Traffic congestion


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Traffic congestion

  1. 1. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 The traffic congestion in Kuwait 1.0 IntroductionTraffic congestion is famous problem in most countries, it occurs when volume of trafficor modal split generates demand for space greater than the available road capacity. Aswe are facing traffic congestion in daily life and its seems to be one of the most importantproblems we are facing in our contemporary time and how it turns out to be complexsituation for the government and the private sector. Understanding how to managecomplexity and the systems approach and all that led to be a system practitioner, which isdue to in the observation, as founding Traffic congestion on of the serious problems thatmost of countries around the world are facing. Therefore, traffic congestion had chosen itto speak about it in the project. As a system practitioner the system of interest in thatproject is to reduce traffic congestion (crowed) and subsystem of interest include theprocedures or plans that the government should make to improve from this situation.Therefore beginning to make researches and interviews, and collect the colleaguessuggestions and point of view about the project in which noted that every one around usis annoyed from the same problem, and Also had noticed that the government shouldhave future plan to improve from this situation. Also it is obviously shown that everyyear the numbers of using cars increasing without any care about how this will affect theatmosphere or the environment around us, also there is less improvement to the roads orthe rules for the old cars that cause disaster to the environment., which could have anegative impact on the environment of Kuwait, as well as environment of the wholeworld, which could lead to global warming too. So will try the best to provide the projectwith new and effective solutions, to improve and reduce the traffic congestion and how itcan handle this situation. So the objective from this study to help the government as aclient for my project to reduce or improve from that problem through exploring somesystems that contain procedures or plans that government can do to help it in thissituation. During the researches founding the similar areas (countries) facing sameproblem (traffic congestion) in Kuwait and how all the countries solved the problem if 1
  2. 2. Mona ALShaikh 99288661they are or what is the future plan of thinking and how all that procedures or plans willhelp Kuwait country to solve this complex problem1.1 InterestMy system of interest in my project is to reduce traffic congestion and the crowed andthe subsystem of interest in my project is to find the procedures or plans that thegovernment should make to improve from this situation to reduce the traffic congestionand reduce the environmental problems because really its a serious problem. Plans andthe new procedures1.2 ObjectiveSo I will try my best to provide my project with new and effective solutions, to improveand reduce the traffic congestion and how it can handle this situation.So my objective from this study to help the government as a client for my project toreduce or improve from that problem through exploring some systems that containprocedures or plans that government can do to help it in this situation. I was veryinteresting during my project researches I learned loot Most of my project datacollection have been completed by now every lecture I was showing my tutor theresearches I got from the websites or newspapers so I will try my best to provide myproject with new and effective solutions, to improve and reduce the traffic congestion andhow it can handle this situation.2.0 Research doneGoogle was the search engine.I read a lot about that complex problem and after reading I collect the resources for theproject from the websites, news papers and I tried to understand the work done in similarareas (other countries in the world) I choose four areas of them and the work done in 2
  3. 3. Mona ALShaikh 99288661those areas which suffering from the same problem (traffic congestion) comparing toKuwait understanding some solutions future planning and the procedures used.(Begg; D, 2003 traffic congestion plans doomed) U.K the government had planed that within 10 year transport plan it will influencepeople to switch from usage of cars to usage of trains , in this way they will be able toundermined 20% of decrease in the cost of motoring and an equal rise in public transportprices . If this plan was also introduced in Kuwait it will assist in reducing trafficcongestion, Increasing rail passenger growth , introducing trains and improving theirpunctuality , Increasing rail freight Tripling the amount of cycling and Improving busreliability to 99.5% of scheduled mileage(Jin; W, 2007 the future of Beijing public transportation) china the Public transportation of Beijing is planning to build a strong Publictransportation system to solve traffic congestion and cut car emission which is increasingyear by year. In which they are planning to set up a numerous parking built with thecity’s metro lines and at the largest bus stations that connect Beijing’s urban areas to itsoutskirts. It hopes, in this way, to encourage people to park their cars and then use thepublic transportation system.The construction of public transportation is one solution to the citys traffic problem. Aswhen most of the Metro lines will be completed it will connect 22 station which meansthat more transfer convenience will be provided to citizens when the city completes itsconstruction of 82 interchange stations, connecting subways, bus stations and railwaystations.Metro lines in my opinion is a very good idea to reduce such traffic in Kuwait, but stillwe have limitation the flow of personal cars into the city requires a different solution. Asmost men and women still choose to drive since that gives them greater flexibility aboutthe times to travel for leisure or working. 3
