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self charging laptops

self charging laptops



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    Computer Computer Presentation Transcript

    •  While using laptop more heat is generated at the bottom.  Due to this waste heat,many are suffering with health problems. so,why don’t we create a device which absorbs the heat and use this heat as charging to the laptop itself.
    • • A thermocouple is a device that can convert thermal energy into electrical energy. • It consists of two different metals (bimetal) joined together that conduct heat at slightly different rates. •When heated, the difference in conduction results in electricity flowing from one metal to the other.
    • • A thermocouple can produce current to drive some processes directly, without the need for extra circuitry and power sources. • Commercial thermocouples are inexpensive, interchangeable, and can measure a wide range of temperatures. •Thermocouples are self powered and require no external form of excitation.
    •  One of the wire in the junction is kept where heat is generated and other at room temperature.  So,the temperature difference creates emf- thermo electric action.
    • •The main limitation with thermocouples is accuracy. •Aging of thermocouples
    •  Since the energy available from a single thermocouple is very small, arrays of thermocouples must be used.  Higher power devices can be made by connecting thermocouples in series to increase the voltage capability and in parallel to increase the current capacity.  Such an array of thermocouples is called a thermopile.
    • In this competitive world , every one uses laptop. As our product does not generate heat , it is helpful. As it is a self charging , it saves electricity.
    •  Many people uses laptops,so this product will give profitious result.  This technique is of less cost.  And,also occupies less space.Thermocouples are small, convenient, flexible, cover wide ranges, reasonably stable, reproducible, accurate, fast.
    •  A company has created a chip which converts heat into electricity by using some alloy.  It said that , it is going to make deal with Dell andApple companies.  So , may be in future Dell and Apple may coming up with this technology.
    • We are providing some extra features such as, Additional components like a battery can also be added in the circuitry, in order to store the energy and reuse it whenever required.  Fast installation through professional planning and execution  As we are using amplifiers and rectifiers , we will get high supply and constant voltage.  We can also use this heat as supply to other electronic devices also.
    •  Low capital expenditures due to standard components.  High profits are guaranteed due to minimum maintenance costs.  Lower operation costs through own power generation.