything I’ve done in my career. There are songs that remind me of my mother, remind me of my sister. It’s mostly hip-hop. The beats let me focus on my own zone. I’m more of a Biggie Smalls than a Tupac guy. I have Ready To Die, Biggie’s album, on at least two or three times a week.’ To watch footage of MF’s shoot with Michael Phelps go to 50/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 51. CAN YOU CONQUER THE UK’S TALLEST MOUNTAINS? JULY 12–14 2013 Challenge yourself and take on three of the UK’s tallest mountains in just one day – and help Breast Cancer Campaign to find a cure. Join our team for the Three Peaks Challenge and take on one of the toughest trials the UK has to offer. The training and fundraising should not be taken lightly, but the sense of achievement will make it worthwhile! Are you up to it? For more information, call on 020 7749 4114 or email Registered Charity No: 299758
  • 52. Day 1 Words John doe Photography Jane doe Drink mor water e 52/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 53. XXXXXXXXX BY FEB FIT 31 DAYS TO YOUR FITTEST YEAR EVER Make one change a day – and see your body transform in a month Words Joel Snape Photography Danny Bird Fitness isn’t an all-out war, it’s a series of small skirmishes. By taking tiny steps and changing your life one day at a time you’ll be more likely to stick with the changes you make – and they’ll mount up to improve your life. This plan runs for one calendar month, with some tasks designed for the working week and some that are easier to tackle at the weekend. Stick to it and within weeks you’ll be fitter than ever. Day 1 SAT Drink more water Good news – the best nutritional supplement is already pumped conveniently into your house. Studies have shown that low hydration levels affect everything from physical performance to mood – and the remedy couldn’t be simpler. ‘Aiming for half a pint of water per hour will see that you’re well hydrated throughout the day,’ says trainer Stephen Hoyles. ‘Just stop at least an hour before bed so your sleep isn’t disrupted.’ Day 2 SUN Push, pull, lunge Want to get lean while adding muscle? Strength and conditioning expert Chad Waterbury’s ultra-simple ‘push, pull, lunge’ programme is the solution: do pull-ups, lunges and press-ups every day for the next 30 days. If you can already do ten pull-ups, start with ten reps of each exercise. If you can’t, start with one. Add one rep every day for the rest of the month. ‘The first week should feel like nothing,’ says Waterbury. ‘But small additions each day make a big difference over the long haul.’ Do it first thing in the morning so it won’t interfere with your other workouts – apart from providing an easy boost to your fat loss, muscle and endurance. Day 3 Fix your breakfast Day 4 It’s easiest to eat cereal on workday mornings, right? Wrong. ‘Eating cereal for breakfast will give you low blood sugar by mid-morning and make you hungrier in the long run,’ says Dr John Briffa, author of Escape The Diet Trap. ‘You don’t need to eat a lot to fuel the body throughout the morning but you should have something low-carb that’s nutritionally sustainable, such as plain full-fat yoghurt with berries and nuts, scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs with smoked salmon or ham that you don’t even have to cook.’ Rethink your commute According to a 2011 study on Swedish office workers, commuting by car or public transport – as opposed to on foot or by bike – has links to depression, exhaustion and stress. If switching isn’t an option, get off a stop earlier so you get a walk or take the stairs when you get to the office. 2013/53
  • 54. XXXXXXXXX Day 5 Upgrade your lunch ‘If you’re suffering from mid-afternoon tiredness, reduce your carb intake at lunch,’ says Hoyles. ‘Opt for high-protein, low-carb meals such as chicken salad to stabilise your blood sugar and prevent afternoon energy dips.’ Use olive oil as a dressing for a boost in healthy fat. Day 6 Streamline your inbox Every ‘ping’ from your email produces a tiny spike in your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which promotes fat storage. Cut back with Gmail’s ‘filter’ option: create a NonEssential folder and filter Amazon shipment updates, newsletters and the like directly into it. And switch off the notification noise. Day 7 Hit the bar Unless you’ve decided to quit booze (it wouldn’t hurt), switch your Friday night pints for a ‘paleo margarita’, invented by The Paleo Solution author Robb Wolf – agave tequila with soda water and plenty of lime. The tequila doesn’t give much of a blood sugar hit and the lime blunts it even further. The bubbles just make it taste nice. Day 8 SAT Get outside Words John doe Photography Jane doe Go for a walk. A study in the Journal Of Environmental Science linked outdoor workouts with increased energy as well as lower levels of tension, confusion, anger and depression. A brisk walk will also boost your fat loss without elevating harmful cortisol levels. Day 10 Use the officechair stretch If you’ve got a desk job, your glutes and hip flexors are dormant for most of the day. Wake them up with this stretch from mobility coach Kelly Starrett ( ‘Sit resting your right foot on your left thigh. Keeping your back straight, bend forward at the hip. For more support, hook your crossed knee on a desk or table.’ specialist Chris Kemp. ‘Experiment to see if it works for you.’ The spray version is the easiest to use – try it before bed. Day 11 Day 13 The easiest, most effective change to your eating habits is to keep your drinks simple. ‘The sugar or fructose in soft drinks – and even orange juice – is unnecessary and leads to weight gain,’ says personal trainer Max Manlay. ‘Stick to coffee, especially in the morning – caffeine is a mild fat-burning agent.’ As a bonus, studies say it will also help you work harder in the gym. ‘Replace grains with greens to improve your body composition and load up on crucial nutrients,’ says Hoyles. ‘If you don’t like greens, blend them into a smoothie to avoid the taste but enjoy the benefits. Spinach in a shake sounds awful but you’ll barely notice it.’ Ditch the cola Day 12 Try magnesium ‘Magnesium has been linked to fighting depression, regulating blood pressure and improving sleep quality,’ says strength coach and biosignature Eat your greens Day 14 Enhance your sleep It’s Friday again and time to do something about your recovery. To get the best night’s sleep you can, make your bedroom as dark as possible: blinking lights, such as alarm clocks and standby LEDs, will affect your body’s melatonin levels and decrease your quality of sleep. Day 9 SUN Soundtrack your gym sessions Several studies suggest that music in the 120-140 beats per minute range will help you work harder during your workout. Create a playlist on your MP3 player and use the free Nike+ app to assign your favoured tune to the easily accessed ‘power song’ slot. 54/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 55. FIT BY FEB Day 15 SAT Automate your shop Use an automated service such as Amazon’s Subscribe & Save to keep a steady flow of your non-perishable recipe choices, and the Grocery IQ app to organise your meat and veg needs. With a firm plan, you’re less likely to stray down the cake aisle. Day 15 Automate your shop Day 16 SUN Batch cook Do a big cook at the weekend and you won’t need to rely on your local eateries during the week, ensuring you eat healthy meals. ‘Instead of going to the gym on Sunday, use the hour to chop and bag veg, boil eggs or otherwise prepare meals,’ says strength coach Dan John. ‘It will pay bigger dividends.’ Need inspiration? Try this muscle-building recipe. Muscle chilli 500g lean beef mince / 1 red onion, roughly chopped / 3 cloves garlic / 1 can chopped tomatoes / 1 medium carrot, grated / 1 medium courgette, grated / 1 tube tomato purée / ½-1 organic beef stock cube / 1tsp honey / Dried chilli flakes to taste / Chilli powder, hot paprika, sweet paprika, cinnamon powder (all to taste) / 1tbsp olive oil b Heat the oil and sauté the onion with the chilli flakes until the onions start to caramelise. b Add the garlic and spices, and cook for a couple of minutes before adding the mince. b Fry the mince until thoroughly cooked ghly then add the rest of the ingredients. b Stir thoroughly, reduce the duce heat and leave to simmer in a covered pan for at least 40 minutes, or longer utes, if you have time.
  • 56. FIT BY FEB Day 17 Train your handshake ‘Whatever you do in the gym, your hands are the last link in the chain,’ says Kemp. ‘Use thick-handled weights in your workout to make sure they aren’t holding you back.’ Or get a pair of super-strength hand-grippers (see and use them at your desk. Day 18 Tea off Switch one of your daily cups of builder’s tea for the green variety. It has mild thermogenic effects, which means it’s a fat-burner, and antioxidant properties to reduce cell damage. Add a slice of lemon for a hit of vitamin C. Day 19 Catch some Z ‘Low zinc levels exacerbate the effects of stress and ageing on the body,’ says Kemp. ‘Poor immunity, inability to focus and a poor memory are signs of a deficiency.’ An easy way to get some is to cook with garlic, which is also high in vitamins B and C. Day 20 Rethink the sofa Commercial break? Instead of lying motionless on the couch, use it as a stretching aid. ‘Face away from the sofa and put one knee on the seat with your instep against the back and your other foot on the floor,’ says Starrett. ‘Squeeze your glutes and drive your hips forward to feel the stretch in your quads and hip flexors.’ Day 22 SAT Have sex It’s the weekend, so spend some time with your significant other – and get in the mood for romance by mentioning that regular sex has been linked to improved heart health, stress levels and sleep. It also burns up to 144 calories in half an hour – just right for working off a glass of red wine. Day 17 Train your handshake Day 23 SUN Fix your shoulders The band pull-apart is a versatile move that can give you extra upper-back definition, make your shoulders stronger and prevent damage from bench presses or press-ups. It will also improve your posture. Hold a band with your hands shoulderwidth apart, then stretch it across your chest. Get in 100 reps while you’re watching TV. Day 24 D-day ‘Vitamin D improves immunity, organ function, mental health and joint mobility, and helps metabolise fats,’ says Hoyles. In winter, you don’t get enough from the sun, so supplement with at least 1,000IU a day. Day 21 Go barefoot Words John doe Photography Jane doe ‘The human foot has more than 100 muscles and tendons,’ says NFL performance coach Joe DeFranco. ‘Wearing cushioned shoes is like wearing a cast all day – the muscles and tendons become weaker over time, which increases your chances of ankle, knee, hip and back injury.’ Fix it by training barefoot or by wearing minimal shoes such as Vibram FiveFingers. 56/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 57.
  • 58. FIT BY FEB Day 25 Try fish oil ‘Fish oil has been shown to increase fat metabolism, improve mood, prevent cravings for unhealthy foods and improve your joint health,’ says Hoyles. Eat more salmon or keep a fish oil supplement in the fridge. Day 31 Take your reward Day 26 Superpower your shake Still drinking just protein and water? You can do better. Upgrade it with a handful of berries (blueberries are best), some chia seeds (for the omega 3 fatty acids) and a splash of almond or coconut milk (if you’re trying to put on muscle). A meal in a glass. Day 27 Start a journal It’s only for three days and don’t worry, you don’t have to tell it your feelings. Use a food-tracking app such as MyNetDiary to track everything you eat over a three-day period. The chances are you’re going over or under your calorie/protein/fat/carb requirements and don’t even realise it. Day 28 Do a protein audit ‘You should be getting a minimum of 1.5g protein per kilo of lean body mass per day,’ says Manlay. So if you weigh 80kg and have 10% body fat, aim for 108g a day. If you’re not getting that, make today the day to fix it. It’s the easiest way to fuel your muscle needs. Day 29 SAT Eat more fat Words John doe Photography Jane doe Here’s your new rule of thumb for fats: unsaturated fat (found in avocado, coconut, olive oil and fish) is good, saturated fat (in red meat and butter) is OK in moderation and trans fat (in processed food) should be avoided at all costs. Use today to familiarise yourself with them. Day 30 SUN Test yourself Turn to our feature ‘Join The Gym Elite’ on p60 and choose three tests. Note your scores and commit to improving them. ‘Having measurable goals is the easiest way to make progress – they will keep you more than motivated looking in the mirror ever will,’ says strength coach Zach Even-Esh (’ 58/FEBRUARY 2013/ Day 31 Take your reward Have you changed your habits over the rest of the month? Did you do your full complement of pull-ups, lunges and press-ups yesterday? Take the day off – and don’t worry about it. ‘Don’t think of it as a cheat day,’ says founder Steve Kamb. ‘That implies you’re doing something wrong. Instead, apply the 80/20 rule – eating great 80% of the time and having whatever you’re in the mood for the other 20% allows you to look great, feel great and enjoy your life.’ Tomorrow, start again. For some great pull-up variations go to
  • 59.
  • 60. JOIN THE GYM ELITE Want to make 2013 your fittest year ever? Take MF’s seven tests to find out how fit you are and what you need to do to improve Words Joel Snape Photography Pete Webb o you think you’re fit? Or maybe you don’t. Either way, the best way to improve your performance in the gym is to take a close look at your strengths and weaknesses so you see what needs to be addressed and plan accordingly. That’s where this fitness checkup comes in. We’ve put together a battery of tests that will allow you to analyse every aspect of your fitness, helping you to identify those areas that need improvement so you can get fitter than ever before. S 60/FEBRUARY 2013/ HOW IT WORKS You can do any of these tests whenever you’d like. If you’re going to do the lot, though, we’d suggest splitting them over two or three days so you aren’t worn out. Once you’ve established where you are on the Beginner-to-Elite spectrum, our experts have given the advice you need to get to the next level. And remember, if you’re looking for well-rounded fitness, it’s better to be Advanced at everything than Elite on the bench and a Beginner everywhere else.
  • 61. TEST YOUR FITNESS BENCH PRESS The test One-rep max The form No bounce-it-off-your-chest bravado here, just one quality rep with as much weight as you can manage. It’s essential to get a spotter, but after he helps you unrack the bar he can’t touch it again until your arms are locked out at the top. Not comfortable with going as heavy as possible? Go for your three- or five-rep max and use the calculator at to predict your max. Why it’s important The bench lets you shift more weight than any other upper-body move, so it will help you prepare for athletic events as well as building an impressive chest. And everyone’s going to ask what you bench anyway, so you might as well have an answer. The standards Beginner Less than bodyweight ‘If you aren’t benching your bodyweight, you can increase quickly,’ says personal trainer Adam Gethin. ‘Do three sets of five reps with a weight that you can handle comfortably and push it up by 2.5kg a week. The lower you start, the longer you can go without hitting a plateau.’ Intermediate 1-1.25x bodyweight ‘You should be able to get to 1.25 of your bodyweight with the plan above. If you can’t, lock your technique in. Try to make sure your forearms are vertical when you push, tuck your elbows in and experiment with grip width to see what allows you to handle the most weight.’ Advanced 1.25-1.5x bodyweight ‘Here’s where you need to start adding assistance moves. Two of the best are the closegrip incline press [hands around 30cm apart] and the dumbbell row, which will strengthen your back and give you a more stable platform to press from, as well as keeping your shoulders healthy.’ Elite Over 1.5x bodyweight ‘This is pretty impressive. To hit the magic 1.5, make your warm-up flawless by doing two sets of ten reps with just the bar to groove the move, and doing low reps for your other warm-up sets. You could also try some clap press-ups to get your fast-twitch fibres firing.’ 2013/61
  • 62. ROW The test 500m as fast as you can The form A strong pull and recovery will knock seconds off your time, but it’s also crucial to set the ‘damper’ on your rower properly. Notching it up to ten is like hitting your lowest gear on a bike, while setting it to one won’t provide enough resistance to let you move fast. Seven or eight works best for most moderately trained men. Why it’s important Rowers refer to 500m chunks of effort as ‘pieces’ and they’re a good indication of how things will go over the more gruelling 2km Olympic distance. It’s a cardio challenge that brings in your upper body as well as testing your heart. The standards Beginner 2min+ ‘First aim to complete 500m without stopping,’ says strength coach Chet Morjaria. ‘Once you can do that, increase the distance you can row without stopping. Work up to 2,000m, keeping a 500m “split” time that isn’t too far above what you’re aiming for.’ Intermediate 1min 45sec-2min ‘To take your rowing to the next level, look at your technique. A rowing stroke is similar to a clean or deadlift and should be a powerful movement. In the drive phase, your legs initiate the power and your arms remain straight. Then your hip flexors and torso muscles maintain this power through the leg and hip drive. Your arms finish the stroke with an accelerating pull toward your torso that completes the transition of power from lower body through torso to upper body.’ Advanced 1min 30sec-1min 45sec ‘Rowing 500m over and over isn’t necessarily the best way to improve your time. Work shorter intervals to increase your capacity. An all-out 250m followed by a couple of minutes’ light rowing, repeated four to six times, is a good place to start.’ Elite Under 1min 30sec ‘Determined to shave an extra second from your time? Think in terms of power per stroke rather than rate. Slow it down: juice the drive part of the stroke for power, and slow your recovery. Once you’ve mastered this, increase your stroke rate and improve your time.’ PLANK The test A static hold for as long as possible The form A proper plank is simple: toes, elbows and forearms on the floor, hands clasped together, body in a straight line. Once your hips sag, the test is over. Why it’s important The plank is the best all-around test of your core strength and it won’t ruin your back like sit-ups. Once you can manage two minutes, adding a weight vest or plate will let you build abs of iron. 62/FEBRUARY 2013/ The standards Beginner 0-30sec ‘If you’re struggling to hold the plank at all, you should try some progressions,’ says Morjaria. ‘Hold each stage for 30sec. Once you can do that, progress to the next stage. Stage one is starting on your knees with arms fully extended. Hold that position, keeping your core tight. Stage two is progressing to straightening your legs out but keep your arms fully extended, still maintaining a solid core. Stage three is dropping down on your elbows into a full plank.’ Intermediate 30sec-1min 15sec ‘To work your way up to 1min 15sec in one go, build up to a total of 90sec of plank in as few sets as possible. Aim to bring this number down until you can complete 1min 15sec in one set.
  • 63. TEST YOUR FITNESS RUN The test 1 mile (1.6km) as fast as possible The form It’s up to you. Free trackers, such as the Runkeeper app, will time you over a mile on the road, but alternatively you can hit the treadmill. If you pick the latter, set the incline to 1% to mimic more closely what your road-running brethren are going through. Why it’s important The mile has been the gold standard of middle-distance running since before Roger Bannister laced up his shoes. It’s fast enough to test your pace and far enough to scorch your lungs. The standards Beginner Over 9min ‘Run farther to improve your endurance and get your body used to the mechanics of running,’ says strength coach and ex-army PT Andy McKenzie. ‘Try two to three sessions per week with an increase of 800m each week over a period of four weeks.’ Intermediate 7-9min ‘Working anaerobically helps to improve the aerobic system. Breaking the distance into 100m, 200m and 400m segments and then focusing on speed will bring your times down.’ Advanced 1min 15sec-2min 30sec ‘Once you’re doing a couple of minutes at once, try barbell rollouts to further strengthen your core. Start with your knees on the ground and place your hands on a barbell in front of you. Slowly roll the barbell away from you, keeping your core tight. Roll out until your torso and arms are full extended. Hold for a second then squeeze the abs and reverse the process, bringing the barbell back to your knees.’ Elite Over 2min 30sec ‘Squat, press and deadlift! Performing these core-intensive compound lifts on a regular basis with heavy weights will tax and strengthen your core. You can also try plank variations to add additional instability and rotational demands on your body. From a standard plank position lift one leg up and hold, lift one arm up and hold or lift one leg and one arm up at once.’ Advanced 5-7min ‘Get stronger in the gym. Increasing leg strength and power will improve stride length. Do cleans, singleleg squats and barbell hip drives to keep it specific to running. These will also protect you against injury.’ Elite Under 5min ‘Hill running with your hands on your head will help improve leg strength and, more importantly, hip flexors. Concentrate on a powerful knee drive and press your elbows to the rear. It’s great for core muscles as well.’ 2013/63
  • 64. TEST YOUR FITNESS PULL-UP The test As many as possible The form There are many ways to do pull-ups, but for this test you’ll be tackling them Russian special forcesstyle: palms facing away, straight arms at the bottom, chin over the bar at the top and absolutely no legswinging. Simply do as many as you can without dropping off the bar. Why it’s important As well as building your grip, back, shoulders and core, pull-ups are a great test of how strong you are relative to your bodyweight, and pushing your numbers up means keeping your body fat down. Nobody who can manage 20 will have a gut – guaranteed. The standards Beginner 0-3 Can’t do a single pull-up? Don’t give up and turn to the lat pulldown just yet. ‘Focus on negative reps,’ says Gethin. ‘Do two to four sets of two or three reps, jumping to the top position with your chin over the bar, then lowering yourself as slowly as possible.’ Intermediate 4-8 Improve your numbers by ‘greasing the groove’, a favourite move of Russian strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline. Put a pullup bar somewhere easy to reach and do lots of easy sets throughout your day or evening. Advanced 9-15 As you break the dozen, try strength and conditioning expert Chad Waterbury’s high-frequency pull-up plan: one set of max reps in the morning, another in the evening, a day off, then repeat. Elite Over 16 ‘It’s time to start adding weight,’ says Gethin. ‘Try six reps with 30% of your bodyweight hanging around your waist. Once you can do this, keep increasing the number of reps on this until you reach 12. By now, your bodyweight effort should be pushing 20.’ 64/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 65.
