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35590642 hawk-eye-power-point-presentation

  1. 1. By- SUBRATA JENA Regd no.- 0601229142Branch- Information Technology
  2. 2. 1. What is hawk eye technology?2. How does hawk eye work?3. Evolution of Hawk Eye technology?4. Features of Hawk eye technology and its working a bit morein detail.a) TRACKING SYSTEMb) VIDEO REPLAY SYSTEM5. Applications of hawk eye technology.a) Use of hawk eye technology in cricket-----b) Use of hawk eye technology in tennis-----c) Use of hawk eye technology in snooker----d) Use of hawk eye technology in video games----d) Use of hawk eye technology in strengthening military power----e) Use of Hawk eye technology in automobile field----6. Future of hawk eye technology
  3. 3. WHAT IS HAWK EYETECHNOLOGY?Hawk-Eye is a computer system usedin cricket, tennis and other sports totrack the path of the ball. It wasdeveloped by engineers at RokeManor Research Limited in 2001; thepatent being held by Paul Hawkinsand David Sherry. Later, thetechnology was spun off into aseparate company, Hawk-EyeInnovations Ltd., as a joint venturewith television production companySunset + Vine.
  4. 4. HOW DOES HAWK EYE WORK?Hawkeye uses six specially placed camerasaround the ground to track the path of theball, from when it was released from thebowlers hand right up until when it¶s dead.The images captured by the camera are thenturned into a 3D image by a special computerto show how the ball will travel on animaginary cricket pitch.It can track any types of bounce, spin, swingAnd its about 99.99% accurate too. So youcan see on the TV whether the ball wouldhave gone on to hit or miss the stumps on anlbw decision. Hawk-eye has a couple of otheruseful features.Hawkeye can also measure the speed of theball from the bowlers hand, so it can tellexactly how much time the batsman has toreact to a ball.
  5. 5. EVOLUTION OF HAWK EYETECHNOLOGY?The hawk eye technology was inventedby ,Dr Paul Hawkins who used to be acricketer and played for county sideBuckighamshire.He has a PHD inArtificial Intelligence.Here in the 1stpicture Paul Hawkins, ManagingDirector of Hawk-Eye poses forphotographers as he takes a break fromcalibrating the Hawk-Eye video linecall system on Number One Court atWimbledon All England Tennis Club,London, Friday, June 15, 2007. In thesecond picture he is calibrating theHawk-Eye video line call system onNumber One Court at Wimbledon AllEngland Tennis Club, London, Friday,June 15, 2007.
  6. 6. FEATURES OF HAWK EYE TECHNOLOGY AND ITSWORKING A BIT MORE IN DETAIL?The hawk eye system consisits of two significantparts(a) Tracking System(b) Video Replay System
  7. 7. TRACKING SYSTEMThe tracking system consists of High speed vision processing cameras to track theball from the bowler¶s hand to the batsman. The system will automatically calculatethe following information:1-The speed of the ball leaving the bowlers hand2-The reaction time for the batsman.3-The swing of the ball from the bowlers hand to where the ball pitched4-Where the ball pitched5-Where the ball was bowled from6-How much the ball bounced7-How much the ball deviated sideways off the wicket (i.e. seam or spin)8-A prediction of where the ball would have passed the stumps
  8. 8. VIDEO REPLAY SYSTEMThough the tracking data providesthe coaches and players with theinformation for HOW they haveperformed. The Hawk-Eye CricketSystem can incorporate more videoreplay cameras for better analysisfrom different camera angles, whichcan be controlled remotely.Thevideo is captured and storeddigitally on hard disks.
  9. 9. APPLICATIONS OF HAWK EYETECHNOLOGYHawk eye technology since from its beginning hasgained huge popularity due to its highly innovativeand state of the art features. Though initially it wasmade for the benefit of umpires regarding decisionsin cricket but now it is being used in tennis, snooker,video games and also for enhancing militarystrength.
