Summative learning reflections


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Summative learning reflections

  1. 1. Miles 1Adam MilesMrs. LesterHon World Lit1 May 2012 Summative Learning Reflections 1. I learned a lot about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One of the biggest things I learned is that soldiers cannot forget their traumatic memories, and that they can only learn to cope with their memories in a different manner. I also learned that the medication that is available does not cure soldiers of PTSD; instead, it treats the symptoms like nightmares and anxiety. I do not have any other questions. 2. I worked by myself, so the biggest issue for me was procrastination. Some days, without a group to motivate me to work, it was easy to put off doing research, writing a paragraph, or making notecards. I dealt with this challenge by working at home and on the weekends to get the work done. As for the other mentioned issues, I had a minor problem with search terms, but Mrs. Hamilton helped me with that. 3. I found that getting enough information and enough sources in a timely fashion. This was especially difficult for me due to my procrastination issue. The thing that I found most rewarding was information and research skills that I learned. I found out a lot of things that I did not know about PTSD. I also learned valuable research skills, such as making a shaping sheet, which I had not previously done before. 4. The books and fishbowl discussions were a major influence on my choice of topic. Reading about the horrible things that happened in World War I influenced me to choose my first research question: How do soldiers develop PTSD? Reading my book and the
  2. 2. Miles 2 fishbowl discussions influenced me to pick the other two topics: Why is PTSD difficult to treat? and What is being done to cure soldiers with PTSD?5. The learning experience that will have the largest impact on me is reading the non-fiction articles and composing the final project. Like I said earlier, making the final product taught me many valuable research skills. I am sure that this will help me in American Lit next year, and in college further down the road. Also, reading the non-fiction articles taught me things that I will remember for a while. This project has really changed my view of PTSD and the recovery process that I thought was very easy for soldiers before now.6. I believe that I did well on the final product. I am very proud of that. I have spent eight weeks making this paper, and I think that I did it very well. There are seven pages in total. I feel that I got a lot of facts into the essay and answered my research questions very well.7. The most challenging thing is this project was meeting the deadlines for the various aspects of the creation process. I handled this challenge by working at home, working on the weekend, and sometimes coming to school early in the morning to work on the computers.8. While doing this project, I believe that I developed many of my literacy skills. A few that I feel that I really improved in are the 1.1 inquiry skills and the 1.4 Self-assessment Strategies. I feel that I am a much better researcher, that I have better research skills to help me find the information that I want, and that I can manage myself much better now that I know these things.
  3. 3. Miles 39. During the time that I spent creating this project, I learned many things about this unit, especially about the inquiry process. I learned how to narrow my searches down on google news to get the information that I wanted. I also learned more about how to refine my searches on databases, such as turning on boolean searching instead of traditional searching.10. For this project, I used Symbaloo for my information dashboard. However, I did not use it very much. If I needed to go to a specific article, I went to Easybib and copied the web address. I just did not feel that I needed to take the time to create another tile, and then have to pull up and sign into my symbaloo account when I already had Easybib opened. In the future, I might try to use it a little more. I might be more prone to use it once I get familiar with the interface. I might try to use it for other research assignments in other classes next. I think that this says that I am a learner that does not like to try new things.11. I learned how to find better articles on the web, weed out good articles from untrustworthy ones, and use other online tools such as Google Docs. I will use many of these tools for my Lit class next year.