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Learn how to download free Magazines that you get to keep using your Monash Public Library card and a tablet or computer.

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Digital Magazine @ Monash

  1. 1. Digital Magazines @ Monash
  2. 2. Before we start… This video shows you how to download free digital magazines from Monash libraries. The screenshots were taken with an iPad, but the same instructions apply to Android tablets/smartphones as well. Enjoy!
  3. 3. What is Zinio? Access to full, cover-to-cover magazines as soon as they hit the shelves!
  4. 4. Step 1: Create a Zinio for Libraries account
  5. 5. Go to: Tap Online Resources
  6. 6. Tap Popular Magazines
  7. 7. Tap the Library & Home use link under Zinio
  8. 8. Tap Create New Account
  9. 9. Type your library card number & tap Next
  10. 10. Enter your details, make up a password, & tap Create Account
  11. 11. You are now logged in to the Library’s Zinio collection
  12. 12. Step 2: Browse & checkout magazines
  13. 13. Tap the All Genres drop-down box & scroll through available genres Tap on a genre you like
  14. 14. Tap on the magazine you want to download & tap Complete Checkout
  15. 15. A new tab will open in your browser To pick up your subscription, you must now create a personal Zinio account.
  16. 16. Use the same email address & password you used for your Zinio for Libraries account. Tap Register.
  17. 17. You will be logged into your personal Zinio library , where you will see all the titles you have checked out
  18. 18. Always checkout magazines from your browser, not the Zinio app. Toggle between the RB Digital Gateway tab & the Your Reading List |Zinio tab as you checkout.
  19. 19. Tip: To skip the log-ins in future, bookmark the Library’s Zinio page & don’t log out of either Zinio account when you finish. Just close the tabs.
  20. 20. Step 3: Download the Zinio app
  21. 21. Search for Zinio in the App Store. Tap Install.
  22. 22. Tap OK
  23. 23. Tap to close this welcome message
  24. 24. Tap Read
  25. 25. Tap Not a member?
  26. 26. Enter the email address & password of your personal Zinio account. Tap Submit.
  27. 27. Tap the arrow on any cover to download the magazine to your device
  28. 28. Enjoy! The magazine will stay on your device as long as you want it to.
  29. 29. Final Tip: Use the handy Text option when reading on a small device…
  30. 30. …or to make a recipe easier to read in the kitchen.
  31. 31. Like so!
  32. 32. Questions? Email us: