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What is star matching

  1. 1. What do we mean by Star porutham ? Do we have to see Star porutham and the horoscopes match before finalizing an alliance? What are the advantages and benefits in the Marriage star porutham and Horoscope Matching? Will it benefit the couples? This Star porutham Table & Chart Provides you with near matching Nakshatra (constellations know as Star) are of Boys. Though this table provides the best possible results, please consult Astrologerfor other aspects such as longevity, health, wealth & Mangalik Doshams i.e. Kuja or Chevvai dosham etc. Girls Birth star or Sthree Suitable boys Stars (Matching# Nakshatram Purusha Nakshatram) Best: Aswinee, Bharani, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Poosam, Pooram, Aswinee - Aswini –1 Uthiram, Hastham, Chithirai, Ashwini Swathi, Anusham, Pooradam, Uthiradam, Avittam, Poorattadhi. Best: Aswinee, Kruthikai, Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Makam,2 Bharani - Barani Uthiradam, Chithirai, Swathi, Thiruvonam, & Sathayam For Mesha Rasi Best: Aswinee, Bharani, and For Rishabam- Karthikai / Kiruthigai Rohini, Thiruvonam, Poosam, Kruthikai /Kiruthikai Makam, Pooram, Chitirai, Swathi,3 Krittikaa Anusham, Thiruvonam, Avittam. For Mesha & Rishabam: Aswinee, Kettai, Moolam, Pooradam , Revathi. Best: Mrigasirsham, Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Pooram,4 Rohini / Rohinee Uthiradam, Chithirai, Visakam Avittam, Poorattadhi. Best: Rohini, Mrigasirsham, Mrigasiram Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Pooram,5 /Mrigaseersham Uthiram, Vishakam, Kettai Sathayam.
  2. 2. Best: Mrigasirsham, Ardra Or Thiruvathirai Thiruvathirai, Punarpoosam,6 Pooram, Chithirai, Kettai, Poorattathi, Revathi. Best: Aswinee Rohini, Mrigasirsham, Thiruvathirai, Punarpoosam/Punarpusam7 Poosam, Makam, Chithirai, Punarvasu Swathi, Anusham, Moolam, Sathayam, Uthirattathi. Best: Thiruvathirai, Ayilyam, Poosam / Pusam8 Hastham, Swathi, Visakam, Pushyam Kettai, Thiruvonam, Revathi. Best: Aswinee, Uthiram, Ayilyam.9 Visakam, Uthirattadhi, Avittam, Aslesha Uthiradam. Best: Bharani, Kruthikai, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Punarpoosam, Makam / Magam10 Makam, Pooram, Hastham, Makha Swathi, Anusham, Pooram, Thiruvonam, Sathayam. Best: Aswinee, Kruthikai, Pooram / Puram Mrigasirsham, Punarpoosam,11 Poorva Phalguni Makam, Sathayam, Kettai, Moolam, Avittam. Best: Aswinee, Bharani, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Hastham, Swathi, Uthiram12 Anusham, Pooradam, Uthraphalguni Thiruvonam, Sathayam, Uthirattadhi, Best: Mrigasirsham, Punarpoosam, Chithirai,13 Hastham Visakam, Kettai, Pooradam, Avittam. Best: Same sign or Rasi: - Chithirai, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Chithirai Uthiram, Hastham, Swathi,14 Chithra - Chitra Anusham, Moolam, Thiruvonam, Sathayam, Uthirattadhi.15 Swathi - Svathi Best: Bharani, Mrigasirsham,
  3. 3. Punarpoosam, Chithirai, Swathi- (same sign). Visakam, Kettai, Pooradam, Poorattadhi, Revathi. Best: Aswinee, Bharani, Rohini, Mrigasirsham, Thiruvathirai, Visakam16 Poosam, Makam, Anusham, Vishakha Moolam, Avittam, Sathayam, Uthirattadhi. Best: Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Anusham Punarpoosam Ayilyam. Kettai,17 Anuradha Thiruvonam, Sathayam, Poorattadhi, Revathi. Best: Kruthikai, Uthiram, Kettai Moolam, Uthiradam, Avittam,18 Jyeshta Poorattadhi, Uthirattadhi, Rohini Mrigasirsham, Punarpoosam. Best: Bharani, Thiruvathirai,18 Moolam / Mulam Pooram Hastham, Pooradam, Thiruvonam, Sathayam. Best: Uthiram, Chithirai, Pooradam / Puradam20 Visakam, Uthiradam, Avittam, Poorvashada Poorattadhi, Revathi Best: Aswinee, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Poosam, Makam, Uthiradam21 Pooram, Hastham, Swath,i Uthrashada Anusham, Moolam, Thiruvonam, Sathayam. Best: Bharani, Kruthikai, Mrigasirsham, Punarpoosam, Thiruvonam22 Ayilyam, Pooram, Chithirai, Sravanam Visakam, Kettai, Uthiradam, Avittam, Poorattadhi, Revathi. Best: Aswinee, Kruthikai, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Poosam, Makam, Avittam Uthiradam, Hastham, Swathi,23 Dhanishta Anusham, Moolam, Uthiram, Thiruvonam, Sathayam, Uthirattadhi.24 Sadhayam / Sathayam Best: Bharani, Mrigasirsham,
  4. 4. Sathabhisha Punarpoosam, Makam, Uthiram, Pooram, Chithirai, Visakam, Kettai, Pooradam, Avittam, Poorattadhi, Revathi. Best: Aswinee, Mrigasirsham, Thiruvathirai, Poosam, Makam, Poorattadhi / Purattathi25 Chithirai, Swathi, Anusham, Poorvabhadrapada Moolam, Uthirattadhi (Same sign the best). Best: Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Uthirattadhi Punarpoosam, Makam, Hastham,26 Utharabhadrapada Swathi, Visakam, Kettai, Thiruvonam, Revathi. Best: Kruthikai, Mrigasirsham, Punarvasu, Poosam, Pooram,27 Revathi - Rewati Uthiram (Kanya Rasi) -Hastham, Swathi, Anusham, UthiradamThe general condition for star matching is to count from the Girls star;however in some parts of India, they do count from the boys star for a match.It would look odd, if counted from a Grills star the horoscope and nakshatramight match fine, but if same is done from the boys star, it might give acontradicting verdict! Though the best suitable and suggested stars arementioned, in one or two cases, it is likely that you will find the Rasi as 6th or8th houses from boys or girls star (Sashta-Ashtakam known asSashtashtakam). There is always an exception for some constellations viz.Makam, Mrigaseersham, Thiruvathirai, Swathi & Poorattathi which areconsidered for match even if Sashtashtaka Dosham is present.The general opinion , whether it is Rasi Sashtashtakam or LagnaSashtashtakam, it is best to avoid these matches. Though, there wont be anycritical problem with this Rasi Sashtakam, if matched, the couple will disagreein every single matter and lead a life with quarrel (& fight!) daily, thus losingmental peace and happiness. It is said, the 6th & 8th Houses denote enmity &longevity in general, the brain wave clash occurs more frequently.
  5. 5. However, in a few exceptional cases, we see, the couples are more co-operative, understanding and fond of each other, despite the presence of sixth& 8th house match; in these cases, though the Rasi stands to be opposing, thenakshatra lords are friendly or equal! Only in this context, it is suggested toavoid. We see a need to mention, as few ask for clarification, when a star is inthe 8th house of the moon sign from the boy or girl, how this can be matched!Also, to avoid confusion, we have not listed the second best suited stars,which too confuses them when it comes to star match. Even if Dina poruthamis not there. you can certainly consider other aspects if it is of not Same Rajju.(in a very few exceptional cases, it is stated that the Pada Rajju is not of muchharmful and can be considered.) Note: For Aswini, Makam, Thiruvathirai, Mrigaseersham, Swathi &Uthirattathi stars Same Rajju is acceptable. These are the only Starts that getsan Exception for Rajju match. If it is the same star for boy and girl then it isconsidered for alliance, but in general inter-alia within the above six otherstars, then not considered in general. Star matching can be considered if mostof the other aspects are scoring on the higher side.Also, the following eight stars, if that are of same for a boy or girl should never beconsidered for alliance: Bharani, Ayilyam, Swathi, Kettai, Moolam, Avittam,sathayam & Poorattathi. Kalathra Dosham Horoscopes - a brief definitions.Kalalthra Dosham or the malefic effects of the 7th house from a boy or girlshoroscope is discussed here. Please consult your astrologer before decidingthe factors as there are numerous exceptions and pariharams are given in thesubject.The placement of Sukran (Venus), who is known as kalathrakarakan (planetinfluencing spouse or life partner), should be checked. If it is in 7th house, thehoroscope has dosham. It can be matched with only boys having Sukran(Venus) in 7th house.If Rahu or Ketu is in 7th or 8th house from Lagnam (Ascendant) or Chandran(Raasi known as moon sign), there is Rahu/Ketu dosham. For a match, thereshould be Rahu/Ketu dosham in both girls and boys horoscope or bothhoroscopes should be free from Rahu/Ketu doshamIf in a Girls horoscope:Mangalya Dosham (Death of Husband or Wife) - Planetary alignment andpositions that causes early widowhood for girls are stated as under:Strong malefic planet in the 8th house in a female horoscope is stated to cause
  6. 6. early widow hood. If this malefic who is in the 8th house in female horoscopesis owner of the 7th house, and then widowhood should not be predicted.When there is a malefic in the 8th house and if the 2nd or 4th house isoccupied by strong benefic like Jupiter the wife will predecease the husband,since 8th house aspect by Jupiter even if there are malefic in the 7th house;and if the 8th house in the horoscope of the girl if there is a strong andpowerful benefic in her 9th house she will have both good marital life andprosperous children.If 6th & 8th house lords are in conjunction and occupy the 7th house in a femalehoroscope if moon with no digit strength occupies 7th house as lord of the 6thwhich will happen only if lagna is Kumbha, if mars and Jupiter occupy 7th or ifSaturn is alone in the 7th or if Saturn is alone in the 7th house aspect by 8thlord she will become a widow.If Saturn is in the 8th house aspect by strong malefic in a female horoscopeshe may not get married. There are some exceptions if other favorable factorsin the horoscope are indicated.If in a male horoscope weak moon is in the 5th house from lagna and if lagna,seventh and twelfth houses are occupied by other malefic he will neither havewife nor children.If in a male horoscope:Saturn in Pisces (Meenam) as 7th house, and if the Star Sun is in the Lagna hewill lose his wife and this can happen only if lagna is in Virgo or Kanni.Jupiter is in the 7th in Virgo or Kanni and there are malefic in the 4th housefrom lagna, the wife will meet with an early death.Sun and Venus are conjoined in the 5th, 7th, and 9th house from Lagna; thewife will have deformity of limbs.Sun and Rahu or Ketu are in the 7th House he will loose all his wealth eitherthrough the bad character of his wife or sickly wife.If moon and Saturn are in the 7th he will not have progeny. It is also likelythat he may not get married.If lord of the 8th is in the seventh, he will lose his wife very early.If Mars and Saturn are in the seventh in Cancer, he will get a good andbeautiful wife. This can happen only if the lagna is Makara or Capricorn.The lord of the seventh house when placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth fromlagna or ascendant but not in his swakshetram (own sign) or exaltation signucha will afflict his wifes health.
  7. 7. If Venus known as Sukran, The Goddess of Love, is joined with a maleficplanet the persons wife will undergo serious afflictions even to the extent ofaffecting her longevity the result will be the same if Venus or Sukran occupiesher debilitation sign neecha Rasi or an enemy sign or asthagatha combust.If Saturn occupies eighth or tenth house in a male horoscope it will afflict hiswifes longevity.If in a male horoscope Rahu occupies the seventh house from the lagna orascendant or Venus or the moons sign it is said to cause his wifes death inearlier stage.The above are a brief compilation of most vital questions that arises whilecomparing horoscope for marriage match. Please do not just come toconclusion that these are the only things that one need to check or accept.There are many more explanations and exceptions that speaks volume of othermatters. Hence it is always suggested to consult an experienced astrologer forother combinations for a suitable star match for vivaha - marriage match.
  8. 8. STAR MATCHING - THE TEN MOST IMPORTANT & VITAL POINTS TO MERIT INHOROSCOPE MATCHING - IN Srivaishnava IYENGAR MARRIAGES, and in the Hinducommunity in General known Vivaha Dasa Porutham according to Vedic Astrology. (StarMatching & Compatibility according to Constellations).STAR MATCH (Constellation)/ Dina Porutham or Nakshatra Porutham: It is the compatibility ofthe birth star of the bride & groom. This means the matching and coping tendency of the male &female together for life time. It also indicates ones fortune and prosperity factor.GANAM: Three classified characters of individuals are listed being Deva (Divine), Manusha (Human)and Rakshasa (Demon). This denotes the compatibility of Man & Woman to have even level of Ganamthat goes together. This shows the temperamental level of both gender.MAHENDRAM: This indicates progeny and happiness together.STHREE DHIRGAM: If this matches then the female counter parts well being will be of fine aftermarriage and for life time, i.e. longevity of relationship.YONI: Compatibility of private organs of man and woman. The classified stars should not be ofenemys one. These yonis are symbolized that are of some animals grouping, such as Tiger, Cow, Rat,Elephant etc. This match is giving the desired level of satisfaction, sexual urge of nature, for thematched couples in their sexual life and physical satisfaction for both at par.RASI: (Moon sign) - This is an indication of overall compatibility of the couples.RASI ATHIPATHI: (Lord of the Moon sign): This denotes the finest relationship among groom &brides parents & their family.RAJJU: This is the most vital match that is the essence of all other matches. If this mismatches, evenif all other 9 matches are found, then it should totally be rejected. It is an indication; the mismatchedRajju is most fatal to any one of the couples. Must be avoided if mismatch found in this particularaspect. This is the most important to any caste among Hindus, as it might be fatal to any one of thecouple. It is an indicator of strength and weakness in married life.NAADI: This is called of pulses of the stars match and classified into three groups viz. parsuva,Madhya & Samana naadi. This match is found then the woman counterpart will live long with herhusband. This also physiological constitution and compatibility.VASIYAM: The magnetic control or amenability of the couple and the mutual attraction to eachother is denoted if this match found.Vedhai - Any possible challenges, doshas and afflictions, if any.The above Hindu system horoscope match is based on the Moon Sign and constellations (Nakshatra).If six out of ten including the vital Rajju is matching, then it is recommended for alliance. The matchabove 51% but below 60% it is moderate. Between 60% 70% then it is Good. Between 71% and80% Very good and above 80% The Best.
  9. 9. Apart from the above matching, from the boys or girls Moon sign should not be of sixth and eighthhouses. It is called Sashta-ashtakam. Alsol there should be no Dasa Sandhi, i.e. both the partnershould not have same Dasa running concurrently.The next most vital things is of Mangal Dosham, Kuja Dosham or the so called Chevvai Dosham.There are numerous exceptions for all the above as per the Hindu Vedic Astrological teachings. Youmay read my article on this subject in the other page titled NAVAGRAHA PREETHI under CaptionMars in this same site. It is all about the placement of Mars in a natives Horoscope.Despite all the matches, if a marriage fails & no compatibility found then one will come to theconclusion that these are all farce. What then the real meaning of search so many horoscopes andfinding the matches? Is it not a sheer waste of time and energy in doing so?No. In fact the horoscope of either of them must be wrong or the birth time given wrongly, or theAyanamsa, Longitude & Latitude given wrongly. If any of these are wrongly computed, then the entirehoroscope becomes invalid. Above all, fate supercedes everything! Just the saying goes "marriagesare made in heaven".
  10. 10. Navagraha i.e. The Major 9 PlanetsWhat does it signify? Do these planets have any influence on the earth? How can one definethese influences ?During the Vedic Era, the Sages and the Saints known as Rishis and Munis used to calculate thetime from the sunrise till sunset by viewing the shadows. During night time they used the starspositions to judge the time of the moment. Unlike these days they never had any clock andmeasuring instruments, yet they were far more accurate in finding the planetary positions andtheir movements. What they found is astonishingly accurate to todays developed science andtechnology.They identified the planets and its influence on the earth and its particles so precisely that eachplanet has some relative element in its existence. Listed below are some of the links andexamples that are quite relevant to Astrology and its notions.Sun being the largest star in our Solar system, while passing its rays to the earth, also touchesmany other planets before entering into the earths atmosphere. Thus radiation emanated fromthe Sun is a mixture of rays with contamination from other planets. These mixed rays are suitablefor some and not so for others, whether human or otherwise.To overcome these problems they found simple solutions from nature itself and discovered thateach planet is, in one or other way linked to the nature, viz. tree, plants, grain, mineral and colortoo. They precisely found the links and identified it with remarkable influences.For instance, wheat is identified with Sun and if a person has the Star Sun placed in a weakerposition, then he is advised to substitute wheat with other food items. This is a correctivemeasure which helped the sufferer from the ill effects of the planet/star.Like wise, for each planet they marked a particular grain, mineral, metal, tree or plant, color andflower. Within my limited knowledge, I give below the list of each planet and its relative substanceon the earth. 0ne can then easily understand why an astrologer suggests some gem or other toweed off the ill effects of a specific planet. I am giving hereunder the sample stones also for oneto recognize.
  11. 11. Alright. Now what about its effects and influences on humans? How can one be sure which color or stone suites someone best? What effect these gems will have on a person? Let us study these points one by one. First, let us discuss the planet Saturn. People in general tend to fear saying this planets name and are scared once they find that they are under the influence of Saturn (Saade Sathi or the so called Seven and half years period of Saturns cycle).Planet Color Gem Grain MetalSun Red Ruby Wheat BronzeMoon White Pearl Paddy/Rice Lead Bengal Gram -Mars Red Coral Red Lentil Copper GramMercury Green Emerald Green Gram Mercury Indian Yellow Yellow Split Peas (splitJupiter Yellow Gold Sapphire Gram Lentil) Chana DalVenus White Diamond Soya Gram Silver SesameSaturn Blue Blue Sapphire Iron & Steel (Gingili) Rocks-Rahu Black Zircon Black Gram BlackstoneKetu Multi-color Cats Eye Horse gram Red stones As listed above, Saturn is identified with Iron & Steel and its rays contain Iron particles. When Iron substance is excessively found in ones body then the neuron chips in the brain gets disturbed. Thus the emitting of brain wave is also disturbed or scattered and this puts a person under
  12. 12. Saturns effects to great hardship. People tend to ignore this person. Many a time clashes occur. Aperson under its influence is likely to slip from his or her routine. They are more often attractedtowards unwanted and unlawful activities. Greed takes them for a ride and they may even tend togo for gambling, howsoever a refined person he or she may be.Saturn is a very slow moving planet and it takes roughly two and half years to cross one sign of 30degrees. Unless it is a new moon or full moon day, generally during all Saturdays, theatmospheric pressure is very minimal. This low pressure in atmosphere causes lethargicattitude in most of us and for those who suffer from the Seven and Half years (Sade Sathi) periodof Saturn, in particular. Thats why persons affected by it become lazy and lethargic during the illeffect period.This I have seen in many peoples horoscopes that practically during the Saturns ill effect periodsknown as Sade Sathi, they tend to forget even most important assignment, lose valuable items,become very lethargic and inactive, lose weight, and spend money more than usual and mostlyborrow it even if it is for higher interest rates etc. thus taking him to a bad debt trap.Many a person who suffered these bad effects were given some remedial suggestions according toastrological considerations. If a person wears a blue sapphire stone during that specific period, theSaturns ill effects are minimal. But how a stone or gem can bring solace is questioned by many.The fact is that the mineral content in a particular stone and the cosmic radiation combinedtogether are beneficial, that much one can be sure of. And there is always a link between ourMother Earth and the Celestial movement of planets; even the researchers inform, that some sortof sound emission from other planets too reaches the Earth; this sound vibration too causes somedisturbances with any person affected during the 7and half year (Saade Sathi) period.Some alternative methods are also suggested to weed off Saturns radiations. 0ne such suggestionis to light/burn the gingili (sesame) seeds soaked into gingili (sesame) oil and inhale the carbon.This method is practically done on every Saturday evenings in the famous South Indian templeswhich hold a separate location for the Temple of Planets. This method supposedly relieves onefrom Saturns ill effects, viz. by inhaling the gingili Carbon, the ventricles take it directly to thebrain and the chemical reaction caused in the brain releases the excessive Saturn Radiations fromthe brain, through the seven visible holes in the face itself - i.e. nostrils, ear, eyes and mouth. Inaddition, the skull punch or the focal point, (from where brain waves are emitted) also ventilatesthe Saturns radiations. Saturns rays are, presumably, thick containing more ironsubstance/iodine.Another such method is, just to keep the gingili seeds into ones palm for few minutes and then togift it to a Brahman. It is said, that gingili seeds absorbs the Saturns rays directly from the bodyand gives relief to the sufferer. This is also done on a Saturday. It is widely believed that thereceiver of this gingili gets the ill effects of the Planet Saturn and the receiver is mostly a Brahman
  13. 13. who should take remedial measures to correct the imbalances. This I shall discuss in a separatearticle under Duties of a Brahmin. Stones! But all precious!! These are remedial values too. RAHUNext to Saturn, the people in India are generally scared of the Shadow planet called Rahu which isknown as "Dragons Head" or Ascendant Node. Though this is called a shadow planet and it takesanti clock wise move, its influence in ones horoscope is very high. Very particularly during its Dasaperiod of 18 years. Rahu represents many ill aspects in general. Rahu is identified with BlackCobra, poison, Zircon, black magic, gambling, black gram, black stone, blade grass (Dhruva inHindi) menial jobs, slavery, all sorts of skin ailments, venereal deceases, impotency, childlessness,jail/imprisonments etc etc. In short this planet mostly gives only negative results when it is illplaced in ones horoscope.If Rahu is placed in the fifth house from Lagna or Ascendant, then the native is most likely(he/she) childless and in some cases only female issues and surely no male child. If there is anyconjunction with other planet, this result may, however, vary.Likewise, if this planet is placed in the 6th house, the native is likely to suffer from skin ailments,skin burns, dryness, sore skin etc. That too when the Rahu Dasa is running; and if Rahu istransiting through the 6th house, then ill effects are sure to be there and critical too.To weed off the negative aspects of this planet, there are many remedial suggestions given in theancient astrology. One such suggestion is to consume the essence of the Blade Grass daily, aboutthree to five tea spoonfuls, for a consecutive 48 days. This way one gets his/her blood purified andthe skin ailment vanishes. This medicinal remedy is so powerful that I have seen people gettingbetter after consuming it.Another kind of remedy somewhat resembles pressure therapy. It is believed that if a personunder Rahus influence is made to lay on the black gram seeds for a particular no. of hours thenthe seeds absorb the ill effective rays from the body. Also the pressure of the seeds on the body
  14. 14. itself gives some massage like therapy thus one gets a maximum benefit achieved by using theBlack gram.Now for the fourth alternate suggestion given in the astrology scripts. It is widely known as apilgrimage to the temples which cures any ailments that relate to Rahus placement in a nativesbirth chart. There are 3 such temple locations for Rahu and Ketu. 0ne is in Trimbakeshwar inMaharashtra, other at Kaalahasthi in Andhra Pradesh and the third is Thirunaageswaram inTamilnadu. To get more details on these and the benefits one receives on a visit to any one ofthese places, please read my article under head "Astrology, Myth & Facts" in this site. It is selfexplanatory.The third Planet people worry about is Ketu. This is also a shadow planet and it is always at 180degrees opposite to Rahu. This planet too moves in anti clock wise direction. Ketu is the kaarakaor cause for many good and bad events in ones life. MARSThe well known M anglik , Kuja Dosham or what they call as Chevvai Dosham .Mars, is identified as the Ruling planet of earth and known as Bhoomi Karaka. It is denoted withbrothers, Fire, Accidents, cuts, wounds, injuries, rudeness, anger, short temper, lethal weapon andWar. It is also a most feared planet in general and marriage alliance seekers in particular.People in India are too scared about the planet Mars known as Kuja or Mangal. If this Planet isplaced in the 2nd, 4th, 7th or 8th houses from ones ascendant or from the Moon sign in theirhoroscope/Natal Chart, then it is really difficult for them to find a suitable match and get married.It is a very foolish idea that marriages in India are delayed only on this count. I know a number ofpersons affected by branding them as "manglik" They fear that if a person is married to a nonmanglik either one of them will die soon. The fear of reduced longevity for one of the coupledmakes everyone to think twice before the wed lock.As many astrologers profess this as a major cause or set back for ones marriage, many of thematch making efforts are tactically rejected showing only on this count. No doubt, the planetaryinfluences are to the maximum extent causing some imbalances in everybodys life, it certainlycannot be taken as granted to reject an alliance only on the ground that the person is "manglik".My father, Late Shri Mukkur Ramabathrachariyar, has once clearly explained to me that a numberof matches can be found and suitable alliances can be arranged, if a proper study of thehoroscope is undertaken. For example, majority of the people who fall under Positive Blood groupare having the planet Mars in their1-2-4-7-8 or 12th houses. However, there are exceptions givenbased on the placement of Mars occupying or in conjunction with some beneficial planets. If thesevaluable points are ignored, then really one misses his/her suitable alliance and wrongfullyconfined and coupled with other non matching ones.
  15. 15. Likewise, majority of the Non manglik horoscopes, which I have seen are of Negative Bloodgroups where Mars is placed in their Natal Chart at 3-5-6-9-10 or 11th house from Ascendant orMoon sign. Here again, many exceptions are given, someone having Mars in the 7th house can beof Positive Blood group and some one who has the Mars placed in the 3rd or 5th of their natalchart can be of Negative Blood group. But leaving the exceptions, majority of the cases are asaforesaid.Although it is the placement of the Mars that is now being considered here, let us discuss somemost vital points too. If the birth time given is wrong, then the entire horoscope is wrong andmeaningless. In some cases, the Longitude & Latitude of the birth place is wrongly given, thentoo, the natal chart erected goes wrong. In most cases, when the birth is taking place in thehospitals, the birth timing is not so seriously taken.I found myself in the mess, that a staff nurse in the hospital writing the timing as 2.30 PM, whenmy daughter was born at 1.06 pm exactly, and the doctor who attended the delivery confirmed itto me personally & immediately on delivery. I was waiting outside the ward room when ithappened. And I did check and note the time. Alas, the staff nurse found her time to note theentries only at a time that was suitable to her, hence she fixed the birth time! In such cases, canone fully depend only on the horoscopes matching? Is there any astrologer who takes the risk andblame for rejecting a perfect match, otherwise found to be manglik?Also, there is a risk of of classifying a person as manglik, if her/his birth takes place during a time,whence even the fraction of minute can change the natal chart housing positions. They are knownas border cases or the junctions, when actually they may not be one!I emphasis here, for the readers to understand that manglik is not any untoward. Nor should onehave any fear of it. It is nothing but a classification of Blood group that can be judged by theplacement of Mars in their natal chart. In simples terms, Negative goes with Negative and Positivewith Positive. Whether it is electricity or human body, the rule is same. So when next time yousearch for an alliance, if you find the match is perfect in every respect excepting the placement ofMars, then better you go for matching the blood group rather than fully depending on theunpredictable astrology!!I am not blaming the subject Astrology as unpredictable, predictably, most of the astrologers do itin haste, without considering the consequences. The rules, exceptions and inclusions are there tosee, but just simply they stamp a person as manglik, if the Mars is placed in the houses of 1-2-4-7-8 & 12. This is where they fail and mismatch many horoscopes that fails in practical life.There are two systems to calculate ones horoscope viz. Nirayana and Sayana; The Hindu andIndian system mostly follows the Nirayana System that is vastly experienced as the best suitedone. Now let us study the effects of Chevvai known as Kuja or Mangal (Mars), as per the Nirayanasystem. The placement of Mars or Mangal known in Tamil as Kujan and its house-wise positioneffects are listed below. If the Lagna or Ascendant and the Moons sign is same for a person, thenit is considered that the the Kuja dosham is doubled! It is most vital to see the Hindu Systemastrological calculations, which is considered as an effective one in finding the results. However,once should read the chart before coming to conclusion as Mangalik, thoroughly from the Moonsign & Ascendant. According to the Devakolam system now prevailing in Kerala and in some partsof Tamilnadu one should also check this Mangals effect from the Venus (Sukran) also.As per the Ancient Indian Astrology Kuja Dosham is considered an important aspect in marriagematch making and compatibility. The very word scares and sends shivers along the spine of thealliance seekers. The moment they hear that Kuja Dosham exists in one chart, they drop it and say