  4. 4. Mona ALShaikh 99288661(Ali; S. 2008 Business information center) American Champers of commence in Egypt had introduced a project to introduceluxury bus services , in which they had met on November 13 with guest speakers Ali S.Huzayyin, professor of transport and traffic engineering and planning at CairoUniversity’s Faculty of Engineering, and Mohamed Bayoumi, assistant residentrepresentative at UNDP Egypt. The meeting addressed the topic “UNDP SustainableTransport Initiative: promotion of private sector investment in public transport.”Huzayyin and Bayoumi explained that the UNDP Global Environment Facility (GEF)and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) plan to initiate a sustainabletransport project in collaboration with the Development Research & TechnologicalPlanning Center at Cairo University.One of the project’s objectives is to introduce private luxury bus services to Cairo withthe goal of encouraging car users to shift to buses. This would help to reduce carbondioxide emissions, energy consumption and traffic congestion on the project’s selectedcorridors. And these buses will connect the most congestion cities in Egypt .While in Kuwait , if we had introduced these luxury buses and a metro like they have inEgypt , that might reduce a little bit the traffic congestion , but certainly , a huge numberof the high class of the community will still use there cars , which is more than one andactually use it show off.(Naji ; r ,2007 metro stations and lines to be branded) is also on the countries that has a massive traffic congestion problem. The authorities aretaking a number of measures to reduce this, including building the Dubai Metro and introducingroad tolls. Dubai Metro is currently under construction in which they aim by finishing it will ease 4
  5. 5. Mona ALShaikh 99288661this congestion and reduce passenger traveling time. While for the Road tolls , in July 2007 theyhad beginned with Sheikh Zayed Road , in which 4 dirham toll will be automatically deductedfrom a prepaid tag as drivers enter a toll zone while .While I think , if Kuwait introduced such road, this will be a good factor to reduce roadtraffic ,but it should have alternative traffic ways which enables people to use other roads .3.0 GapsGaps are the issues which are not observed in the previous studies and discussion andyou want to study that, there are many things that havent done in my project because ofmany reasons.In my project I wished to meet people from the government such as managers fromtraffic management and to know more about that complex situation and to know the newprocedures and plane to add that information to my project, because I found out duringmy search that the Kuwaiti government thinking serious in 2014 to build a hug metronetwork, I wished to add this new plan to my project but I don’t have enough informationto do that.For example I will apply the soft system method only I wished to apply both but the timeis very short and I fell that Im stronger in applying the soft system method.4.0 New work- Using trains like UK If this plan was also introduced in Kuwait it will assist in reducingtraffic congestion, Increasing rail passenger growth , introducing trains and improvingtheir punctuality , Increasing rail freight Tripling the amount of cycling- Metro system like china lines in my opinion is a very good idea to reduce such trafficin Kuwait , but still we have limitation the flow of personal cars into the city requires adifferent solution. As most men and women still choose to drive since that gives themgreater flexibility about the times to travel for leisure or working.- if we had introduced these luxury buses and a metro like they have in Egypt , thatmight reduce a little bit the traffic congestion , but certainly , a huge number of the high 5
  6. 6. Mona ALShaikh 99288661class of the community will still use there cars , which is more than one and actually useit show off.- Traffic management and transportation programming this kind of management programming should be made by the government like other countries I found during my researches such as: - improve public transportation service like train and luxury buses for employees - Differentiation and control the time of working - Increase number of bridges and reduce the traffic signals. - Encourage people for walking when they can than using their cars - Improve and enhance the narrow roads - Reduce the number of cars drivers in each family for less traffic congestion - As a Kuwait significant location can introduce boat transportation. - protect and save the environment - develop the awareness to our environment and increase regulations - Reduce the number of old cars in the street with is effect the environment. - add new technology to ease congestion - Online traffic website during 24 hours - building metro system, trains.5.0 Tools and applying toolsT306 had helped me to know different types of tools and methods and know I have thechance to use them in my project.So my aim of the project try to find out if I can implement what Ive been studied in T306of managing complexity through using some tools such as spray diagram and systemsmap , multiple cause diagram , influence diagram , control model. Drawing all thatdiagrams will help me to gain my understanding for the situation and make the situationfor me more clearly and to view it in better way through using this tool. (SUDA)Sensing – it helps in exploring and sensing the mess which is difficult in my situation andcould cause different types of delayIt enables me to feel the real situation and recognize where is my real mess, so due tothat I will explore it in Spray diagram (Summary diagram) as shown below 6
  7. 7. Mona ALShaikh 992886617