  • 66. TEST YOUR FITNESS SQUAT The test As many as possible with your own bodyweight on a barbell The form Stand up straight at the top and make sure your thighs are parallel to the ground at the bottom of the move. It’s fine to take a few deep breaths in the ‘up’ position. Why it’s important Every man should be able to squat his own bodyweight: it will make you better at sport, life and getting off the toilet unassisted in old age. It will also release growth hormone and testosterone, helping the rest of your body to grow. The standards Beginner 0-9 ‘Just getting stronger will have the greatest impact,’ says McKenzie. ‘Measure your one-rep max [in the same way you did for the bench] and then work on a routine of three to five sets of three to five reps above 80% of your test results.’ Add 2.5-5kg a week. Intermediate 10-18 ‘Work on the mobility of your ankles, hips and upper back. You want to move with the body, not against it. Set aside ten minutes of each session to work on weak areas.’ Advanced 19-29 ‘Introduce 3-5sec isometric holds at various points of the lift as you perform each repetition. The increased time under tension and added benefits of isometric strength will provide a different and much-needed stimulus.’ Elite Over 30 ‘Do breathing squats. Go for a weight you should only be able to manage for ten reps and aim for 20, taking three deep breaths between each rep for the first five reps, four breaths from reps six to 12 and five breaths from 13-20 reps. Do this with a partner – or a bar-catcher.’ PRESS-UP The test As many as possible in two minutes The form You’ll be doing these in the style of an army physical fitness test: straight body, arms locked at the top, chest touching the floor at the bottom. You can rest, as long as no part of your body except your hands and feet touches the floor. Why it’s important Hitting a half-century of press-ups will put size on your arms, blitz your core and allow you to stay in shape anywhere you go. The standards Beginner 0-14 ‘If you’re under 14 reps, don’t be alarmed,’ says McKenzie. ‘Improve your score by doing half the amount of reps you managed in the test, resting for 90sec and repeating for three to five sets. Do that two or three times per week and you’ll bust into the intermediate range in under a month.’ 66/FEBRUARY 2013/ Intermediate 15-34 ‘Get more reps done by altering the effects of gravity on the body with the use of suspension straps. As you start to fatigue, simply increase the angle of your body to the floor and keep going.’ Advanced 35-55 ‘Split your routine into a strengthbased session using a weighted vest or plate, working on three to five sets of five to eight reps. The second session should focus on increasing reps using ladders: start with one press-up, then two, then three, all the way to ten.’ Elite Over 55 ‘Get explosive on the first two to four reps of every set by performing clap press-ups. Tense your core as you push hard off the floor to maintain integrity in your spine.’
  • 67. COMPETITION Win! Anentertainment systemandJackReachergoodies T o celebrate the release of the movie Jack Reacher (cert 12A), Men’s Fitness has teamed up with Paramount Pictures UK to give you the chance of winning a fantastic entertainment system and limitededition Jack Reacher goodies. From New York Times bestselling author Lee Child comes this tense, thrilling story of one of the most compelling heroes ever to step from novel to screen – ex-military investigator Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise). When the suspect in a gruesome sniper attack demands his presence, Reacher takes the case and believes the man is guilty – but when the bodies keep stacking up, Reacher realises he may have scratched the surface on a conspiracy that will not only take down the city leaders, but may also end up costing him his own life. As well as Cruise, Jack Reacher stars Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog, David Oyelowo and Robert Duvall. One lucky winner will receive an entertainment system worth £1,500, comprising a 32in flat-screen TV, a Blu-ray player, a speaker system and Jack Reacher merchandise. Jack Reacher is in cinemas everywhere from 26th December, cert 12A. For more visit How to enter For your chance to win simply answer this question: Who plays the title role in Jack Reacher? A Tom Hardy B Tom Cruise C Daniel Craig To enter and for terms and conditions, go to Prize details Here is what one lucky winner will receive… 3 32in flat-screen TV 3 Blu-ray player 3 Speaker system Worth £1,500 © 2012 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved 3 Jack Reacher merchandise
  • 68. Everything you know about fitness is wrong Looking to get in shape for the first time? Make sure you aren’t starting out with the wrong ideas. MF dissects the most common fitness mistakes Words Joel Snape Illustrations Peter Crowther@Debut Art, Patrick George@Debut Art
  • 69. FITNESS MYTHS ‘Your weight is what you should worry about’ When it comes to your body, the bathroom scales aren’t as important as the mirror THE MYTH It’s natural to look for proof of progress when you start a new fitness regime, but leaping on the scales every morning is the wrong way to approach it. For starters, the body mass index (BMI) system – used by the NHS – becomes a poor indicator of health once you start putting on muscle. It makes no distinction between fat and muscle, so a 170cm-tall man who weighs 77kg will be diagnosed as overweight whether he has 8% or 18% body fat. A better indication is the mirror – it doesn’t lie. EXPERT VIEW Mike Smalley, personal trainer ‘Building as much lean tissue as possible should always be the aim, because it also creates the perfect environment for your body to lose weight effectively and keep it off. To do so, reduce your carbs and cardio, increase your intake of protein and healthy fats – especially at breakfast – and eat plenty of green veg. Finally, lift weights. A well-structured weights programme, including plenty of big lower-body work, will help to build muscle and create the leaner look you’re after.’ 2013/69
  • 70. ‘Running is best for fat loss’ Want to shed kilos? Think short, sharp shocks, not the long and winding road THE MYTH It’s easy to think of a gentle run as a fat-burner – it makes you sweaty and it feels like a workout. Unfortunately it’s far from the most efficient way to lose fat. You may have heard the myth of the fat-burning zone, but don’t be tricked: although it’s technically true that your body uses a higher percentage of fat as fuel during lowintensity exercise, the minuscule amount of total calories burned makes it almost pointless. Running is fine if you want to get fit, but not for fat loss. EXPERT VIEW Sally Moss, personal trainer ‘The best way to lose fat is to lift weights and eat right. Lifting weights builds lean mass, raises metabolic rate and stimulates anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone, which promote fat loss. Even when you’re not training, you burn more calories thanks to the metabolic demands of increased muscle. Running burns some calories but it lacks the anabolic effect of weight training, so it isn’t as efficient for fat loss. You can’t out-run a bad diet either. Eat meals high in protein and fats but low in sugar to avoid storing excess calories as fat.’ 70/FEBRUARY 2013/ ‘If you train enough, diet doesn’t matter’ ‘Curls are the best biceps builder’ THE MYTH ‘Of course I can have another beer,’ you say to yourself. ‘I’ll just work it off tomorrow.’ Consider this, though: every delicious pint costs you about 20 minutes’ moderate-intensity rowing, if you’re taking this seriously. Then consider that the beer reduces your chance of completing the workout, since it’s hardly the perfect fuel. Finally, remember that eating properly will make results come faster and help you to stick to your plan. THE MYTH If you’re trying to fill out your T-shirt sleeves, it’s tempting to grab a pair of dumbbells and just start curling. It hurts your biceps, so it must be working – and besides, it’s what everyone else does, right? Wrong. In studies measuring electrical activity in muscles, biceps curls cause less activation than rope climbs or even chin-ups, and don’t produce the same jolt of growth hormone. No amount of training will offset a bad diet – and abs start in the kitchen EXPERT VIEW Ben Wilson, trainer and nutritionist ‘Diet is your primary tool for hitting ideal body-fat levels – you simply cannot out-train a bad diet. Just look at the average competitor in the London Marathon, not the elite guys. Many are overweight despite pounding out the miles for months. Every magazine cover model has nutrition at the heart of their six-pack plan. And when it comes to muscle gain, you can undo all your work in the gym by not giving your body the foods it needs to maximise muscle growth. Focus on protein, quality fats and greens.’ Still doing endless reps with the dumbbell? Your arms aren’t going to grow EXPERT VIEW Sean McPhillips, personal trainer ‘Work on bent-over rows and chin-ups. These compound moves will work a larger muscle – the lats, in the case of chin-ups – as well as your biceps, giving you a boost of testosterone and growth hormone and resulting in greater gains all over. Also, if you want big arms, don’t just focus on your biceps because they’re what you can see in the mirror – your triceps make up two-thirds of your upper arm. For big triceps, use bodyweight dips. Once you can manage three sets of ten, start adding weight by wearing a weighted vest, backpack or belt.’
  • 71. ‘Exercise is best done every day’ Don’t limit your activity to strictly monitored training times THE MYTH Confining exercise to the three hours a week you fling on a pair of shorts and head to the gym is a relatively recent phenomenon. Activity levels have been steadily decreasing in the general population for years but many experts believe a training approach that mimics the varied fitness demands of a more caveman-like or ‘Paleo’ lifestyle is best. It’s fine if you enjoy your gym sessions, but if you can’t get to them, don’t let that limit you. EXPERT VIEW Darryl Edwards, the Fitness Explorer ‘Humans were designed to move by integrating movement into normal life. When you perform a movement repeatedly your muscles become more efficient, which improves your ability to perform that activity. So be opportunistic about movement – wake up in the morning and do press-ups, or hang a pull-up bar at home and do a few chins every time you pass it. The key here is not to train to failure but to focus on quality of movement. This will still get you fitter and stronger and will add a significant number of reps without unnecessary fatigue or a drain on your limited time.’ ‘Sit-ups build a six-pack’ In pursuit of hard abs? Make sure you’re doing the right moves and eating the right things THE MYTH Are you doing hundreds of sit-ups and crunches daily in the pursuit of a sixpack? You’re wasting your time – and, according to spine structure expert Dr Stuart McGill, increasing your chances of lower back problems in later life. The best place to work on your sixpack is the kitchen, by watching your food intake. And if you’re relatively new to training, big moves such as the squat and deadlift will strengthen your core on their own. If you want to take it up a notch and train your abs directly, there are far more effective moves than sit-ups (see below). EXPERT VIEW Dan Parker, personal trainer ‘If you want a sixpack you need to train using the principles of hypertrophy, or going heavy for eight to 12 repetitions with around 60-90sec rest. It’s highly unlikely that sit-ups will overload your abs enough to let you reach failure you within that rep range. Instead, I’d suggest doing tougher moves such as hanging leg raises, weighted if they’re too easy, cable Russian twists and dumbbell pull-overs, going for two to three sets of each twice a week.’ FITNESS MYTHS ‘You need weights to train’ Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean hitting the dumbbell rack THE MYTH Want proof that you don’t need to touch a barbell to get in awe-inspiring shape? Look at Olympic gymnasts. Some never touch a weight but they’re all in impressive physical condition – and brutally strong. The key with bodyweight moves is to keep making them tougher and even that doesn’t take much kit. EXPERT VIEW Rob Silver, CrossFit trainer ‘It’s a common misconception that the only way to get fit is in a gym full of machines. In reality, one can get fit anywhere – from Hyde Park to the local car park. The best way to achieve optimum results is short and intense workouts using your body plus simple tools such as a jump rope. Sprint, jump over things, skip and do burpees and lunges and pull-ups on tree branches. Make sure you always challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty each week – say, by aiming for more reps, shorter rest periods or tougher exercise variations.’ 2013/71
  • 72. FITNESS MYTHS ‘You don’t need to train legs’ Even if you haven’t worn shorts since your formative years, you still have to squat THE MYTH It’s an easy rationalisation to make: you don’t wear shorts or care about your calves, so you don’t need to train your legs. Or you run or play tennis once a week, and that’s enough. But even if you don’t care about what’s going on below your belt, training your legs is one of the most efficient ways to improve the quality of your gym sessions – and your upper body. EXPERT VIEW Dale Alexander, personal trainer ‘Don’t be that guy who has to wear tracksuit bottoms to cover his legs. Apart from the fact that having the upper body of an Adonis and the legs of a chicken looks weird, training your legs will actually help make you bigger all over – and make you better in bed. Research has shown that testosterone and growth hormone levels increase with leg work, and both are essential hormones in creating muscle and bone mass. They’ll also help you be better at virtually any sport, as well as sprinting after buses or burglars.’ 72/FEBRUARY 2013/ ‘Fat makes you fat’ Looking to get lean? Bread is the enemy, not butter THE MYTH Much of the modern fear of fat has nothing to do with weight gain. It actually comes from the 1980s, when scientists thought they’d found links between fat, cholesterol and heart disease. The problem was those studies weren’t well conducted and although fat does have more calories per gram than carbs, it’s actually much less likely to make you gain weight. The kind of fat you should avoid is highly processed trans fat. Don’t fear the rest. EXPERT VIEW Christine Bailey, nutritionist ‘While you can technically overeat enough fat calories to accumulate adipose tissue and therefore get fat, this is actually very difficult for two main reasons. First, fat is very filling, especially when paired with low-carb eating. A casserole of grass-fed meat is far more filling than bread spread with butter, which means it’s hard to overeat on a high-fat, low-carb diet. Second, when you’re eating fat and low levels of carbs it’s easier to burn the fat for energy. Studies have shown that low-carb, high-fat diets not only reduce weight, they also retain or even increase lean mass, which means it’s fat that’s being lost. The types of fat sources to eat are olive oil, coconut oil, organic butter, nuts, organic eggs, avocados and grass-fed meat.’ ‘It never gets easier’ Sometimes you need to tough out your exercise plan, but it won’t always be a chore THE MYTH True, training can be frustrating when you first start – and it stays tough and exhausting, as long as you’re doing it properly. But if you’re just starting out, remember it isn’t always going to be this hard. You aren’t always going to be the one struggling to bench your bodyweight or do a single pull-up, and as your abilities improve so will your ambitions. It’s worth gritting your teeth to get through your first weeks because the best is yet to come. EXPERT VIEW Joseph Lightfoot, strength and conditioning coach ‘If you’re just starting out with exercise, you can make the transition from conscious effort to second nature a lot easier by setting goals. The time period between starting to exercise and the point at which you see and feel results is important to consider. There’s no quick fix – you just have to stick with it. But the great thing is that after a few weeks you see the results and exercise becomes a habit, and these two things make it a lot easier to carry on. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and that will help you towards your goals. Then pick a starting point appropriate to your current abilities and take it from there. It gets better, I guarantee it.’
  • 73. MF PROMOTION Pack a punch as a personal trainer With The Training Room you can get paid to do what you love For more information call 0808 256 6334 or visit mensfitness I f fitness is your life, why not be sought-after REPs accredited Level 3 paid to do it? The Training Room Certificate, making PTs industry-ready. is a fitness careers provider ‘It wasn’t easy,’ says Parker.‘There’s that can help you make fitness a lot to learn in six weeks but it came your living in just six weeks. naturally because I’ve always had such Joe Parker, a former RAF graduate an interest in fitness.The course gave who was forced into a career rethink me a brilliant insight into fitness and by redundancy in 2011, turned to The made me realise what I was capable of.’ Training Room to get his life back on After six weeks Parker completed track. He soon his course – but realised he had the help from The ‘The course gave me a all the tools brilliant insight into fitness Training Room required to get didn’t stop there. and made me realise into personal The company what I was capable of’ training. also helped him ‘Fitness had tailor his CV and always been a hobby to me,’ says practise job interview technique – skills Parker, 23.‘But after leaving the RAF he had never needed to develop. In I spent a lot more time in the gym. his first interview, he landed the job. I was getting to know people and ‘The Training Room was the turning giving advice when it dawned on me: point,’ Parker says.‘I love the freedom I could make a career out of this.’ and I spend all day surrounded by The Training Room helps around effort and achievement. It’s positive, 2,500 people each year to become upbeat and social. Plus I get to use qualified personal trainers.The the gym myself – so I look the part too. course earns its students the highly You can’t ask for more than that.’ How The Training Room can turn your life around How long do the courses last? The six-week full-time or six-month part-time courses can be completed at Academies situated around the UK. You get the chance to make the course fit around your lifestyle. Alternatively you can take a course online. What qualifications will I get? You’ll qualify with a REPs accredited Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training, including a Level 2 Gym Instructor Accreditation and a Certificate in Group Cycling, Sports Nutrition, Gym-based Boxing and Circuit Training. What happens when I finish? The Training Room guarantees job interviews with sports centres in the UK and overseas*. For three years after your course The Training Room provides support and advice to help you progress in your new career. *The Training Room works closely with Virgin Active, David Lloyd, Esporta, De Vere/Greens, LA Fitness/JJB, PureGym, Fitness First and more. Overseas placements are available through Mark Warner Holidays.
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  • 77. Live life in the fit lane MIGHT AS R WELL JUMP CLIFF DIVING The professional lunatics of the Cliff Diving World Series think nothing of plunging 27 metres while performing stunning acrobatics. MF’s Warren Pole takes the plunge eally, 27 metres isn’t far. Little more than a quarter of a football pitch. Just over half the length of an Olympic pool. Usain Bolt could cover it in less than three seconds. But these things are relative. Because when you dangle those 27m in thin air between a narrow plank and the cold, murky waters of the Atlantic Ocean they suddenly appear to be a very long distance indeed. In short, they look bloody terrifying. Not for the divers of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, though. These 27m are where they go to work. ‘Being up there is never normal,’ says diver Matt Cowen, winning the award of the day for understatement. ‘It’s a place where you have to n 2013/77 Photography Red Bull MF’s Warren leaps into the unknown – with some encouragement from diver Blake Aldridge
  • 78. learn to control your fears.’ And as I stare apprehensively down at the water below the board, I realise that I haven’t learned to do that. But it’s too late now… BOARD MEETING Everyone is used to seeing 5m and 10m boards, especially after following the exploits of Tom Daley, Peter Waterfield and others in the Olympics, but – as I discover at the first ever UK round of the World Series at the Blue Lagoon near St David’s, Pembrokeshire, where I get an extremely close look at one – the diving board cliff divers use could not be more different. This one took two weeks to prepare, had to be flown into place by helicopter and is attached to its anchor point using bolts over 4m long. Unsettlingly narrow and with nothing resembling a guardrail, it juts out from the Welsh rock face over the water far below. The only concession to comfort of any sort is the sandpaper grip ‘The boom when the diver hits the water at almost 80km/h is astonishing’ Matt Cowen plunges 27m towards the rescue divers waiting in the water below 78/FEBRUARY 2013/ tape wrapped around the board’s edge, giving the divers the traction needed to launch the intensely physical moves they put themselves though as they dive. As with the board, the setting provides a total contrast with Olympic diving. While Daley and co almost always perform their dives in the hushed, library-like atmosphere of an indoor pool, cliff diving thrives in open-air venues far from chemical cleaning agents and fancy modern architecture, usually in remote corners of the world. This old slate quarry on the Welsh coast makes the perfect venue, its natural amphitheatre lending proceedings a gladiatorial edge. MAKE A SPLASH I realise how far 27m really is when I watch my first dive, at the end of the qualifying round. From the water’s edge, I crane my neck to see a tiny stick man silhouetted high above flick himself out of a handstand to carry out a ridiculous number of twists, spins and pirouettes before cannoning into the water below. The dive is mesmerising and the boom when the diver hits the water at almost 80km/h is astonishing. More astonishing still is the fact he surfaces, waves, smiles and leaves the water under his own steam rather than on a spinal board. I ask Greg Louganis, the quadruple Olympic gold medallist and five-time world diving champion who is now a judge on this tour, how hard the hit is when you land a dive from this height. ‘Significant,’ he replies, rivalling Cowen in the understatement stakes. I later learn that a spot of top bombing from this board would be much like hitting concrete from 13m. Significant indeed. And the consequences of a mistake? ‘There is a timing issue,’ says Louganis. ‘You have to hit the water right. At one event a diver was a little short [not quite vertical] on entry and was knocked unconscious. The rescue divers got him out and he didn’t remember any of it. That’s probably a good thing.’
