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10 newsletter 22 11-2012

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 22 November 2012 Issue 10Dear Parents,Dates for your DiarySunday 25 – Tuesday 27 November Bookworm FairMonday 26 November - Next FOY Meeting at 8amMonday 26 November - Individual photosTuesday 27 November - Individual photosThursday 29 November - National Day CelebrationsThursday 29 November - Music Recital at 2.45pmThursday 6 December - Year 3 Ancient Egyptian DaySaturday 8 December - Festive FayreMonday 10 December - Al Yasmina Festive ConcertFrom The Music DepartmentWell done to this week‟s Musicians of the WeekWilliam Vandy (Key Stage1) and Ahmed Saif (Key Stage 2).William (Year 2 Spoonbills) gave a very fine performance of “Ode to Joy” onthe cello for the whole class and Ahmed (Year 6 Falcons ) was super-successful when he displayed his vocal ability. He sang “Born this Way” byLady Gaga for his class. Well done to both of you! The primary children got a sneak preview of things to come this morning when Sophia Meshal performed one of the songs from The Wiz. She sounded amazing! FS2 – Orange class also performed in assembly this morning. They sang „Ain‟t no mountain high enough.‟ 1
  2. 2. We have several dates for your diary:Thursday 29 November –Monthly Music Recital at 2.45 in the Recital Room.Thursday 6 December - Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day**Saturday 8 December - Festive Fayre. The following primary groups will be performing at thefollowing times:11.20 Junior Choir11.40 Intermediate Choir12.00 Flute Choir12.40 Brass Ensemble**Monday 10 December - Al Yasmina Festive Concert**If your child is involved in the above groups, please email cknapton@alyasmina.sch.ae statingchild‟s name, group, and whether they are able to attend the above 2 events. Many thanks.From the LibraryBookworm Book FairAl Yasmina Primary Library is once again pleased to host its 5 th annual book fair with the popular AbuDhabi children‟s book shop Bookworm.This year FS to Year 6 will be given the opportunity to visit the Book Fair during school time to look atthe excellent range of books available. The children will also be able to buy books during their classvisit if parent wish them to do so. Pre-printed Bookworm envelopes will be sent home with childrenon Thursday 22nd November. Parents of those children wishing to purchase books should send moneyto school in these envelopes. The average cost of a book is 50Dhs.Please note that the teacher takes no responsibility for any money sent into the school with pupils.Parents are also invited to visit the book fair during the hours mentioned or with their children afterschool. Book Fair hours are: Sunday 25 – Tuesday, 27 November 7.30am -3.30pm In Al Yasmina Secondary Sports Hall Sunday 25th November Monday 26th November Tuesday 27th November Blue Red White Gold Jade Robins Green Amber Sparrows Yellow Cuckoo’s Flamingos Orange Herons Buntings Purple Sandpipers Terns Ruby Curlews Ravens Larks Pipits Cormorants Doves Wheatears Swallows Storks Sandgrouse Falcons Spoonbills Nightjars Ospreys Warblers Sunbirds Wagtails Kestrels Parakeets Owls Mynahs EaglesFriend of Al Yasmina (FOY)FOY Hamper RequestJust a reminder re donations for the Hamper stall, Tombola and decorate a Jar. Your child shouldbring home a flyer today to jog the memory - as donations have been slow in arriving, we haveextended the deadline to Monday 26th November. Thank you to those who have already sent initems. 2
  3. 3. Children will receive 2 house points for each item brought in, so have a look in those cupboards overthe weekend.FS1 and FS2 - Spa products - body wash, scrub, lotion, shower gel, hand cream, cuticle cream, nailpolish, nail file, aromatherapy candles or oilsYear 1 and Year 2 - Gourmet food - (nothing that needs to be refrigerated) - coffee, specialty teas,fancy biscuits or crackers, nice jars, oilsYear 3 and Year 4 - Toys/items for children - board games, cards, small books, crayons, colouringpencils, stickers, yo-yos, small puzzles, bubbles, balloonsYear 5 and Year 6 - Outdoor/garden - vases, candles, lanterns, small garden tools, seeds, hand scruband cream, gardening glovesCake StallCalling all bakers – we would like your help with baking for the Festive Fayre. Details on bake drop offpoints will follow closer to the time. goodwins.uae@gmail.comSecond Hand Uniform SaleThe next Second Hand Uniform Sale will be held in the atrium on Wednesday 28th November from 1 -3pm. We have plenty of winter jackets available!Next FOY MeetingThe next FOY meeting is Monday 26th November at 8am in the Conference room. We are still indesperate need for someone to take on the role of Secretary for FOY. It is not a very hard position atall and Karen is only too happy to explain the role to anyone interested. Perhaps if you are thinkingof it, but not sure, you could come along to the