  8. 8. Mona ALShaikh 99288661Understanding – I will be able to identify the system of interest from the material whichI had collected, in which in my current case the car user, other countries and also Kuwaitgovernment. After that I will discuss my system of interest which is Traffic congestion –and I will explore it more through – System map and influence diagram 8
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  12. 12. Mona ALShaikh 992886616.0 Methods Thinking to the real world of human organization Using system approaches like soft system method a qualitative technique and it’s the way of dealing with problem situation in which there is a high social, political and human activity component to help in developing new solution for the complex and messy situation, by analyze the situation in each stage to improve from the situation and using different tools which is traffic congestion. soft system method have many features and useful way to approach complex situation and corresponding messy questions, such as understanding the messy situation in systemic way ( the whole) and improve and understand the weakness and at the end to reach the aim and the goal of the project and provide the change by understanding the action have to be taken and enable implementation from different stakeholder and different perspectives . 12
  13. 13. Mona ALShaikh 992886617.0 Soft system Dynamics methodology diagram 13
  14. 14. Mona ALShaikh 992886618.0 Implementation8.1 Stage 1 : The problem situation unstructuredThe first stage of SSM is exploring and finding out about a situation it is importantto gather as many perceptions of the problem situation as possible from a number ofpeople involved in the problem situation .Traffic congestion which is a very serious problem and The most countries in the worldfacing this problem , Kuwait is one of those countries , for this reason choosing to talkabout traffic congestion in Kuwait which seems to be one of the most important problemwe are facing more than before specially in the last four years , it’s a complex situationbecause numbers of population and people using cars increasing every day and thateffect the atmosphere and the environment around us from the cars consumption andthe gases which harm our health , the government should play a big role to solve thisproblem ant to find a solutions and start putting a clear future plan for this seriouscomplex problem , my system of interest in the project isto reduce the traffic congestion and reduce the environmental problems because reallyits a serious problem and the subsystem of interest is the rules and the plans and the newprocedures that should be make to improve from this complex situation.I consider myself to be stakeholder because am a car user in this situation, and theproblem I face every day many questions cross my mind before leaving to any place idon’t know how to reach the place I want to go to my university, increasing the numbersof cars every day the depletion of the ozone layer , pollution from the oil and gasconsumption which effect the environment lead to effect to our health from thoseharmful gases and pollutions, its really a complex situation for all the society.For this reason I read a lot about this kind of problem and I searched through news papersand the internet I collected a big number of researches, the other countries have sameour problem were my focus at , how they try to solve that complexity in there countries,understanding the future plans and the new technology used , as stakeholder my objectiveis to study this kind of complex situation to find the new and latest solutions and help thegovernment the big authority and protect the environment from that disaster problem 14
  15. 15. Mona ALShaikh 99288661understanding the what is environmental friendly mean , as I mentioned that I considermy self involve in the situation.8.2 Stage 2: problem situation expressed (rich picture)The rich picture can help in sorting out the basics of the situation and a helpful tool forexplaining the fundamentals to all interested parties. Rich pictures (situation summaries)are used to depict complicated situations. They are an attempt to encapsulate the realsituation through a no holds barred , cartoon rpresentation of all ethe ideas covered already layout ,connections , relationships, influences , cause and effect :Rich Picture Elements:* Pictorial symbols* Keywords* Cartoons* Sketches* Symbols* Title8.3 Stage 3: root definition of relevant systemEach of the CATWOE can use for asking relevant questions about the human activitysystem, every root definition is based on a specific worldview.CATWOE the first letter of each characteristic forms as a root definition for relevantsystem to check its components with the mess situation, and introduce a system takenforward for development is "a system for making procedures or plans by the governmentto improve the problem from different view points and perspectivesCustomers: who are victims or beneficiaries of the transformation processPopulation (employees-students), beneficial people car seller cars companies, cars driversand mechanic, user of road, user of cars , , or construction companies, garages , provideror cars aboard like china or EnglandActors: who are doing the activities of the transformation process for example Kuwaitgovernment, ministry of interior. 15
  16. 16. Mona ALShaikh 99288661Transformation process: input is transformation into output , the need to change toimprove from this problem , to reduce the congestion and pollution which is faced , andidentify the perfect transformation process to reduce the traffic congestion.Worldview: those who have interest in this problem, new ideas .Owner: they have the authority to stop the transformation process, Kuwait governmentor Kuwait country.Environmental constraints: to be environment friendly requirements for enhancingtechnological (new roads or metro system), social (people health) and economic (oil andgas consumption) . 16
  17. 17. Mona ALShaikh 992886618.4 Stage 4: Conceptual model 17
