Downloading eBooks & eAudiobooks from Monash Libraries

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Got a tablet or smartphone? Fill it up with great eBooks and eAudiobooks, thanks to your Monash library card! …

Got a tablet or smartphone? Fill it up with great eBooks and eAudiobooks, thanks to your Monash library card!
Still have questions? We're always happy to help, so message us on Facebook (
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  • 1. eBooks @ MPLS
  • 2. FAQ Question BorrowBox OverDrive How many eBooks can I borrow? 10 4 How long can I borrow them for? 21 days 21 days Can I return them early? No Yes Can I renew them? Yes (twice) Yes* (once) Can I reserve them? Yes! We’ll email you when they’re ready to download What if you don’t have the eBook I want? Suggest we buy it, or try another public library Sometimes the eBook may not be available to public libraries How do I return eBooks? They expire automatically on their due date
  • 3. Adobe ID (OverDrive only) Library card number & PIN Email address & password Apple ID & password (iPad/iPhone only) You will need:
  • 4. OverDrive eBooks @ Monash 4
  • 5. Option 1: Reading OverDrive eBooks in your browser
  • 6. Bookmark:
  • 7. When you find the eBook you want, tap Borrow
  • 8. You will be prompted to enter your library card number and PIN
  • 9. Tap the Read button
  • 10. The eBook will open in a new tab Tap Close to stop the tutorial & start reading
  • 11. Add to home screen: iPad or iPhone
  • 12. eBook added to home screen (iOS)
  • 13. Add to home screen: Android Bookmark the eBook first
  • 14. Android Press & hold bookmark until option to Add shortcut to home appears
  • 15. eBook added to home screen (Android)
  • 16. To see your reading options, tap the centre of the ‘page’, then tap MENU
  • 17. The menu gives you access to the table of contents, your bookmarks/highlights, and to download the eBook so you can read it offline
  • 18. Option 2: Reading OverDrive eBooks in the app
  • 19. Step 1: Download the free OverDrive Media Console app
  • 20. Visit the App Store or Google Play
  • 21. Search for & install: OverDrive Media Console
  • 22. Tap the app to open it
  • 23. The first time you open the app, you should see this message. Tap Sign In to authorize the app with your Adobe ID
  • 24. Enter your Adobe ID & password Tap Authorize
  • 25. Swipe the left edge of your screen (left to right)
  • 26. Tap Add a library
  • 27. Search for Monash Public Library Service
  • 28. Tap the star to save your selection Tap Monash Public Library Service
  • 29. Monash Public Library Service will now appear under My Libraries
  • 30. You can add all other OverDrive libraries you are a member of in the same way
  • 31. Optional: Register with OverDrive One to sync your eBooks across your devices
  • 32. Tap Get an OverDrive One account
  • 33. Enter your email address & set a password Tap Sign Up
  • 34. Complete your profile by selecting your favorite genres & books
  • 35. Swipe the left edge of your screen to see the main menu Tap Monash Public Library Service to see our eBooks
  • 36. Browse by genres or Search for an author, title or keyword
  • 37. When you find a book you want to read, tap Borrow
  • 38. Enter your library card number & PIN
  • 39. Tap Download
  • 40. Tap Download All Files
  • 41. The eBook will instantly appear on your Bookshelf Simply tap it to start reading
  • 42. When you open an eBook the first time, you will see hints on how to navigate through it Tap OK, I got it when you’re ready to start reading the eBook
  • 43. To go through the eBook’s pages, swipe the screen right-to-left
  • 44. Top right of screen will display the Table of Contents Bottom right of screen will display text options Tap the centre of the screen for extra options
  • 45. Change the font style, size and background
  • 46. Adjust text layout
  • 47. Adjust screen brightness
  • 48. Double-tap a word to see a dictionary definition, or to read more about it in Wikipedia
  • 49. Return eBooks early Press & hold the book cover until the options Delete, Return, Share appear Tap Return
  • 50. Tap Return again The eBook will disappear from your bookshelf
  • 51. Reserve eBooks Place a Hold & receive an email when that eBook is ready to borrow
  • 52. If you have not signed in, you will be prompted to do so Your email address will be pre-filled Tap Place a Hold
  • 53. You have 4 days to borrow your reservation from the day you receive the notification email
  • 54. Renew eBooks Log in to the Monash OverDrive site Go to your Bookshelf Tap Renew* *If the eBook you have on loan is not reserved, the option to Renew that loan will appear 3 days before the loan expires
  • 55. Tap Renew
  • 56. Once the original loan expires, you will receive an email letting you know you can borrow & download the eBook again
  • 57. BorrowBox eBooks @ Monash 58
  • 58. Step 1: Download the free BorrowBox app 59
  • 59. Visit the App Store or Google Play
  • 60. Search for & install: BorrowBox Library 61
  • 61. Tap the app to open it 62
  • 62. Tap on Library 63
  • 63. Type mon into the search bar Tap Monash Public Library Service to select it 64
  • 64. Enter your library card number & PIN Tap Sign In 65
  • 65. Tap Agree 66
  • 66. The Library will take a few seconds to initialise 67
  • 67. Tap the eBooks icon to see a selection of featured titles 68
  • 68. Browse by genre 69
  • 69. Tap the magnifying glass to Search by title/ author/ keyword 70
  • 70. When you find a book you want to read, tap Borrow 71
  • 71. Tap Confirm Loan 72
  • 72. Tap Download now 73
  • 73. Enjoy! 74
  • 74. Reserve eBooks Tap the orange Reserve button if the eBook you want is already on loan 75
  • 75. Tap Confirm Reserve 76
  • 76. Tap Dismiss 77
  • 77. You will receive an emailed confirmation of any reservations or loans 78
  • 78. In-text Options 79
  • 79. Change the font, text size and background by tapping the AA button. 80
  • 80. See the table of contents by tapping the button 81
  • 81. Search for a particular term or character name by tapping the magnifying glass 82
  • 82. Press & hold your finger over a word to see the options Define or Search 83
  • 83. Tap Define to see a dictionary definition of the selected word 84
  • 84. Tap Search to see where else that word appears in the text 85
  • 85. Return eBooks Titles are returned automatically; they cannot be returned early 86
  • 86. Questions? Problems? Email us: