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  • 1. 1. ACCIDENT DETECTION ANDVEHICLE TRACKINGUSING GPS,GSMAND MEMS BY M.KRISHNA KANTH (08UQ1A0401)MOINUDDIN(08UQ1A0446) ABHILASH KUMAR SINGH (08UQ1A0457)2. INTRODUCTION The main intention of this project is to find theaccidentspot at any place and intimating it to ambulance through theGPSand GSM networks The GPS based vehicle accident identificationmodulecontains MEMS,GSM module and a GPS modem connectedto themicrocontroller Global System for Mobiles (GSM) technology is usedtoestablish cellular connection GPS is used to trace the position of thevehicle3. INTRODUCTION…. Now-a-days, it became very difficult to know thatanaccident has occurred and to locate the position where ithashappened There is no system of identification and intimationregardingan accident in previous Later on the SMS Service begins for intimationpurpose GPS and GSM makes the usage for intimation andidentification ofplace4. PREVIOUS SYSTEMWhen an accident occurs the information only issent throughGSM but there is no possibility to locate the spot5. PROPOSED SYSTEMThis Project presents an automotive localizationsystemusing GPS and GSM-SMS services6. TRANSMITTER SECTION:MEMS L P C POWER SUPPLY M 2 GPSAMODEM 1 X 2 4 GSM 3 2 8MODEM7. RECEIVER SECTION: A M T A 8 XL C D 9 G P S RECEIVER C 2 5 3 128. CIRCUIT COMPONENTS POWER SUPPLY MICROCONTROLLER GPS MODULE GSM MODULE MEMS LIQUIDCRYSTAL DISPLAY
  • 2. 9. POWER SUPPLYThe power supply circuit consists of a transformerconnected toa bridge rectifier which is then passed on to the LM7805regulator through a filter and then sent to the LM 317 regulator10. Global Positioning System27 SatellitesOrbit the Earth twice adayEquipped with an Atomic clockGPS Receiver3-D TrilaterationGPSReceiver locates 4 satellites above itThen it calculates the distance to GPSsatellites bytiming a signals journey from satellite to receiver11. Global Positioning System….12. GPS MODULEThe GPS module ProGin SR-87 series is usedHighperformance receiver tracks up to 20 satellitesThe module communicateswith application system viaRS232 with NMEA-0183 protocolAverage ColdStart time under 42 secondsNMEA 0183 a combined electrical and dataspecification forcommunication between marine electronic devices suchasGPS receivers, anemometer ,etc13. GSM Modem A GSM modem is a wireless modem thatworks with aGSM wireless network A wireless modem behaves like a dial-upmodem The main difference between them is that adial-up modemsends and receives data througha fixed telephone line while a wirelessmodemsends and receives data through radio waves14. GSM MODEM….The GSM network is used to providecommunicationfrom one place to otherThe GSM module using consists ofa Mobile Station andSIMThe commands that are using to providecommunicationare AT CommandsThe AT commands specifies the GSMtechnology and arerelated to SMS service15. General Characteristics of aGSM ModemReading, writing and deletingSMS messages Sending SMS messages Monitoring the signal strengthMonitoring the charging status and charge level of the batterReading,writing and searching phone book entries.Thenumber of SMS messages
  • 3. that can processed by a GSMmodem per minute is very low -- only aboutsix to ten SMSmessages per minute16. MEMS MEMS or Micro Electro Mechanical Systems is atechnique ofcombining Electrical and Mechanicalcomponents together on a chip, toproduce a system ofminiature dimensions17. LCD A liquid crystal display (commonly abbreviated LCD) is athin, flatdisplay device made up of any number of color ormonochrome pixelsarrayed in front of a light source orreflector It is prized by engineersbecause it uses very small amountsof electric power, and is thereforesuitable for use in battery-powered electronic devices18. LCD….In our project, the LCD used to display the status and positionof thevehicleThe number to which the position of the vehicle is to bedelivered , alsodisplays on the LCD such that changes can be made ifnecessary19. FEATURES OF LCD Ability to display numbers, characters andgraphics Read and Write the DATA Adjust the Contrast Low powerconsumption20. CIRCUIT DIAGRAMTRANSMITTER SECTION:21. RECEIVER SECTION:22. WORKING When ever any accident occurs mems sensor detectsandsends mechanical force to ARM, by using GPS, we will getparticularlocation where accident occurs, then GSM sendsmessage to authorizedmembers & 108 One more best feature is when ever any authorizedpeoplegives missed call to GSM at accident location then itsendsmessages of the accident location23. WORKING….24. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES The vehicle which has In someplaces where there undergone to an accident is no provision of GSM can
  • 4. be identified by using networks it is difficult for tracking technology withoutcommunication any delay The immediate medication will be provided tothe accident victims in the remote areas25. FUTURE SCOPE This system can be interfaced with Vehicle airbagsystem thatprevents vehicle occupants from striking interior objects suchasthe steering wheel or window This can also be developed byinterconnecting a camera to theController Module that takes thephotograph of the accident spotthat makes the tracking easier26. CONCLUSIONTo minimize the deaths and the severe conditions dueto accidentsthe GPS and GSM technologies are used where immediateactionwould be take place by the ambulance/police service whichmightreduces the severity Pie Diagram representing the cause of deaths