  18. 18. Mona ALShaikh 99288661This model comes from root definition that contains my system thinking world(suggesting for improving the situation) government should put plans and procedureswhich I will explain in the next 3 steps:STEP 1: Traffic management and transportation programmingThis kind of management programming doing by the government 1- improve public transportation service like train and luxury buses for employees 2- differentiation and control the time of working 3- Increase number of bridges and reduce the traffic signals. 4- Encourage people for walking when they can than using their cars 5- Improve and enhance the narrow roads 6- Reduce the number of cars drivers in each family for less traffic congestion 7- As a Kuwait significant location can introduce a boat transportation.STEP 2: protect and save the environment 1- develop the awareness to our environment and increase regulations 2- Reduce the number of old cars in the street with is effect the environment with the emissionSTEP 3: add new technology to ease congestion 1. online traffic website during 24 hours 2. building metro system , trains . 18
  19. 19. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 8.5 Stage 5: Comparison of stage 4 with stage 2 Conceptual models are compared to the real world with the objective of having a well structured for the situation to improve it. Activity on model Exist How is it done? Support Good any (new ideas) (Is it in real life?) (the way ) Who? or Alternative? (by whom) BadImprove public Not all companies provide Each company Government Good NO forcingtransportation service this kind of should provide thistrain luxury buses, for transportation ,like train kind of service witheach company and and luxury buses only this less fees and forencourage the service provided in the many differentemployee to use it schools and in some areas universities Government Good NODifferentiation and most of the companies New rules forcontrol the time of starting the time of working working hoursworking in same time as schools and universities Government Good NoIncrease number of I don’t think in Kuwait New managementbridges and reduce the there is the number of programs shouldtraffic signals. bridge the country needs reduce the number and the number of signals of traffic signals are increasing day by day and increase and led to traffic number of bridges congestionEncourage people for Not all the people like to People awareness Government Good NOwalking when they can walk because of the hot of the bad effect of 19
  20. 20. Mona ALShaikh 99288661than using their cars weather in Kuwait the cars emissionImprove and enhance Kuwait start to improve the Study each street in Government Good No send specialthe narrow roads roads but I think roads in Kuwait and the technical Kuwait needs more enhancement need engineers to enhancement fro that kind of study the street roadsReduce the number of Problem in exit every government put Government Good Nodriving cars in each family have more than 1 strict rules to givefamily for less traffic car because of the changing the driving licensescongestion in the life style than beforeAs a Kuwait significant Not exit Kuwaiti introduce new Government Good Nolocation can introduce government should study transportation suchboat transportation. more the significant as boats between location in Kuwait no Kuwait areas transportation through the seaDevelop the awareness Not exit not much Government Government Good Noand increase advertisements to show and increase theregulations aware people the bad effect awareness about for the cars emission the risk come from the cars emissions because of the congestionReduce the number of Not exits many very old Strict rules and Government Good Noold cars in the street cars models in the street procedures for thatwith is effect the effect the environment with old carsenvironment with the the high level of emissionsemissionOnline traffic website Not exist and most of the Peoples can Government Good No 20
  21. 21. Mona ALShaikh 99288661during 24 hours people knows how to use monitor the road and IT the internet peoples they wants to go before leaving the place they are.Building metro system Not exit Kuwait don’t have Studying this kind Government Good No this kind of system which of system help to reduce the congestion 8.6 Stage 6: Debate and determine on systemically desirable and feasible changes To implement any change must this change make sense in the system terms .and asking if the changes if the change is feasible ,This stage is concerned with roles of government the problem owners and problem solvers, and almost certainly other stakeholders; the purpose of this stage is to conduct a structured conversation with the actors about the ideas that are now starting appears from the analysis. Some ideas about possible changes in the problem situation and try to identify these ideas are agreed by the actors. So, as I mentioned that traffic congestion come from different reasons I have make suggestions for that to develop or enhance the performance of government. 8.7 Stage 7: Action to solve the problem or improve the situation That is the last stage of SSM and In this stage we can make some changes such as changing structures like the government responsibilities toward this problem, lines of functional responsibilities try to make changes in procedures like putting different ways or new ideas that help government to improve from that situation which I present them, we can make also changes in policy like in the goals and strategies like make or develop environmental standards and regulations, changes also can be with people attitudes whether employees or cars drivers by taking care of the procedures or plan that government put and trying their best to help government improve from this problem. 9.0 Conclusion for applying SSM I think the government have more authority to solve the traffic congestion and that by developing new procedures and more rules and a healthy future plans in a high level of 21
