Personalizing	  the	  Online	                                       	  Travel	  Experience	                               ...
Tips	  for	  Webinar	  ADendees	  •	  Audio	  problems?	  Click	  the	  “Problem	  Dialing	  In”	  link	  or	  switch	  to...
Today’s	  Presenters	         Carroll	  Rheem	         Director,	  Research	  	         PhoCusWright	         Kurt	  Heine...
Personalizing	  the	  Online	                                   	  Travel	  Experience	  Carroll	  Rheem	  Director,	  Res...
Thank	  You	  Carroll	  Rheem	  Director,	  Research	  @PhoCusWright	                                  #travelwebinar	  
Personalizing	  the	  Online	                                        	  Travel	  Experience	  Kurt	  Heinemann	  Chief	  M...
What	  is	  Relevance?	                                 #travelwebinar	  
What	  is	  Relevance?	                                 #travelwebinar	  
PersonalizaNon	  Drives	  Revenue	                                                         Source:	  IdeaWorks	  •     Sea...
PersonalizaNon	  Drives	  Revenue	     Ancillary	  fees	  may	  drive	  in	  revenues	  but	  can	  damage	     the	  expe...
Old	  School	  PersonalizaNon	                                   #travelwebinar	  
PersonalizaNon	  Challenges	                                 #travelwebinar	  
PersonalizaNon	  Challenges	                                 #travelwebinar	  
PersonalizaNon	  Challenges	                                 #travelwebinar	  
PersonalizaNon	  Challenges	                                 #travelwebinar	  
PersonalizaNon	  Challenges	                                 #travelwebinar	  
Secrets	  of	  Relevance	  •  Understand	  who	  you	  are	     talking	  to.	  •  Use	  customer	  loyalty	  to	     your...
Understand	  Who	  You	  are	  Talking	  to	     CreaTng	  narraTve	  personas	  of	  each	  of	  your	  main	  traveler	 ...
Use	  Loyalty	  to	  Your	  Advantage	                                           #travelwebinar	  
Use	  Loyalty	  to	  Your	  Advantage	                                           #travelwebinar	  
Know	  the	  Device	                              #travelwebinar	  
Leverage	  LocaNon	                            #travelwebinar	  
Leverage	  LocaNon	                            #travelwebinar	  
Maintain	  the	  Scent	  Trail	                                          #travelwebinar	  
More	  Secrets	  of	  Relevance	  •  Use	  prior	  session	  data	     and	  real-­‐Tme	  behaviors.	  •  Make	  more	  im...
Prior	  Session	  and	  Real-­‐Nme	  Data	                                             #travelwebinar	  
More	  Impact	  with	  Benefit,	  Not	  Price	                                              #travelwebinar	  
More	  Impact	  with	  Benefit,	  Not	  Price	                                              #travelwebinar	  
Your	  Relevance	  Game	  Plan	  •  Pick	  some	  targets	  (start	     with	  the	  low	  hanging	  fruit).	  •  Test	  n...
Thank	  You	  Kurt	  Heinemann	  Chief	  MarkeTng	  Officer	  @Monetate	                                       #travelwebina...
Personalizing	  the	  Online	                               	  Travel	  Experience	  QuesNons	  &	  Answers	              ...
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Personalizing the Online Travel Experience


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Learn how to drive relevant digital customer experiences by turning data into action.

Join Carroll Rheem, Senior Director, Research at PhoCusWright, and Kurt Heinemann, Chief Marketing Officer at Monetate, as they discuss how understanding website visitor behavior and your unique customer segments enables you to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

Come away with a better understanding of the value of providing website visitors with engaging and relevant content to increase booking rates and revenue.

You’ll also learn:

• How to overcome challenges regarding customer segmentation;
• Effective ways to make inventory easy to find and easy to purchase; and
• Proven best practices in website testing and optimization, including how to deliver rich experiences across your entire website.


• Carroll Rheem, Senior Director, Research, PhoCusWright
• Kurt Heinemann, Chief Marketing Officer, Monetate

Published in: Business
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Personalizing the Online Travel Experience

