Elite Guide To Earn Extra Money Online


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An elite guide to earn extra money online.

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Elite Guide To Earn Extra Money Online

  1. 1. “Experience Financial Freedom”- Let your money work for you
  2. 2. Tired of thinking how to make extra money online?Me too! I’ve been a freelancer for 2 years and working 14hrs/day but I can’t see the light of success. Until I discover this amazing program JUSTBEENPAID (JBP)
  3. 3. ……here in JUSTBEENPAIDDiscover the Power of..."Something PositiveAlways Happening!“
  4. 4. How it works…GET PAID EVERY SINGLE DAY! You can invest for as lowas $10.Buy JSS Triple Postion for $10 EACH.The more positions, the more daily earnings youll getEx: 5 positions ($50) = $1 daily earning 10 positions ($100) = $2 daily earnings 20 positions ($200) = $4 daily earnings 100 positions ($1,000) = $20 daily earnings 500 positions ($5,000) = $100 daily earnings 1000 positions ($10,000) = $200 daily earnings
  5. 5. After 81 days, youll earn without hassle, referral ORrecruitment. YOUR MONEY WORKS FOR YOU...Lets say JustBeenPaid (JBP) is just like some otherbanks....The Bank gives people 1-3% interest from depositorsmoney annuallywhile...JBP pays its members 2% interest every weekdays and1.5% interest every weekends for 81 days DAILY!!!
  6. 6. Still wondering???Heres another case...If youll deposit $1,000 to your bank and it gives you 1% interestannually. By the end of the year, your money will become $1,010. Youhave only earned $10 for one year.But in JPB...If youll deposit $1,000 to your bank and it gives you 2% interest fromMonday - Friday and 1.5% during Saturday and Sunday...For 81DAYS, your money will become $1,505.$1,000 x 58 days x 2% = $1,160$1,000 x 23 days x 1.5% = $ 345$ 1,160 + $345 = $1,505Earnings = $1,505 - $1,000 = $ 505YOU EARNED $ 505 FOR 81 DAYS ONLY
  8. 8. --- START NOW!!! TO EXPERIENCE FINANCIAL FREEDOM! ---Getting Started…1. The Sign-Up ProcessTIP: It is advisable to use Gmail account for your email address. If you donthave an email account yet, please sign up HERE.Sign Up for a FREE JUST BEEN PAID ACCOUNT (CLICK HERE)Confirm your email address for Just Been Paid. Go to your Inbox or Spam Folder and open the message from: help@justbeenpaid.com Keep a note of your JustBeenPaid Member ID and passwordClick the confirmation link.
  9. 9. 2. Claim your free $10 to start up your accountOnce youre logged into your JustBeenPaid (JBP) MEMBERS AREA(Back Office) click on the JSS Tripler New members start herebutton, as shown below:After clicking the JSS Tripler button, you will be redirected to this pageas shown above.
  10. 10. Click Enter the JSS Tripler Member Area
  11. 11. On the next page, click on Access JSS Account button
  12. 12. To complete Step 2, click Submit Your Contact Information to Proceed
  13. 13. STEP 2Update your profile and Set Up your FREEpayment processors.If you do not have any account yet on each of thepayment processor, click on the different paymentprocessor below:Liberty Reserve REGISTER HEREPayza REGISTER HEREEgopay REGISTER HERESolidtrustpay REGISTER HEREPerfect Money REGISTER HERE
  14. 14. After setting up your payment processors, link it toyour JBP account.On JustBeenPaid (JBP) MEMBERS AREA (BackOffice), click on the Profile link button and then click ontheManage your payment processors link (as shownbelow).
  15. 15. This will open a page where you are toenter your SolidTrust Pay, Egopay, LibertyReserve, Payza and Perfect Money emailaddress/username and click on the Submitbutton to save.Dont forget to confirm your respectiveprocessing payment account in your email.
  16. 16. STEP 3Verifying your payment processors, Funding yourAccount and Buy Tripler!1. After linking your payment processors, you will need totransfer your funds from your banks or Credit Card to yourpayment processor accounts (Solidtrustpay or Payza).2. Login to your payment processor and deposit money toyour account. You have to be verified to be able to fund bigcash. Just visit their website for more details.3. Once your payment processors are funded, you cannow fund your just been paid account. First, Log in toJustBeenPaid CLICK HERE.
  17. 17. 4. Fund your JustBeenPaid account (JSS BACK OFFICE)using your payment processor.-----------Watch this video! How to fund your Main JSSAccount-------------5. From your JSS Account transfer your fund to your JSSTripler Account to buy Positions.----------Watch this Video! How To Fund Your JSS TriplerAccount-----------6. Buy your Tripler position now and Start EARNING!!!--------Watch this Video! How To Buy Tripler Position---------Didn’t sign up yet? CLICK HERE for free registration andstart earning!!!
  18. 18. STEP 4Marketing Strategies1. Repurchase – every time your JSS Tripler Balance will reach $10 ormore. You need to repurchase in order to increase the number of yourpositions and also your daily earnings! “The more positions youbuy, the more earnings you will get”. Check your JSS DAILY!2. Referral/Referral links – JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler has a two tierreferral system. You will get 10% for 1st level referral and 2nd levelreferral. You’re commissions will only up to 2nd level referral unlikeother online schemes.You can get your referral links by: • Logg in in to JUSTBEENPAID. •Make sure you’re at the back office area. •Click on the “Marketing” button •Click “You’re affiliate websites” •You will have 69 ads that you can use to advertise this program. =)
  19. 19. 3. Upgrade your Brain – Read, read and read every link that you will see onthe site. This will be your new business and you need to study to be able toearn passive income.Important links:My details Skype: chemedz67 Email: chemickz07@gmail.comJustbeenpaid has a 24/7 support facilitated by justbeenpaid members aroundthe globe. Moderators will help you answer your questions. Click here link toaccess the support group. (only put your username)Access the marketing website of JUSTBEENPAID HERE -http://marketing.justbeenpaid.com/http://www.justbeenpaid.com/faqs/marketing.phpIf you have any concerns you can always check out the HELP section foundon EVERY page in the TOP LEFT corner of the JustBeenPaid Website.Reminder: Only fund an amount that you can afford to lose!