Webinar: How Partners Can Benefit from our New Program (EMEA)


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The 10gen partner ecosystem is growing quickly and includes leading software, hardware, cloud, channel and services companies who develop, market, sell and support solutions based on the MongoDB document database. We've created a Partner Program designed for companies looking to efficiently build new business or revenue streams based on MongoDB and capitalize on big data, cloud, mobile and other computing trends and opportunities related to our document-oriented database.

Join this webinar for an introduction to 10gen, MongoDB and our partnership program. We're going to explain the benefits of becoming a a partner and common use cases and verticals for MongoDB. Directions and contacts will be given to companies interested in partnering with us in EMEA.

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  • Indeed: #2 just after HTML and ahead of iOS, Android, HadoopJasper: Demand for MongoDB, the document-oriented NoSQL database, saw the biggest spike with over 200% growth in 2011.451 Group: Bigger than next 3 or 4 COMBINED; biggest quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year growth (again)
  • Ship Faster – developer productivityScale BiggerSpend Less
  • MongoDB provides agility, scalability, and performance without sacrificing the functionality of relational databases, like full index support and rich queriesIndexes: secondary, compound, text search (with MongoDB 2.4), geospatial, and more
  • Webinar: How Partners Can Benefit from our New Program (EMEA)

    1. 1. How Partners Can Benefit fromour New ProgramLuca OlivariDirector of Business Development, EMEAluca.olivari@10gen.com@lucaolivari
    2. 2. Agenda• Introduction to 10gen & MongoDB• Partnership Program Benefits• Positioning and Case Studies• How to Enroll & What’s Next?
    3. 3. Introduction to10gen and MongoDB
    4. 4. 410gen Introduction10gen is the company behind MongoDB –the leading NoSQL databaseDocumentDatabaseOpen-SourceGeneralPurpose
    5. 5. 510gen VisionTo provide the best database for how we build andrun apps todayBuild– New and complex datatypes– More flexibility– New programminglanguages– Much fasterdevelopment speedRun– New scalability levels forbig data– Faster and real-timeperformance– New hardware– New computingenvironments
    6. 6. 610gen Overview200+ employees 600+ customersOver $81 million in fundingOffices in New York, Palo Alto, WashingtonDC, London, Dublin, Barcelona and Sydney
    7. 7. 7Leading Organizations Rely on MongoDB
    8. 8. 8Indeed.com TrendsTop Job Trends1.HTML 52.MongoDB3.iOS4.Android5.Mobile Apps6.Puppet7.Hadoop8.jQuery9.PaaS10.Social MediaLeading NoSQL DatabaseLinkedIn Job SkillsMongoDBCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3Competitor 4Competitor 5All OthersGoogle SearchMongoDBCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3Competitor 4Jaspersoft Big Data IndexDirect Real-Time DownloadsMongoDBCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3
    9. 9. 9Global Community4,000,000+MongoDB Downloads50,000+Online Education Registrants15,000+MongoDB User Group Members14,000+MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) Users10,000+Annual MongoDB Days Attendees
    10. 10. 10MongoDB OverviewAgile Scalable
    11. 11. 11MongoDB Architecture
    12. 12. 12MongoDB Features• JSON Document Modelwith Dynamic Schemas• Auto-Sharding forHorizontal Scalability• Text Search• Aggregation Frameworkand MapReduce• Full, Flexible Index Supportand Rich Queries• Built-In Replication for HighAvailability• Advanced Security• Large Media Storage withGridFS
    13. 13. 13MongoDB Business ValueEnabling New Apps Better Customer ExperienceLower TCOFaster Time to Market
    14. 14. 1410gen Products and ServicesConsultingExpert Resources for All Phases of MongoDB ImplementationsTrainingOnline and In-Person for Developers and AdministratorsMongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS)Free, Cloud-Based Service for Monitoring and AlertsSubscriptionsMongoDB Enterprise, On-Prem Monitoring, Professional Supportand Commercial License
    15. 15. Partnership ProgramBenefits
    16. 16. 16CloudPartnersSoftwarePartnersHardwarePartnersServicePartnersChannelPartnersA Complete Partnership Program• The program includes– Channel Partners– Cloud Partners– Service Partners– Hardware Partners– Software Partners• Doing business with ourpartners and not on them– Zero upfront investment
    17. 17. 1710Gen Distribution ModelChannel PartnersDirect SalesCloud PartnersSW/HW PartnersService Partners• Directly Manage Named Accounts• Help Partners with Co-Sell Activities• Share Opportunities with Partners• Re-Sell MongoDB to Customers• Add Value by Providing Solutions and Services• Help Go-To-Market Activities• Acts as a Distribution Channel (via Marketplaces)• Facilitate Adoption of MongoDB• Co-Market 10gen’s Products (XaaS)• Embed, Certify and Enhance MongoDB• Co-Market and Co-Sell 10gen’s products• Facilitate Adoption of MongoDB• Build MongoDB Applications• Adopt MongoDB as a Standard Development Platform• Deliver Consulting and Training Services
    18. 18. 18MemberThe entry level forthe 10gen PartnerProgram with entrylevel benefits andrequirements.AuthorizedA more advancedlevel in theProgram withmore significantbenefits andrequirements.Strategic*The highest level ofpartnership with thehighest levels ofbenefits andrequirements.*Invitation OnlyToward a Strategic RelationshipPartners will join with the“Member” status, but the end goalis to develop a strategicrelationships.
