TravelWorldOnline Mediakit English March 2013


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The current statistics for the websites and blogs of TravelWorldOnline for March 2013.

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TravelWorldOnline Mediakit English March 2013

  1. 1. TravelWorldOnline MediaKit English Status: March 2013
  2. 2. What isTravelWorldOnline?TravelWorldOnline publishes severaltravel websites and blogs since 2001and is active in all the relevant socialnetworks.Travel-Websites:www.travelworldonline.dewww.usa-attraktion.dewww.kanada-attraktion.dewww.skireisen-usa.euTravel
  3. 3. Who isTravelWorldOnline?Monika and Petar Fuchs are theeditors of the websites and blogs ofTravelWorldOnline.Monika Fuchshas been travelling the world from1990 to 2005 as a professional tourguide and keeps on doing it as a traveljournalist and blogger since 2001Petar Fuchsrecords the travel experiences of thecouple on video and documents theplaces, cultures and people all overthe world.
  4. 4. What doesTravelWorldOnline offer?Permanent presentation of traveldestinations, accommodation, restaurants and travel experiences viaarticles, photos and videos on ourhighly targeted websites and blogsLive Promotion on our social networksfor traveldestinations, accommodations, restaurants and attractions before, during andafter press trips.Video Presentation of traveldestinations, accommodations andtravel experiences on our websites andblogs as well as on external channelsand partner websites
  5. 5. Target Groups of theWebsites and Blogs ofTravelWorldOnlinewww.travelworldonline.deGermany 72,80 %Switzerland 11,41 %Austria 6,41 %www.kanada-reisetipps-reiseziele.comGermany 70,42 %Switzerland 7,08 %USA 6,17 %Austria 5,53 %www.usa-reisetipps-reiseziele.comGermany 65,33 %USA 11,67 %Switzerland 8,00 %Austria 6,94 %www.american-lifestyle-travel.comGermany 68,95 %USA 9,08 %Austria 4,20 %Canada 3,99 %Switzerland 3,60 %
  6. 6. Target Groups of theWebsites and Blogs ofTravelWorldOnlinewww.travelworldonline-traveller.comGermany 72,50 %USA 6,04 %Austria 4,61 %UK 3,22 %Switzerland 2,92 %www.usa-attraktion.deGermany 63,11%USA 14,70 %Switzerland 10,40 %Austria 7,94 %www.kanada-attraktion.deGermany 75,64 %Switzerland 7,01 %Canada 6,68 %Austria 3,87 %www.skireisen-usa.euGermany 87,04 %USA 5,14 %Switzerland 3,12 %Austria 1,78 %Quelle: Google Analytics
  7. 7. Demography of theWebsites and Blogs ofTravelWorldOnlineAccording to Alexa the visitors on thewebsites and blogs of TravelWorldOnlineare more than 55 % women between 45and 55 years of age, with collegeeducation, no children who visit thewebsites during work.Target groups of the websites and blogswww.travelworldonline.dewww.usa-attraktion-dewww.kanada-attraktion.dewww.usa-skireisen.euwww.kanada-reisetipps-reiseziele.comwww.usa-reisetipps-reiseziele.comIndividual travelers, couples andfamilies, that organise their tripsthemselves.Target groups of the blogswww.american-lifestyle-travel.comwww.travelworldonline-traveller.comGourmet- and luxury travellers, who liketo eat well, stay overnight in luxurioussurroundings and want to experience thetravel destinations, their people andculture intimately.
  8. 8. Statistics of the Websitesand Blogs ofTravelWorldOnlinewww.travelworldonline.de150.000 visitors per year373.000 impressions per yearwww.usa-attraktion.de15.000 visitors per year30.000 impressions per yearwww.kanada-attraktion.de2.800 visitors per year4.700 impressions per yearwww.skireisen-usa.eu3000 visitors per year5.100 impressions per yearwww.kanada-reisetipps-reiseziele.com42.817 impressions in totalwww.usa-reisetipps-reiseziele.com51.498 impressions in totalwww.american-lifestyle-travel.com18.825 impressions in totalwww.travelworldonline-traveller.com17.531 impressions in total+ Publications on, experto.deand and in the print magazine360° Kanada and on touristik aktuellQuelle: Google Analytics und Blogger
  9. 9. Statistics – Online Influenceof the Publications ofTravelWorldOnlineGoogle Rank of the websites and blogs3-4Alexa Ranking ofwww.travelworldonline.deGlobal 560.030Germany 41.437Klout Score: 64Blog Ranks #28 to #47of the bestGerman travel blogs according toEbuzzingAwarded best Canada travel blog byEasy Voyage (
  10. 10. Social NetworksTwitter: 3841 FollowerTweet Reach:26.067 Accounts33.465 ImpressionsFacebook Fan Page: 272 FollowerFacebook Personal Page: 728 FollowerFacebook USA Kanada group: 401FollowerGoogle +: 1885 FollowerXING USA Kanada Touren group: 3807followerPinterest: 398 FollowerYouTube: 1120 FollowerLinkedIn: 996 Follower
  11. 11. Press TripsCape Cod, Sept. 2007Ontario, Sept. 2010British Columbia, Mrz. 2011Ottawa, Apr. 2011Quebec, Okt. 2011Ontario, Okt. 2011Nova Scotia, Sept. 2011Burgenland, Apr. 2012Neufundland, Juli 2012Nova Scotia, Juli 2012New Brunswick, Juli 2012Bad Windsheim, Aug. 2012Florida, Jan. 2013Bereits geplant für 2013:Bad Waldsee, Apr. 2013Toronto, Juni 2013Ontario, Juni 2013Quebec, Juni 2013
  12. 12. Media & PRWe are available for:+ Blogger- and press trips and socialmedia engagement (Live Online Events)+ Product reviews+ Publication of travel articles incl. Photosin German and English+ Video production of hotel, attractionand destination presentations on ourblogs and websites.+ Cooperation with PR Agencies, TourismBoards, Airlines, Rental CarAgencies, Accommodations and TravelAgencies for the promotion of selectedtravel destinations and travel experiences(gourmet and luxury travel)+ Sponsored articles that are published assuch and contain no-follow links to thesponsors‘ websites
  13. 13. You can find us at:Facebook: travelworldonline, MonikaFuchsTwitter: @T_W_OGoogle+: Monika FuchsLinkedIn: Monika FuchsYouTube: travelworldonlineXING: Monika FuchsPinterest: Monika FuchsFor further