  16. 16. you find a match with similar Dosham. Chevvai or Kuja Dosham means the placement of Mangal-Kuja (Mars) in houses 1, 2,4,7,8,12 from Lagna as well from Moon sign is bad and will cause deathor separation of spouse and hence should be avoided for marriage alliance unless both the partieshave the same extent of Chevvai / Kuja Dosham -Mangalik.The second house from Lagna defined wealth, eye sight, tongue, longevity, communication andtransport and the presence of Mars - Kuja in this affects the smooth sail of life in these fields andthus may cause death or separation of spouse/life partner and hence should be avoided. But thereare exceptions for this, that is dealt in detail separately.The placement of Mars/ Kuja in 4th house from Lagna, the house that deals with the subjects offamily, mother, and thus Mars, a harsh and fiery planet, causes danger to those fields governed bythe 4th house and hence should be avoided for marriage alliance.If the Mars is placed in the 7th house from Lagna, the house of spouse and partners, should nothave the presence of Mars - Kuja and if present may cause disputes and death of spouse. So analliance with Mars in seventh house shall be avoided. If both are having the same proposition thensure you can consider this for a matchThe 8th house is for health, longevity and death and if the Mars present here then it is apotentially a danger to the native of the chart because it is considered the native as an accidentprone and hence an alliance with short life span person be avoided.The 12th house is considered for Sayana, Moksha & Viraya ( expenditure) and if Mars present inthis house. it will affect the longevity of the native hence an alliance with short span of life shouldbe avoided.For the above reasons an alliance with a person having Mars placed in 2,4,7,8 & 12 houses of thehoroscope are considered as people having Kuja Dosham or Mangalik and be avoided unless theother party is also having same value and extent of Kuja Dosham-Mangalik. Mars represents of apersons ego, self esteem, energy, will power, confidence and temperament. If mars dosham isthere then it can make a natives temper volatile. Such natives have troubles adjusting withspouse, friends & colleagues can at times become ruthless.However traditional Indian system of Hindu Astrology has given certain exemptions even if theMars - Kuja placed in these houses with the following simple conditions.1. If Lagna or Moon sign is Capricorn (Makaram - where Mars is exalted) OR in Cancer (whereMars is debilitated) or Leo (Simmam as the Sun, Lord of Leos Exalting House is Aries) Aries(Mesham) or Scorpio (Viruchikam) as the last two being Mars own house. The Kuja/Mangaldosham will not affect or apply nor will do any harm to them.2. If Mars is in 12th house and the 12th house is Taurus or Libra then also the native will nothave the applicability of Kuja Dosham. This exception is given because both Taurus and Libra arethe direct 7th houses from Mars own house.3. Like wise Mars in 4th house and if the 4th house falls in Aries and Scorpio then Kuja Doshamdoes not apply.4. If the 7th house is in Capricorn or Cancer and the Mars placed in any of them, then also KujaDosham does not apply.
  17. 17. 5. If Mars is positioned in the 8th house and the 8th house falls in Sagittarius or Pisces then KujaDosham does not apply.6. If Mars is in conjunction with Jupiter (Guru) or Sun (Suryan) or Sani, then the Mangalic effect isnullified.7. A general opinion is that if Mars is in 2nd or 12th in the male horoscope or Mars in the 4th &7th houses in female horoscope or Mars in 8th in either of the horoscope, there is no escape fromKuja Dosham. This single placement is considered too harsh to have Mangalik or Chevvai or KujaDosham.8. If Jupiters 5th, 7th or 9th house aspect is visible, then the native need not worry at all. If Marsis in conjunction with Jupiter and Moon, then it is considered more lucky as Guru MangalaYogam and Gaja Kesari Yogam is combined together to weed off the ill effects!9. Quite apart from the above, if Mangal or Mars is in 8th house in conjunction with Venus knownas Sukra, then it is really more harmful. It is a must to find a suitable alliance only with the samecombination of horoscope. Venus in the 7th house aspect of Mars from 7th or 8th house Drishti isstill worse. It this happen to be the exalted house of Mars, i.e. Makara, then surely a samecombination of alliance should be sought. It is just because, the physical and sexual demands willbe more, or to say critically high, so the partner should match this criteria.If a person is born on a Tuesday, then not to worry as for them, they are surely not a Mangalik,since the day lord Mars Rules for the day, the Manglik effect is nullified to a maximum extent. IfMars is in conjunction or aspect by Jupiter, Sun or Saturn, then too the ill effects arenullified. According to Deva Kolam, even exchange of house with Mars by any other planet causesthis Dosham nullified. In terms of Astrology and the Indian system I have listed few vital aspectsof the Kuja Dosham - Mangalik - Chevvai dosham. Now it is for the reader just to judge andvalue the the above, comparing it with Science and nature. The general and known house-wiseeffects of Mars placement is listed below:Mars dominated natives have a tremendous fire like energy and if this energy is not utilized insomething constructive then the above related problem arises. This specific Mangal Dosham orChevvai Dosham is generally affect the marital life. Ill effects of Mars/Mangal in the houses areas listed below; Lets see the house-wise effects of Mars in a natives chart:Mars in Lagna (Ascendant - 1st house):It will directly aspect the houses 7th house and also Its aspect (Drushti) is powerfully fall in the8th house. 7th house being the house of life partner, Mars will create quarrels even on minorissues. Here it indicates physical violence and sexual abuse. Because of cruel behavior of such anative will be despised by society. Will not be able to gain assets.Mars in the 2nd house:The second house represents for Family, left eye sight, Money, cash flow, and tongue. If Mars isplaced in the 2nd house, then the person is of curt, temperament, harsh, talkative and with rash innature.Mars in 4th house:This house also represents happiness. This also affects the work area. Will frequently changeprofession and jobs. Will not be economically successful. No job security.