  10. 10. USE OF HAWK EYE TECHNOLOGY INCRICKET-----The technology was first used by Channel 4 during a Test matchbetween England and Pakistan at Lords Cricket Ground, on 21May 2001. However, the system is not used by the umpires toadjudicate on LBW decisions in Test cricket or One DayInternational cricket. It is used primarily by the majority oftelevision networks to track the trajectory of balls in flight.Its major use in cricket is in analyzing leg before wicketdecisions, where the likely path of the ball can be projectedforward, through the batsmans legs, to see if it would have hitthe wicket. Currently this information is only visible to televisionviewers, and these days it is adopted in the IPL matches by thethird umpire, who gives the decisions by watching the slowmotion replays.The Hawk-Eye software can accurately pinpoint the speed, lineand length of each delivery bowled.
  11. 11. BOWLERS:1-see how fast they can bowl2-watch each delivery back in VirtualReality3-measure how far they are turning theball through spin, seam or swing4-view beehive formations markingwhere each delivery meets the batsman.the pictures shows how beehive graphicsare made and are used.BATSMEN:1-analyse their play against spin, seamand swing2-improve awareness of their footworkand positioning against different bowling3-generate wagon wheels on a VirtualLords to see where they score their runsaround the groundthe pictures shows how hawk eye helpsbatsmen.UMPIRES:can use the technology to sharpen theirskills too, on LBW decisions and more.
  12. 12. USE OF HAWK EYETECHNOLOGY IN TENNIS-----In the autumn of 2005 Hawk-Eye was testedby the International Tennis Federation (ITF)in New York City and was passed forprofessional use.It was first tested at the Champions Toursevent at the Royal Albert Hall. The US openwas the first grand slam tournament where thehawk eye technology made its debut. It helpedthe line umpires in giving accurate decisionsregarding whether was out or in. The playersalso benefited from this as the decisions were99% accurate.The pictures shows use of hawk eyetechnology in tennis
  13. 13. USE OF HAWK EYE TECHNOLOGYIN SNOOKER----At the World Snooker Championship2007 and 2008, the BBC used Hawk-Eyein its television coverage to show playerviews, particularly in the incidents ofpotential snookers.USE OF HAWK EYE TECHNOLOGYIN VIDEO GAMES----The use of the Hawk-Eye brand andsimulation has been licensed to Codemasters for use in the video game BrianLara International Cricket 2005 to makethe game appear more like televisioncoverage, and subsequently in Brian LaraInternational Cricket 2007
  14. 14. USE OF HAWK EYE TECHNOLOGY INSTRENGTHENING MILITARYPOWER----The use of hawk eye technology is used toretrieve the enemy locations from far awaydistance without coming to their notice.The E-2C aircraft used by US army usesthis technology.The primary role of the E-2C Hawkeyeaircraft supplied by Northrop Grummanis as an all-weather airborne early-warning aircraft to the naval task force.
  15. 15. USE OF HAWK EYE TECHNOLOGY INAUTOMOBILE FIELD----Hunter Engineering Company IntroducedHawkEyeΠto offer shops the multiplebenefits of precision, high-speed alignmentand greater productivity, while using aminimum amount of space. Optimized forspeed and efficiency.The new HawkEyealignment system significantly reducesservice time by providing alignmentmeasurements in less than two minutes andthe potential to complete the job,includingadjustment, in as few as three trips around thevehicle.In addition to the performance benefits theHawkEye system also significantly reducesthe distance required from the front turnplates to the front bay wall to secure accuratealignment readings.The pictures show the use of Hawk-eyetechnology in wheel alignment.
  16. 16. FUTURE OF HAWK EYETECHNOLOGYThe future looks bright as within afew years of its origin and use it hasmade a huge impact in the field ofsports,army and many other fields.Ifthis is the beginning then we canhope for the the best in the comingyears.
  17. 17. ‡ Conclusion The Hawk-eye Technology is a wonderful invention as far as sports like Cricket, Football, Snooker etc are concerned. Its still in its infancy. But with the developments happening each and every day in this field, the day is not far when we can say that the all umpiring decisions are completely accurate and correct. I have tried to make a brief explanation of the hawk eye technology and its properties. I hope that I have satisfied my proffessors, lecturures, and my fellow friends regarding the intricacies of hawk-eye technology