meeting on Monday and have a try.The Agenda is as follows:* Secretary?? * Treasurers Report* Charities - Decide on Local Childrens charity * National Day* Festive Fayre * Christmas Concert* Other Upcoming events * Wish list* AOBFOYVEGFOY is considering a partnership with the Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Centre that distributes foodfrom local farms. Similar to last year, Al Yasmina families could submit weekly (or monthly) orders (withcash payment) for fresh vegetables (pure or mixed); or a soup or salad mixed box in either 2kg, 5kgor 7kg weights. Produce is fresh and prices reasonable, with all funds received used to benefit localfarmers and FOY for the benefit of our students. At this point, we do not have enough interest tomake it a worthwhile venture. If you think you may be interested in receiving fresh, low-costvegetables at the school, please email Lisa Wall at foyveg@hotmail.com.From the School NurseHead lice is a common problem amongst school-age children and, as well as being passed on toother children at school, can also be picked up from home, play-dates, play-grounds, brownies,karate club etc.We do not routinely check for head lice within the school, as it has been proven to be ineffective, forthe following reasons (as per Health Protection Agency UK): 3
  4. 4. “- Lice are taken into school from the community and not the other way round.An effective head inspection requires damp hair and takes approximately 10 –20 minutes to do – it is not possible to do this in a school environment.- Lice move rapidly when disturbed and can go unnoticed during routineschool inspections.- Early light infection will usually not be easily visible to the naked eye and willeasily be missed by routine school inspections.- A child who is louse free at the time of inspection can pick up infection laterin the day.- Routine inspections often provide parents/carers with a false sense ofsecurity”Head-lice are tiny wingless insects. They do not fly, jump or swim, but can climb from one hair toanother and are spread through close head-to-head contact. It is a common problem amongstschool-age children, because of the close contact through play. An infestation with head-lice doesnot indicate poor hygiene or dirty hair. To detect head-lice you will need a fine-toothed detectioncomb, which is combed through wet hair. This is made easier if you use lots of conditioner. Treat aninfestation (if live lice are seen) with either: a head-lice medicated shampoo, lotion or spray; or bythe wet-combing method. It is important to only treat if you see live lice, as it is known that the head-lice can become resistant to some of the medicated treatments. Nits are the empty egg shells leftstuck to the hair shaft, when the lice have hatched. Nits can often be seen further down the hairshaft, as the hair grows longer, even after successful treatment of head-lice. If your child has head-lice please inform the school nurse or teacher, so that we can advise other parents to check theirchildren‟s hair. It is recommended that parents check their child‟s hair on a weekly basis, even whenthere is no report of head lice within the year group.Please look at this link for further information:http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice/Pages/Introduction.aspxFrom the PE DepartmentHouse Swimming:On Sunday, Year 6 children represented their house in the annual house swimming event. As alwaysthe races were very well competed with each house winning a number of races. In the end theoverall positions were 1st – Voyager, 2nd – Endeavour, 3rd – Challenger, 4th – Discovery.Well done to all the children involved who swam so well for their house!Year 5 children took to the pool on Wednesday to compete in the house swim. The enthusiasmdisplayed by all children was fantastic, they chanted for their house and swam their hardest in everyrace. The result came down to the final relay as points were so close. Final standings were: 1st –Voyager, 2nd – Discovery, 3rd – Challenger, 4th – Endeavour. He next House swimming event will bein term 2, Year 4 on 19 March 2013 and Y3 on 20th March 2013. 4
  5. 5. Swim Squad:This week the Al Yasmina swim squad competed in the Al Muna Swim Gala. The squad swamsuperbly to dominate and win the competition overall.Our swimming stars for the event, who each got a medal were as follows:Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6Luke Gillroy Hayden Woodrow Thomas Clifton Alexander DarlingSidney Venus Rebecca Gillroy Isabella Palmer Tanami LoftusFrom the Arabic Department Year 2 Native enjoy building palace from sands and wood which is related to the Arabic lesson the group called (Al Farawla) won the trophy in Arabic class. Well Done! ‫في إطار األنشطة اهلادفة إىل تعزيز املهارات اللغوية املختلفة ، مت تنفيذ مسابقة بني طالب الصف الثاين‬ ‫لبناء أمجل قصر من الرمل واخلشب واملكعبات ...إخل... فازت فيها جمموعة الفراولة اليت أمتت بناء القصر‬ ‫.يف الوقت احملدد بفضل التنسيق والتعاون بروح الفريق فحصلوا على الكأس‬ ...‫...فهنيئا جملموعة الفراولة هذا الفوز. وأطيب التمنيات للجميع‬Science ChallengeCongratulations to our science challenge winners this week, IshtanetraSiva and James Kay. Both children showed they are on their way tobecoming mini scientists. James presented his results in a fantastic linegraph and Ishtanetra was able to make her own hypothesis.Check your emails on Monday for the next Science Challenge. I lookforward to seeing your entries. 5
