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If u have any mania.........lolll

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  1. 1. Word Definitionablutomania mania for washing oneselfaboulomania pathological indecisivenessagromania intense desire to be in open spacesandromania Nymphomaniaanglomania craze or obsession with England and the Englishanthomania obsession with flowersaphrodisiomania abnormal sexual interestarithmomania obsessive preoccupation with numbersballetomania abnormal fondness for balletbibliomania craze for books or readingbruxomania compulsion for grinding teethcacodemomania pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spiritcatapedamania obsession with jumping from high placeschinamania obsession with collecting chinachoreomania dancing mania or frenzyclinomania excessive desire to stay in bedcopromania obsession with fecescytheromania Nymphomaniadacnomania obsession with killingdemonomania pathological belief that one is possessed by demonsdinomania mania for dancingdipsomania abnormal craving for alcoholdiscomania obsession for disco musicdoramania obsession with owning fursdoromania obsession with giving giftsdrapetomania intense desire to run away from homedromomania compulsive longing for travelecdemomania abnormal compulsion for wanderingegomania irrational self-centered attitude or self-worshipeleutheromania manic desire for freedomempleomania mania for holding public officeenosimania pathological belief that one has sinnedentheomania abnormal belief that one is divinely inspiredepomania craze for writing epicsergasiomania excessive desire to work; ergomaniaergomania excessive desire to work; workaholism
  2. 2. erotomania abnormally powerful sex driveetheromania craving for etherethnomania obsessive devotion to ones own peopleeulogomania obsessive craze for eulogiesflagellomania abnormal enthusiasm for floggingflorimania craze for flowersfrancomania craze or obsession with France and the Frenchgallomania craze or obsession with France and the Frenchgamomania obsession with issuing odd marriage proposalsGraecomania obsession with Greece and the Greeksgraphomania obsession with writinggynaecomania abnormal sexual obsession with womenhabromania insanity featuring cheerful delusionshagiomania mania for sainthoodHellenomania obsession with Greece and the Greeks; Graecomaniahexametromania mania for writing in hexameterhieromania pathological religious visions or delusionshippomania obsession with horseshydromania irrational craving for waterhylomania excessive tendency towards materialismhypermania severe maniahypomania minor maniahysteromania Nymphomaniaiconomania obsession with icons or portraitsidolomania obsession or devotion to idolsinfomania excessive devotion to accumulating factsislomania craze or obsession for islandsItalomania obsession with Italy or Italianskleptomania irrational predilection for stealingklopemania Kleptomanialogomania pathological loquacitylypemania extreme pathological mournfulnessmacromania delusion that objects are larger than natural sizemegalomania abnormal tendency towards grand or grandiose behaviourmelomania craze for musicmethomania morbid craving for alcoholmetromania insatiable desire for writing verse
  3. 3. micromania pathological self-deprecation or belief that one is very smallmonomania abnormal obsession with a single thought or ideamorphinomania habitual craving or desire for morphinemusomania obsession with musicmythomania lying or exaggerating to an abnormal extentnarcomania uncontrollable craving for narcoticsnecromania sexual obsession with dead bodies; necrophilianosomania delusion of suffering from a diseasenostomania abnormal desire to go back to familiar placesnymphomania excessive or crazed sexual desireoenomania obsession or craze for wineoligomania obsession with a few thoughts or ideasoniomania mania for making purchasesonomamania mania for namesonomatomania irresistible desire to repeat certain wordsonychotillomania compulsive picking at the fingernailsopiomania craving for opiumopsomania abnormal love for one kind of foodorchidomania abnormal obsession with orchidsparousiamania obsession with the second coming of Christpathomania moral insanitypeotillomania abnormal compulsion for pulling on the penisphagomania excessive desire for food or eatingphaneromania habit of biting one’s nailspharmacomania abnormal obsession with trying drugsphonomania pathological tendency to murderphotomania pathological desire for lightphyllomania excessive or abnormal production of leavesphytomania obsession with collecting plantsplanomania abnormal desire to wander and disobey social normsplutomania mania for moneypolemomania mania for warpoliticomania mania for politicspolkamania craze for polka dancingpolymania mania affecting several different mental facultiesporiomania abnormal compulsion to wanderpornomania obsession with pornography
  4. 4. potichomania craze for imitating Oriental porcelainpotomania abnormal desire to drink alcoholpseudomania irrational predilection for lyingpteridomania passion for fernspyromania craze for starting firesrhinotillexomania compulsive nose pickingrinkomania obsession with skatingsatyromania abnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasisscribbleomania obsession with scribblingsebastomania religious insanitysitiomania morbid aversion to foodsophomania delusion that one is incredibly intelligentsquandermania irrational propensity for spending money wastefullystampomania obsession with stamp-collectingsyphilomania pathological belief that one is afflicted with syphilistechnomania craze for technologyTeutomania obsession with Teutonic or German thingsthanatomania belief that one has been affected by death magic, and resulting illnesstheatromania craze for going to playstheomania belief that one is a godtimbromania craze for stamp collectingtomomania irrational predilection for performing surgerytoxicomania morbid craving for poisonstrichotillomania neurosis where patient pulls out own hairtulipomania obsession with tulipstyphomania delirious state resulting from typhus fevertypomania craze for printing one’s lucubrationsuranomania obsession with the idea of divinityverbomania craze for wordsxenomania inordinate attachment to foreign thingszoomania insane fondness for animals