  22. 22. Mona ALShaikh 99288661standards and listening to the people new ideas and suggestions to reduce or improve theproblem ,using the latest technology, and all should have the ecological awareness to helpthe environment .10.0 Appendix10.01 People survey (person 1)Name: Sara Riyad Monir Age: 27 Years….occupation:…Teacher .Tel:…7444735 Do you drive a car? Yes How many cars does your family at home have? 4 cars. Why do you assume that some families own more than one car? Because of the different of the time work and every one like to have his or her own car. What do you think about the traffic in Kuwait nowadays? its totally crowded ,the truth that the number of cars increasing day by day Why do you think numbers of cars are increasing in Kuwait? Don’t forget the affect of globalization and every thing is changed so each family like to have more than one car. Do you think it is appropriate to drive a car even through it is badly affected our environment? To be honest in my answer I think most of drivers don’t care about that they care only to reach the place they need to go . What do you think the government can do to help the environment? I think government should make more restrict rules to the car companies to produce cars have less harm to the environment. How government can reduce the numbers of cars in the street? in a simple way more procedures and a good future plans and more awareness to the drivers. What do you think a bout Kuwait road design nowadays? the Kuwaiti government start to understand the serious problem of the design of the most roads in Kuwait and for that reasons government start to improve some narrow roads especially in salmiya and we thank the government . What advice can you give to help reduce traffic congestion in Kuwait? 22
  23. 23. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 I think government should think in building a new system like metro and improve the public service transportation and to design a big bridge like the other countries.10.2 People survey (person 2)Name: Eyad Arab .Age :46..Years … occupation…Engineer .Tel…6656429 Do you drive a car? Yes How many cars does your family at home have? 3 cars Why do you assume that some families own more than one car? There are many reasons I think every person in the family like to have a car and feel more comfortable to go to the place he/she wants without waiting. What do you think about the traffic in Kuwait nowadays? Oh it’s a horrible really to much crowed and sometimes I cant find a parking for my car. Why do you think numbers of cars are increasing in Kuwait? I think Kuwait is an open country and the foreign people are increasing and the other reason is each family has more than one car. Do you think it is appropriate to drive a car even through it is badly affected our environment? I think each of us cant go to work or to any place without car I think the car manufacture should care about the cars design and enhance the engines to have less impact to our environment. What do you think the government can do to help the environment? Government should making restrict rules for persons who will take license and study the case for each one before giving the driving license. How government can reduce the numbers of cars in the street? Government should make more restrict rules for the companies cars and develop standards rules. What do you think a bout Kuwait road nowadays? The roads in Kuwait need more enhancements, make more bridges and I think that will help to reduce from the traffic congestion problem. What advice can you give to help reduce traffic congestion in Kuwait? 23
  24. 24. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 Using new technologies that help in regulate traffic and improve from roads and increases bridges. 11.0 Ethicality statementAn ethicality statement sets of the ethical aspirations the values that some one aspires toin their work. And the statement emerges from reflection on the values that are importantto the individual, so my values from choose the traffic congestion issue and why itsimportant for me.Some values reflected in the ethicality statements.1- The respectful of the people researched …research with people not on people2- The standards are to be set by the people whom participate in the researchesrather than by me.3- Statement of what research I was doing as much as about how it was to be done.4- The statement should speak for both intentions and actions. - The views and reflection of the people whom they are facing the daily traffic congestion problem and the government are similar to each other as every one of them wants to end this issue. - As am a researcher I will respect the experience and views that all other bring to me, such as the car users, the government; and the researcher will respect the difference between them. - The methods that I will be using as system practitioner including the way I will be writing things will included everyone. I will be asking for, and acting on , feedback about whether people feel included , because this is very important part of learning . 24