  • 79. Anatomyof adive Greg Louganis, Orlando Duque and Matt Cowen explain the stages of the 27m plunge The 27m platform is lifted into place by a helicopter The rescue divers Louganis mentions are on permanent standby, treading water beneath the platform during practice and competitions. They spray water across the landing zone to break the water’s surface, which eases the impact for divers fractionally, as well as making it easier for them to spot as they plunge towards it. Two of them dip below the surface before a diver hits, ready to haul him out should injury leave him unable to do it himself. Aldridge explains the basics to Warren Warren’s jump was over in a flash WITH BOTH FEET I’m slightly surprised to see that every diver is hammering into the water feet first. Nine-time diving world champ Orlando Duque, who is leading this year’s series, explains why. ‘You can go headfirst from this height but you’ll get hurt sooner or later,’ he says. ‘Feet first still isn’t safe but it’s safer. Your lower body is much tougher. All the muscles, ligaments, bones, everything – it’s all stronger. You still feel the impact, though, even on a really good dive.’ I ask former British Olympic diver turned cliff diver Blake Aldridge, who made his World Series debut in 2011, what the impact feels like but he says it’s more what it doesn’t feel like. ‘When you hit the water from one of these dives you’re actually numb from the impact,’ he tells me as we sit in the divers’ hot tub, which allows competitors to stay warm between dives. So why do I get to share comfortingly warm water with some of the most unhinged athletes on this planet? Well, because – under Aldridge’s tuition – I am getting a first-hand introduction to cliff diving. Although I won’t be diving from the full 27m, I have tried to be as professional as possible, which includes looking the part. I decided banana hammock-style Speedos were out, but I’ve noticed divers are equipped with a small towel at all times so I’ve brought my own. Not that I really have any idea what it’s for. Aldridge explains it’s much more than the adult comfort blanket it appears. First, it allows divers to n TAKE OFF 1 ‘Over twice the height of an Olympic board doesn’t mean over twice the time in the air because of increased acceleration,’ says Louganis. ‘So your vertical jump at the start is key to add time to complete your dive.’ FLIGHT 2 ‘The first 12m is where we do all of our flips and twists. If you make a small mistake here, you’ll know and you can make small corrections,’ says Duque. ‘As a judge, I want to see a smooth flight, finished high above the water,’ says Louganis. PREPARE FOR SPLASHDOWN 3 ‘Now we’re motoring and finding the water ready for entry, feet first,’ says Duque. ‘Good depth perception helps divers hit this perfectly,’ says Louganis. IMMERSION 4 ‘We stop fast once we hit,’ says Cowen. ‘I bring my legs up and my arms out and that stops me dead.’ 2013/79
  • 80. The Welsh coastline is a dramatic setting for the diving competition arrive on the platform bone dry, which is essential when you need to grab your limbs and hold exact stress poses while also spinning like a top. It then serves as basic range finder to the water below when tossed in, and finally it can also be helpful for sighting the water level as you dive towards it. LEAP AT THE CHANCE Step one in my cliff dive initiation is a basic feet-first leap from a 5m ledge. Although dwarfed by the main event platform in the sky above, it still feels vertiginous enough to me – it’s akin to leaping off the roof of a bungalow. Which you probably wouldn’t do for fun. ‘Look down with your eyes but keep your head level,’ Aldridge instructs me. ‘This will keep you from pitching forwards. Keep your legs together too.’ A jump, a silent blur. Shockingly quickly, I splash into the chilly water. Easier than I expected. But next, 10m. After unnecessarily towelling myself dry (I am not planning to attempt any acrobatics) and just as unnecessarily throwing my small towel to the water below as a sighting aid, it’s time to repeat the same drill. Except from the height of a two-storey house this time. I take a deep breath and stare down at the gently rippling surface that suddenly seems far, far below. I try to imagine taking on the 27m jumps that I’ve watched so many divers do today and immediately feel dizzy. I push it out of my mind and remind myself this is just 10m. Just twice the previous jump, which was over in a flash. ‘A jump, a silent blur. Shockingly quickly, I splash into the chilly water’ Warren compares war stories with Aldridge in the competitors’ hot tub Aldridge counts down and I leap. It’s a giddy, disorienting feeling, falling and waiting for the impact – I can’t imagine having the wherewithal to perform complicated moves in the air. The impact is more shocking this time and I experience the numbness Aldridge talked about. IN OVER YOUR HEAD Now the big one. No, not the 27m platform – that would probably kill me – but a proper head-first dive off a cliff. This is a true step into the unknown since I’ve never dived off anything higher than the edge of a swimming pool. But with an expert guiding me, what can go wrong? Nothing, as it turns out – although the pure wrongness of falling through the air upside down hits me as I hurtle towards the water and I have to fight the urge to right myself. Aldridge told me to just follow my hands, which works and sees me surfacing in triumph moments later, although I then ruin the moment by being unable to find my towel floating nearby. Back in the hot tub, Aldridge explains what makes him and the rest of this small band of professional lunatics do what they do. ‘Before every dive your body is screaming “It’s too high” and “It’s too dangerous” and you’re battling with your brain. But the feeling of achievement when you do it, that’s something else. When you come up from your dive and break the surface, as the numbness fades and you realise you are OK, there’s no time you’ll ever feel more alive.’ The five stages of cliff diving Warren Pole explains the emotions you go through as you stand over the water STAGE 1 BRAVADO ‘Climb to the cliff edge. It doesn’t look so high. This will be easy.’ STAGE 2 FEAR ‘Arrive on the ledge. It is in fact very high. Oh dear.’ STAGE 3 DISBELIEF ‘I am falling head first into the sea. This is very wrong. So wrong it can’t be real.’ STAGE 4 SHOCK ‘Apparently it is real because, fuck me, this water is cold.’ STAGE 5 RELIEF ‘I am still alive. Hallelujah!’ To see cliff diving action from the UK stage of the Red Bull World Series go to 80/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 81. theWorldMags.netshow Manchester Central 16-17th February 2013 So much to see and do whether you’re road, triathlon, MTB, commuter, leisure or BMX specific n ZOGGS Triathlon Swim Zone – Endless pools & expert advice be part of it Whether you’re an elite athlete or just after your first bike or tri suit, the Bike & Triathlon show is the one place you’ll find the very best bike and tri brands all under one roof. n British Cycling Central Stage – Meet our Olympic stars and cycling celebrities n VIP Coaching Zone – Spin and performance analysis, live treadmill demos, nutrition seminars n Rollapaluza Speed Challenge – Win a bike on the adrenalin-fuelled rollers n Phoenix Riders Cycle Stunt Team the most thrilling entertainment you’ll ever see on two wheels. n Shoretrax – the ultimate in mountain bike trails n Kids Zone – fun on the track for aspiring young riders n Major new product launches from leading brands and great deals on all your cycling and triathlon equipment. n Top names include Cervelo, Trek, HUUB, 2XU, Brooks, Zoggs, Velocite, BH Bikes, Starley, Max Gear, Newton, Compress, Team Carbon, Jacuzzi and USN. BOOK NOW at Early Bird tickets available for a limited time only at just £9.00 per day! 25% off the normal ticket price of £12 per day. Under 16’s get in free. Manchester Central 16-17th February 2013 Supported by: visit manchester
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  • 83. ROAD RUNNING SHOES RUNTHE SHOW Attack the pavements in comfort and style with our pick of the best shoes designed for road running Reflective strips on the shoe’s upper help to improve your visibility during after-dark winter runs GAIT GUIDE OVER PRONATION Excessive rolling inward of the ankles as you run UNDER PRONATION Insufficient rolling inward of the ankles as you run Words Ben Ince Photography Danny Bird Illustration Sudden Impact NEUTRAL Ideal level of rolling the ankles as you run New Balance 1080v2 £95 You’ll be hard pushed to find a more comfortable shoe than this, especially if you’re a neutral runner. With a wealth of cushioning on the upper, collar, tongue and sole, it’s guaranteed to provide a soft ride, with smooth transitions from heel to toe on every stride. A flexible, lightweight, blown rubber outsole helps to keep the weight down, as do welded seams on the upper, which also prevent chafing. Comfort levels are further improved by a Strobel Board that runs the length of the sole, ensuring maximum shock absorption. It’s very competitively priced too. """"" Turn over for six more road running shoes n 2013/83
  • 84. Runningprehab Warm up to reduce injury Terminalknee extension Brooks Trance 11 £115 It might not be the lightest or cheapest shoe available, but if you’re a serious over-pronator the Trance 11 is one of the best. A Caterpillar Crash Pad running down the length of the shoe provides exceptional support, while its foam-constructed saddle moulds to your foot to provide a comfortable fit. """"" Asics Gel-Nimbus 14 £130 Reebok RealFlex Transition £65 The 14th edition of this shoe provides outstanding comfort and cushioning for neutral and under-pronating runners, thanks in part to its full-length Guidance Line, a groove on the sole that guides your foot through the gait cycle. Its Heel Clutching System means it fits snugly, helping to create extra support. A versatile trainer for runners on a budget, the RealFlex is at home on the road or in the gym. Individual nodes on the sole help your feet to flex and move as you run, providing a very natural, responsive ride. The single-layer polyester mesh upper provides strength, while a moulded sock liner offers extra cushioning. """"" Why do it ‘This trains the quads to help avoid overuse injuries to your knee and shin,’ says physiotherapist Simon Rice. How to do it ‘Stand with a Thera-Band looped behind your knee and anchored in front of you. Walk back so the band pulls your knee forward, keeping your foot flat. Contract the front of your thigh to straighten your knee.’ """"" Clam Puma Faas 500 £67.50 Skechers GOrun Ride £70 K-Swiss Blade-Max Stable £100 """"" """"" The Faas 500 has an old-school design based on Puma’s popular RS1 trainer from the 1980s. It’s targeted at neutral runners, with a minimal, lightweight upper and a slim outsole that’s designed to improve forefoot cushioning and provide a natural feel. An OrthoLite sock liner helps to ensure extra comfort and breathability. The first thing you notice about this shoe is how little it weighs, due mainly to its lightweight, seamless synthetic mesh upper. Designed to provide a barefootesque running experience, it has a roomy forefoot that allows your toes to spread, grip and push off. It features Skechers’s M-Strike technology in the sole, to encourage a midfoot strike. """"" 84/FEBRUARY 2013/ This shoe has lots of technical features, combining stability and cushioning for moderate overpronators. These include a durable, high-density outsole, a midsole that helps to ease your foot into the centre of the shoe and the Flow Cool System, which enhances breathability and moisture management to keep your feet cool and dry. Proprioceptiontest Why do it ‘Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of each of the parts of the body. Research shows improving it can help runners prevent foot and ankle overuse injuries.’ How to do it ‘Balance on one leg with your arms folded across your chest. Get a partner to gently push you in any direction from your hips or shoulders. Focus on maintaining balance and keeping all toes on the ground.’ Simon Rice is a physiotherapist at Pure Sports Medicine ( Why do it ‘Running requires the muscles in the hip area to transfer weight from side to side. Muscle imbalances in this area can lead to knee pain.’ How to do it ‘Lie on your side with your knees bent at 90˚. Keeping your feet together, rotate your hip so your knees are separated.’
  • 85.
  • 86. RACE SUN THE A fantastic challenge for teams of four in the Lake District. Cycle 50 miles, climb Helvellyn and canoe Thirlmere. Start at sunrise, finish by sunset. Climb • Cycle • Canoe 31 August 2013 Places limited The race is on. Sign up today to secure your place in this famous team event. Pay a registration fee of £195 and commit to raising funds that could change children’s lives. For further information and an application form Managed by 01590 677854 Race the Sun is managed by Action for Charity on behalf of Action Medical Research
  • 87. MF TAKES ON… MOUNTAIN OF HELL It’s the fastest way down a mountain short of jumping off. MF’s James Spender takes on a downhill bike race that easily earns its terrifying name I t has taken several hundred years of striving, but we humans have pretty much created a world that exists primarily for our own convenience, comfort and entertainment. We’ve got supermarkets, we’ve got central heating and we’ve got Steven Seagal: Lawman. We’ve basically got it sorted. Which raises the question, what the hell am I doing at the top of a fricking glacier at 8.45am on a Sunday morning? Moreover, why do I have a mountain bike with me and why am I even contemplating riding it down a ski slope? This is the 13th edition of the Mountain of Hell downhill race held in n 2013/87 Photography Dan Milner MF ’s James is glad of his helmet and body armour as he takes on rock-strewn terrain
  • 88. Les Deux Alpes, France. Each year some 700 stupidly courageous – or courageously stupid – mountain bikers congregate at an altitude of 3,600m atop a giant glacial piste usually reserved for snowboarders and skiers. The sole aim is to descend as fast as possible some 20km and 2,600 vertical metres down to the town of Vénosc. While sustaining lasting injuries en route is not encouraged, neither is it necessarily optional. Having ridden the 10km qualifying heat the previous day, I find myself midway back on the starting grid with my bike laid a few metres in front of me in the snow. A helicopter circles overhead, apparently here to film us. Strange – it looks suspiciously like a rescue chopper. The klaxon sounds and we scramble to mount our bikes. Riding in a straight line on an icy piste is one thing, but trying to turn or brake is quite another. The piste is already littered with riders frantically trying to disentangle themselves from their bikes and each other. I’m already clocking 75km/h and the pros at the front are pushing 100. It’s utter madness. ALIEN LANDSCAPE As the snow melts away a grey, unforgiving landscape unfolds. Everyone’s wearing full-face helmets and body armour, and to the untrained eye it looks like the bad guys from Mad Max have made an unscheduled detour from the Thunderdome and landed on the moon. Rocks to make Sisyphus weep litter the trail ahead, so I decide the best course of action is to follow the line of another rider, hoping against hope that he’s not about to lead me down a crevasse. My faith pays off and I avoid any hazards in the first section. After a few kilometres, with my suspension pumping double-time, I hurtle over a huge stone plateau towards the edge, lean back, pull on the bars and manage to clear a few metres of jagged rocks beneath me. Not pretty, but I’m just happy to still be vertical. The course forks and a choice has to be made. Ahead is a small lake, about 25m across. I can either skirt around it – an easier but longer route – or risk the 30cm-wide ‘bridge’ that crosses the watery expanse. After surviving the glacier and lunarscape my confidence is high, so I decide to go for it. I pedal hard, try not to look down and, with the grace of an Riders - and bikes - make their the way to the start line at the top of the mountain 88/FEBRUARY 2013/ The race leaders can reach 100km/h as they hurtle down the icy piste ‘I nose my front wheel over the edge, grip the bars tight and hope’ elephant on a tightrope, somehow manage to roll off the end of the bridge and on to the opposite bank. The track crosses a fire road and then drops down on to a near-vertical slope of scree. I pause to observe how other riders are tackling this. One guy is looking good until his rear wheel locks up and he twists violently to the right, jackknifing over his bars and bouncing down the slope with his bike in hot pursuit. It looks nasty but I can’t stand here all day. I nose my front wheel over the edge, grip the bars tight and hope. It works. I rattle down the track, narrowly avoiding the back wheel of the crashed rider as I cut up the adjacent hill and whip into a long section of forgiving singletrack. RAISING THE BAR The course plateaus and joins up with a Tarmac road that leads into the town of Les Deux Alpes, past the spectators and into the town centre. As if this wasn’t disorienting enough after speeding down mountain slopes, in a surreal twist the marshals direct me through a doorway and I find myself literally riding through a pub, complete with banging Euro-house music and patrons downing celebratory Jägerbombs (here in the Alps, of course, Jägermeister is treated as entirely medicinal, particularly when consumed at 10am). It has the effect of psyching me up and I hit the concrete stairs leading out of the pub at blistering speed. At first it feels like I’ve cleared them, but I soon realise something’s not right as n
  • 89. James picks his way carefully down the rocky slope, trying not to lose too much speed There are few signs on the mountain – it’s down to your judgement and some luck Race details Mountain of Hell DISCIPLINE WHERE DISTANCE FITNESS LEVEL REQUIRED WINNER’S TIME MF’S TIME MF’S POSITION MORE INFO Downhill mountain biking Les Deux Alpes, France 20km with over 2,600m of descent Moderate, but some downhill biking experience is essential 32min 50sec 1hr 23min 17sec 438th (out of 530), 2013/89
  • 90. The downhill bike race takes place on terrain usually reserved for skiers and snowboarders the bike squirms alarmingly from left to right. I pull hard on the brakes and come to a stop. For a second I have no idea what’s happened, but then it dawns on me – the impact of the stairs has split the rear inner tube and I’ve got a flat. Merde! STEP ON THE GAS Once I remedy it and get back on my way, I’m far enough back in the field that I find myself pretty much alone. At least I have this relentless series of wooden steps for company. Now I’ve been riding for over an hour, the repetitive jarring from the terrain is making my hands and forearms feel like an arthritic octogenarian’s. After what feels like a thousand steps, I begin to regain some semblance of flow but before I can get too confident, I hit a wooden ramp that’s covering a concave section of bank. It’s covered by a greasy layer of lichen and, though I should know better, my right ‘I reach for my head, convinced there must be blood but instead find the shell of my helmet’ hand tenses and I brake, sending my bike skidding sideways and my face planting hard into the dirt. I reach for my head, convinced there must be blood, but instead I find the hard shell of my helmet, making me aware more than ever why the organisers make them mandatory. Without that 10mm of metal and foam I’m sure that would have been goodbye race, hello hospital. The adrenaline’s surging so hard I jump back on the bike and spin for home. It turns out that despite my body armour (see the box below) my knee’s in pretty bad shape, so I’m thankful to see the cable lift station that marks the entrance to Vénosc and the finish. I pedal hard and cross the line, pretty much running straight into a race promo girl. At first she’s unimpressed, but seeing the apologetic look of a beaten man she cracks a smile and hands me a bottle of water. It’s warm and tastes like it has been under a car seat for a month, but I don’t care. I’m just happy to be in one piece. It’s alldownhill The sheer speed of downhill mountain biking means it requires some specialist gear to keep you in one piece SPECIALIZED ENDURO EVO A bike that’s excellent for the combination of big hits and endurance riding that races such as the Mountain of Hell serve up. If it’s possible to feel secure in the saddle while descending at 75km/h, the Enduro Evo can provide that feeling. £2,000 FOX V1 HELMET Full-face helmets are mandatory for events such as the Mountain of Hell for obvious reasons. You’d be a lot less pretty if you slammed into an Alp face first. The Fox V1 is streamlined and well ventilated. £100 SIXSIXONE EVO PRESSURE SUIT BODY ARMOUR NUKEPROOF CRITICAL ARMOUR KNEE/SHIN PADS Superb protection for your chest and arms from the body armour specialist. The Pressure Suit is well ventilated with a removable back plate and various adjustable straps that allow you to find the most comfortable fit. £200 The knee/shin combo might sound like overkill but slipping on a pedal and skinning a bare shin is no joke. The Velcro strips ensure a good fit, while the Kevlar covering should protect you against almost all hazards. £50 GIRO DJ GLOVES Even on a hot day, gloves are essential for downhill biking. Fall off without a pair and you’ll see why. These are moisture wicking with breathable uppers and are designed to endure the punishment of aggressive trail riding. £30 To see a video of MF in the Mountain pull-uprace go to For some great of Hell variations go to 90/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 91. To advertise here call Kathryn on 020 7907 6557 MF PROMOTION NAME: Trek America NAME: Alzheimer’s Society Occupation: Supporting people affected by dementia Occupation: USA adventure tour specialists Cycle from London to the Brussels Beer Festival and help make a real difference to the lives of people affected by dementia. Cycling from London to Brussels is one of the great cycle experiences in Europe. After three long days in the saddle, you’ll finish the ride in Brussels in time for the Brussels Beer Festival so that we can celebrate our achievement in style. To take part in this cycle challenge you pay a registration fee of £99 and commit to raise a minimum sponsorship of £1,300. We’ll provide food, accommodation, Eurostar back to the UK and a fully supported ride. Epic American Road Trips Experience the ultimate in freedom and adventure with TrekAmerica, the experts in small group travel across America. With over 40 years’ experience and with trips spanning the USA, Alaska, Canada and Central America, you’re guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime! Designed for young, international travellers aged 18 to 38, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people of a similar age who will quickly become your new mates. These small group trips are active and fun, with anything from white-water rafting to zip lining and western horseback riding. Throw in some of the best cities and most incredible landscapes you’ve ever seen and you’re still just scratching the 3More info: For more information on this and other cycling challenges with Alzheimer’s Society visit, call 0870 417 0192 or email surface of a TrekAmerica trip. Men’s Fitness readers can claim an exclusive 10% discount, and with trips from three to 64 days, you’ll be sure to find something to suit you. To get 10% off your booking, book by 31st March 2013 quoting discount code 150236. 3More info: Request your brochure or take a look at our trips online at or call us on 0844 576 1429 for more information. NAME: Smartshake NAME: booost Occupation: Maker of the world’s No1 shaker cup Occupation: Mid-workout oxygen booost Do you take your nutrition and supplementation seriously? This nifty shaker cup has two storage compartments for portions of protein powder, vitamin and amino capsules, a gum shield or even just a healthy snack such as seeds or nuts for when you’re on the go. Life’s too short to be carrying multiple bottles, tubs and bags of powder. Smartshake Men who are serious about fitness often feel that they just can't give any more during a workout. Ever had that feeling, after a heavy legs set? We call this the ‘wall’. Pure oxygen will help you recover quicker, enabling you to start your next set sooner and with more strength. Oxygen is the bestkept secret among strongmen and bodybuilders. Eddie Hall, will store everything – plus they’re made from BPA-free extra-tough materials, don’t hold bad smells and come in many different colours. What are you waiting for? Go get one now! 3More info: Order direct at www. or buy from your nearest nutrition retailer or gym. For trade inquiries email RRP £9.99 Britain’s strongest man in 2011 and 2012, uses oxygen as an essential part of his training. ‘You build up high levels of carbon dioxide and lactic acid that the quickest way to shift these toxins is to breathe a high per cent of oxygen.’ We have a money back guarantee because unless you push yourself hard this product is not for you. Using the code ‘MF’ entitles you to a 15% discount on your first order before 31st January 2013. 3More info: Go to
  • 92. IT’S ALL IN THE NUMBERS Muscle Bomb® A pre workout drink that combines 1,500mg of L-carnitine, 750mg of taurine and 250mg of caffeine per bottle. Flavours: Orange burst, Lemon, Tropical punch. Whey Refresh® Our hugely popular protein drink containing 40g of whey isolate, zero fat and zero carbohydrate per bottle. Flavours: Orange burst, Tropical punch, Rhubarb. Reflex Nutrition Ltd The Edge® / The Edge® Xtreme An RTD version of our existing energy product with a research based 4 to 1 ratio of dextrose to crystalline fructose and electrolyte complex; 200mg of sodium, 40mg of potassium, 20mg of magnesium and 1mg of zinc per bottle. The Edge® Xtreme also contains 150mg of caffeine per bottle. Flavours: Orange burst, Lemon, Tropical punch. @ReflexNutrition Diet Carnitine A weight management product that contains 1,500mg of L-carnitine per bottle. Flavours: Orange burst, Lemon, Tropical punch.