  1. 1. Personalizing  the  Online    Travel  Experience   Toll:  +1  (415)  655-­‐0069  October  18,  2012  |  2:00  pm  ET   Toll-­‐free:  (877)  568-­‐4108   Access  Code:  882-­‐677-­‐957   Follow  @monetate  on     #travelwebinar  
  2. 2. Tips  for  Webinar  ADendees  •  Audio  problems?  Click  the  “Problem  Dialing  In”  link  or  switch  to  the  webinar  phone  bridge  and  make  sure  your  phone  is  on  mute.    •  Use  the  “QuesTon”  box  within  GoToWebinar  to  ask  a  quesTon  or  use  the  webinar  hashtag  #travelwebinar    •  A  recording  of  the  webinar  with  the  slide  deck  will  be  available  at  within  1  to  2  business  days.   #travelwebinar  
  3. 3. Today’s  Presenters   Carroll  Rheem   Director,  Research     PhoCusWright   Kurt  Heinemann   Chief  MarkeTng  Officer   Monetate   #travelwebinar  
  4. 4. Personalizing  the  Online    Travel  Experience  Carroll  Rheem  Director,  Research  @PhoCusWright   #travelwebinar  
  5. 5. #travelwebinar  
  6. 6. #travelwebinar  
  7. 7. #travelwebinar  
  8. 8. #travelwebinar  
  9. 9. #travelwebinar  
  10. 10. #travelwebinar  
  11. 11. #travelwebinar  
  12. 12. #travelwebinar  
  13. 13. #travelwebinar  
  14. 14. #travelwebinar  
  15. 15. #travelwebinar  
  16. 16. #travelwebinar  
  17. 17. #travelwebinar  
  18. 18. #travelwebinar  
  19. 19. Thank  You  Carroll  Rheem  Director,  Research  @PhoCusWright   #travelwebinar  
  20. 20. Personalizing  the  Online    Travel  Experience  Kurt  Heinemann  Chief  MarkeTng  Officer  @Monetate   #travelwebinar  
  21. 21. #travelwebinar  
  22. 22. #travelwebinar  
  23. 23. #travelwebinar  
  24. 24. What  is  Relevance?   #travelwebinar  
  25. 25. What  is  Relevance?   #travelwebinar  
  26. 26. PersonalizaNon  Drives  Revenue   Source:  IdeaWorks  •  Seat/room  upgrades   •  Pre-­‐  and  in-­‐flight  services  •  Room  upgrades   •  Baggage  fees   #travelwebinar  
  27. 27. PersonalizaNon  Drives  Revenue   Ancillary  fees  may  drive  in  revenues  but  can  damage   the  experience.  Be  thoughdul  in  what  you  charge  for   and  how  its  packaged.  Source:  PricewaterhouseCoopers   #travelwebinar  
  28. 28. Old  School  PersonalizaNon   #travelwebinar  
  29. 29. PersonalizaNon  Challenges   #travelwebinar  
  30. 30. PersonalizaNon  Challenges   #travelwebinar  
  31. 31. PersonalizaNon  Challenges   #travelwebinar  
  32. 32. PersonalizaNon  Challenges   #travelwebinar  
  33. 33. PersonalizaNon  Challenges   #travelwebinar  
  34. 34. Secrets  of  Relevance  •  Understand  who  you  are   talking  to.  •  Use  customer  loyalty  to   your  advantage.  •  Know  the  device.  •  Leverage  locaTon.  •  Maintain  the  scent  trail.   #travelwebinar  
  35. 35. Understand  Who  You  are  Talking  to   CreaTng  narraTve  personas  of  each  of  your  main  traveler  segments   will  help  you  determine  what’s  important  to  them…  and  create  a   relevant  online  customer  experience.   #travelwebinar  
  36. 36. Use  Loyalty  to  Your  Advantage   #travelwebinar  
  37. 37. Use  Loyalty  to  Your  Advantage   #travelwebinar  
  38. 38. Know  the  Device   #travelwebinar  
  39. 39. Leverage  LocaNon   #travelwebinar  
  40. 40. Leverage  LocaNon   #travelwebinar  
  41. 41. Maintain  the  Scent  Trail   #travelwebinar  
  42. 42. More  Secrets  of  Relevance  •  Use  prior  session  data   and  real-­‐Tme  behaviors.  •  Make  more  impact  with   benefit  not  price.  •  Look  at  the  experience   through  the  consumers’   eyes.   #travelwebinar  
  43. 43. Prior  Session  and  Real-­‐Nme  Data   #travelwebinar  
  44. 44. More  Impact  with  Benefit,  Not  Price   #travelwebinar  
  45. 45. More  Impact  with  Benefit,  Not  Price   #travelwebinar  
  46. 46. Your  Relevance  Game  Plan  •  Pick  some  targets  (start   with  the  low  hanging  fruit).  •  Test  new  ideas.  •  Learn  quickly  and  iterate.  •  Find  those  “Goldilocks   moments.”  •  Try  and  try  again.   #travelwebinar  
  47. 47. Thank  You  Kurt  Heinemann  Chief  MarkeTng  Officer  @Monetate   #travelwebinar  
  48. 48. Personalizing  the  Online    Travel  Experience  QuesNons  &  Answers   #travelwebinar  
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