  25. 25. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 - Individuals and Government involvement in this research is separate from, and will not directly affect, any other involvement they may have with government rules and regulations.- Nobody will be involved in the research without their informed consent.Which means that every one knows.- They can choose not to participate and give us their opinion as individual,- They can withdraw at any time.- What they must do if they choose to participate in reducing the traffic- What will happen to the information that they give while they are involved in theresearch- All information will be regarded as confidential. They are not using it so people can beidentified, without their recorded agreement.- There is only one situation when information might be shared with someone elsewithout this recorded consent. All people have a right to be protected from harm. So I asa system practitioner if I believe from what I hear or see that anyone might be in dangeror being abused , then an action should be taken. In my case traffic might cause deadlydisease from car emissions and pollution so researches institute should report this togovernment to take the necessary action.- Those involved, including car users and individuals, have a right to know what happensto the information they provided through their involvement in the research. Theresearcher will report back on what all those who had involved and invite furthercomments.- The research is expected to help the Government to improve reducing traffic congestionpractice. However not everyone directly involved in the research may benefit from it.This might included car user, companies, car production, by setting a campaignintroducing them the environmentally, healthy, and the harm that traffic congestion iscausing and giving them some tips to avoid such act in the future. . 25
  26. 26. Mona ALShaikh 9928866112.0 ReferencesDuring my TMA Google was my search engineProject guide course material.T552 diagrams from T205 course material.Block 4 and 5 T306 course material.(Ali; S. 2008 Business information center)(Begg; D, 2003 traffic congestion plans doomed)(Jin; W, 2007 the future of Beijing public transportation)(Naji ; r ,2007 metro stations and lines to be branded),2310,sid%253D1000%2526cid%253D28906,00.html 26
  27. 27. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 Client reportI had chosen to talk about the traffic congestion in Kuwait as an important situationbecause numbers of people using cars increasing every day, going from one place toanother became a very big problem and all that effect the atmosphere and theenvironment around us from the cars consumption and from using the resources withoutunderstanding the bad effect of the fuel consumption which harm the environment .itsreally a big problem for all society. I start my researches and collecting the informationfrom many resources related to my subject traffic congestion, collection data was frominternet, news papers and other resources, after I had collected the researches and start toimprove from that problem by giving some ideas can help the government becausegovernment is the most important actor and the authority and the one has the right todecide , before introducing my ideas I understand the weakness in the real life situationand compare that with my new ideas and from the other countries which they have sameproblem. After my researches I became more strong to introduce some ideas to improvefrom this problem such as build a strong traffic management and transportationprogramming , improve the public transportation like train or metro system to theemployees and students, the metro system or trains are not yet introduced in Kuwaitcity and the most of the other countries which they have the traffic congestion start todevelop this services and increase the number of bridges which will reduce the trafficcongestion , its very important to reduce the number of signals in Kuwait roads becausethe number of signals are more than the streets need as the Kuwaiti roads all we knowsnot that big and narrow which the government should improve the narrow roads thanreduce the traffic signals , find a rules and a solution for the numbers of the old carswhich effect our environment by the high level of the bad emissions . 27
  28. 28. Mona ALShaikh 99288661Government can help in reduce the congestion by using the strict rules before giving thedriving license to the people the most of the students in university and even in the schoolsthey have a driving license most of them are not working and I don’t think its importantfor them to have a driving license, I think the government should study each casecarefully and increase the awareness in the different kinds of media such as news papersTV and encourage the people to understand more about the risk come from the carsemissions .As all we know Kuwait has a significant location as near from the Arabian Gulf, Kuwaitgovernment should take the advantages of that by introduce boats transportation. As allwe know that Kuwait is a development country and its very easy to add new technologyto reduce this problem by monitoring the traffic road in each area 24 hours using theinternet and special traffic website. if all this fact taking in consider the traffic congestionwill be less and all this new systems for planning by government will help to improvefrom the situation. 28
  29. 29. Mona ALShaikh 99288661Week 1In this week , I was checking the project guide course material to know more details about thehow am going to solve my TMA , in order to prepare the time schedule plan and to organize mytime to enable me finishing my project before the deadline.I also had checked the T306 course material and what methods , tools and techniques I coulduse,My first week was getting an idea how am going to do my project, how much time I need toprepare for it.In which I had read the study guide and noted down all the points required from me to be sure Ididn’t forget any thing.Week 2I began to think about the complex situation in which I have experience on it and I would like tosolve it.Actually I was thinking about a couple of topics which I face in my life and find them complex,then I began to ask my relatives which one to choose. After a couple of conversations I felt thatam facing daily traffic in my way to work ,back to home , to university . Therefore, finally I haddecided that I will choose Traffic Congestion, which is a serious problem that we are facing inour daily life, in the country I live in Kuwait and also other countries around the world facing thesame thing. I face a problem in choosing the topic because the topic will success or fell myproject if I had the wrong decision.So the Second week it was the discussions which was happing to specify my project.Week 3After deciding that Traffic Congestion is the topic of my project ,I start drawing a spraydiagram to summary the situation for more understanding and I began to specify my clientsand how can I be beneficial to Kuwait government with my project , I fell that am a part fromthat complex situation and am responsible to solve the complex problem , how am going to helpthem to overcome and reduce the current situation in Kuwait daily traffic . I will also highlight onsome stakeholders and show their perspectives. 29