  6. 6. Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)FS1 have had an extremely busy week this week learning all about the food and culture of Italy. Wehave enjoyed making pizza dough, using spaghetti to form letters in our name, counting out pizzatoppings accurately and talking about healthy eating. We even had a chance to showcase ourtalents and visit Year 2 to show them our beautiful sunflower paintings from the previous week, yes weare definitely future Van Gogh‟s! A big thank you to all of the parents who sent in food for thechildren to taste. Also thank you to those parents who came in to talk to the children about theirnative country. This is valuable learning for the children and we appreciate it very much.Next week we are looking at the theme „Food from the UAE‟. This is a fantastic opportunity for thechildren to learn more about the local culture and customs for which we are going to have a funfilled week of UAE activities leading up to the UAE National day celebrations. We will be tastingdifferent foods from the UAE, talking about the national dress and the UAE flag amongst lots of otherthings. We just can‟t wait for the celebrations to begin! We would welcome any kind of input ortalks about the UAE from parents, thank you in advance for your support. Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Last week the stars of the week were: Tamika Heath from Yellow Class, Ahmed Al Magboul from Green Class, Archie Woods from White Class, Salma Al Riyami from Blue Class, Zeineldin Said from Red Class and Ioannis Pavlou from Gold Class (individual photo). 6
  7. 7. Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)This week FS2 visited Italy! They made their own Italian skewers usingmozzarella cheese, tomatoes and cucumber-the colours of the Italian flag!All the children enjoyed tasting what they had made, they then mademenus to illustrate the lovely food they had tasted.FS2 also made Italian flags using pasta which they painted green, whiteand red. Luckily, there was lots of pasta left over, so the children decoratedit in their favourite colours and made necklaces! Our budding artists studied Leonardo Da Vinci‟s Mona Lisa. They recreated the famous painting using different mediums with amazing results! Look out for our artwork in the classroom. After learning about the volcanoes in Italy, FS2 created their own volcanoes using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. It was really exciting seeing the scientific reaction when the ingredients were mixed together and it was even more authentic when weadded food colouring and liquid soap too!FS2‟s mathematicians looked at 3D shapes this week.They investigated which shapes roll and which shapes slide, and which onesdo both! They also learned the names of 3D shapes and made their own 3Dshapes using construction materials.Next week FS2 will be visiting Asia to learn about the sights, sounds and tastes of the region. They willbe tasting exotic Thai food and looking at the differences and similarities between Abu Dhabi andAsia. The children will also be learning about time and sequencing events in their lives. They will bethinking about the sequence of events during their day, from when they wake up to when they go tobed! Knowing how busy our FS2‟s like to be, there will be lots to remember!FS2 will be using their imagination to write a story about flying in an aeroplane. Will they be the pilot orthe passenger? Where will they fly?! We‟re sure there will be lots of exciting adventures beingrecorded.You can help your child at home by talking about things they may already know about Asia andfinding out a few new facts. Also take time to talk about the things they have to do every day, andthe sequence in which they do them. Keep encouraging your child to read to mum, dad and otherfamily members as often as possible. It is fun for them to practise their handwriting skills by writing outthe words from their reading books! 7