    19. 19. 19SymbiosisImage courtesy http://www.wolaver.org/
    20. 20. 20Member Authorized Strategic*Technical BenefitsSupport by Request X X XTechnical Kit X X XDesign Assistance X XSupport with SLA X XAccess to ProductRoadmapsX XSales BenefitsSales Kit X X XInternal Referral Guide X XBenefits/I* Strategic partners receives additional benefits
    21. 21. 21Member Authorized Strategic*Marketing BenefitsMarketing Kit X X XMongoDB Logo Usage X X XWeb Listing X X XSpecial Program LogoUsageX XJoint PR X XFlash Page X XBenefits/II* Strategic partners receives additional benefits
    22. 22. 22Member Authorized Strategic*Software, Hardware andCloudValidated Product X XAt Least 1 SuccessfulCustomer/Case StudyX XChannelAt Least 2 TrainedTechnical Staff, 2 TrainedSales StaffN/A X XAt Least 1 Successful Deal N/A X XServicesAt Least 2 TrainedTechnical Staff, 2 TrainedSales StaffX XAt Least 1 SuccessfulCustomer/Case StudyX XRequirements* Strategic partners receives additional benefits
    23. 23. 23• Vendors that provide operating systems, tools,middleware, applications, business intelligenceand other solutions.Software PartnersSome Examples
    24. 24. 24• Server, storage, networking, semiconductor andother vendors that ensure MongoDB runs well ontheir products. MongoDB is an agile and scalabledatabase that is enhanced by the use of qualityhardware.Hardware PartnersSome Examples
    25. 25. 25• Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS) andmanaged hosting vendors.Cloud PartnersSome Examples
    26. 26. 26• Value-added resellers (VARs), volume resellers,distributors and other companies that market andsell 10gen products and services to regional andglobal markets plus other categories of ourpartners that resell MongoDB.Channel PartnersSome Examples
    27. 27. 27• Provide application development, systemintegration, consulting, training, implementationand other services related to MongoDBworldwide. Our partners bring valued knowledgeand experience to benefit joint customers globally.Service PartnersSome Examples
    28. 28. Positioning andCase Studies
    29. 29. 29Database Landscape• No Automatic Joins• Document Transactions• Fast, Scalable Read/Writes
    30. 30. 30Database Use CasesRDBMSsKey/Value orColumn StoresMongoDB
    31. 31. 31MongoDB SolutionsData HubUser Data ManagementBig Data Content Mgmt & Delivery Mobile & Social
    32. 32. 32Uses MongoDB to power enterprise socialnetworking platformCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• Complex SQL queries,highly normalizedschema not aligned withnew data types• Poor performance• Lack of horizontalscalability• Dynamic schemasusing JSON• Ability to handlecomplex data whilemaintaining highperformance• Social network analyticswith lightweightMapReduce• Flexibility to roll out newsocial features quickly• Sped up reads from 30seconds to tens ofmilliseconds• Dramatically increasedwrite performance
    33. 33. 33Runs centralized data management platform foronline gaming on MongoDBCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• Built new data modeland management layerfor each new game• Complex, redundantcode• MySQL unable to keepup with performanceand scalabilityrequirements• Proactively scale toaccommodate growthvia sharding• Automated failover andability to add nodeswithout downtime• MMS for monitoring anddiagnostics• Freedom to focus ongame play instead ofback-end infrastructure• Greater agility, fasterdevelopment iteration• Ease of operationsreduced burden for on-call admins
    34. 34. 34Powers content-serving web platform onMongoDB to deliver dynamic data to usersCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• Static web content• Siloed data stores,disparate technologies• Unable to aggregateand integrate data fordynamic content• Support for agiledevelopment• Easy to use andmaintain• Low subscription andHW costs• Ability to serve dynamiccontent• Decreased TCO• Replaced multipletechnologies with singleMongoDB database