  18. 18. Mars in 7th house:Here it causes great anger. The native possesses extra energy. If Mars placed equally in the 7thhouse of the couple, then the physical pleasure would surely make them as happiest couple. Ifotherwise, the person with Mars in the 7th house will never get any physical/ sexual satisfactionfrom the partner as it will be a mis-matched couple. Therefore it is most likely that the native hastendency to look from outside for his pleasures, thus putting a question mark on his/her character.It makes such a person with an abnormal interests such as domination, fetish, bondage. It is mostlikely, that he/she will have some differences with family members.Mars In 8th House:Loss of paternal property and bad relationship with the elders of the family. A person withlethargic attitude and lazy. No help he/she will get from the co-borns. Will vile away the time andwill expect the spouse to earn.Mars in 12th house:Sudden financial losses are indicated in this house. Lot of enemies and the enemies will alwaystrouble such a native. Will have lot of mental problems and anxiety. Lack of co-operation frombrothers, or No brother at all (Sahothra Nashtam).However, the alignments of other planets, the Drushti known as aspect and theconjunctive effects of rest of the planets are more influencing factors in judgment. So,please do not conclude that the above statement alone valid; it surely depends on ofother factors too, which must be considered before branding any one as mangalik.No doubt, the ancient scholars did a splendid job by identifying many of the planetary influenceson the Earth, but they never would have thought about our present day astrologers influences!Oh, how many perfect suitable marriage alliances are rejected, how many mismatched ones arecoupled and how many divorces and death takes place just because of horoscope mismatchedbondages!OH, NO MORE MISMATCHES, please. Just check the other qualities of the prospective bride orgroom, if only on the ground of manglik it is rejected, then better you go for Blood Group checkand match it fine from there on. And this way, you can escape and be saved from the HIV infectedalliances too!I am sure, the contents given above are an eye opener to many of the alliance seekers and I writethis with good intentions. Surely, I am not blaming any Astrologers or their profession, butunderline the need to go for soul searching. In practical terms, I did come across as many as 300horoscopes, that were matched by astrologers as best suited, but actually the female partnersuffers more, when the blood group is a mismatch. This too, most often occurs, when they arepregnant and also post birth problems are of more serious in nature.Father is positive - mother is of negative blood group. And if the child born with positive group,then the breast feeding is a complicated one as the childs intake might make a lots ofcomplication right from the first time. At times, even the child may have to be kept under medicalobservation for a longer period than the normal times. Like wise for the negative blood groupfather and positive blood group mother and if the child is of negative blood group, again same sortof problem occurs.So, be sure, you match the blood group, when you are branded as or in doubt about the KujaDosham, Manglik or Chevvai Dosham. This will certainly give you the scientific value, if you consulta medical practitioner too in this regard.
  19. 19. The following chart illustrate the placement of Navagra in any Temple. While making Navratna stone set in any Ring, it is highly recommended to follow the following picture explanation and to fix the gem stones according to the guidance given in Vedic Astrology. Sun being the centrist star, the Solar celestial phenomena needs to be understood properly. A glance at the following navagra positioning would suffice to any goldsmith to fix the stone accordingly; the following picture gives the directions of each planet viz.: Sun at the Center, Mercury in the North East, Venus in the East, Moon in the South East, Jupiter at the North, Mars at the Southern End, Dragons Tail (Ketu) at the North West, Saturn in the West and the Dragons Head (Rahu) in the South West corner. These are the positioning of Navagraha in any of the Navagraha Mandir known as Navagraha Temple: Budhan (Green) Sukran White Chandran White Guru (Yellow) Suryan (Red) Kujan (Orange) Ketu (Multi-Color) Sani (Blue ) Rahu (Black) The Navagraha (9 Planets) Temple Locations in TamilnaduNow, for the benefit of the readers, I list below the Navagraha Temples situated in Tamilnadu.Though there are many other destinations for Specific Temple, these nine temples are situated at astrategic location, from where one can take a tour to these Navagraha temples in two or three daysconveniently. Stationed from Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, one can visit the Navagraha Templessituated in and around this town. The approximate distance and time taken is indicated below.These distance quoted are of approximate and only from starting point as Kumbakonam. This town