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  • 95. Sweetenough No-one who wants to lose weight thinks it’s a good idea to eat sugary foods, but sweets could have a worse effect than expanding your waistline. New research suggests that sucrose, dextrose, glucose and high-fructose corn syrup – sugars commonly found in sweets – could have severe effects if consumed in large quantities. A study in the Journal Of The American Medical Association found participants who obtained 25% or more of their daily calorie intake from these sugars were twice as likely to have low levels of HDL cholesterol and high triglyceride levels, two of the primary risk factors for conditions such as heart disease, than those who did not. Our advice? When you want something sweet, try a food with natural sugars such as fruit. SUGAR FACT Studies have also linked over consumption of food with added sugars to a variety of health proble ms including depres sion, overeating and poor memory. Words BenJohn doe Photography Jane doe Words Ince Photography Danny Bird 2013/95
  • 96. QuickTips 7 metabolism boosters 5 Eat these to fire up your body’s fat-burning capacity COFFEE contains high levels of caffeine, which has a thermogenic effect, increasing metabolism. 1 CHEESE is a good source of calcium, which is known to increase metabolic rate and burn fat. 6 GRAPEFRUIT contains chemicals that reduce insulin levels, which in turn can cause weight loss through increased metabolism. 2 CHICKEN contains plenty of protein, which helps your body to build muscle, causing your metabolism to rise in the process. 7 3 CHILLIES are high in capsaicin, a substance that ramps up your metabolism. 4 BLUEBERRIES contain antioxidants that help to boost your metabolic rate. NutritionQ&A Words Ben Ince Photography Shutterstock LaurentBannockis asports scientistandperformancenutritionistfor prorugbyteamsandothereliteathletes ( Q A Which oils are the best to cook with and why? Themost importantfactortoconsiderwhendeciding whichoiltouseisitssmokepoint–thetemperature atwhichitliterallysmokes,whichis whenitformsharmful compoundssuchas HNEandfreeradicals.The smokepointof anoilisdetermined byhowpureor refinedit is–ratherthanhowmuchsaturated fatitcontains–becausetherefiningprocess removesimpuritiesfromtheoil, which generallyraisesthesmokepoint.Soforhighheatcookingsuchasfrying,grilling, stir-fryingor roasting, I’drecommend using alight,refinedoilsuch asoliveoil, avocadooil,refinedpalmoilorcoconutoil. 96/FEBRUARY 2013/ GREEN TEA is packed with the catechin EGCG, which activates the nervous system functions that cause metabolism to speed up. Kitchen Gadget SousVideSupreme £310 There are many ways to cook veg but most of them involve losing vital nutrients. An exception to this is sous vide (French for ‘under vacuum’), which means sealing food in airtight bags and cooking it in a water oven. Cooking food this way used to require ed industrial-sized machines but now, pact with the compact reme, SousVide Supreme, you can do it at ion home. In addition to ness locking goodness s, into vegetables, s the SousVide is great at for cooking meat evenly.
  • 97. Follow us at: @METRx_UK For more information call 01283 492819. MET-Rx® is available nationwide at all good health food stores and online at
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  • 100. PerfectFood Slowburn Cut out high-GI carbs and lose weight with this slow-carb meal plan LAMB SWEET POTATOES TOMATOES is packed with the essential amino acid tryptophan, which helps to regulate appetite. are high in the powerful antioxidant betacarotene, which helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. provide plenty of vitamin C, which contributes to your amino acid metabolism, helping you build muscle. Words Ben Ince Photography Food styling Karol Gladki The slow-carb diet created by this month’s guest expert, Tim Ferriss (see p38), promotes weight loss by cutting insulin-spiking carbs such as bread, pasta and rice from your diet. It advocates having one ‘cheat day’ a week to keep your metabolism on its toes but the meal plan below is perfect for any of the other six. DAILY TOTALS 1,952 calories 189g carbs 164g protein 81g fat BREAKFAST Two poached eggs and a banana provide plenty of omega 3 fatty acids for joint and heart health, as well as a healthy dose of potassium to aid digestion. LUNCH A chicken salad with feta, spinach leaves and cashew nuts contains high levels of muscle-building protein as well as energyboosting iron. DINNER Rack of lamb 1 rack of lamb / 1 egg / 1tsp Dijon mustard / 100g breadcrumbs / 1 clove of garlic, chopped / 2tbsp parsley, chopped / 200g sweet potato, mashed / 50g butter / 8 vine tomatoes To make ● Preheat the oven to 200˚C/gas mark 6. ● Beat the egg with the mustard, then mix with the breadcrumbs, garlic and chopped parsley. ● Coat the lamb in the egg and herb crust and roast for around 17 minutes until pink inside. ● Meanwhile, peel the sweet potatoes and boil them in water for 15 minutes. ● Mash the potatoes with the butter and season with salt and pepper to taste. ● Serve with the lamb and roasted tomatoes. SNACKS Tangerines provide plenty of immunityboosting vitamin C. A handful of olives contains high levels of healthy monounsaturated fats. For more meal plans to help you build the body you want go to 100/FEBRUARY 2013/
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  • 102. - CEDRIC AN MCMILL N IO RO CHAMP IFBB P RO 2012 ORK P A NEW Y EC US SCIT TEAM We are looking for distributors and retailers! • Call us on: 0127 987 4631 • faCebook: WWW.faCebook.Com/sCiteCuk
  • 103. Knowledge Howdoyou eatyours? Words Ben Ince Photography Food styling Karol Gladki Cook perfect eggs every time with these expert tips ASPARAGUS contains high levels of bonestrengthening vitamin K F ew foods are as effective for building muscle, burning fat and generally improving your health as eggs, thanks to their high levels of protein, vitamin D and omega 3. There are plenty of ways to cook an egg but they’re all easy to get a bit wrong – by undercooking the yolk or overcooking the white – so you’re left eating something pretty nasty. These tips from chef Karol Gladki ( will help you to avoid common mistakes and ensure your eggs are just right, however you like them. POACHED EGGS WITH ASPARAGUS Ingredients 2 large free-range organic eggs / 4-6 asparagus spears / 4tbsp distilled vinegar To make ● Fill a pan with water and bring it to the boil, then stir in the distilled vinegar. ‘It’s crucial to use the vinegar because it helps the white to hold to the yolk,’ says Gladki. ● Crack the eggs into the pan and simmer for three minutes. ‘The consistency of the egg will be better if you take it straight from the fridge rather than letting it come up to room temperature,’ says Gladki. ● Meanwhile, cook the asparagus in boiling water for three to five minutes. ● Lift the egg out quickly with a slotted spoon, place on top of the blanched asparagus and serve.
  • 104. BOILED EGGS WITH WHOLEMEAL SOLDIERS Ingredients 2 large free-range organic eggs / 2 slices of wholemeal bread To make ● Fill a pan with water and bring it to boil, then add the eggs and simmer on a low heat for seven minutes. ‘The temperature is just as important as the time,’ says Gladki. ‘If the water is boiling rather than simmering, it will overcook the egg.’ ● Toast the two slices of bread and cut into soldiers. ● Lift the eggs out of the water with a slotted spoon and dunk them for a second in a bowl of cold water. ‘Eggs will generally keep cooking after you remove them from the pan, so this is a useful way of stopping that process,’ says Gladki. ● Cut the tops off the eggs and serve with the soldiers. WHOLEMEAL BREAD contains plenty of filling fibre and slow-release carbohydrates TOP TIP ‘Always try to buy freerange eggs because they have a better omega 3 to omega 6 ratio’ says Gladki 104/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 105. Knowledge SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH SMOKED SALMON Ingredients 2 large free-range organic eggs / 50g smoked salmon, cut into strips / 2tbsp milk / 1tsp butter To make ● Add the butter to a large frying pan on a low to medium heat. ‘If the pan is too hot you risk burning the butter, which releases lots of unwanted carcinogens,’ says Gladki. ● Crack the eggs into a mixing jug and whisk with the milk. ● Add the mixture to the pan and keep stirring till half cooked, then add the smoked salmon. ● Cook the mixture until it reaches your preferred texture. ‘If water starts coming out of the egg you are overcooking it,’ says Gladki. SMOKED SALMON is packed with immunityboosting selenium FRIED EGG WITH LEAN BACON Ingredients 1 large free-range organic egg / 2 slices of lean bacon / 1tbsp of coconut oil BACON is a great source of muscle building protein and testosterone boosting zinc To make ● Heat the coconut oil in a pan over a medium heat. ‘Coconut oil is great for frying because it has a high smoke point,’ says Gladki. ‘If the pan is too hot, the bottom of your egg will be burnt and rubbery.’ ● Crack the egg into the pan and cook to preference. ● Meanwhile grill the bacon under a medium heat, turning occasionally, and serve with the egg. 2013/105
  • 106. Supplements Add zing with zinc 1 Enhance your sexual prowess with this potent supplement TAKE THAT MF’S MONTHLY GUIDE TO THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS FOR YOUR GOALS RECOVERY BOOSTERS THE PROBLEM You feel lethargic and unmotivated in the bedroom. % BCCAs Branchedchain amino acids can improve muscle recovery when taken after a workout, according to research published in the Journal Of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness. % L-glutamine An amino acid and protein component, glutamine has been shown to improve muscle recovery, increase muscle synthesis and reduce soreness after a workout. 3 2 THE SOLUTION Start taking zinc supplements. Zinc has a variety of libidoboosting properties, including increasing sperm production and improving prostate health, but the main way it will kick-start your love life is by raising your levels of testosterone. THE SCIENCE In a study published in the journal Nutrition, male participants who were given zinc supplementation for a six-month period recorded increased testosterone levels, while those who were placed on a zinc-restricted diet saw their testosterone levels fall. % Water Hydrate your muscles before, during and after your workouts to improve recovery and reduce the risk of cramping. The Institute of Medicine recommends that adult males drink three and a half litres of water per day. % Electrolytes These minerals are lost in sweat during exercise and are necessary for muscle recovery because they conduct electricity, helping your muscles to work. They’re easily replenished via sports drinks. S SupplementQ&A Words Sam Jobson Photography Getty Aaron Deere is a functional medicine consultant at KX Gym London ( Aa Q A Is it unhealthy to take for life but when taken in too many supplements? incorrect amounts they can be toxic or even fatal. When it comes to taking Vitamin D and iodine vitamin and mineral are both good examples. supplements, it’s worth Vitamin D is an essential bearing in mind the old vitamin with lots of health mantra that you can have benefits, but the upper limit too much of a good thing. for intake is 10,000IU a day Many nutrients are essential and doses over this amount can potentially lead to toxicity, symptoms of which include nausea, vomiting and even kidney damage. The upper limit for iodine consumption is 1,100mcg a day, and exceeding this level can lead to fever, vomiting, diarrhoea and, in the worst cases, thyroid cancer. For our guide to all the major supplements go to 106/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 107. GLUTAMINE + BCAA ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS The Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are essential because our bodies can’t manufacture them. They account for 35% of the essential amino acids in muscle proteins. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human blood. Scott Dorn Fitness Cover Model Team Scitec USA ADDITIONAL BCAA FORMULAS FROM Glutamine may become conditionally essential in certain situations, including intensive physical training, when the body cannot meet its needs by synthesizing glutamine. These (conditionally) essential amino acids can be provided by dietary protein intake, including by food supplements. Our G-BCAA formula contains a 1:1:1:1 ratio of Glutamine, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine! BCAA 6400 125 AND 375 CAPSULES BCAA-X 120 AND 330 CAPSULES CHECK OUT OUR OTHER 200 PRODUCTS AS WELL! We are looking for distributors and retailers! • Call us on: 0127 987 4631 • Facebook: BCAA XPRESS APPLE, PINK LEMONADE: 700 G UNFLAVOURED: 500 G
  • 108. Value | Service | Advice FESTIVE MONSTER DEALS RRP £94.98 RRP £71.99 Just £47.99 Just £49.99 Met-RX Supreme Whey 2.27kg + FREE CLA PhD Nutrition Pharma Blend 2.27kg + FREE Recovery 2:1 1.28kg RRP £94.38 RRP £ 101.98 Just £51.99 Just £59.09 Garnell High Perfomance Whey 2.27kg + Lean Force 90 caps Gaspari Myofusion 2.27kg + FREE Gaspari T-Shirt DEALS & ADVICE FROM MONSTERSUPPLEMENTS.COM Order Hotline 0844 745 1345 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK WITH FREE GB DELIVERY
  • 109. AbsFoods 27absfoods If youwant asix-pack, eatingtheright things is crucial. Here arethefoodsthat will helpbuildandrevealyourabs 6 Apples contain antioxida nt polyphenols, w hich help to prevent your body from storin g fat, according to a German study. Burnfat Everyonehasabs,butyouwon’tbeabletoseethemifthey’re hidden beneathalayerof fat.These will helpyouburn itoff 1Broccoli is a low-calorie food that’s packed with fibre, which will fill you up and help you to lose weight, according to research from the US Department of Health & Human Services. 2Cinnamon can help to blunt insulin response in the body, stopping you from storing fat, says an American study. 3Cheddar is a good source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which helps you to lose weight and build muscle, a Swedish study found. potatoes 4Mushrooms 5Sweet are a great lowcalorie way to add bulk to stews and pasta sauces, according to American research. are a low-GI food and research from the US found they don’t promote fat storage by causing your insulin levels to spike, unlike normal potatoes. 2013/109 Words Ben Ince Illustrations Linda Duong Photography Shutterstock Stepone
  • 110. AbsFoods Steptwo Stepthree Boostyour metabolism This will causeyourbodytoburnmorecalories,helpingtomakeyoulean andexposeyour abs 7Green tea contains molecules called catechins, which have thermogenic properties and improve metabolism, a study published in the Chinese Journal Of Integrative Medicine found. 8Chilli peppers are a great source of capsaicin, which helps to ramp up your metabolism, says a study in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition. 9Blueberries 10Grapefruit can help to inhibit the formation of new fat cells by altering lipid metabolism, according to research from the Texas Woman’s University. contains chemicals that reduce insulin levels, which in turn can cause increased metabolism, American research discovered. Eat meat for protein Eatingplentyof proteiniscrucialifyou wanttobuildyour abdominal muscles. Theseareallgreat sources,asshown by theamountsof protein theycontainper100g 11 Chicken 33g 12 Pork 32g 13 Lamb 36g 16 Beef 14 Duck 29g 36g Grass-fed, freerange beef has the most reliably hi gh levels of protei n and other nutrients . 15 Turkey 29g 110/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 111.
  • 112. AbsFoods Stepfour Cycle your protein Varyingyourprotein sourceswill giveyoua widerrangeof nutritional benefits.Herearesome of the bestnon-meat sourcesandhowmuch they containper100g 17 Tuna 30g 18 Parmesan 36g 23 Milk 19 Pumpkin seeds 33g helps you lose bo dy fat and build muscle , says a study in the Am erican Journal Of Clinica l Nutrition, makin g it a perfect abs drin k. 20 Eggs 12g Stepfive 21 Peanuts 24g 22 Soya beans 39g Reduce stress Stressraiseslevels of thehormone cortisol, leadingtofatstorage –especiallyin thecrucialwaistarea 24Oats are rich in carbohydrates, which boost serotonin levels in the brain and create a calming effect, according to research from Indiana University East. 25Oranges 26Walnuts 27Salmon contain high levels of vitamin C, which can help to reduce levels of stress hormones in the blood, American research has found. are high in fibre, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, all of which can help to lower blood pressure and stress levels, says research from Penn State University. is a great source of magnesium, which helps to control cortisol levels, according to the Capital Region Medical Center in the US. Now you’ve got your diet sorted, find abs-building exercises at 112/FEBRUARY 2013/
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  • 117. MAKE YOURBESTEVENBETTER Words Sam Rider Illustration Spooky Pooka@Debut Art Photography Danny Bird The 21 laws you need to follow to perfect your training p119 Challenge your muscles How to build a solid core with these essential – and an impressive dumbbell moves p126 six-pack to boot p137 This 12-minute kettlebell plan will burn fat fast p143 Improved strength is the target in this new workout series p153 Level best Keep your feet bolted to the floor to lift big Keep your feet on the ground. It’s a useful adage if you’ve enjoyed success but also great advice when weight training. Doing exercises such as squats and deadlifts on a stable surface significantly improves muscle activation and the amount you can lift when compared with the same lifts on unstable surfaces, found a study in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research. This resulted in greater improvements to sprint speed and vertical jump height. Using Bosu and gym balls with light loads can still be useful for rehab and improving stability but if you want to jump higher, sprint faster and get stronger, keep those feet grounded. MF tip Keeping your feet grounded is helpful when bench pressing too, because you recruit more muscle fibres 2013/117
  • 118.
  • 119. TRAININGLAWS The 21lawsof perfecttraining We’ve stripped away the workout fluff to present the essential rules for adding muscle, burning fat and improving sports performance Y ou can tamper with your training programmes endlessly but unless you have addressed the most important aspects of your workout, your tinkering will be pointless. This guide to the training factors that have the most impact on your results has been split into three sections. The first one sets out the fundamentals of building muscle, the second identifies the principles of fat loss and the third focuses in the training methods that will help you win at any sport. 2013/119
  • 120. 7 WAYS TO Add muscle Master the key training variables to add muscle where you want it It’s easy to believe there’s a secret muscle-building code and that if you crack it your muscles will instantly inflate. The reality is a little more mundane than that. There are some principles that form the foundation of training to add muscle. They involve getting key workout variables correct, such as reps, tempo and time under tension. You also need to select the right exercises, understand when to change your routine and know when to not train at all. Follow these rules and you’ll soon see results. 1 USE TIME UNDER TENSION ‘Muscle growth is affected by the amount of time a muscle performs an exercise, which is known as time under tension, or TUT,’ says strength coach Josh Bowen. ‘The optimum TUT for muscle growth is 40-70 seconds, but varying the TUT and exercise volume is also important.’ 2 SELECT THE RIGHT REP RANGE ‘The ideal hypertrophy [muscle growth] rep range is between eight and 12 reps, working at 70% of your maximum,’ says functional medicine specialist Aaron Deere. ‘More than that means you will go over the 70sec ideal TUT. Lower than that isn’t enough volume.’ 3 CONTROL YOUR TEMPO The tempo you use will help you complete your set within the desired rep and TUT range. ‘If you lift at a tempo of 4sec eccentric [lowering], 1sec pause and 2sec concentric [lifting], that’s 7sec per rep,’ says Bowen. ‘Do that ten times for a 70sec set.’