    35. 35. 35Stores user and location-based data in MongoDBfor social networking mobile appCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• Relational architecturecould not scale• Check-in data growthhit single-node capacityceiling• Significant work to buildcustom sharding layer• Auto-sharding to scalehigh-traffic and fast-growing application• Geo-indexing for easyquerying of location-based data• Simple data model• Focus engineering onbuilding mobile app vs.back-end• Scale efficiently withlimited resources• Increased developerproductivity
    36. 36. 36MongoDB enables Gilt to roll out new revenue-generating features faster and cheaperCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• Monolithic Postgresarchitecture expensiveto scale• Limited ability to addnew features fordifferent business silos• Spiky server loads• Dynamic schema makes iteasy to build new features• Alignment with SOA• Cost-effective, horizontalscaling• Easy to use and maintain• Developers can launchnew services faster, e.g.,customized upsell emails• Stable, sub-msperformance oncommodity hardware• Reduced complexityyields lower overhead
    37. 37. 37MongoDB powers big data analytics for cloud-based threat intelligence systemCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• Other products couldn’thandle both scalabilityand depth offunctionality needs,e.g.,• Hbase/Hadoop couldnot execute complexqueries• Lucene could not scaleeasily• Scales with auto-sharding• Flexibility to add newanalytics continuously• Language & driver diversity• Geospatial indexing forthreat hot spots• Scale by orders ofmagnitude with little effort• Lower latency by over 3x• Ability to change schemaon the fly boosts developerproductivity and morale• Accelerates time to market
    38. 38. 38Stores one of world’s largest record repositoriesand searchable catalogues in MongoDBCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• One of world’s largestrecord repositories• Move to SOA requirednew approach to datastore• RDBMS could notsupport centralized datamgt and federation ofinformation services• Fast, easy scalability• Full query language• Complex metadatastorage• Will scale to 100s of TBby 2013, PB by 2020• Searchable catalogueof varied data types• Decreased SW andsupport costs
    39. 39. 39Serves variety of content and user services onmultiple platforms to 7M web and mobile usersCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• MySQL reached scaleceiling – could not copewith performance andscalability demands• Metadata managementtoo challenging withrelational model• Hard to integrateexternal data sources• Unrivaled performance• Simple scalability andhigh availability• Intuitive mapping• Eliminated 6B+ rows ofattributes – insteadcreates single documentper user / piece of content• Supports 115,000+queries per second• Saved £2M+ over 3 yrs.• “Lead time for newimplementations is cutmassively”• MongoDB is defaultchoice for all newprojects
    40. 40. 40Social e-commerce application built on MongoDBoffers 100M+ products from over 30K brandsCase StudyProblem Why MongoDB Results• MySQL could notaccommodate growth• Significant optimizationrequired to tune MySQLperformance• Database maintenanceinhibited development• Flexible data model tohandle varying productattributes• Scalability for global reach• Ease of maintenance• Consistent performanceeven when adding dataand new features• Boosted developerproductivity• Scaled from 5M to100M products withminimal work• Decreased productimport time by 90%
    41. 41. How to Enroll andWhat’s Next?
    42. 42. 42Resource LocationMongoDB Downloads 10gen.com/downloadFree Online Training education.10gen.comWebinars and Events 10gen.com/eventsWhite Papers 10gen.com/white-papersCase Studies 10gen.com/customersPresentations 10gen.com/presentationsDocumentation docs.mongodb.orgAdditional Info info@10gen.comFor More InformationResource Location
    43. 43. 43• 10gen Partners (100+)– http://www.10gen.com/partners• Partner Program Overview– http://www.10gen.com/partners/partner-program• Apply now!– http://www.10gen.com/partners/partner-application• Contact me:– Luca.Olivari@10gen.comPartnership Program Details