  8. 8. Phonics focus. Phase 3 sounds- ch, th/th, sh, ar, or, igh, ur. Phase 2 tricky words- said, put, was, wentReminder- Thursday, 29th November, National day. Remember to dress in the appropriate colour foryour class to help create a human UAE flag!Helpful websites http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/wordsandpictures/http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/numbertime/Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekYoussef Mikhail-Jade, Amelia Broderick-Orange, Khalid Al Mutawa-Purple, Paulina Maluck-Ruby,Bayan Khraisheh-Amber. Well done guys, we‟re proud of you!!!Year 1This week we have been very excited about planning and writing our ownversion of Handa‟s Surprise story. We have been practicing writing aquestion using a capital letter, adjectives and a question mark using thephrase from the story “Will she like the ….?” . We have also thought ofmaking our own creative version of the story. In maths, subtraction anddoubling have been introduced and more activities on this topic will beplanned next week to consolidate learning. Science was also blast aschildren had to investigate what materials attract magnets. We havediscussed how magnets are useful in our daily lives.Children also learnt lots of facts by learning about historical house hold items from the Victorian age.Children learnt to appreciate the technological advanced they had at home compared to the past.Next week we will read „Hump‟s Travel‟. In the story, Hump the camel travels around the UAE. So wewill be learning lots of facts about the UAE heritage and geography as well as camel facts which willbe linked to literacy lessons. Hence, lots of our learning will built on UAE heritage as the National Dayis coming up. 8
  9. 9. RemindersPlease send in a signed trip form for the Heritage Centre Trip as well as a contribution of 30 AED. Thelast date for handing this in is the 4th of December however earlier isalways appreciated. Please note children who do not have thecompleted form by the due date will not be allowed on the trip andthey will be given work to complete at school.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week‟Back: Shreenah Kindi – Doves , Ateeq Abdulla Al Hosani –Larks and Mohamed Khoori - Sparrows.Front: Ahmed Al Ketbi – Cuckoos and Munashe Chinengo- RobinsYear 2 Well, what an exciting week weve had in Year 2 this week! We have been busy making a time machine and do you know we also learned that our time machine actually works! On Monday Mrs Chumley came all the way from 1666 where she had just escaped the start of the Great Fire. Mrs Chumley was very shaken but was reassured by the childrens thoughtful questions and key facts they shared with her about what happened during the Great Fire.We then thought the timemachine had used up all itspowers until, the next day, theone and only Mr. Samuel Pepyscame to visit us too! Mr. Pepyswas very shocked to havearrived in 2012. The children hadsome interesting questions forSamuel such as „How did youfeel when you first saw the fire?‟and „How many people died?‟Some note takers used theirquills to note down what Samuel told us.Next week we will begin to create a newspaper article describing the Great Fire as it happened!In Maths the children have been introduced to solving multiplication word and number problemsusing repeated addition and arrays. An array is a display of objects or symbols used to show amultiplication number sentence.For example 2 rows and 3 columns(2x3)Next week in Maths the children will begin to learn about division using sharing and grouping.For science the children have been continuing learning about materials by describing materials andtheir properties. Next week we will continue learning all about properties through and investigation. 9
  10. 10. Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week‟Last week‟s Star of the Week in Year 2 were Morgan Pharoah from Sandpipers, Ayesha Salam fromFlamingos, Aiham al Braik from Storks, Abdulla Ali from Spoonbills and Mia Greene from Herons.Year 3This week in Literacy the children were learning to include dialogue in theirstories. We looked at the use of speech marks. Next week we will be lookingat writing instructions for different purposes.In Math we have been learning different methods to measure. We havebeen learning to estimate length and measure accurately. Next week wewill begin to look at fractions of groups and numbers. In Science, we pottedour plants and talked about what plants need to survive. We have beenthinking about different things we could find out ie whathappens when a plant is given no light. Next week we will bewriting up our experiments to see what we found.In Art we have finished off our canopic jars. We will start to lookat using different water colour techniques to paint pictures ofpyramids.In Topic this week we compared Modern and Ancient Egypt.We found similarities and differences. We will look at theAswan Dam next week and discuss positives and negatives.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekOmar Abu Saleh - Buntings, Hamad Al Reyami – Curlews, Luke Banaghan – Cormorants, ZayaanSiddiqui – Terns and Juan Moreira Ponce- Ravens. 10