  • 121. TRAININGLAWS 4 PERFORM ISOLATION MOVES To maximise muscle growth you need to perform isolation (single-joint) moves, alongside the workout staple of big compound lifts. ‘Isolation lifts allow you to hit individual muscles with heavy volume work, which will result in big gains, without over-taxing your central nervous system, which can be the case with big lifts,’ says trainer Nick Mitchell. Eat for muscle Follow this advice to make the most of your training 5 GOOD FORM IS KING ‘You need to ingrain good movement patterns,’ says Deere. ‘If you have a faulty squat pattern, for example, when you move from hypertrophy to pure strength the problem will be magnified and you’ll plateau because there’s a fundamental problem with your mechanics.’ 6 RECOVER HARD ‘Rest plays a huge part in determining your results,’ says Bowen. ‘You need to allow your muscles to rest, eat well [see box, right] and sleep. Rest for 48-72 hours between workouts if you’re working one or two muscle groups or 24-48 hours for multiple muscle group workouts, such as an upper/lower body split.’ 7 EMBRACE CHANGE ‘Try to progress every workout,’ says Deere. ‘If you do ten reps one workout, do 12 at the next. At the following workout, increase the load and go back to ten reps, so you’re adjusting only one variable each time.’ c Get plenty of protein Protein is the key nutrient for building muscle. If you don’t get enough, you won’t get bigger no matter how hard you train. Most nutritionists say around 2g per kilo of bodyweight per day is enough, and it’s also crucial to take on protein as soon as possible after training. c Eat meat and nuts for breakfast A breakfast of meat and nuts has been championed by MF ’s resident muscle expert Charles Poliquin. This will help to stabilise your blood sugar levels (which will help you make good food choices), boost immunity and contribute to your daily protein quota. c Take on carbs after a workout Adding simple carbs to your post-workout protein shake improves muscle mass growth because carbs increase levels of insulin in your blood. Insulin acts like a key to unlock the door to muscle cells, allowing them to use the nutrients you consume. c Use BCAAs Branched-chain amino acids are ideal supplements to take during your workout because they provide a steady flow of protein to your muscles. This aids muscle-building because it reduces the amount of muscle lost during exercise and improves protein synthesis, which is the process of building new muscle tissue. c Ditch booze Beer may be delicious but it is no friend to the muscular man. It contains phytoestrogens, which can cause your oestrogen levels to rise. The result of that is increased fat storage and lower testosterone production. c Eat more fat Good fats, that is. You should avoid trans fats, found in cakes and pastry, but eat plenty of unsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds, avocadoes and oily fish. They’ll help your body deal with the stress of heavy weight training. c Avoid processed foods Processed foods often contain the sugar substitute highfructose corn syrup. This causes your insulin levels to spike, which increases your chances of storing excess energy as fat and makes you crave unhealthy food. 2013/121
  • 122. 7 WAYS TO Lose fat Find out why weightlifting rather than running will get you lean If you think the best way to lose the extra weight you’re carrying around your belly is to step on a treadmill and plod away for as long as possible, you’re wrong. Running won’t do much to alter your body composition – it will just make you better at running. For effective fat loss you need to lift weights, which will help you lose fat and, crucially, build muscle. That’s important because muscle is active tissue in that it burns calories, so you’ll use the energy you’re taking on board more efficiently. Long, slow runs can also eventually increase your stress hormone levels, which will encourage your body to hang on to your spare tyre. 4 DO COMPOUND MOVES ‘Large compound movements recruit more muscle fibres and burn more fat,’ says Lerwill. ‘Use squats, deadlifts, cleans, push-presses, pullups and dips.’ Favour your legs over your upper body because you’ll target bigger muscle groups. 1 LIFT WEIGHTS ‘Lifting heavy weights is important because of the effect it has on your hormonal system,’ says personal trainer Sean Lerwill. ‘It produces growth hormone, which helps to break down fat cells. If you do heavy compound exercises [see tip 4, below] you will release growth hormone.’ 2 KEEP INTENSITY HIGH… ‘An intense session will use lots of energy so you’ll burn more calories,’ says Lerwill. ‘Intensity should involve lifting heavier weights as well as minimising rest because you’ll recruit more muscle fibres, which also has a positive effect on fat loss.’ 3 …BUT DON’T GET STRESSED ‘To burn fat you need to restore and recover, and you need to go into an anabolic [building] phase,’ says Deere. ‘Stress puts you in a catabolic [breakdown] phase, so if you’re a highly stressed person you may want to do one or two intense sessions a week and spend the rest of the time doing something slower, such as yoga.’
  • 123. TRAININGLAWS Eat for fat loss Don’t starve yourself – just eat more of the good stuff 5 c Cut out grains ‘Grains, such as wheat and oats, are some of the most common food allergens, which can hinder your attempts to lose weight,’ says Poliquin. Eating allergens causes your body to produce cortisol, which encourages you to store energy as fat. SWING A BELL ‘Kettlebell workouts are ideal for fat loss because they activate so many muscles,’ says kettlebell coach Jamie Lloyd. Using your whole body will rev up your metabolism, so you’ll carry on burning fat as energy long after your session has finished. c No carbs before training Consuming carbs before training is detrimental to fat loss because your body will use the carbs rather than your fat stores as the primary energy source for the session. 6 BE STRICT WITH REST Short rests will help you keep the intensity high. ‘For a fat-loss session, you should keep rest to around 10-20sec between single sets and 5-10sec between supersets and tri-sets,’ says Lerwill. 7 HAVE A SYSTEM Certain training methods can help you lose fat. ‘Antagonistic supersets [two exercises back to back for opposing muscle groups] are good because they limit rest,’ says Lerwill. ‘Complexes [several exercises back to back] are good because of the lack of rest.’ c Eat more veg Here’s a challenge: try to get fat by eating vegetables. You can’t do it. That means it’s impossible to eat too many greens – and the more you eat, the more nutrients you’ll get, which will assist your fat-loss efforts and help virtually every metabolic function in your body. c Don’t drink calories You might think you get fat by eating the wrong foods but you can also expand your waistline by making poor drink choices. One American study found that people who ditched liquid calories lost up to 5% of their bodyweight. The lesson? Stick to water. c Drink water Another reason for drinking more water is that if you feel hungry all the time, it could be that you’re dehydrated rather than lacking food. Sip water throughout the day and you’ll avoid unnecessary biscuit binges. c Don’t count calories Counting calories is a blunt and ineffective nutritional tool because it’s the nutrient content rather than the calorie count of your meal that matters. Think of it this way. Who do you think has the better physique: a guy who gets 2,500 calories a day from good-quality meat, veg, fruit, nuts and seeds or one who gets his calories from ice cream and crisps? c Don’t diet ‘It’s easier to change your diet than start a new one from scratch,’ says health author Jason Vale. Do small things such as removing sugar from tea or using simple food swaps and you’ll find the adjustments manageable. 2013/123
  • 124. TRAININGLAWS 7 WAYS TO Win at sport Develop your strength and speed to win, whatever your sport There’s a motto in sports strength and conditioning that says ‘strongest always wins’. It’s a powerful statement about the importance your physical ability plays in determining how successful you are in your chosen arena. The theory is simple. Pick two teams of similar ability and the stronger one will smash the weaker side. They’ll win because they can control their movements better, which allows them to execute their skills at a higher standard. They’ll also exert more power in crucial situations and take longer to tire. We know which side we’d rather be on. 1 GET STRONG TO WIN ‘Every sport is determined by strength, power and speed,’ says Olympic lifting coach Mike Causer. ‘The most effective way of developing power is by doing Olympic lifts combined with speed and plyometric work, gymnastic-style training and sprinting.’ 2 ACCELERATE TO SUCCEED ‘Many sports involve covering short distances at speed,’ says coach Joe Lightfoot. ‘Improve your acceleration by making sure your centre of gravity is in front of you while applying force through the ground. Sprinting uphill helps you get into this position.’ 3 DEVELOP YOUR POWER ‘Power is a combination of speed and strength,’ says Causer. ‘Your speed is dictated by your one-rep max, so if you have high levels of strength you increase your capacity for speed work.’ 124/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 125. 4 DON’T NEGLECT YOUR GLUTES ‘The glutes can’t get too strong in sports,’ says strength coach Bret Contreras. ‘The stronger they get, the more powerfully they contract in sprinting and the better they protect against lower back, knee, hamstring and groin injuries.’ 5 RESTRICT YOUR REPS ‘To develop the strength portion of power you need to shift heavy loads, which means you have to restrict your reps to between one and five,’ says Causer. ‘That rep range places more demand on your neural system and activates higher threshold fast-twitch muscle fibres, which are used in explosive movements.’ 6 TRAIN YOUR BODY AS A UNIT Sport is all about co-ordination. ‘Those who have good “physical literacy” are more athletic and whole-body movements teach this ability,’ says Lightfoot. ‘My favourite moves for athletes are loaded carries such as the farmer’s walk and suitcase carry, which both teach you to move under load.’ Words Jon Lipsey Photography Danny Bird Model Richard Pearce@WAthletic 7 HIT YOUR PEAK ‘To be at your best both physically and mentally when you compete, you need to get the balance between not doing too much while maintaining athletic qualities through sufficient training,’ says Lightfoot. ‘A general rule is to reduce the volume and/or intensity of training to make sure you are fresh.’ 2012/125
  • 126. Smarter dumbbells PART 8 DUMBBELLS These unconventional moves will ramp up your fat burning Y ou’re probably already pretty familiar with a lot of dumbbell exercises. You might do biceps curls, chest presses and triceps extensions. Then you might keel over due to workout boredom. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By using some inventive exercises you can keep your mind and your muscles engaged. ‘Dumbbells are probably the most versatile bit of training kit, so it makes sense to use them to do moves that will really challenge your muscles,’ says personal trainer Adam White ( ‘You don’t need heavy dumbbells for any of these moves so they’re great whether you’re training in a gym or at home.’ HOW TO DO THE WORKOUT Sessions per week Length of session Reps of each move Circuits Rest between circuits 1 BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED 3 15min 12 4 2min 4 20min 15 4 90sec 4 24min 20 5 1min Squat jump c Squat down, putting your bodyweight on your heels and keeping your chest up. c Straighten your legs to jump up, land and repeat the move. ? What weight? Words Jon Lipsey Photography Tom Miles Model Toby Rowland@WAthletic Beginner 6-8kg Intermediate 8-12kg Advanced 12-16kg A B 126/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 127. ONE KIT WORKOUT TRAINER 2 3 Bent-over row hold c Lie on your back with your knees bent and the dumbbells at your chest. c Start by rowing both weights up to your sides. c Keeping one dumbbell in place, lower and raise the other weight for half the reps, then swap sides. Rolling floor press c Press one dumbbell and roll onto one side, then the other. As you lower one weight, press the other one up. A B A B 5 One-leg Romanian deadlift c Stand on one leg with the weights on either side of your thigh. c Bend at the hips to send the weights down your thigh without rounding your back. 4 Iron cross AB c Start with both dumbbells above your head. c Lower your arms out to the sides in an arc until they’re at shoulder height, then return to the start. A B Next month Barbell For more quickfire one-kit workouts go to 2013/127
  • 128. WANT THE FASTEST MUSCLE GAIN? OMNI-MX® HARDCORE © Sci-MX Nutrition LLP 2012 Physique Professional Peter Sheath
  • 129. HOW IT WORKS INGREDIENT DOSE* 01 GRS-5® protein 8 hours of sustained protein release from 5 sources ensures muscle remains in a heightened anabolic state 90g 02 BCAAs Floods muscle with amino acids used as building blocks to develop new muscle tissue 16g 03 Creatine Provides muscle with explosive energy which increases repetition and lifting power for faster size gains 10g 04 Arginine Increases oxygen and nutrient delivery resulting in greater gains in muscle size and long lasting muscle-pump 4g 05 Beta-alanine Recycles lactic acid to delay muscle fatigue and aid growth-stimulating workouts 3g 06 ZMA Provides the vital elements that contribute to naturally higher T-levels in weight-trained athletes 580mg 07 Aminogen® Maximises protein digestion and absorption, delivering 250% more BCAA retention and 32% more nitrogen to muscle 400mg 08 8 other ingredients Optimum amounts of glutamine, HMB, MCT-Oil, taurine, Bioperine®, chromium, avena sativa and nettle root extract *daily dose 15 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE OMNI-MX® HARDCORE The UK’s No.1 for muscle Let Sci-MX power you.
  • 130. “ I have been taking Wellman® for many years now and I just don’t feel the same when I’m not using it. Anyone competing or living a healthy lifestyle needs Wellman® in their life. I’m a champion and I recommend it.” Ashley Theophane • British Champion 2011 - 2012 • World Welterweight Champion (GBC) • International Champion (IBO) • Welterweight World Number 4 (IBF) Wellman® is an advanced range of nutritional products, tailored to the specific requirements of men. It has helped World Champion boxer Ashley Theophane so whether you’re competing or not, why not see what it can do for you? ADWELMIXATP 22-11-12E Wellman® Original tablets Wellman® Sport tablets From Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets, Holland & Barrett, GNC, Lloydspharmacy, pharmacies &, health stores Vitamin supplements may benefit those with nutritionally inadequate diets.
  • 131. SNOWBOARDINGDRILLS SNOWBOARDINGDRILLS B BOARDING DRILLS Easy rider Words Nick Hutchings Photography Dan Milner British pro snowboarder James Stentiford has been n British pro snowboarder James Stentiford has been riding for 20 years – but the thrill is still there, he tells MF, with the help of his warm-up routine S nowboarding isn’t only a young man’s game. Just ask veteran British pro rider James Stentiford, who still describes himself as a ‘frothing grommet’ (a very keen young man, in board speak) at the ripe old age of 41. A freerider of the highest order, Stentiford spends every season hunting the world’s windiest, steepest mountain faces and riding them as fast and stylishly as his board allows. In his 20-plus years as a pro, he has ridden some true monsters, including the 3,200m Bec des Rosses in Switzerland, the fearsome face used for the final of the Freeride World Tour (FWT). ‘That mountain is pretty intimidating,’ says Stentiford. ‘It’s really steep and rocky at the top and when you’re standing on the peak you realise that if you fall during the first 100m you won’t stop until the bottom.’ James Stentiford All in a day’s work Fitness, as well as bravery, is key to backcountry riding and is something Stentiford takes seriously. ‘As I’ve got older, I’ve put more effort into offboard training so my endurance is good for long hikes and I’m supple enough to handle a crash or two,’ he says. ‘I do a fair amount of surfing, mountain biking, running and circuit training in the gym. I’ll have to keep doing all of it if I want to avoid seizing up before I pop my clogs.’ Unfortunately, there’s a considerable risk of that with freeriding. Colliding with a rock or being submerged by an avalanche are both possibilities when you’re tackling unpredictable backcountry Age 41 Height 1.80m Weight 80kg Results c 2011 3rd place, Nissan Xtreme Verbier c 2011 3rd place, Freeride World Tour stop in Fieberbrunn c 2010 3rd place, Freeride World Tour stop in Chamonix 2013/131
  • 132. runs, so Stentiford does everything in his power to minimise the risks. ‘I’ve been involved in a few avalanche situations where there’s been a fatality and I don’t think it’s until you’ve experienced that kind of thing that you realise how dangerous the mountains can be,’ he says. ‘It’s vital to go through avalanche training before you start freeriding and always carry a probe, shovel and transceiver.’ Boy on tour Last season, Stentiford flexed his considerable backcountry skills on the FWT, competing at several stops on the series, including Røldal in Norway where MF met him. He won’t be on the tour this season, though, because he’s set his sights on exploring some of the many formidable mountains around the world that are undiscovered by boarders. ‘When you look at a world map, you realise how many mountain ranges are yet to be snowboarded on,’ he says. ‘Last year I went to Kyrgyzstan. It was an amazing riding and cultural experience, which is something I’ve increasingly looked for in snowboarding trips as I’ve got older. ‘I’ve experienced avalanches where there’s been a fatality. It makes you realise the dangers’ ‘As well as a few gnarly runs in Chamonix, I’d like to go splitboarding in Afghanistan and head back to Kyrgyzstan.’ So, no plans to wind things down then? ‘Nah,’ says Stentiford. ‘There are still plenty of big challenges for me out there and I don’t see that changing for a long while to come.’ For more on the 2013 Freeride World Tour, go to Freeride snowboard warm-up drills Stentiford demonstrates how he limbers up for a long hike up and a quick ride down a mountain ‘Once you walk into the gym you’re the same as everyone else. He’s got to do ten and so do you’ 1 Reps 15 each side 2 HOW TO DO IT HOW TO DO IT HOW TO DO IT c With your legs wide apart for balance, hold the board against your lower back. c Lower quickly into a lunge, then jump up, swapping your legs over in mid-air. c Put your hands on your back just above your bottom. c Twist your upper body to one side until one end of the board has turned just under 180˚. c Land and immediately sink into the next deep lunge. c Lean backwards as far as you can without losing your balance, using your hands to stabilise you. Stentiford says Stentiford says Core twist Jumping lunge Reps 10 each side c Pivot on the foot you’re twisting away from to turn further. Stentiford says ‘If your back is loose you’re less likely to jar it when you land after popping off a cliff. This move also mobilises your core muscles, which you use to control twists and turns.’ 132/FEBRUARY 2013/ ‘Your glutes and calves come into play during almost every movement you make on a board and are also worked hard during hikes, so this gets them ready to go.’ 3 Back stretch Time 30 seconds ‘This opens your middle and upper back muscles so you don’t tweak them when you go for a backflip or a spin.’
  • 133. SNOWBOARDINGDRILLS 4 Time 30 seconds each side 5 HOW TO DO IT HOW TO DO IT HOW TO DO IT c Stand in a wide split-leg stance with one foot in front of the other. c Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, then take a giant step out to the side. c Stand in a wide-legged stance. c With your front leg straight and your back leg slightly bent, lean forwards until your head is almost touching your leg. c Bend your travelling leg and keep your standing leg straight to accommodate the step. Stentiford says Stentiford says Hamstring stretch ‘It’s easy to pull a hamstring when you’re taking big steps in deep snow. Lengthening the muscle reduces the risk of that.’ Side lunge Reps 10 each side ‘When hiking, you move in some strange ways. On a narrow ridge, you might step sideways, bringing the groin and adductors into play – this warms them up.’ 6 Side bend Time 30 seconds each side c Pivot on one foot so your leg turn through 90˚ and reach down to your foot with the hand on the same side, keeping your leg straight. c Raise your other hand above your head to help you reach further. Stentiford says ‘As well as stretching your IT bands, hamstrings and obliques, this puts tension through your lats and shoulders to loosen you up for hiking and the odd climb.’ 2013/133
  • 134. SNOWBOARDINGDRILLS ‘When you look at a world map, you realise how many mountain ranges are yet to be snowboarded on’ 7 8 Leg kick Quad pull Time 30 seconds each side Reps 10 each side 9 Glute stretch Time 30 seconds each side HOW TO DO IT HOW TO DO IT HOW TO DO IT c Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart then kick one leg back, holding the opposite arm in front of you. c Get into a lunge position. c Lie on the floor and pull your knees up to your chest. c Kick your leg forward until your foot touches your hand. c Place your other hand on the floor to stabilise you. Stentiford says Stentiford says c Grab your back foot with the hand on the same side and pull it towards your bottom. ‘This is another great dynamic stretch that targets your hamstrings and glutes, so you can powerfully hop up or over rocks.’ ‘Again, fired-up quads help you pop higher, which can be vital when you need to jump over something in your path.’ c Put one leg across the other and pull the curled one even tighter to your chest. Stentiford says ‘If your glutes aren’t warmed up you could pull them when you’re taking big steps in deep snow. This is one of the best stretches for lengthening and loosening them.’ To watch Stentiford in action on the Freeride World Tour go to 134/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 135. SMART STACKS Choose a stack only £74.99 with a free shaker and Smart-Tec Canvas bag* /TeamSmartTec @TeamSmartTec
  • 137. MUST DO MOVES TRAINER Secret of a six-pack Words Joe Warner Photography Danny Bird Model Ben W@IMM Building strong abs means more than just a six-pack– it will make you more powerful and a better athlete too. Here’s how A solid six-pack doesn’t just look good – it’s also vital for improving torso stability and the transfer of power between your upper and lower body, which means working these muscles is crucial for the gym, the beach and the sports pitch. ‘Your abs are like every other muscle group in that they need to be worked directly to elicit the best growth response,’ says trainer Nick Mitchell. ‘They do get a good workout when doing big compound lifts, especially squats, deadlifts and overhead presses when they stabilise your torso, but these two supersets will target your entire core to give them the necessary stimulus to grow bigger, stronger and more stable.’ NICK MITCHELL is the founder of personal training company Ultimate Performance ( He has advised clients including professional bodybuilders, rugby league players, boxers and Premier League football coaches. Here he shares the expertise that has made him one of the world’s foremost body composition experts. Q A What body-fat percentage do I need to aim for to see my full six-pack? The holy grail of body fat has always been considered to be 10%, although there’s a huge amount of individual variance because of hormonal balance and muscular development. Nutrition accounts for a good 80% of the battle when it comes to bringing out that elusive six-pack, so control your blood sugar by minimising your consumption of sugary, fast-acting carbs and eliminating junk food. High stress levels will also encourage fat storage around the abdomen. But even when you approach the sort of percentage that would show off a six-pack, poor abdominal development can make you look flat rather than ripped. That’s why doing direct abs work is so crucial. Six-packs can only be achieved by a disciplined approach that takes in all the important factors. Turn over for the best moves for hard abs FEBRUARY 2013/137 2013/137 2013/137
  • 138. Abs workout SUPERSET 1 (1a) (1B) Barbell rollout Sets 3 c Reps 8 c Tempo 5110 c Rest 0sec c Get on your knees with your arms extended and your hands holding a barbell with a shoulder-width grip. Sets 3 c Reps 20-25 c Tempo 1010 c Rest 90sec c Hang from a chin-up bar with your thighs parallel to the floor so there is tension in your abs. TARGET MUSCLES Illustrations Sudden Impact TARGET MUSCLES c Raise your knees while keeping your torso straight so you feel even more tension in your abs. c Slowly roll the barbell away from your body, keeping your core braced throughout. c Once you have extended until your torso is parallel to the ground, contract your abs to pull the bar back towards your body and the start position. Garhammer raise c Lower back to the start position, maintaining that tension. Obliques 138/FEBRUARY 2013/ Abs Abs
  • 139. MUST DO MOVES How to do this workout c WARM UP Warm up with some crunches. c SETS AND REPS Perform exercises 1A and 1B as a superset without rest, then do the same with 2A and 2B. c TEMPO Each move has a fournumber tempo at which it needs to be performed: lowering phase, pause, lift and pause at the top. SUPERSET 2 (2A) (2B) Standing cable crunch Sets 3 c Reps 15 c Tempo 2011 c Rest 0sec c Stand facing a cable stack holding a double-rope handle attached to the high pulley. Incline plank with foot touch Sets 3 c Reps 10 each side c Tempo 2010 c Rest 90sec c With your feet on a raised platform or bench, hold your body in a straight line from head to heels with your elbows beneath your shoulders and head looking down. TARGET MUSCLES c Crunch your torso down while maintaining a slight bend in your knees. c Hold the position and, without letting your hips sag, lift one foot up and out to the side, then lower it to the floor. c Return to the start. Abs c Once you’ve touched the ground, return that leg to the start position, then repeat with your other leg. TARGET MUSCLES Upper abs Obliques Next month Shoulders For more great workouts to build every muscle group go to 2013/139
  • 140. KNOWLEDGE Stayontrack Keeping your New Year fitness mission on target is easy if you approach it right, says trainer Adam Gethin I want to get ripped. Where should I start? If you want to make big changes overnight you’ll be disappointed, because drastic changes to the way you look take time to achieve. There is some good news, though, because building a new body is easy if you set yourself a realistic but challenging target and lots of smaller, easier milestones that will lead to that bigger goal. This approach means you’ll be achieving what you want on a consistent basis, which will in turn keep you motivated and encourage you to keep pushing yourself harder. Adam Gethin is a personal trainer, body transformation expert and editor of What’s the first step? You need the right mindset to ensure success, so carefully work out what it is you want to achieve and then set smaller weekly goals or targets. Then you need to start turning your bad habits into good ones, so sort out your nutrition, training and supplement regime so you are crystal clear about what needs to be done. How do I then stick to my plan? A training diary is a must. This will help you track the weights, sets and rep ranges you’re achieving at each workout, and even how you’re feeling every day. Not only will this encourage you to stay on course and let you know what you need to lift next time, it will also introduce a competitive element to your workout. By competing against yourself you should feel inspired to lift heavier weights at each workout. This is known as periodisation and is the key to getting fitter and stronger. A nutrition diary is an often overlooked but equally important step to take. You should also take photos and measurements as a record of your progress. Do I really need to take measurements and photos? Yes, both are really important. Measurements and photos will ‘A training diary is a must to help you track the weights, sets and reps TRACKING YOUR PROGRESS you’re achieving at each workout’ TICKER TAPE tell you very quickly whether or not your diet and training programme are working. Just make sure you take both at the same time on the same day each week for consistency (see the box, right). Can't I just rely on the weight scales? No. This is a common mistake. Whatever your goal, weight gain or weight loss doesn’t give a true indication of your progress. For instance, if you burn fat but build muscle the scales will tell you that you’ve put on weight, even though you can see you look significantly better with your shirt off. This is why weight measurement alone can often 140/FEBRUARY 2013/ give a misleading review of your progress if taken in isolation. Any secret tips on how to stay on track? You don’t have to keep pushing yourself constantly. If you’re feeling fatigued or are not enjoying your training, take a step back and have a break. Overtraining is as bad as undertraining and it’s essential to enjoy the journey to fitness – that’s what maintains your motivation and determination to stick to your plan and achieve your goals. After a break, be sure to return to your training and nutrition diaries, and remember every tiny step will lead you to where you want to be. Use a tape measure to record your measurements around the following sites: shoulders, arms (with biceps flexed), chest (over the nipples) and stomach (around your belly button). You can also measure your hips, thighs and calves if you’d like a more complete picture of your progress. Remember to measure yourself at the same time on the same day each week for maximum consistency. PICTURE PERFECT Get someone to take shots of you from the front, back and side in the same room in the same light at the same time once a week. Pictures are a great way to accurately track how you look with your top off.
