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Summative Reflection

  1. 1. Frankarlo Figueroa10th Literature/CompositionEnd of Semester Summative Reflections 1. During this project, I have learned so much about the military through my research. I have learned more in depth with the values of the military. I have learned a lot about military family programs and child services. I do not have any questions. But I did leave out a lot of information on the family programs because it would have taken me another week to collect and summarize the information. 2. One of the challenges did not know anything about Prezi. To be honest, I have never done a Prezi before. I should have listened to Ms. Hamilton and watched her videos, but I have learned how to use a Prezi by myself. Another challenge was hot to use Slideshare. I also learned that by myself. 3. I found that combining, summarizing, and finalizing all of my information was the most difficult thing about this project. I did not want to drag on any information or leave anything to short. It was especially hard for me when I summarized about the military values and programs. The most rewarding thing was to find all these things about the military. Everyone else did the negative so I wanted to do something good and informative. I am glad that I have done my project on the benefits of the military.
  2. 2. 4. To be honest, the books did not do any effect on my decision of my topic. The fishbowls did actually have influence on me. I kept hearing all these negative effects about war and military so I wanted to be original. I decided that my life is surrounded by pro-military people that my topic was going to be the benefits of the military.5. Well I have always planned in going into the military. This project has made me realize my options and the decisions I am going to take when I am older. Also, now I know how to use Slideshare, Prezi, and Easybib. So I keep using these tools in future until I find something that is more efficient and easier.6. What I think I did well was my research. I believe that I went to websites that had more than enough information. I think that my organization skills were another thing that I have done well. I thank Scoop It for that. My Prezi is the thing that I am most proud of. I have put so much information, videos, and images. My path is not confusing. Nothing in my Prezi is distracting.7. The most challenging aspect of this project was the time management. Sometimes I have been too close to the deadlines. My procrastination and my laziness always held me back in this project. I have to work on my motivation more.8. I believe that my research fishing and summarizing skills have improved deeply since last semester. This has cut down the time I spend on research by a lot. 1.1.5 Evaluate information found in selected sources on the basis of accuracy, validity, and appropriateness for needs, importance, and social and cultural context. I feel like I
  3. 3. type faster as well from all the organizing I have done. 2.1.2 Organize knowledge so that it is useful.9. I think that doing a Prezi has my visual learning skills. It has also helped me by putting videos, images and text together so I can keep the audience informed and interested. The original paper would have been boring and not as adventurous. I am glad that I chose to do a Prezi.10. I have used Symbaloo as my information dashboard. I did not use it that much. I used Scoop It to organize and go to my sources. I think I will only use it if I have over fifty sources. I do not think I will use Symbaloo again in the future. The only thing that my Symbaloo says is that I will only use things that I find useless only if I am required to use it.11. Well I have learned all the tricks and turns of Prezi. So I have learned more computer skills. Also my analytical reading skills have improved. It used to take me a half hour to find the essential information in a source but now it only takes me ten minutes. This is a skill that will not make me waste my time next year in American Literature and Composition.