Cordova and PhoneGap Insights
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Cordova and PhoneGap Insights



This is the presentation by Masa Tanaka for Tales of JavaScript meetup held on July 1, 2014.

This is the presentation by Masa Tanaka for Tales of JavaScript meetup held on July 1, 2014.



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Cordova and PhoneGap Insights Cordova and PhoneGap Insights Presentation Transcript

  • Adobe PhoneGap & Apache Cordova MASAHIRO TANAKA FOUNDER & CEO, MONACA Tales Of JavaScript Meetup, July 1 2014
  • Who am I? Masahiro Tanaka Founder & CEO, Monaca Twitter: @massie E-mail: Recent books and magazines:
  • A PhoneGap company. Official docs translations. #1 PG community In Japan. Cloud based IDE
  • Monaca: A PhoneGap IDE  Cloud-based PhoneGap/Cordova development environment  Supports iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Chrome Apps Firefox OS support is coming in near future  Starts from free pricing  Has live-reload debugger  Lots of docs / sample apps
  • Android Native Layer What is a hybrid app? HTML Content iOS Native Layer HTML Content iOS App Android App
  • Browser comparison Mobile Browser Hybrid App Browser Engine iOS: Safari or UIWebView Android: WebView, Chrome, etc... iOS: UIWebView (Nitro disabled) Android: WebView HTML5, CSS, and JS Support Level Same Extend JavaScript APIs ✓ Same-Origin Policy Controlled by CORS header Not applicable. Controlled by access origin configuration.
  • Hybrid apps are... Mostly the same as the mobile Web apps.
  • Comparing to native apps Wholly different application structure. Native Layer HTML Content Hybrid App Java or Objective-C Native App
  • Two popular frameworks
  • What is Cordova? ?
  • A street.
  • In Vancouver, Canada Nitobi
  • History of PhoneGap / Cordova  Nitobi folks developed PhoneGap.  Adobe acquired Nitobi.  PhoneGap became a product of Adobe.  And PhoneGap source code transferred to Apache Foundation.  Nitobi team wanted a name that had a meaning to them.  So they re-named it "Cordova"
  • Difference between PhoneGap and Cordova? Conclusion SAME (if we talk about the API sets)
  • Difference ① Command phonegap uses cordova command.
  • Difference ① Command Action Option cordova phonegap Description create ✓ ✓ Create a new project serve ✓ ✓ Run on local Web server (Used by Developer App etc.) build ✓ ✓ Build install ✓ Install on connected device run ✓ ✓ Run on connected device plugin ✓ ✓ Add / remove / search Cordova plugin prepare ✓ Generate a build image compile ✓ Do compile from prepared build image emulate ✓ Run in emulator (same as run --emulator) remote login/logout/build/install/ run ✓ Commands for PhoneGap Build integration local build/install/run/plugin ✓ Commands for local development
  • Difference ② config.xml Cordova's default config.xml
  • Difference ② config.xml PhoneGap's default config.xml
  • Other differences  Available Version  Cordova: 3.5  PhoneGap Build: 3.4  Native-code customizability  Cordova: You can customize code in any where  PhoneGap Build: Only Cordova plugins are supported  PhoneGap has more features  PhoneGap Enterprise  PhoneGap Developer App
  • Cordova and its family PhoneGap Monaca Ionic Framework MS Visual Studio Google Chrome Apps Mobile IBM Worklight All these tools will create the same types of apps, essentially.
  • Common problems  User interface  Delivering smooth native-like widgets and transition  Overall performance  More faster JavaScript  More faster rendering  Security  Encryption of the source code (HTML and JS)  Device API / native functions  You need to wrap every Android or iOS native API calls
  • Recent trends  New enhanced browser engines  Cordova-compatible Blink-based WebView  WKWebView coming in iOS 8. See my article here.  Modern HTML5 based UI frameworks  Based in AngularJS: Ionic Framework, Onsen UI  Optimized to CSS3 rendering:  Cordova Plugin Registry
  • New Android WebViews  Intel Crosswalk Project  Based on Chrominium.  Supports Tizen and Android.  Ludei WebView+ (Cocoon JS)  Browser engine with WebGL enabled.  Great for 3D games.  Amazon Silk  Browser engine for Kindle Fire.  Only available through Amazon HTML5/Web Apps Store.
  • New WebView benefits  No fragmentation in Android version anymore  Same HTML5/CSS3/JS for all Android 4 devices  Ease of debugging  Supports USB debugging via Chrome Dev Tools  JavaScript breakpoints, profile, network...  Less device testing  Increased performance  Can use the latest Blink engine  Tradeoffs:  File size getting big (8MB~15MB)  Slow startup
  • iOS 8 WKWebView iOS 8 WKWebView iOS 8 UIWebView iOS 7 UIWebView WebGL 3D Graphics ✓ ✓ IndexedDB ✓ HTML5 Coverage Score 440/555 427/555 410/555 SunSpider Benchmark 949.8ms 4249.6ms 3659.5ms CSS Shapes ✓ ✓ 4x Faster!
  • Modern JS UI Framework  Ionic Framework (  UI framework based on AngularJS.  Onsen UI (  AngularJS + Topcoat. Supports tablet and Android 2.3.  (  Super-quick rendering using CSS3 tricks.
  • Cordova Plugin Registry  Cordova core and plugin are separated as of Cordova 3.4.  APIs are now implemented sa plugins.  Plugin registry like npm  Install with command  User can submit their own plugins.
  • Monaca demo if time allows.
  • Thank You! P.S. AND PLEASE CONSIDER USING MONACA. Presented by: Masahiro Tanaka @massie