  • 141.
  • 142. Available at Bodybuilding Warehouse, Predator Nutrition, Monster Supplements, Muscle Finesse, Tropicana Fitness, leading gyms & participating retailers nationwide. For UK enquiries, contact Body Temple on 01782 281222. visit: – GaspariUK – Gaspari Nutrition UK
  • 143. 12 MINUTE FAT LOSS Torch fat in 12 minutes A kettlebell can help to blast away your Christmas belly Words Jon Lipsey Photography Tom Miles U sing kettlebells for a 12-minute blast will improve your cardio fitness and your strength endurance, according to a new study. In the research the subjects did swings for the entire workout, which will give you a good training benefit but can be a bit dull. To get the improvements and keep your mind engaged, we’ve enlisted kettlebell expert CJ Swaby ( to create a quick bell circuit. ‘This is an intermediate workout,’ says Swaby. ‘For an advanced version, replace the clean and press with snatches.’ The workout covers all the major movement patterns: push, pull, squat, rotation. ‘The exercise selection and workout protocol give you the benefits of ballistic movements, recruiting large muscle groups and increasing heart rate,’ says Swaby. ‘It’s an awesome total body workout. To increase the intensity and monitor your improvement, track how many reps per lift you do in the given time for each exercise. Aim to beat the amount of reps by 10-20% every second week.’ How it works Warm up, then do the four moves in order. Do as many reps as you can for 45 seconds and then take 15 seconds’ rest. For exercises 2 and 4, do one set with one arm, then one with the other. When you’ve completed one circuit, which should take six minutes, go back to the start and complete one more round. 2013/143
  • 144. 1 Hand-tohand swing 2 Clean and press HOW TO DO IT HOW TO DO IT c Bend at the hips to send the bell between your legs, then use your glutes to straighten up and swing the bell. The power should come from your lower body, so avoid using your arms to raise the weight. c Bend at the hips to send the bell between your legs, then use your glutes to straighten up and swing the bell. c When the weight is at the top of its arc, pass it to your other hand and repeat. c As it swings up, pull your elbow back and slide your hand under the bell so it lands on the back of your wrist. c Press the weight above your head, making sure it doesn’t go outside the line of your shoulder. c Do one set with one arm, then one set with the other. SWABY SAYS c ‘This move is great for challenging your sense of balance and handeye co-ordination, as well as recruiting large muscles while getting your heart rate up.’ SWABY SAYS c ‘This compound movement covers two fundamental movement patterns – a pull and a push – and recruits major muscle groups.’ BA 144/FEBRUARY 2013/ AB
  • 145. 12 MINUTE FAT LOSS 3 4 Squat Windmill HOW TO DO IT HOW TO DO IT c Start with the kettlebell in the rack position, with your elbow tight in to your side. c Start with feet just wider than shoulder-width apart with your right foot turned out at 45° and the kettlebell above your head. c Lower into a squat until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor, then press back up. c Make sure you keep your weight on your heels and midfoot, rather than your toes. SWABY SAYS c ‘You need to work your legs. Solid pins are essential for most sports and for developing a balanced physique. Plus you’ll look good in shorts.’ c Bend at the waist to send your free arm down your right leg. c Continuing to look at the kettlebell, straighten up. Do one set, then switch sides and do another. SWABY SAYS c ‘This strengthens your abs and back, and it’s great for shoulder stability. It’s vital to do it with perfect form to avoid the risk of injury.’ AB AB For loads more fat loss workouts go to 2013/145
  • 146. GYM TALK 5 WAYS TO POWER UP YOUR Pull-up Perfect this move for a super-strong upper body 1 2 3 4 5 ‘Start in a strong position before each pull,’ says strength coach Andy McKenzie ( ‘Lift your chest up and pull your shoulder blades down before each rep. This avoids hanging and straining your shoulder and elbow joints.’ GET YOUR CHIN OVER THE BAR TO TARGET YOUR BICEPS ‘Squeezing your glutes will stop you from swinging around as you perform each rep. This also creates tension in your whole body, helping you to maintain your form.’ #4 ‘Always using a straight bar will strain your elbow joints. Change things up by using gymnastics rings or different grip handles.’ ‘Aiming to get just your chin above the bar will put the emphasis on your biceps. If you want a broad back, shift the emphasis by bringing your chest up to the bar. This will ensure maximum muscular contraction.’ ‘If pull-ups are a weakness for you then on your last rep hold the position of failure for up to five seconds. The isometric hold will increase strength specific to that angle and over time you will get stronger and increase your reps.’ Nail that six-pack MF’s experts explain why hard abs do more than just look good – and how to get them Samuel Welsh Fitness model Alan Holl Head of Fitness, Virgin Active Dan Jayes Cre8 Health & Fitness The muscles of the stomach are essential not only for movement and athletic performance but also for support and protection of the organs and backbone. A strong core allows more efficient force development through the body as a functional unit. We use our abs muscles every day for stabilisation, movement and strength. On top of that, if your abdominal body-fat levels are low enough to reveal your six-pack you’ll also have a reduced risk of illnesses such as diabetes from being overweight. Strong abdominal muscles are vital for complex and heavy movements, not only for protecting the spine from injury but also for generating more power, helping you move faster, lift heavier and jump higher. Which moves provide the best abs workout? Words Sam Rider Why is a sixpack beneficial, other than for looking good? The abs roll-out using a barbell. This provides an intense isometric workout and is easily manipulated for progression. Heavy compound moves such as squats and deadlifts are great too. TRX suspended crunches require the abs to contract and stabilise simultaneously. They can also be incorporated into an effective cardio workout to burn fat and strengthen the core muscles at the same time. Chin-ups, especially slow negative ones, require a lot of stabilising from the abs. Compound moves, such as chins, squats and presses, should take priority over isolation abs work. Should I be doing abs-specific moves every session? Abs are like any other muscle: too much work and not enough rest will hamper development. That said, the deep-lying postural muscles are much more fatigue-resistant and so quite capable of four workouts a week. Training them every session would help, just as it would in any muscular growth programme, but a six-pack is built from more than just abs-specific exercises. Heavy compound exercises will provide a good deal of stimulation too. Don’t let abs-specific moves interfere with more intense exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Once you’re lean, you can do more isolation abs work to thicken and strengthen your stomach muscles. For more expert advice on building an impressive six-pack go to 146/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 147.
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  • 149. CORE WORKOUT Core values Moves that strengthen your all-important core area H aving strong core muscles is a must – they’re the link between your upper and lower body, and the transfer of power through them is vital when playing any sport. And there’s more to training them than simply banging out crunches. ‘Sit-ups and crunches alone won’t strengthen your abs muscles,’ says personal trainer Sean Lerwill ( ‘Instead, you need to test your core muscles with a variety of different exercises. Not only will this keep challenging them to get stronger for improved posture and athletic performance, but it will also keep your training fresh.’ Super glutes HOW TO DO IT c Start flat on the floor with palms near your chest, keeping your core and glute muscles engaged at all times. c Move into the top position of a pressup, then walk your hands out 20cm in front of you. Then walk them back. c Maintaining form, alternately raise each leg off the floor without releasing the tension in both glutes. WHY DO IT Dumbbell rollout Side plank star HOW TO DO IT WHY DO IT c Start by holding dumbbells directly beneath your shoulders with your arms straight. c ‘As long as the shoulders, hips and knees stay in line at all points during this exercise, the rollout forces the abs, lower back and core muscles to work together to stabilise the body and stop the lumbar spine from overextending,’ says Lerwill. c Keeping your back straight and shoulders locked, slowly roll the dumbbells out in front of you, using your core to keep you from breaking form. HOW TO DO IT WHY DO IT c Start in a side plank holding your body in a straight line, ensuring your hips don’t drop. c ‘By raising your arm and leg, you create an imbalance which means the core muscles – in particular the obliques – are required to work even harder to maintain balance,’ says Lerwill. ‘Furthermore, it works the hip abductors, aiding hip stability strength and improving core strength still further.’ c Keeping your core tight, raise your arm and leg and hold the position for as long as you can. c Roll them back to the start. 2013/149 Words Sam Rider Photography Pete Webb Model Adrian James@WAthletic c ‘Most people have an imbalance in their core muscles, primarily due to being left- or right-side dominant,’ says Lerwill. ‘By lifting your legs one at a time, the core muscles are forced to work unilaterally, giving them a different and much-needed challenge.’
  • 150. CORE WORKOUT Toes to bar HOW TO DO IT c Start at the bottom of a wide-grip pull-up with your feet together. c Engage your core to raise your feet level with your hands, keeping your hips slightly forward and legs together throughout. c Lower them under control to avoid swinging. WHY DO IT HOW TO DO IT c Hold a kettlebell in front of you with your arms straight. c Keeping your back straight and core braced, swing the kettlebell around your body, exchanging it from hand to hand in front and behind you. c Use your core to keep you steady. WHY DO IT c ‘The weight of the kettlebell causes an imbalance to your centre of gravity,’ says Lerwill. ‘This means your core and abs must work hard to resist swaying, keep the spine straight, stabilise the glutes and keep your hips in place.’ Special thanks to Virgin Active Classic Health Club, 200 Aldersgate, London EC1A 4HD. For more information visit or call 0845 270 9119. c ‘This is the toughest variation of a hanging leg raise and works all your abs muscles from beginning to end,’ says Lerwill. ‘Keep your pelvis slightly tucked in so the lower abs are engaged and the lowering phase is done under control.’ Around the world Decline dumbbell crunch HOW TO DO IT c Hold a dumbbell against your chest while lying on a decline bench. c Engage your core muscles to raise your torso, hold at the top, then slowly return to the start. WHY DO IT c ‘As you sit up you’re fighting gravity, even more so with an added weight, so your abs are required to work extra hard,’ says Lerwill. ‘Keep your back straight and torso elongated, sitting up rather than curling in to accentuate the move.’ For more workouts to train all your muscle groups go to 150/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 151.
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  • 153. MAINWORKOUT BUILD POWER BURN FAT ADD MUSCLE Build a brand new body Words Joe Warner Photography Duncan Nicholls Model Mark Hughes@WAthletic PARTONEGETSTRONGER The first workout of this three-part series will build a solid strength base T he bad news is that building a better body doesn’t happen overnight. The good news is that a well-structured training programme can get you the body you have always wanted quickly – in just 12 weeks, in fact. But it requires a workout regime that constantly tests your muscles so they have the consistent stimulus they need to continue growing bigger and stronger, while your body burns up excess fat stores as fuel. The result is a bigger, stronger and leaner physique. This 12=week training programme starts with a four-week strength-building phase, set out here, with heavy weights and low reps to fire up your muscles and central nervous system. The strength phase comes first because it is important that you build a solid base and prepare your muscles and central nervous system for the intensive muscle-building phase, available in the March issue of this magazine. Then the third and final fat-burning phase – in the April issue – will put the finishing touches to your brand new body. HOW TO DO THIS MONTH’S WORKOUTS After a thorough warm-up, complete all the sets of exercise 1 – sticking to the reps, rest and tempos detailed – then move on to exercise 2 and so on. Use a weight for each move that allows you to complete all reps but no more. The four figures for the tempo guide refer to time in seconds taken to lower, pause, lift and pause again. An X means the phase is to be done explosively. Turn over for your first workout FEBRUARY 2013/153
  • 154. (workout_1_of_3) Workout 1/ cWarm up with some empty-bar squats and bent-over rows, gradually increasing the weight to your work-set weight. (2) c Bent-over row Sets 5 / Reps 5 / Tempo 20X0 / Rest 2-3min c Start with a braced core and straight back with your shoulder blades retracted. c Bend your knees slightly and lean forward from the hips. Grip the bar with hands just wider than shoulder-width apart, letting it hang at knee level. c Pull the bar up to your lower sternum, retracting your shoulder blades to bring the bar to your chest, then lower slowly. A B (1) c Squat A B Sets 5 / Reps 5 / Tempo 20X0 / Rest 2-3min c Rest the bar against the back of your shoulders – not on your neck – and hold the bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your elbows pointing down. c Your feet should be just wider than shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing outwards slightly. c Squat until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. The deeper you can squat, the better. c Drive back up through your heels. 154/ 154/FEBRUARY 2013/ 154/FEBRUARY 2013
  • 155. MAINWORKOUT A B (3) c Chin-up Sets 3 / Reps 6-8 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 2min c Grab the bar with an underhand grip with your hands shoulder-width apart. c Start from a dead hang with your arms fully extended. c Pull yourself up by squeezing your lats together. c Once your chin is higher than your hands, lower yourself back to the start. A (4) c B Crunch Sets 4 / Reps 12 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 0sec c Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent. c Contract your abs to lift your shoulders and curl your chest towards your knees. c Pause at the top of the move, squeeze your abs, then lower slowly to the start. (3b) c Plank (4) Triceps dip Sets 3 / Reps 6-8 / Tempo 3010 / Sets 4 / Time 30-45sec / Rest 60sec 2min Rest c c Hold your body in a straight line from head to heels with your c Grip parallel bars, keeping elbows beneath your shoulders and head looking down. your body upright. c Hold the position without letting your hips sag. c With your elbows pointing straight back, lower your body as far down as you can comfortably go without stressing your shoulders. c Keep your core braced and don’t swing your legs for momentum. c Press back up powerfully but don’t lock out your elbows at the top. FEBRUARY 2013/155 2013/155 2013/
  • 156. (workout_2_of_3) Workout 2/ c Warm up with some empty-bar bench presses and lat pull-downs, gradually increasing the weight to your work-set weight. (2) c Pull-up Sets 5 / Reps 5 / Tempo 20X0 / Rest 2-3min c Grab the bar with an overhand grip with your hands shoulder-width apart. c Start from a dead hang with your arms fully extended. c Pull yourself up by squeezing your lats together. c Once your chin is higher than your hands, pause briefly, then slowly lower yourself back to the start. A B (1) c Bench press A B Sets 5 / Reps 5 / Tempo 30X0 / Rest 2-3min c Lie on the bench with your feet on the floor, directly underneath your knees. c Hold the bar with an overhand grip, hands shoulder-width apart. c Slowly lower the bar to your chest until your elbows are bent at 90° and the bar is almost touching the middle of chest or just over your nipples. c Drive your feet hard into the floor and push the bar back strongly to the start position. 156/ 156/FEBRUARY 2013 156/FEBRUARY 2013/
  • 157. MAINWORKOUT A (4) c B Crunch Sets 4 / Reps 12 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 0sec (3b) c c Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent. c Plank (3) Barbell lunge Sets 3 / Reps 8 each side / Sets 4 / Time 30-45sec / Rest 60sec Tempo 20X0 / Hold your body in a straight line from head to heels with your Rest 2-3min c elbows beneath your shoulders and head looking down. c Stand tall with a barbell c Hold the position without letting your hips sag. resting on the back of your shoulders. Point your elbows behind you to retract your shoulder blades and keep your back upright and core braced throughout. c Contract your abs to lift your shoulders and curl your chest towards your knees. c Pause at the top of the move, squeeze your abs, then lower slowly to the start. c Take a big step forward but keep your knee over your front foot and not beyond it. Lower until both knees are bent at 90˚ before pushing back off your front foot to return to the start position. A B (4) c Barbell high pull Sets 3 / Reps 8-10 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 2min c Stand tall holding a barbell with an overhand grip slightly narrower than shoulder width. c Lean forward from the hips then stand back up, pulling the bar up explosively by leading with your elbows, which should remain pointing to the ceiling throughout. c Return the bar back to the start. FEBRUARY 2013/157 2013/157 2013/
  • 158. MAINWORKOUT (workout_3_of_3) Workout 3/ c Warm up with some empty-bar deadlifts and shoulder presses, gradually increasing the weight to your work-set weight. (2) c Shoulder press Sets 5 / Reps 5 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 2-3min c With your feet shoulder-width apart, position a bar on your upper chest, gripping it with your hands just wider than shoulder-width apart. c Keep your chest upright and your core muscles braced. c Press the bar directly upwards until your arms are extended overhead. c During the lifting phase, keep your core braced and don’t tilt your hips forward. c Lower the bar back to your chest and repeat. (1) c Deadlift A B Sets 5 / Reps 5 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 2-3min c Squat down and take an alternate grip on the bar with your core braced, your shoulders retracted and over the bar, and your back flat. c Use your glutes to power the initial lift, pushing down through your heels. c Keep the bar close to your body. As it passes your knees, push your hips forward, then lower the weight back to the start position. 158/ 158/FEBRUARY 2013 158/FEBRUARY 2013/ A B
  • 159.
  • 160. MAINWORKOUT (workout_3_of_3) Workout 3 (4) c EZ-bar biceps curl Sets 3 / Reps 12 / Tempo 2010 / Rest 2min c Stand tall with your shoulders back and your feet close together, holding an EZ-bar with an underhand grip with hands just outside your hips. c Keeping your elbows tucked in to your sides, curl the bar up towards your chest, stopping just before your forearms reach vertical. c Lower back slowly to the start. c Avoid rocking back and forth to generate momentum, which takes the emphasis away from the biceps. (3) c Front squat A B Sets 3 / Reps 8 / Tempo 3010 / Rest 2min c Rest the bar on the front of your shoulders, holding it with an underhand grip, keeping your elbows up and pointing forward and your feet shoulder-width apart. c Maintain a natural arch in your back and keep your core braced throughout the move. c Squat down until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. The deeper you can squat, the better. c Drive back up through your heels. 160/FEBRUARY 2013/ A B
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  • 164.
