Building Social IRC Bots with Node.js and MongoDB


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Improve your team's productivity and encourage participation with social IRC bots! Find out how to create scoreboards, encourage positive communication by awarding points, and bring your bot to life using OpenShift, Red Hat's free auto-scaling Platform as a Service. We'll power our bot using an OpenShift "gear", then add a MongoDB for memory, and teach it to speak using a javascript-based IRC library for node.js.

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Building Social IRC Bots with Node.js and MongoDB

  1. 1. Social IRC bots in the cloud with Node.js and MongoDB Marek Jelen PaaS Evangelist, Red Hat MongoLondon, 20131
  2. 2. My expectations i. basic understanding what cloud is and what it is not ii. you are a developer and you know what Node.js iii. basic knowledge of MongoDB iv. questions are good! v. questions are awesome! vi. discussion is preferred to my monologue2
  3. 3. What is IRC? • Communication protocol • Open (RFC1459) & Simple • Text based • Realtime-communication • Group chat & One-to-One chat • Users => #channels <= Bots • Clients, Bouncers, Bots3
  4. 4. Basic IRC commands • /join #openshif • /msg mjelen This is awesome • /me is presenting in London • /topic Dont be afraid to ask questions.4
  5. 5. Is it any good? • Basic communication channel of tech companies • Community building environment • Support channel for users • etc. etc. etc. • OpenSource servers & clients (standalone, web)5
  6. 6. What is OpenShift? Red Hats free, auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS) for applications in the cloud.6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Looks great, but what’s the catch?• OpenShif is free-as-in-beer & free-as-in-freedom• Three times 0.5GB RAM/1GB storage• Need more resources, just ask!• We are in Developer Preview• Sign up at• Promo code: MongoLodon8
  9. 9. Three flavours • OpenSource project => OpenShif Origin • Enterprise ready product => OpenShif Enterprise • Service by Red Hat => OpenShif Online9
  10. 10. And now, lets build some bots10
  11. 11. My bots on OpenShift (1) • Create new deployment environment • rhc app create ircbot nodejs-0.6 • clones a git repository locally • setups node.js environment • allows you ssh access • provides logs tailing • sets public DNS records11
  12. 12. My bots on OpenShift (2) • Enter the directory • cd ircbot • Install dependencies • npm install irc -s • Write the code12
  13. 13. My bots on OpenShift (3) • Record changes (when needed) • git add package.json server.js • Commit the changes • git commit -m “My first commit” • And deploy • git push [origin [master]]13
  14. 14. My bots on OpenShift (4) • Add MongoDB to the mix • rhc cartridge add mongodb-2.2 -a ircbot • Add RockMongo to inspect MongoDB • rhc cartridge add rockmongo-1.1 -a ircbot • Install dependencies • npm install -S mongojs • Write the code • Connect to MongoDB from application14
  15. 15. My bots on OpenShift (5) • Record changes (when needed) • git add package.json server.js • Commit the changes • git commit -m “My first commit” • And deploy • git push (origin (master))15
  16. 16. Conclusion • Three flavors of OpenShif • Origin, Enterprise, Online • Sign up for Online for free • Promo code: MongoLondon • IRC is fun • Open, Simple, Feature-full • Node.js makes it simple to write apps • MongoDB helps with data persistence16
  17. 17. Thanks @marek_jelen http://openshift.redhat.com17