Men vs women


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Men vs women

  1. 1. Who is the superior race? Men or women? This topic brings up many heated discussions all across the world. Today I’m going to dig into the myths of gender to find out who the superior race really is.
  2. 2. Sorry guys. According to  Men are involved in many studies women more crashes that result are much safer drivers in injury. than men.  Men are involved in more fatal car accidents than women.  Men take more dangerous risk while driving.  Men receive more traffic violations than women.
  3. 3. passenger vehicle crash involvements per 100 million miles traveled, by driver age and gender, April2001–March 2002: Age Male Female Total16-19 Crash Involvements: 4,257 Crash Involvements: 1,852 Crash Involvements: 6,109 Miles: 46,427,394,010 Miles: 35,264,476,105 Miles: 81,691,870,114 Rate: 9.2 Rate: 5.3 Rate: 7.520-29 Crash Involvements: 8,949 Crash Involvements: 3,172 Crash Involvements: 12,122 Miles: 225,999,581,860 Miles: 156,283,683,955 Miles: 382,283,265,815 Rate: 4.0 Rate: 2.0 Rate: 3.230-59 Crash Involvements: 15,027 Crash Involvements: 6,946 Crash Involvements: 21,973 Miles: 845,507,965,689 Miles: 551,350,306,430 Miles: 1,396,858,272,119 Rate: 1.8 Rate: 1.3 Rate: 1.660-69 Crash Involvements: 2,097 Crash Involvements: 1,008 Crash Involvements: 3,105 Miles: 128,814,817,845 Miles: 64,778,212,790 Miles: 193,593,030,635 Rate: 1.6 Rate: 1.6 Rate: 1.670-Plus Crash Involvements: 3,148 Crash Involvements: 1,571 Crash Involvements: 4,719 Miles: 76,991,652,560 Miles: 39,093,332,009 Miles: 116,084,984,569 Rate: 4.1 Rate: 4.0 Rate: 4.1Total* Crash Involvements: 33,733 Crash Involvements: 14,633 Crash Involvements: 48,638 Miles: 1,324,373,970,682 Miles: 847,734,931,097 Miles: 2,172,108,901,779 Rate: 2.5 Rate: 1.7 Rate: 2.2
  4. 4.  Women are usually Compared to women: thought as being much  Men have more more emotional than men. Studies don’t necessarily difficulty expressing show that this is true. their emotions. What they do show is that  Men hold grudges men are more capable of longer keeping their emotions  Men are likely to under- repressed report negative emotions  Men are more likely to express emotions such as pride, anger, and jealousy Mens Health Magazine
  5. 5. Compared to men:  Books argue that  Women talk more women are about their emotions emotionally complex  Women are more and expressive, while worrisome men are stoic, and are better at keeping their  Women are more feelings in check. I open with their think we could emotions consider this one a tie.  Women do not feel Women are just like they have to hide openly emotional their emotions while men are not.Mens Health Magazine Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
  6. 6.  Men’s brains are 10-12% bigger than womens but this has nothing to do with intelligence. The reason why is that men need more neurons to control their greater muscle mass and larger body size.”However, females have more densely packed neurons in certain regions.” Your Brain: The Missing Manual
  7. 7.  Men have been awarded 545 out of the 557 Nobel prizes for science. Women score significantly higher on language skills test. Men score higher on the arithmetic and science portion of the test. Men score higher on spatial awareness test which means we’re better at reading maps. Yes maps. Go show this to your girlfriend.
  8. 8.  “Men generally are better at mentally manipulating objects and at performing certain quantitative tasks that rely on visual representations.”  Women have better language skills. Which means they have a leg up in the communication department.  Women have a better memory.  “The experts say there is no smarter gender.”
  9. 9.  In conclusion I think my presentation has shown there is no real victor in the battle of the genders. Each gender has a certain skill that the other gender is not the best at. I think this is why men and women make such good teams.