  • 165.
  • 166.
  • 167.
  • 168.
  • 169.
  • 170. LAST WORD BjörnBorg The 11-time Grand Slam winner turned underwear mogul talks to MF about endurance, rivalries and why he’d still do well today How did you first get into tennis? My father was a very good table tennis player and one day, when he won a local tournament, he got to choose between ten different prizes, one of which was a tennis racquet. I asked him to please choose it and so he did. After that, I never stopped playing tennis. What enabled you to be so dominant on court? I had a good combination of physical and mental strength. Tennis is a very mental sport. You need to be mentally strong in those defining moments. On top of that, I was in top physical condition. Did you do any extra training as well as playing tennis? I did a lot of cardio: running, interval training, skipping rope, but no gym training. It got me in really good shape. What was your favourite surface to play on and why? If you want to become number one in the world, you have to master all types of surface. When I was number one, the surface didn’t matter and it still doesn’t. I haven’t got a favourite, as long as the ball bounces. What’s the biggest difference between today’s game and your era? Technology. The racquets – and above all the strings – are more advanced, which makes a big difference. Players can play harder. It does mean that players put their bodies through more stress though, which increases the risk of injury. How would players of your era fare against the top players of today? It’s a completely different game today, but if my generation of players could start over with the technology available today, we would do very well. What was the greatest match of your career and why? The 1980 Wimbledon final against John McEnroe had it all. In my opinion it is the second best game in the history of Wimbledon – only the Nadal-Federer final in 2008 was better. We had a long tiebreak, 18-16, which was a first for tennis. My generation of players started a new era and today’s players have a lot to thank us for. We raised tennis to a whole new level. Words Ben Ince Photography Getty Your rivalry with McEnroe was legendary. What’s your relationship like with him today? We are good friends and we still meet, hang out, like and respect each other. I think it may be unique for two people who used to be rivals for the number one spot. ‘My generation of players started a new era and today’s players have a lot to thank us for. We raised tennis to a whole new level’ 170/FEBRUARY 2013/ What’s your biggest career regret? I don’t regret anything. I gave and received 110% and there’s nothing that I regret when it comes to what I did for tennis and for myself. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? My old tennis coach, Lennart Bergelin, used to say that when things get hardest, push a bit more – you always have something left. Björn Borg Sport, a new menswear line, is available exclusively from the Urban Sports room in Harrods for autumn/winter 2012. For more info visit
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  • 175. 28 DAYS GET LEAN IN Swap fat for muscle with our 28-day plan Words Jon Lipsey Photography Tom Miles Art Editor Marc Southey Art Director Donovan Walker Subeditor Chris Miller Model Oliver Jedrej@WAthletic Whether you’re returning to training after a two-week festive rest or you’re picking up a training guide for the first time, this plan will kick-start your New Year fitness regime. It’s been built using a system that takes your level of ability into account and you don’t need any special kit to do it. Here’s how it works. 1 2 3 Training You do four bodyweight circuits per week, clocking up as many reps as possible in the time allowed. This will help you torch fat. Recovery The good news is that you get three rest days a week. This is important because your body needs time to respond to the work you’re doing. Nutrition At the back of this programme is a complete guide to eating for a better body. No fads. No diets. Just sound nutrition advice that works.
  • 176. Introduction HAPPY NEW YOU Put the excess of Xmas behind you and get into the best shape of your life There are a few unwanted things that the festive season guarantees. You will watch dismally unfunny Christmas special episodes of sitcoms. You will have an argument with a close relative. You will get socks. And you will exit the holidays a couple of kilos heavier than you were during the pre-mince pie period. The good news is that all of the above (apart from the relative) is easily remedied. You can go back to watching box sets of your favourite shows. You can exchange the socks. And you can follow this 28-day kit-free programme to burn the fat. First, let’s answer a few key questions. 4/Get Lean In 28 Days Isn’t it easier to add muscle with weights? You might think that to make a big difference to the way you look, you need a complex training programme that requires fancy kit. Well, that’s not true. Your body doesn’t know whether or not you’re using kit – it just responds to the type and difficulty of a movement. So if your workouts cause muscular fatigue, you’re challenging yourself sufficiently to promote both fat loss and muscle growth.
  • 177. GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS I want to lose fat. Shouldn’t I just go running? No. Running isn’t the best way to lose fat. There’s nothing wrong with intense interval training but long, steady-paced runs are inefficient and can also raise your levels of stress hormone, causing your body to hold on to fat. By doing resistance exercise you alter your body composition and gain muscle, which (unlike fat) is active tissue – and that means you burn more calories even when you’re at rest. I’m new to training. Will I be able to cope? These workouts are designed to be accessible to beginners. You do as many reps as you can in the allotted time. If you can only do five press-ups in 40 seconds, that’s fine. Just try to do at least one more the next week. If you’re fatigued before the end of the set, rest briefly and try to squeeze out one more rep. Doing one final rep when you’re tired will make a huge difference to your progress. I’ve been training for a while. Will this be too easy? What do I do when I’ve finished the plan? If you think that doing as many diamond press-ups (p19) as possible followed by as many one-leg squats (p20) as possible is too easy then you have Herculean strength levels. For the same reason that this plan is accessible to beginners, it will also pose a challenge to experienced exercisers. If you still find that you’re sailing through it, you could always add ten seconds to each exercise. If you’ve completed the plan, you might like to reward yourself with something like a new pair of trainers. And you may also want to invest in the next issue of Men’s Fitness. The main reason we say that is because the best way of making progress is to follow a structured and progressive plan. The absence of a good plan is the reason most people fail to see the results they want. ‘Doing one final rep when you’re tired will make a huge difference to your progress’ How to do the workouts When should you train? Here’s a guide to when you should work out WEEKS 1-4 Circuits Each workout is performed as a circuit, so you do one set of each of the exercises in order without resting. Reps Using the principle of doing as many reps as possible in the given time means the plan will be a challenge whatever your level of fitness. Time Each exercise should be performed for a set period of time. The time will gradually increase as the programme progresses. Rest Take minimal rest between exercises and follow the suggested rest periods between circuits. ● Monday Workout A ● Tuesday Workout B ● Wednesday Rest ● Thursday Workout C ● Friday Rest ● Saturday Workout D ● Sunday Rest Suit yourself You don’t have to stick to the days we’ve suggested but, in order to give your body time to recover, try to avoid doing workouts on more than two consecutive days.
  • 178. WORKOUT EXERCISE 1 Lunge 2 Press-up 3 Squat 4 Inverted shoulder press 5 Step-up 6 Plank k 6/Get Lean In 28 Days It’s time to dig your training kit out of the bottom drawer and work up a sweat. The first workout in this plan will work your entire body, so you may want to prepare yourself for some muscle soreness tomorrow. It alternates between lower-body and upper-body exercises, which means you can work without stopping because while one muscle group is training, the other is recovering. This will also help to keep your heart rate high, which will have a positive impact on your cardiovascular fitness. WEEK 1 TIME REPS 40sec TIME REPS REPS TIME TIME REPS TIME REPS 40sec TIME TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 45sec TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 55sec REPS 50sec REPS TIME 55sec 50sec REPS WEEK 4 55sec 50sec 45sec REPS WEEK 3 50sec 45sec 40sec TIME REPS 45sec 40sec TIME TIME 45sec 40sec TIME WEEK 2 TIME REPS 55sec REPS 50sec TIME REPS 55sec TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 40sec n/a 45sec n/a 50sec n/a 55sec n/a
  • 179. GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 1 Lunge Take a big step forwards and lower until your knees are bent at 90˚. Keep your torso upright and your knees in line with your toes. FORM TIP Make sure your step forwards is big enough. You don’t want to take a short stride and force your knee in front of your toes. 2 Press-up Start with your body in a straight line and your hands below your shoulders with your arms straight. Bend your elbows to lower your chest to the floor, then press back up without letting your hips sag. FIT TIP Don’t sacrifice good form for more reps. Go all the way down at the bottom and all the way up at the top. FORM TIP Don’t cheat by thrusting your head towards the floor. Make sure your chest brushes the floor each rep for maximum range of motion.
  • 180. WORKOUT 3 Squat With your fingers to your temples, bend your knees until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Keep your torso upright and your knees in line with your toes. FIT TIP Don’t cheat yourself by doing half reps. If you can’t get low in the squat, stretch your hamstrings and glutes. FORM TIP If you can’t wiggle your toes when you’re at the bottom of the squat, your weight distribution is wrong – it’s too far forwards. 4 Inverted shoulder press Place your feet on a chair or box and your hands on the floor just in front of the chair. Form an inverted ‘V’ with your body, then bend your elbows until your head nearly touches the floor. Then push back up. FORM TIP The straighter your legs, the greater the challenge to your shoulder muscles. The same goes for the distance your hands are from the box – the closer they are, the bigger the training benefit. 8/Get Lean In 28 Days
  • 181. GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 5 Step-up Place one foot on the chair or box with your back upright and your arms by your sides. Push up with your leading leg, then step back down the way you came FORM TIP Avoid pushing yourself up with your trailing leg. The raised leg should be doing most of the work. FIT TIP For an extra challenge, you can bring the knee of your trailing leg up to hip height each time you step up. 6 Plank Position yourself so that your feet are together and your body is straight from head to heels with your elbows underneath your shoulders and you’re looking down. FORM TIP Aim to hold the position without letting your hips sag. If you drop your hips you’ll put excess pressure on your spine.
  • 182. WORKOUT EXERCISE 1 Reverse lunge 2 Decline press-up 3 Squat jump 4 Dive-bomber omber press-up up 5 Side step-up 6 Side plank lank 10/Get Lean In 28 Days Still going? Good. It’s the second workout that decides whether you’re going to complete the plan or not. After this you’ll have started to form the exercise habit. Like the first workout, this uses the format of alternating between upper- and lower-body exercises. Most of the exercises are variations of the ones that you did in the first session, but a bit harder. A reverse lunge, for example, is about as challenging as a normal lunge on your strength levels, but it requires much more co-ordination and stability. WEEK 1 TIME REPS 40sec TIME REPS REPS TIME TIME REPS TIME REPS 40sec TIME TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 45sec TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 55sec REPS 50sec REPS TIME 55sec 50sec REPS WEEK 4 55sec 50sec 45sec REPS WEEK 3 50sec 45sec 40sec TIME REPS 45sec 40sec TIME TIME 45sec 40sec TIME WEEK 2 TIME REPS 55sec REPS 50sec TIME REPS 55sec TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 40sec n/a 45sec n/a 50sec n/a 55sec n/a
  • 183. GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 1 Reverse lunge Take a big step backwards and bend both knees until they are at 90˚. Push through your front foot to return to the start and repeat the move on the other side. FORM TIP The bottom position of a reverse lunge should look identical to the bottom position of a forwards lunge. 2 Decline press-up FIT TIP Go higher for bigger benefits. The higher your feet are, the harder it is to complete each rep. Get into a press-up position with your feet on a chair or box, your hands beneath your shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to heels. Lower your upper body, keeping your elbows pointing back, not out, until your nose almost touches the floor. Then push back up. FORM TIP Try to keep your elbows in at your sides while performing your reps. Don’t allow them to flare out to the sides.
  • 184. WORKOUT 3 Squat jump Lower into a squat, then jump up explosively so your feet leave the ground. Land and absorb the impact, drop into the next squat and repeat the exercise. FORM TIP You’ll get the best training benefit if you aim to jump as high as possible, but make sure you absorb the impact as you land. 4 Dive-bomber press-up Start in an inverted V position with your backside raised. Bend your arms to lower your head to the floor. Once your head has gone past your arms, raise your torso and lower your hips so they come near to – but don’t touch – the floor. Reverse back to the start to complete one rep. FIT TIP Going back to the start can be the hardest part. Make every effort to reverse the movement for the full benefit. FORM TIP The closer you can get your chest to the floor when you move through the exercise, the bigger the strength increase. 12/Get Lean In 28 Days
  • 185. GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 5 Side step-up Stand side on to a chair or box with one foot raised so that your knee is bent at about 90˚. Push through your raised foot to straighten your leg. FORM TIP You should aim to make this a one-sided move by avoiding pushing off the floor with your trailing leg. 6 Side plank Your body should be straight from head to heels with your elbow directly below your shoulder. FIT TIP Protect your shoulder joint by making sure your elbow is directly below your shoulder. FORM TIP If you can’t hold the top position, try raising then lowering yourself into position to work your side abs.
  • 186. WORKOUT EXERCISE 1 Sissy squat 2 Offset press-up 3 Split squat 4 Eccentric shoulder press 5 Step-up jump mp 6 Plank 14/Get Lean In 28 Days It’s a bit early for you to have made massive advances in your fitness levels, but that hasn’t stopped us from stepping up the difficulty. Trust us – in the long run you’ll be glad we did. The offset pressups force you to take most of your weight on one side, which makes them tougher than a conventional press-up. When doing the eccentric shoulder press it’s difficult enough to just get into position to start the move. Make sure you move any valuable family heirlooms out of the way before you attempt it. WEEK 1 TIME REPS 40sec TIME REPS REPS TIME TIME REPS TIME REPS 40sec TIME TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 45sec TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 55sec REPS 50sec REPS TIME 55sec 50sec REPS WEEK 4 55sec 50sec 45sec REPS WEEK 3 50sec 45sec 40sec TIME REPS 45sec 40sec TIME TIME 45sec 40sec TIME WEEK 2 TIME REPS 55sec REPS 50sec TIME REPS 55sec TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 40sec n/a 45sec n/a 50sec n/a 55sec n/a
  • 187. GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 1 Sissy squat From a standing position, place one foot behind and outside the line of your other foot. Bend both knees to feel a stretch in your glutes. FIT TIP The key to this move is stepping far enough to give yourself room to descend. If you can’t, stretch your glutes. FORM TIP Keeping your chest upright as you bend your knees will help activate, stretch and strengthen your glutes. 2 Offset press-up Do a press-up but instead of lowering straight down, lean over to one side as you lower, then push back up to the start. Alternate sides each rep. FORM TIP You can make this move slightly easier by taking a wider foot position. Make it harder by putting your feet together.
  • 188. WORKOUT 3 Split squat Stand with one foot in front of the other, both feet pointing forwards. Keeping your body upright, bend at the knees until your back knee almost touches the floor and your front knee is directly over your front foot. Swap sides halfway through. FORM TIP This is a comparatively easy exercise, so make sure you go as deep as possible to derive a training benefit. 4 Eccentric shoulder press FIT TIP Your aim is to get as close to the wall as possible but if you’re new to this move, don’t expect to do this straight away. Walk your feet up a wall until your body is straight from head to heels and your arms are straight. Lower your body to the ground by bending your elbows. Reset and repeat the move, without pressing back up. FORM TIP If you can’t lower yourself under control, start by getting into the position and doing a static hold. 16/Get Lean In 28 Days
  • 189. GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 5 Step-up and jump Place one foot on a chair or box with your back upright and your arms by your sides. Push up explosively with your leading leg so you jump off the box and land on both feet. Swap sides with each rep. FORM TIP To protect your knees you need to make sure that you don’t land with stiff legs. 6 Plank Position yourself so that your feet are together and your body is straight from head to heels with your elbows underneath your shoulders and your head looking down Hold the position without letting your hips sag FIT TIP Use a mirror or a partner to make sure you’re in the right position – it’s all too easy to hold your hips too high. FORM TIP If this exercise becomes to easy, raise one foot off the floor to increase the instability and add an extra challenge to your core.
  • 190. WORKOUT EXERCISE 1 Lunge jump 2 Diamond ond press-up up 3 One-leg squat 4 Handstand shoulder press 5 Box jump 6 Plank k 18/Get Lean In 28 Days When you’re halfway through this workout, you might suspect that we don’t want you to finish it. Well, we do, but it is a big step up in difficulty. Take your time and work steadily through them. If you go too fast too early, you’ll blow up half way through the session. If you can’t get through it without taking short breaks, don’t worry. Get your breath back and try to do at least one more rep (provided it is with perfect form) before the end of the time. Fatiguing is fine. Letting yourself off easy isn’t. WEEK 1 TIME REPS 40sec TIME REPS REPS TIME TIME REPS TIME REPS 40sec TIME TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 45sec TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 55sec REPS 50sec REPS TIME 55sec 50sec REPS WEEK 4 55sec 50sec 45sec REPS WEEK 3 50sec 45sec 40sec TIME REPS 45sec 40sec TIME TIME 45sec 40sec TIME WEEK 2 TIME REPS 55sec REPS 50sec TIME REPS 55sec TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS TIME REPS 40sec n/a 45sec n/a 50sec n/a 55sec n/a
  • 191. GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 1 Lunge jump Start in the lower part of a lunge, then jump up explosively so your feet leave the ground. Swap legs in mid-air and land in a lunge with your opposite foot forward, then repeat. FIT TIP This is a big test of balance and, by the end of the set, it also becomes a test of your lactic acid tolerance. Best of luck. FORM TIP Make sure you descend all the way into the lunge so that your knees are bent at 90˚ before you jump up. 2 Diamond press-up Hold your body in a straight line from head to heels and your thumbs and index fingers together to form a diamond, Lower your body, making sure you keep your elbows pointing back rather than to the sides. FORM TIP This is a difficult move so if you can’t do many reps, you can elevate your hands to perform the move at an incline.
  • 192. WORKOUT GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 3 FIT TIP If you’re struggling to keep your non-working leg raised, your abs and core may need strengthening. One-leg squat Stand on one leg, then lower into a squat. Keep your torso upright, your spine neutral and your knees in line with your toes. FORM TIP You can perform this move with your free leg either behind or in front of your working leg. If you can’t do either, hold on to something for support. 4 Handstand shoulder press Walk your feet up the wall until your body is straight from head to heels and your arms are straight. Lower your body to the ground by bending your elbows. Push back to the start if you can to repeat the move. FORM TIP If you can’t do a single rep, do eccentric (lowering) reps instead. 20/Get Lean In 28 Days
  • 193. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or change your body composition, Myprotein has a huge range of scientifically designed formulas to fuel your ambition. From metabolic boosters, advanced lipolytic agents to All-in-One formulas, Myprotein has something to support your lean training goals. Right now, the more you spend, the more you save with up to £20 off and free delivery. Order nOw at WWW.myPrOTEIN.cOm Men’s Fitness exclusive Offer Spend £60 & Save £5 use code FIT1 Spend £75 & Save £10 use code FIT2 Spend £100 & Save £20 use code FIT3 Spend over £50 and choose the free delivery option at checkout. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion without further notice. Products should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and training programme. SPORTS NUTRITION BRAND LOSE WEIGHT SAVE POUNDS UK’S NO.1 ONLINE
  • 194. WORKOUT GET LEAN IN 28 DAYS 5 Box jump Start with a box or chair in front of you. Lower into a quarter squat, then jump up onto the box. Step back down and repeat. FORM TIP Aim to land as softly as possible to minimise the impact on your knees. FIT TIP You could probably have worked this out but the higher the box, the more difficult the exercise. 6 Side plank Your body should be straight from head to heels with your elbow directly below your shoulder. FORM TIP If you’re struggling to hold this position you can perform the move with your knees bent so your knee, rather than your foot, is in contact with the floor. 22/Get Lean In 28 Days
  • 195.
