Segment Discovery (Greg Phillips)


Uncover the attributes of customers who perform the best.

Uncover the attributes of customers who perform the best.

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  • 1. #monetatesummit GregPhillips,formerlyofOfficeMax SegmentDiscovery Uncovertheattributesofcustomers whoperformthebest.
  • 2. The Problem:
 Back to School Season • One of the largest sale seasons for the industry. ! • Wanted to effectively segment out our user groups and provide relevant onsite experiences. ! • Focus on a few key groups –K-5 –Middle/junior high-school –High-school –College
  • 3. The Process – With LivePredict How to Uncover New Segments
  • 4. The Process • Defined what we were looking for: – We are looking to discover BTS shoppers that are most valuable to us. ! • Look at the numbers to help direct you initially. – Customers with the highest Average Order Value – Preferences for higher margin items – High repeat purchase frequency
  • 5. College Back-to-Schoolers ! • Propensity to buy bigger ticket items - Laptops - Desks - Futons and chairs ! • Often in a heavily populated area not inside a major metropolitan area ! • Age demographic of 18-25
  • 6. Live Predict and Geo Targeting • Using the Monetate LivePredict tool we are able to uncover new segments based on our assumptions. ! A few examples: ! - High proportion of population under 24 - High populated non-metropolitan areas - Education level
  • 7. LivePredict General ScreenShot
  • 8. The Solution – Targeted Assets • College Back to School Banner ! ! ! ! • Takes users to a custom page with items relevant to their interests. • Only shows to users in those specified demographic locations.
  • 9. The End Result • Segments were delivered a relevant experience upon landing.
 • More known about these customers were known. ! • Internal resources could focus on key areas based up discovery. (Efficiency)
  • 10. Recap • Begin with a goal in mind. ! • Start with low hanging fruit within your data, let that guide you. ! • Enhance with tools such as LivePredict to discover unique characteristics of your segments. ! • Target through Monetate.