Frankarlo's Research Design Proposal


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Frankarlo's Research Design Proposal

  1. 1. Frankarlo Figueroa10th Honors World Literature/ CompositionLesterSpring 2012 Research Design ProposalIntroduction The American military have always been a force for good. Hundreds of thousands of people arein the military today. The military transforms young men and women into an array of skills and careersthat will have long-lasting for the nation as well as for themselves.What I Know and Why am I Interested in this Topic My grandfather has recently retired from the military. I have visited him several times over thepast years and been to a couple of military bases. He has told me a lot of interesting things about themilitary. I have learned all the requirements of to be in the military. A civilian must be 17 with a parentalconsent or 18 to join the U.S., and they must pass the physical examination, a drug test, and a completevision test. My grandfather and many other veterans have also told me of the benefits. The G.I. Bill isfree college credits earned through active years of service which applies to almost all of the colleges inAmerica. The pay for anyone who joins now is $3100 which way more than minimum wage. The militarygives a soldier free housing if you do not have any children or a spouse. If a soldier does have childrenand/or a spouse, you will get more pay and they receive free health insurance and free life insurance. I am interested in the topic because my grandfather is in the military. He has always told meeverything I need to know and I look up to him. I am also interested in this topic because we have beenresearching and reading the bad side of the military so I wanted to use my knowledge and go against thetide.What I Want to Learn I want learn more of the special kinds of pay that different service members get. I already knowthe difference between the branches but some jobs get more pay than others. I would like to exploremore of these special teams. I know already know a bit about the AARP. I don’t know how limited arethe families are with the insurances.Question I Have 1. What are the different pays between the different kinds of soldiers within the same branch? 2. What other jobs are there than just the regular combat and medical? 3. What are the different insurances that families of G.I. s can get?
  2. 2. 4. How much does a family get when their family member dies in combat? 5. How much less does an active duty service member get than an active duty combat soldier? 6. What different free housing options does an officer get than a regular enlisted soldier get? 7. Other than money, what are the different motivations to join the army? 8. How is the military influencing the public today? 9. What do the families of service members think about them going on long tours?Primary Research Questions 1. What are the benefits of the military? 2. What are the motivations for people to join the military today? 3. What are the different kinds of benefits do the service members’ families get?Research Plan My favorite research database is Gale Opposing Viewpoints. It tells both sides of the argumentso it tells you which side you are weak on and which side you are strong in. It also gives you some legitsources and goes in depth with its information. I also would like to use The bestinformation is from the source. Since my last experiences with were exceptional, I plan to once again. It has helped me before to organize and use it for a kind of a layout. I would like touse Symbaloo this project because I do not know much about Netvibes and Symbaloo looks moreorganized. I have used Noodletools before but I have decided to side with Easybib this project. It seemseasier and more efficient.Content Creation Tools I plan to use Prezi for my fore front of this project. I feel like Prezi is the best choice for me forthis project. I will use Slideshare and Microsoft Word to type my shaping sheet and upload to theinternet. I also plan to use Scoop It to organize my information.