  • 196. In association with THE NEW RULES OF NUTRITION How to eat to get the body you want
  • 197. MEtabOLISM bOOStErS Research has shown that certain supplements are capable of lowering your body fat percentage through a variety of different mechanisms. Fortunately as the UK’s biggest online sports nutrition brand, Myprotein sells all of them and in dosages scientists have shown are most effective. What’s more, you can now get 3 for the price of 2 on a collection of their most popular and most scientifically backed metabolism boosters. CLA Interferes with a substance in your body called lipoprotein lipase that helps store fat in your body Helps your body use its existing fat for energy and helps increase lean muscle tissue Thermo-exTreme Scientifically formulated using the latest research, ThermoExtreme contains a precise blend of premium quality fat loss ingredients Includes caffeine and green tea to raise your metabolism, white kidney bean extract to prevent fat storage and ginseng and B vitamins to boost energy levels L CArniTine An amino acid that’s been shown to play a key role in the body’s ability to use fats for energy Shown to increase exercise capacity and delay the onset of muscle fatigue and soreness men’s Fitness exclusive offer Get 3 for 2 today CLa 180 caps tHErMO - EXtrEME 120 caps L CarNItINE 180 tabs Use code ‘LEaN’ at checkout order now AT www.MyprOtEIN.COM Prices and sizes correct at time of print and subject to change. Offer available while promo stocks last. See website for terms and conditions. Products should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and training programme. SPORTS NUTRITION BRAND 3 FOr 2 UK’S NO.1 ONLINE
  • 198. THE NEW RULES OF NUTRITION THE MF ANTI DIET PLAN Follow our comprehensive healthy eating guide to ditch those Christmas kilos Words Jon Lipsey Photography Tom Miles Art Editor Marc Southey Art Director Donovan Walker Subeditor Chris Miller Model Oliver Jedrej@WAthletic It’s dark and cold outside, the gym’s closed, and the lure of stodgy puddings and Quality Street is strong. All this means that most of us emerge from the Christmas period a bit fatter than we were before. The good 1 news is that to get rid of this excess flab, you don’t need to exist on a dodgy diet of nettle tea and grapefruit for the next fortnight. You just need some sensible advice about what to eat and what to avoid. The basics of healthy eating p4 The principles that should underpin any good nutrition plan 3 Keep it simple p8 If you don’t want to follow a meal plan, use this straightforward system 2 This guide gives you everything you need to return to your svelte self, and then carry on until you’re looking better than ever before. To make it ultra-simple, we’ve split it up into the following four parts. Four-week fat-buster p6 Your meal-by-meal guide that will help you lose 2kg each week for a month 4 What supp p12 Our expert guide will get you clued up on sports supplements
  • 199. THE BASICS OF HEALTHY EATING Smart nutrition can make all the difference in building a lean body Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, the process starts in the kitchen, not the gym. Eating properly will fuel your training sessions, help you feel alert and energised, provide the building blocks of muscle and keep your metabolism firing to burn body fat. Here are the seven straightforward rules you need to follow. 4/The New Rules of Nutrition Drink lots of water RULE 1 At least two litres a day will keep your body functioning perfectly. The most efficient nutritional tweak you can make to your diet is the easiest and cheapest of all. Dehydration will have an impact on your performance in the gym and the office – research indicates that 5% dehydration can lead to a 30% drop in function – and can affect the way your body stores fat and repairs muscle. Carry a water bottle around with you all day, sipping from it every few minutes. Eat your greens Pack in the protein RULE 2 Every meal you eat should include colourful veg. RULE 3 Include this musclebuilding staple at every meal. There’s no such thing as too much veg, especially if you’re talking about vegetables grown above ground – they’re packed with vitamins, phytochemicals and fibre, and will fill you up without sending your calorie count soaring. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower are ideal, though other dark, leafy greens like spinach are also excellent. Regardless of what else you’re eating, your plate should be about half-full of vegetables at every meal. Fruit is also good for you, but it’s conducive to storing fat thanks to its high fructose content – limit yourself to two or three pieces a day. Protein is one of the most important components of the diet – it’s crucial to building muscle, keeps you full, helps tissue repair and the immune system, and provides you with energy. So what’s the right amount? Estimates range from one to four grams per kilo of bodyweight per day, but most nutritionists agree that two grams is the minimum for a hard-training athlete. Aim to eat a wide variety of protein foods to get the full range of muscle-building amino acids – lean meat, fish, eggs and dairy produce are all excellent sources of protein, though lower-quality protein can also be found in nuts, seeds and beans. Include a fistsized portion at every meal.
  • 200. THE NEW RULES OF NUTRITION Don’t avoid fats Free range is better Eat at the right times Stay natural RULE 4 Instead of fearing all fats, pile up on the natural kind and avoid the processed ones. RULE 5 Happy, non-stressed animals are the tastiest – and the best for your health. RULE 6 Fuel your workouts and keep your energy stores topped up. RULE 7 If in doubt, don’t eat anything that a caveman wouldn’t have had access to. Although it might seem contradictory to eat fats when you’re trying to lose fat, dietary fats are by no means all bad. The ones to avoid at all times are trans fats, while some studies suggest that saturated fat intake should be kept low. This means skipping cakes, biscuits and margarine and cutting back on red meats and cheese. The fats you need are monounsaturates and polyunsaturates, found in olive oil, nuts, seeds and oily fish. These include omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which have been proven to aid strength and aerobic training, protect the body from injuries and help it recover from training wear and tear. Whether you’re worried about animal welfare or not, most experts agree that free-range meat and fish is better for your body. Free-range chickens have a more varied diet and get more exercise, allowing the development of more muscle, which tends to contain more zinc, amino acids, iron, selenium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins A, B and K. Farmraised salmon have also been found to contain up to eight times the level of carcinogens as their wild brethren, while grass-fed beef tends to have much higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid and omega 3s than the kind fed on grain and beef tallow. When you’re training hard, you want to eat about an hour or two before your workouts, and again immediately afterwards. Your snacks should include both carbs and protein to help restore glycogen levels in your muscles and repair muscle tissue. A perfect post-workout snack might be a bagel with cream cheese, or a tuna and pasta salad. For the rest of the day, eat small meals at regular intervals of two or three hours, with the aim of having some protein with every meal. This way you keep your glycogen levels topped up and prevent your body from breaking down the proteins that you need for muscle rebuilding. This is the simplest rule when deciding what to eat: keep it natural. Processed foods – biscuits, cakes, ready meals, fizzy drinks, crisps – are mostly high in calories but low in essential nutrients, so they are poor at fuelling workouts and rebuilding muscle but good at making you fat and sapping your energy. Avoid things containing preservatives that you can’t spell or ingredients you wouldn’t keep in the kitchen. Eat things that will rot eventually, so that you know they’re fresh. As a general rule, if it grows in the ground or used to have a face, it’s fine; if it comes in a packet, be wary.
  • 201. Fat Loss Plan FOUR WEEK FAT BUSTER This eating plan is based on natural, unprocessed foods and will help you shed loads of fat Processed may be tasty and convenient, your body hasn’t evolved to deal with it very well – and it usually encourages fat storage. This meal plan, created by nutritionist Christine Bailey (, replaces processed sugary foods and carbs with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and animal proteins. The fats it contains are healthy unsaturated ones, while it also contains plenty of muscle-building amino acids. Follow this plan for a month while following the workouts in our Get Lean In 28 Days supplement and you’ll shed around 2kg of fat a week, helping you get the lean, muscular body you want. Lemon crab salad To make Mix 1 bag of mixed salad leaves, ½ a sliced red onion, a handful of black olives, some cucumber slices, sugar snap peas and 1 grated carrot. Top with 125g of canned white crab meat and dress with lemon juice and olive oil. Red onion contains fat-melting vitamin C and chromium, a mineral that helps insulin response, which reduces sugar cravings. 6/The New Rules of Nutrition Carrots are high in the soluble fibre calcium pectate. This fills you up and binds with acids in the body to reduce levels of LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol. Crab meat is low in calories but rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which can reduce hunger pangs and help muscle growth. Olives have omega 3 fatty acids that trigger hungercurbing signals in your brain. They are also rich in vitamins A, C and E.
  • 202. THE NEW RULES OF NUTRITION 42 fat-fighting meals that will help you build a lean physique Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast 1 grapefruit. 2-egg omelette with ½ an avocado, spinach and 2 chopped tomatoes. 150g sautéed prawns with 6 sliced mushrooms and ½ chopped red pepper. 150g fresh pineapple slices. Bowl of blueberries and raspberries. 2 poached eggs with asparagus and 4 grilled mushrooms. Slices of melon with cashew nuts. 3 slices of lean roast beef with 2 baked tomatoes. Bowl of cherries. 2 scrambled eggs with 5 asparagus spears. Bowl of blueberries and raspberries. 1 cold salmon fillet with panfried tomatoes and mushrooms. 100g cooked prawns with green beans. 1 chopped apple and 2tbsp seeds. Snack Snack Handful of seeds. 1 apple. 2 slices of ham, sliced cucumber and celery. Snack Smoked salmon slices. Carrot and celery sticks. 1 apple. Handful of raisins and almonds. 2 slices of ham and 2 tomatoes. Lunch Lunch 300ml Covent Garden Scotch Broth soup. Grilled pork fillet with spinach salad (baby spinach, mixed lettuce leaves, ½ red onion, ½ red pepper, cucumber, celery). 1 satsuma. Leftover squash and turkey casserole. Large mixed salad. Snack 1 banana. Lunch 150g grilled cod fillet with lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper. Green salad with lemon juice and 1tsp olive oil, 50g sugar snap peas, cucumber slices, ½ a red pepper and 2tbsp black olives. Bowl of blueberries and melon. Lunch Snack Snack 4 oatcakes with ham. Snack Lunch Lunch 150g cooked chicken breast with baby spinach, salad leaves, cucumber, avocado, 2 tomatoes, 1 red onion, lemon juice and olive oil. 30g almonds. 1 apple. Snack Snack 1 hard-boiled egg. 2 oatcakes. 2 slices of ham. Carrot sticks. Dinner Dinner 300ml Covent Garden Scotch Broth soup. Pan-fry 1 venison steak for 10 minutes, then add 1tbsp balsamic vinegar, 150ml beef stock and 50g pitted cherries. Cook until soft. Serve with 100g green beans, 100g carrots and 3 new potatoes. Stir-fry 1 sliced chicken breast, 1tbsp soy sauce, juice of 1 orange, 2 chopped spring onions, 1 sliced green pepper and 1 bag of stirfry veg. Serve with 2tbsp cashew nuts and 60g noodles (dry weight). Sliced fresh pineapple. 30g macadamia nuts. Handful of raisins. Snack 2 satsumas. 1 banana. Handful of macadamia nuts. Daily total Daily total Daily total Daily total Daily total Daily total Daily total 1,840 calories, 163g carbs, 130g 1,713 calories, 147g carbs, 156g protein, 60g fat 1,956 calories, 179g carbs, 130g protein, 87g fat 1,841 calories, 201g carbs, 138g protein, 60g fat 1,816 calories, 185g carbs, 120g protein, 71g fat 1,827 calories, 172g carbs, 133g protein, 72g fat 1,746 calories, 159g carbs, 140g protein, 66g fat Snack 3 cold lean beef slices. Carrot sticks. Dinner Coat 1 turkey breast in juice and zest of 1 orange and 1tsp grated ginger. Grill for 15 minutes and serve with 1 baked sweet potato, 100g steamed broccoli and asparagus. 100g fresh raspberries with 2tbsp flaked almonds. Snack protein, 79g fat Lunch Snack 1 hard-boiled egg. Carrot sticks. Dinner Snack Bake 2 sliced turkey breasts with 1 cubed butternut squash, 1 red onion, 1 red pepper, 2 sweet potatoes, 400g canned chopped tomatoes, 300ml beef stock and dash of paprika for 45 minutes. Serve half with steamed broccoli and green beans (save other half for Fri lunch). Snack Handful of raisins and almonds. 1 pear. Dinner 300ml Covent Garden Tomato & Basil soup. Baked salmon fillet with lemon juice (cook an extra salmon fillet for Sat) served with 60g steamed carrots, 60g sugar snap peas, 60g green beans and 1 baked sweet potato. Grilled turkey breast with 1 baked sweet potato, salad leaves, cucumber, sugar snap peas, ½ a red pepper, 2tbsp black olives and ½ a red onion. Slices of fresh pineapple. Lemon crab salad (see recipe opposite). Slices of melon. 300ml Covent Garden Tomato & Basil soup. Cold pan-fried venison steak served with a bag of mixed salad leaves, ½ red pepper, 2tbsp black olives, sliced cucumber, celery and 1 tomato. Slices of melon. Snack 100g cooked prawns. Celery and carrot sticks. Dinner Snack Frittata made with 2 eggs, 3 new potatoes, spinach leaves and 1 red pepper. Steamed broccoli and carrots and salad. 1 banana. Handful of cashew nuts. Snack Snack 2 oatcakes. Smoked salmon slices. Dinner Sauté 125g pork cut into strips with 1 onion and a bag of stir-fry vegetables, 1tbsp soy sauce and a little water. Serve with 2tsp toasted sesame seeds and 60g noodles (dry weight). 1 satsuma. Snack 2 oatcakes. Handful of almonds and raisins 1 banana. Handful of macadamia nuts. Snack 2 oatcakes. Smoked salmon slices.
  • 203. KEEP IT SIMPLE It’s easy to create a healthy diet using this meal generator There’s more than one way to eat healthy food and we’re giving you the choice. You could follow the straightforward four-week meal plan on p6-7 – or you could make dietary decisions even easier by simply using this meal generator, which lets you eat foods you like while still staying healthy. We’ve provided a range of foods to choose from: for each meal you eat pick two or three, making sure you include at least one source of protein and one piece of fruit or veg with each meal or snack. We’ve also highlighted foods you should avoid, which may not always be the ones you expect. Eat little and often because six small meals spread throughout the day is better for fat loss than a couple of huge ones, and don’t worry about counting calories or grams of macronutrients. This isn’t a diet – it’s just a better way to think about eating. 8/The New Rules of Nutrition Focus on protein Protein will make you feel fuller for longer, so you’ll be less tempted by snacks, and it’ll also provide the nutrients needed to repair damaged muscles and therefore build muscle mass. Protein requires the body to use more calories for digestion than carbs do, so it’ll give your system a helpful fatburning nudge. Don’t avoid fat Ditch the idea that eating fat makes you fat – it simply isn’t true. You need plenty of healthy monounsaturated fats – the kind you’ll find in avocados and most nuts – in your diet. Saturated fats aren’t as good for you but there’s no need to avoid them entirely. The ones to skip are trans fats – but you’ll only find these in processed foods, which the meal generator avoids. Go heavy on veg Feel free to pile your plate high with as much veg as you like, particularly cruciferous and leafy green veg such as broccoli and spinach – it’s almost impossible to eat too much, and all of these are full of important nutrients.
  • 204. THE NEW RULES OF NUTRITION Breakfast ✓ Eat these Have as much fruit, vegetables and protein as you like ✓ Mushrooms ✓ Tomatoes ✓ Oats ✓ Blueberries ✓ Grapefruit ✓ Grapes ✓ Melon ✓ Milk ✗ Avoid these ✓ Good-quality sausage ✓ Strawberries ✓ Eggs ✓ Bacon ✓ Natural yoghurt ✓ Smoked salmon Don’t be tempted by these traditional breakfast staples ✗ Cereal ✗ Dried fruit ✗ Margarine ✗ Bagels ✗ Shop smoothies ✗ Muffins ✗ Fruit juice ✗ Bread ✗ Cereal bars ✗ Jam ✗ Croissants ✗ Yoghurt Snacks ✓ Beef jerky ✓ Almonds ✓ Cherries ✓ Blackberries ✓ Brazil nuts
  • 205. Lunch ✓ Eat these More protein and fresh veg will keep your fat loss on track ✓ Sardines ✓ Chicken ✓ Beans ✓ Mackerel ✓ Beetroot ✓ Hard cheese ✓ Cottage cheese ✓ Avocado ✗ Avoid these ✓ Salad leaves ✓ Artichoke ✓ Home-made soup ✓ Tuna ✓ Peppers ✓ Ham Processed foods are convenient but full of bad fats and salt ✗ Pasta salad ✗ Coleslaw ✗ Quiche ✗ Sandwich fillers ✗ Wraps ✗ Crackers ✗ Low-fat mayo ✗ Oat cakes ✗ Baked potatoes ✗ Baguettes ✗ Tinned soup ✗ Sandwiches Snacks ✓ Olives ✓ Bananas 10/The New Rules of Nutrition ✓ Pineapple ✓ Greek yoghurt ✓ Apples
  • 206. THE NEW RULES OF NUTRITION Dinner ✓ Eat these Create a veg-heavy meal with a lean source of protein ✓ Broccoli ✓ Peas ✓ Lamb ✓ Cabbage ✓ Butternut squash ✓ Onions ✓ Asparagus ✓ Carrots ✗ Avoid these ✓ Cauliflower ✓ Aubergine ✓ White fish ✓ Salmon ✓ Beef ✓ Leeks ✓ Peanut butter ✓ Pumpkin seeds ✓ Pistachios ✓ Salsa Tempted by takeaway options and booze? Just say no ✗ Pasta ✗ Pies ✗ Takeaways ✗ Alcoholic drinks ✗ Ready meals ✗ Creamy curries ✗ Couscous ✗ Potatoes ✗ Risotto ✗ Rice ✗ Noodles ✗ Pizza ✓ Green tea
  • 207. WHAT SUPP Confused about what sports supplements to take? Use our guide to the key categories If you make every effort to eat the right things, it’s certainly possible to maintain a healthy diet through food alone, but sometimes supplements can help. If you’re taking on a serious training programme or find yourself short of cooking time – or both – supplements are a simple and convenient way to get all the nutrients you need to build a strong, lean body. Buying supplements can be a baffling experience, though, since there are so many to choose from. Here we’ve boiled the many options down to the absolute essentials so you can be sure you’re getting the fitness fundamentals. 12/The New Rules of Nutrition Vitamin D Fish oil Whey protein What The sun substitute What The wonder fluid What The muscle builder Why You’re supposed to get vitamin D from the sun but that’s a forlorn hope in Britain – 20 minutes’ exposure provides all the vitamin D you need in summer but according to the National Institute of Health, it’s impossible to get enough in winter. ‘Vitamin D deficiency is common and is linked to reduced strength and increased body fat,’ says strength coach Joe Lightfoot ( ‘It’s also associated with diseases such as diabetes and depression. Supplementing is cheap and easy.’ Why ‘Having omega 3 fats in your diet is important for your health and supplementation helps you to maintain a good ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 – modern humans consume far too much omega 6,’ says Lightfoot. ‘More specifically, studies have shown that fish oil supplementation results in decreased body fat and reduced inflammation.’ It has also been linked to an increase in levels of the ‘happiness hormone’ serotonin, greater focus in training, lower stress and resistance to illnesses including Crohn’s disease and some cancers. Why This is probably the most effective addition you can make to your nutrient regime – and the simplest. ‘It’s essential that you replace muscle glycogen after your workout and the best way to do that is with a goodquality whey protein,’ says Fitness First trainer Thomas Eastham. But even someone who doesn’t train should make sure they’re getting adequate protein in their diet or consider topping up. How It’s available in tablet or oral spray form. Official government recommendations are low but experts suggest 3,000IU a day, which has been proved safe in multiple studies. It’s fatsoluble, so take it with a meal. How Take a spoonful with your meals. Most authorities recommend taking 1-4g a day, depending on how much oily fish you already eat. How ‘Within 15 minutes of finishing your training, your cells are in serious need of nutrients, so you should be taking your post-workout shake before you stretch,’ says Eastham. Some nutritionists recommend a hit of protein before training or as soon as you wake up. Ideally you’d get this from food but a shake is a reasonable option.
  • 208. THE NEW RULES OF NUTRITION Looking for supplements? You’ll find a great range at Casein Zinc Magnesium Creatine What The bedtime protein What The immunity mineral What The sleep mineral What The backup generator Why Chances are you’re already getting a fair amount of casein, as it makes up around 80% of cow’s milk. ‘Casein is known as a “slow” protein,’ says personal trainer Sean McPhillips ( ‘It’s digested slowly, so it isn’t ideal for straight after the gym when you want to get a hit of protein into your muscles instantly. The main benefit of casein over other proteins is its excellent amino acid profile – it’s a great muscle-builder.’ Why Zinc is necessary for your health and immune system. ‘The main reason you should take zinc is that our bodies are unable to store it,’ says McPhillips. Why ‘Every organ needs magnesium, especially the heart, muscles and kidneys,’ says McPhillips. ‘If you skimp on this vital mineral you can experience anxiety, sleep problems and irritability. It also helps to maintain a normal heart rhythm, as well as aiding the body’s energy production.’ Why ‘Your body metabolises creatine into ATP, which is used for every muscle movement,’ says McPhillips. ‘Having adequate supplies is most important during heavy, high-intensity workouts to deliver the required energy to your muscles.’ In other words, it will let you lift harder for longer. How ‘Simply have it in a shake,’ says McPhillips. ‘You can mix it with milk or water but if you’re using milk you’ll want a fair bit to thin it out. Because it’s a slow protein, it’s best taken before sleep to keep the muscle-building process going overnight.’ How ‘The recommended daily allowance for adult males is 11mg and you should definitely take no more than 40mg a day,’ says McPhillips. ‘Try to avoid taking it with coffee or foods that contain phytates, such as wholegrains, because these can block its absorption. For the greatest benefit, take it with a form of animal protein because this will promote absorption.’ How ‘Stick to the recommended maximum of 350mg per day,’ says McPhillips. ‘Taking magnesium supplements on an empty stomach can lead to diarrhoea and an upset stomach, so it’s best to have a meal or snack first.’ Alternatively, it’s available in spray or bathmineral form – some studies suggest it’s more easily absorbed through the skin. How ‘Take 2-10g after a workout to replenish lost stores, or split the dose and have half before your workout and the other half afterwards,’ says McPhillips. ‘There’s some evidence that taking creatine with glucose can help your body store it more effectively, so having carbs in your postworkout shake will help.’ And drink plenty of water: creatine is hygroscopic, so it sucks H20 into your muscles and can leave you dehydrated.