Kiddicare: Multichannel Success from Data-Driven Decisions


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Find out how the U.K.’s leading retailer of baby supplies and apparel leverages data to create a seamless multichannel strategy that’s delivery the most relevant content to customers.

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Kiddicare: Multichannel Success from Data-Driven Decisions

  1. 1. a publication fromcustomer story:MultichannelSuccessfromData-DrivenDecisions
  2. 2. Kiddicare, one of the U.K.’s leading retailers of baby supplies and apparel, is dedicated to making life happier and easier forparents. We caught up with Simon Harrow, head of digital trading at Kiddicare, to find out how the company uses Monetate.Why did Kiddicare decide towork with Monetate?Kiddicare has been the U.K.’s largest online baby retailer for some time. It’san interesting time for Kiddicare, because we’re transitioning from a pure-play ecommerce website into a multichannel business. We’re a third ofthe way through an aggressive rollout program, setting up 10 new storesacross the country.ThisstrategyplaystothecultureofKiddicare.We’rebuildingamultichannelbusiness out of a dot-com mentality, and that means we’re still heavilyfocused on data.Ecommercebusinesses,foralongtime,havehadalotofdata,andKiddicarehas always been data-rich. But there’s a difference between being data-rich and being data-driven. Data is useless on its own. It has to be turnedinto insight. And that’s where Monetate comes in.Multichannel Success from Data-Driven Decisionsa monetate customer story | 2
  3. 3. How has using Monetate improved Kiddicare’swebsite testing and optimisation strategy?Using Monetate in combination with Kiddicare’s test-and-learn strategyhas been a great match. We are using Monetate to run short, sharp websitetests to build data, build insight, and then make decisions that are moregrounded. The ability to set up these tests very quickly for large or smallgroups of website visitors allows us to fail faster, learn quickly, and takecalculated risks that pay is in perpetual beta. Nothing is ever finished, and we don’twait for things to be 100% right. We try something new, then launch it onthe website and see what happens as we continue to try to improve onthat test.Monetate has gone from being a piece of kitthat we bought because it looked interesting tobeing at the center of our ecommerce strategy.- Simon Harrow, head of digital trading, KiddicareMultichannel Success from Data-Driven Decisionsa monetate customer story | 3
  4. 4. What are some of your favouriteMonetate-powered campaigns?Right now, we’re using Monetate for location targeting around our storeopenings. We display targeted messages on the website for visitors inthe areas around our up-and-coming stores to help drive our recruitmentefforts, among other things. Our human resources department absolutelyloves this feature. Our website gets around 1 million unique visitors permonth across the U.K., so when we’re opening stores in really prominentlocations—Birmingham, London, Southampton—the ability to tap intothat huge amount of website traffic to drive awareness, and let them knowwe’re coming to their area, has been hugely powerful from a recruitmentperspective alone.The business side of our operation doesn’t mind handing over that realestate in very prominent website locations because we aren’t diluting ourmessages to everyone else across the country. We’re only showing thosemessages to visitors in specific areas, so the website is still relevant forvisitors who aren’t near a store location.Once the stores open, we’ve got a great marketing platform in Monetatethat we can use to promote that they’re now open, as well as the servicecustomers can expect in-store, as a way to build trust. And to visitors notnear a store location, we can still promote our next-day delivery. We’reputting the right message to the right person based on where they are,and it’s made our multichannel messaging that much stronger.Multichannel Success from Data-Driven Decisionsa monetate customer story | 4
  5. 5. What’s the best part about using Monetate?Monetate has gone from being a piece of kit that we bought because itlooked interesting to being at the center of our ecommerce strategy.It’s giving us the ability, within a corporate organisation, to take morecalculated risks, to make changes to the website outside of development,outside of IT, outside of code-freezes. With Monetate, we can be agile,fluid, and make a commercial difference to Kiddicare.The ability to test and learn as fast as we’ve been able to with Monetatehas paid itself back 10 times over already. We’re taking the emotions outof our decisions and going with what the data tells us about what ourcustomers want.Monetate gives us the ability to make very small changes or very largechanges, and very easily understand the impact of those choices basedon data. With Monetate, you’re only limited by your imagination. Fromchanging the color of a button to redesigning an entire page, you canmake sure it works before it reaches the masses of your customers. UsingMonetate, we’ve seen a tangible, commercial benefit to Kiddicare.Data is useless on its own.It has to be turned into insight.And that’s where Monetate comes in.- Simon Harrow, head of digital trading, KiddicareMultichannel Success from Data-Driven Decisionsa monetate customer story | 5
  6. 6. AboutMonetateMonetate empowers marketers to leverage big data to create morepersonalized and engaging online customer experiences. By providingmore relevant web interactions, leading brands are able to anticipate andreact to consumer preferences to generate stronger customer relationshipsand significantly increase profits.Monetate drives billions of dollars of revenue every year for some of thebest-known brands in the world, including Best Buy, Frontier Airlines,Aeropostale, The Sports Authority, and PETCO. The company’s solutionsand conversion expertise enable marketers to deliver a more relevantcustomer experience with unprecedented agility.Leading marketers rely on Monetate’s cloud-based browser solutions toachieve a new level of speed and control, allowing them to run 16 timesmore optimization campaigns compared to industry averages. Monetatesolutions include advanced products for testing, merchandising, targetingand cross-channel consistency, providing an opportunity to bypass ITrestraints and react in real time to customer demands. Monetate also helpsmarketers implement best practices and drive online revenue through itsexpert strategic services and content publishing teams.Multichannel Success from Data-Driven Decisionsa monetate customer story | 6
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