  30. 30. Mona ALShaikh 99288661will also prepare the question which needs to be asked to give to people as a survey, in which Iwill be able to check their comments and views. Really I face problem here it was my first timedoing surveyWeek 4DATA- CAPTA- INFORMATION – to reach KNOWLEDGE I began to search throughinternet , newspapers , ministry website , to find any informations relate my project , whichhelps me to understand the current situation that the country is going through and check if thereis any future plans they are thinking about.Actually searching for information and data had enabled me to understand a lot of things andenabled me to think more widely, and help me to have an idea how am going to help thegovernments with my plans to overcome the traffic problem. The truth I really was tired the netis a full of knowledge and information its not easy to select the best.Week 5I began to use the system thinking tools like spray diagram, system map, rich picture, influencediagram, I face problem in drawing control model my tutor helped me to answer myquestions ,and helped me to understand the situation more clearly. In which I had an overviewabout all over the situation which am working on which enabled me to view the situation and theproblems that effects it , in all its surroundings I was not sure if our tutor need a sign graph Iface a problem in that point I was not strong in drawing that kind of diagram ,In this week I will show my tutor the diagrams and ask him about the sign graph which I haddrawn for his comments and suggestions.Week 6In this week I was checking which method I can apply to my situation I was not sure After Idiscuss with my Tutor I had decided that the most suitable method for my project will be softsystem method SSM.As I didn’t see that VSM is a suitable method for my project while I cant apply HSM as I don’thave final solution and I cant decide by my self for the solution a lot of stakeholders are a part ofmy problem which am trying to solve.Week 7I had prepared the outcomes and my recommendations that I had suggested to represented tothe client(government ) which comes from analysis of the stages which I had applied in Soft Systemmethod 30
  31. 31. Mona ALShaikh 99288661Then I had showed my tutor my work to take his overall point of view about my work and tohave his advices to enhance my work. And take his comments in consideration , and show himwhere I had reached till now in my project.Week 8I began writing my report about traffic congestion in Kuwait, setting everything in order torepresenting in a good manner, applying most of the things that I have learnt in T306. ,introduction , tools methods , Soft system stages , ethical statement , and then I had added thesurvey which I had got from my colleagues at work , then I revised all my work , checking that Ihadn’t left any thing behind , recheck grammars , layout and diagrams.Week 9In this week I start typing my report project I used the T306 CD I face a problem how todesign the pages and the index ,the way our tutor wants I called my friend and I discussed withher my questions , I start collecting everything that I make from week 1 to week 8 and I try todesign my project in my way to be good report and to put in it all what I learn in T306,I startsolving TMA-7 witch is the last report . After finish the report I put also the survey that I makeand I take two persons who full my survey through answering questions that are on it and theethically statement that I make in TMA6.Week 10In this week am very happy the project is ready before the submit time I just need to listen tomy tutor ideas and be sure about the project look and the page numbers the index I think all thatwill not take a big time from me am really very happy it was my first time during studying inAOU doing a project by my self and I think I will keep a copy to show my work to my friends ,my family  and maybe in the future to my students as I like to be a tutor in Lebanon university .and at the end I will make a revision for all things that I done it in my report trying to findanything that I miss to insert it with my project and to check the way that I design my report on itand checking the grammar and spelling for the report. Also I make revision for diagrams that Idraw for the situation to be sure that everything is completely and I try to cover everything that Ifeel its weak and try to enhance from it to present it in better way. 31
  32. 32. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 Project chart week 1 1/3/2008-7/3/2008 Our tutor explain the project guide and advice us to start choosing our projects topics. 2 days to read the project guide to understand the project week 2 8/3/2008-14/3/2008After reading the project guide and understand the steps I choose my topic (traffic congestion). 3 days for the researches in websites , news papers and asking my tutor his ideas week 3 15/3/2008-21/3/2008 Start searching through the internet, news papers, ministrywebsite finding informations and select the best for my project. 2 days selecting the mining full informations and the best knowledge week 4 22/3/2008-28/3/2008 After reading loot I show my tutor the researches I choose, and the similar areas have same my situation, discuss with him the project 22/3/2008 was Saturday and I shows the researches which I chose to my tutor and he gave me his advices week 5 29/3/2008-4/4/2008High light some stakeholders; show the perspectives, survey for my friends and other peoples. 4 days for making survey for my friends and family week 6 5/4/2008-11/4/2008 32