  11. 11. Year 4In Literacy this, week Year 4 have been getting their noses intosome information texts. We‟ve learnt all about how to use thekey features of an information book to find facts. Not„content‟ with that (see what I did there?), we also learnt howto skim and scan for information and make notes. All this wasso we could construct some fantastic information displaysabout famous buildings. Thursday morning we were treated toa talk from ex-Australian Channel 9 News reporter, KellieCurtain. See next week‟s newsletter for all the info.In Maths we‟ve been dividing our attention between fractionsand decimals. No quarter was given as we discovered allabout equivalent fractions and fractions of shapes. We thengot straight to the point when it came to decimals. Who knew how important they were? Money,measurements, disappointing iPhone OS updates… those decimals get everywhere! Luckily weweren‟t half bad at them. In Science we are continuing to explore the properties of solids andliquids and are moving on to separating materials. Pipits class even fried an egg in their lesson todemonstrate and „irreversible change‟. How egg-citing! Sorry. Degrees of separation, courtesy of SandgrouseNext week in Literacy, inspired by the National Day celebrations, we will bemaking an information leaflet about national celebration days from ourown countries. In Maths we will continue our fraction work by looking atfractions of amounts (at least I thought that‟s what Miss Phillips said, it mighthave been fractions of a mouse – eek!) And of course, we will be gettingready for a fantastic day of fun and celebration for National Day!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Zach Aker (Sandgrouse), Hayei Al Hameli (Wheatears), Harriet Hughes (Pipits), Wren Hutcheson (Wagtails) and McKenzie Venus (Warblers).Year 5It has been yet another jam packed week in Year 5 with the children particularly enjoying finding outabout Formula 1; its history, future and impact on our local community. The children‟s mood boardsfor their personalised F1 cars are also really starting to take shape and convey a strong image of theirunique personalities. 11
  12. 12. „Instructions‟ have been the focus ofLiteracy this week. On Sunday wemade Fruit Kebabs by following arecipe and on Monday we playedcard games following instructionswhich we then had to evaluate,depending on how effective theywere. We also came up withinstructions on how to make theperfect teacher – thiscould be tried out athome!In Maths we havecontinued to exploremeasure – of time, lengthand mass. Did you knowthat horses are measuredin hands?!Our learning in Science has been excellent as we have looked at the science behind night and day.We have investigated time zones, why we have these and learnt the basic facts about the Earth‟srotation and orbit around the Sun.Next week In Maths we embark on fractions and equivalent fractions. In Literacy we will develop ourskills in writing different types of instructions with the end of week aim being to write instructions for aU.A.E themed board game. In science we are looking at how the Earth‟s tilt and orbit effects theseasons. For ICT we will learn how to include formulae within cells on a spreadsheet in order tomaster short cuts and appreciate the usefulness of spreadsheets. History will involve furtherinternational research on the host countries of F1. We also have, of course, our National Daycelebrations to look forward to on Thursday. We will base the majority of our learning that day onU.A.E themed tasks and activities... it‟s sure to be red, green, black and white!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Well done to Faisal Elias (Mynahs), Ty Power (Parakeets), Nicole Mueller Arboleda (Sunbirds), Abigail Thorpe (Nightjars), & Daniel Blake (Swallows) 12
  13. 13. Year 6What an exciting week Year 6 has had this week. It hasbeen full of fun and interesting learning. This week inLiteracy the students have been looking at debating!Children have debated such issues as „Should ChildrenWear School Uniform?‟ and „Should mobile Phones BeBanned in Schools?‟ There have been some heateddebates! We have been looking at writing balancedarguments and the skill of rebuttal!In Numeracy, children have been examining number andcalculations. They have used fractions, including improperfractions, mixed numbers, denominators, fractions ofshapes, numbers and percentages. They have also beenpractising formal written methods of addition, subtraction,multiplication and division.Science was “forceful” again, as the students tested theirunderstanding of air resistance. They tested theirparachutes and, working in groups, the studentsconducted an investigation to see who could make themost effective paper aeroplane! In our topic, we havebeen learning more about The Aztecs and preparing forour chocolate day!Well done to our stars of the week this week! Rinki Gubta (Eagles), Jaimy Vlassenbroek (Kestrels), Abdulla Mazroie (Owls), Adam Tlemsani (Ospreys), Trinidad Carrasco (Falcons) 13