How Dreams Are Created


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Inspiration comes from the strangest places. Author, Jo Ann Brown, shares some of her most inspiring moments. She defines how her dreams were created and how she successfully accomplished her goals. She shares her newest inspiration to help people overcome financial literacy.

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How Dreams Are Created

  1. 1. quot;What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.quot; — Napoleon Hill About Me - Jo Ann Brown
  2. 2. This is me. Jo Ann Brown
  3. 3. I wasn't born with a quot;Silverspoonquot; In my mouth
  4. 4. I was once very, very poor.
  5. 5. A cotton field Is where I spent my early childhood - every summer.
  6. 6. At age 5, I picked 50 lbs of cotton a day. At age 10, I picked 300 lbs of cotton a day.
  7. 7. We carried the cotton on our backs from the field to be weighed. Everybody said - quot;You are a hard worker.quot;
  8. 8. Earnings Went To My Mother - $3 Per Hundred Pounds
  9. 9. We had nothing.
  10. 10. No Indoor Plumbing We pumped water from a well and brought it into the house.
  11. 11. No Indoor Bathroom Slop Jar This was our toilet. We urinated and had stools in a slop jar at night. Outhouse Daytime toilet
  12. 12. No Indoor Bathroom Bathtub Every child took a bath in the same water. Girls were first. I didn't know that I was poor. Because everybody in my neighborhood lived like this.
  13. 13. My mother preached everyday.
  14. 14. Go To College Lincoln University All 5 college graduates attended this University.
  15. 15. So you don't have to live like me.
  16. 16. In 1969, the families believed in helping each other.
  17. 17. My brother-in-law said to me - Gal, you're gonna mess up your life - quot;Come and live with us.quot;
  18. 18. Eye Opener At age 15, year 1969, my sister let me move from Wardell and live with her.
  19. 19. I Moved To Florissant, MO
  20. 20. Excellent Schools & Beautiful Homes
  21. 21. But, I Had No Social Life Hazelwood Central H. S. 1969 -1971 19 blacks 5,000 whites
  22. 22. Church - Two Times a Week Wagner Ave - Church of Christ Thursday night bible class Two services on Sunday
  23. 23. Babysitting - My First Business (50 cents an hour)
  24. 24. I Learned How To Save and Invest My Babysitting Income
  25. 25. College Education Fund I saved a $1,000 and I bought a stereo and a television.
  26. 26. I Also Started A Hope Chest With Money From Babysitting. And, filled it with every thing I'd need for a house.
  27. 27. One day, at age 16, my oldest brother - quot;June Bugquot; Came to Florissant and visited us with a friend.
  28. 28. The friend told us, his wife's parents gave them $10,000 as a wedding gift.
  29. 29. That's when it happened
  30. 30. I started dreaming about what I could do to help my children get started.
  31. 31. College Bound!
  32. 32. My brother-in-law said (more words of wisdom)
  33. 33. You can graduate from college in 2 1/2 years.
  34. 34. So, That's What I Did. I enrolled into college January 1971 and graduated May 1974. I completed a one year intership with McDonnell Douglas during that time.
  35. 35. I Learned How To Set Goals Colleges use to charge a flat fee per semester. The fee was based on taking 12 hours. Anything over 12 hours, you didn't have to pay for. So, I would enroll for 12 hours at the beginning of the semester and summer school. Then, I would add additional hours. I took as many as 23 hours during the semester and 15 hours during summer school.
  36. 36. My Reward! I received 13 job offers! when I graduated from Lincoln University - Jefferson City, MO
  37. 37. I chose to work for - The General Accounting Office
  38. 38. Reason #1
  39. 39. Opportunity to Travel
  40. 40. Reason #2
  41. 41. Job Security - No Layoffs!
  42. 42. Got Married
  43. 43. Bought A House
  44. 44. Started A Family
  45. 45. Next Business - Rehab Property
  46. 46. Ah Hah Moment #1 Create Passive Income
  47. 47. Ah Hah Moment #2 Give my children a house.
  48. 48. My Success I have given both children a house and a car. Goals help you achieve anything.
  49. 49. My New Inspiration - Barack Obama Giving Back To The Community
  50. 50. Personal Finance What They Don't Teach In School Changing An Old Belief: quot;I Don't Understand Financequot; To A New Belief: quot;Yes I Canquot;
  51. 51. Classes, Seminars, Workshops...
  52. 52.