  33. 33. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 Selecting the method which I will choose, my situation need soft system method, identify the reasons for selecting, I start read the stages and understand the way to use this kind of method. 3 days I used block 2, 3 T306 material to understand SSM more because SSM is the method which I decide to apply . week 7 12/4/2008-18/4/2008 Finding the tools and technique will use, start drawing the diagrams to understand the situation (SUDA). The whole days from that week was for drawing the diagrams week 8 19/4/2008-25/4/2008 Working with soft system stages practically for each stage. 3 days for working with SSM applying each stage week 9 26/4/2008-2/5/2008 Finding the ethically statement, gaps, limitation for my project after analyze those concepts I find out if am happy with my projects how is the time was during my work all the weeks above. 2 days to understand and read the Ethicality statement in page 118 the new concepts and finding the ethically points in my projects as I already worked with the gaps and limitation in TMA4-5 week 10 3/5/2008-10/5/2008 Working with my project log, summarize the project, the experience, identify the references I used, submit my TMA and will wait the feed back from my tutor. 4 days for typing and writing the summarize and end the project , adding references , my project was ready in 9-5 and will show it to my tutor before submit in LMSMy project chart 2008 33
  34. 34. Mona ALShaikh 99288661 The overall summary for the last 10 weeksDuring the last 10 weeks working in my project it was my first time for me to do thiskind of project it was important for me to engage with the situation so I can place myselfin relation to others in my chosen situation and that let me to identify my system ofinterest , for this reasons I try to understand the most important points in my project guideand ask my tutor about the un clear points to reduce my mistakes and gaps and to have agood mark, the next step that I start choosing the topic for my project and discuss withmy tutor all the topics in my mind and listen to all his suggestion and advices about thecomplexity I chose I was asking my self all the time if I have the enough experience andif am strong enough to discuss this kind of complexity which is traffic congestion inKuwait ,and finding a new solutions and a strong new system as a system thinker, themain points is to understand the main stakeholders that will play roles in my complexsituation and all the view points , as a system practitioner (BCEM) first being I see thetraffic congestion situation in front of me and I immerse my self as am part of it asstakeholder , second I engaging from my experience I will see how this situation look liketo me if it is complex or messy , then I start contextualizing from my skills learningthrough the experience and thinking how to deal and managing mean , last to startmanaging my situation and see my performance and deal with the situation as a systempractitioner and start find a solutions and managing the complexity in my project bylearning with other stakeholders and understanding thehow discovering andcontextualizing my sustainable development and that will led me to explore the values ,beliefs and circumstances . 34
  35. 35. Mona ALShaikh 99288661After that I start search through the internet and in the news papers related to my projectto understand the situation more from data to capta until I reach the information I need tohave a meaningful knowledge in that situation , So I collected three researches and Ishow it to my tutor and every week I do the same , I make a survey and I took my friendsperspective and some suggestions which helped me to improve from the problem , I triedto talk to a person working in the traffic administration but am not able to do that , I startto collect all the information in a special folder in my personal computer with thesituation name and every one week I add the important work I did to have all the pointsto make my project as a report from introduction to body and to conclude at the end ,andI start drawing the diagrams and chose the method will use and understand all the stagesto apply to be more clearly way. All that was after discussing my tutor weekly, theproblem I face was with the conceptual model stage and with the control model diagrammy tutor helped me with that and he explain to me what to do, after I finished from doingmy project and my own recommendations, summary and the client report and Imentioned in the SSM the ideas to support the government. so all the group of activitiesthat I move towards achieving the goal and to learn my self evaluation and selfknowledge because all that elements are necessary features of the juggling act performedby me as a system practitioner I learned during my project how to distinction betweenreflection before action by understanding the human design and planning in action whichtakes place simultaneously with practice action the knowledge in use and practice in aseamless hole , reflection on action to interprets action in terms of espoused theory. andthe interprets of each action , reflective becoming aware I learned what is reflectivesystems practitioner and to understand the human complexity to find a solution for theproblem by understanding the differentiation between human pattern and meeting theshadow because we have many ways of being , knowing and acting , and understandingmy own and other peoples preferred style at the end of the last block from the T306materials I learned how to managing complexity and I hope that I introduce this learningin my project and my situation which I used as a system of interest . 35
  36. 36. Mona ALShaikh 9928866136