  20. 20. has a moderate population and can be accessed by road or Train from Chennai & Trichi. Chennaiand Trichirapally are connected by air. No five star luxury hotels available but can be accessed fromTrichy. If efficiently planned, or with any experienced travel agency taking your assignment, one cantake a day return trip from Kumbakonam and finish off the visits in two days time.The Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corpn. also arranges a regular 3 nights/4 days tour visiting toall the following Navagraha Temple and also makes arrangements for onlinebookings/accommodation & transport etc. but this tour originates from Trichirapalli (Trichy) as base. Navagraha Lord Temple location Distance and Route 18 Kms. towards Mayiladuthurai Suryanar Koil ( Temple for Route (3 Kms. from Suryanarkoil. Sun) Aduthurai which is on the Kumbakonam - Mayiladuthurai Road) 1.5 Kms. from Chandran (Temple for Thirupayhanam which Thingalur Moon) is on the Kumbakonam- Thiruvayyaru Road 4 Kms. from Kujan (Temple for Mars) Vaitheesvaran Koil Mayiladuthurai on the Chidambaram Road. Budan (Temple for 10 Kms. SouthEast of Thiruvenkadu Mercury) Sirkali (Sirkazhi) 19 Kms towards Mannargudi route or Lord Guru ( Temple for About 15 Kms. from Alangudi Jupiter) Kumbakonam on the way to NeedaMangalam.) 21 Kms. in Mayiladuthurai route (It Sukran (Goddess Venus Kanchanoor is an interior village on Temple) (Kanjanur) the Mayiladuthurai - Kathiramangalam Road.) 48 Kms - Kumbakonam Karaikkal Route or just Saneeswaran ( Temple for Thirunallar on the way to Peralam- Saturn) Karaikkal route, 5 Kms. from Karaikkal About 9 Kms in Rahu (Temple for Dragons Kumbakonam Karaikkal Head) Thirunageswaram route (Ascendant node)
  21. 21. Ketu (Temple for Dragons Near Poompuhar - on Kilperumpallam Tail) Mayiladuthurai- (Keezaperumpallam) (Descendant note) Poompuhar roadAll the above temples can be easily accessed from Kumbakonam; The Navagraha temples, whichare famous for each Planet, that are situated around Mayiladuthurai. One can visit allthe 9 temples in a day, starting from Mayuram and it has become quite a popular tourist circuittoday. People having Ragu dosha come here during Rahu (Raghu) kalam and perform Abishekas.Pancha Kaala Pooja (Five times a day worship) are being done daily basis. Special Abhisekas areperformed between 4.30 to 6 p.m. (Raghu Kalam) on all Sundays. As farthe transport, there are government bus service and train services are available. It is best advisedto take a train service from Chennai or Trichy, because it is economical and a quickmode to reach Kumbakonam. More so, the roads are not even and the journey makes one feelsick! Hotel accommodations are available in and around Kumbakonam and the Hoteliers tooarrange for transportation on an arranged manner, if a request is made in advance. Horoscope Chart - Where it begin - A specimen sketch:
  22. 22. The following chart shows the divisions and allocations in degrees for each division;The first column that beginning with "0" Degree is known as Aries and the proceedwith 30 degrees for each sign in Clockwise position. The Hindu Astrology name foreach sign given in Blue and degree allocations marked in Red. Now you can check yourbirth chart known as Horoscope or Jathakam (Jadakam - Jadagam) and your Rasiknown as Moon Sign is where the Moon or Chandran is placed. In each house ordivision of 30 degrees, the western name of the sign, Hindu Astrology based Sanskritname, house number and the total degree it holds are given one by one in each line.The second chart shows the representing the Nakshatram for each sign. The thirdchart just simply the Navamsa sign of each house or rasi. -- -- --> PIECES ARIES >TAURUS >GEMINI Meenam Mesham Rishabam Mithunam XII 330 - 360 I 0 TO 30 II III 31 to 60 61 TO 90 ^AQUARIUS CANCER Kumbam Katakam XI IV 301 - 330 00 TO 360 DEGREES 91 - 120 RASI CHAKRAM 12 HOUSES OR DIVISIONS ^CAPRICORN LEO Makaram Simmam X V 271 - 300 121 - 150 <-- <-- <-- ^SAGITTARIUS SCORPIO LIBRA VIRGO Dhanusu Virichikam Thulam Kanni IX VIII VII VI 241 - 270 211 - 240 181 - 210 151 - 180Now within the Each 30 degrees, a sub division of 13 degree 20 minutes counted asone constellation known as Nakshatram or Star. Thus each 30 degree consist of 2 fulland a quarter star (Nakshatra) that equals to 108 quarters of all the 27 stars ( 27 x 4quarter).
  23. 23. Meenam Mesham Mithunam (3) (12) (1) Rishabam (2) Mrigaseersham Poorattathi Aswini Krittikai 2,3,4 3,4, 4 1,2,3,4 Rohini 1,2,3,4 Thirivathirai Uthirattathi Bharani Mrigaseersham 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2, Punarvasu Revathi Krittikai 1 1,2,3 1,2,3,4 Kumbam (11) Katakam (4) Avittam 3,4 Punarvasu 4, Sathayam Pusam 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 Ayilyam Purattathi 1,2,3,4 1,2,3 00 TO 360 DEGREES Aswini to Revathi Nakshatra 27 Constellations divided by 4 quarters each. Makaram (10) Simmam (5) Uthiradam Makam 1,2,3,4 2,3,4 Puram 1,2,3,4 Thiruvonam Uthiram 1 1,2,3,4 Avittam 1,2 Dhanusu Virichikam (9) (8) Kanni (6) Moolam Thulam (7) Visakam 4 Uthiram 2,3,4 1,2,3,4 Chithirai 3,4 Anusham Hastham Pooradam Swathi 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 Visakam 1,2,3 Kettai Chithirai 1,2 Uthiradam 1,2,3,4 1The above two chart give you a clear picture as to star-wise as well as Degree-wise placement ofconstellations in each house. These twelve houses are known as Rasi.Whether it is north Indian style or South Indian style of horoscope chart, normallyboth carry two chart namely Lagna Rasi Chakram ( Lagna Kundali) and NavamsaChakram (Navamsa Kundali). Though the system and divisions in both style are thesame, the only difference being South Indian Horoscope Chart shown in Clock-wisemovements, wherein North Indian Horoscope charts are shown in Anti Clock-wise.
  24. 24. Meenam Mesham Rishabam Mithunam Kumbam Katakam NAVAMSA CHAKRAM Makaram Simmam Dhanusu Virichikam Thulam KanniThough the Navamsa Kundali known as Navamsa chakram is similar to the mainhoroscope chart, the planetary alignments are positioned according to the placementof planets in the original main chart. This is called as 9 divisions of nakshatra rasi tomake Navamsa Kundali.
  25. 25. The above chart shows 01 as Ascendant. But practically, whichever the sign is fallinginto ascendant that will be placed at the top (in place of 01 - here the 01 or theAscendant is not necessarily "Aries" but can be any other Lagna). Then it is countedfrom there on, in anti-clock wise till the 12th sign. Most important to note here is, thatwhich ever the Lagna a person is born under, placed on the top.Now for the houses and the moon sign along with Ruler of the houses, the followingchart is given in detail for a simple study. One can easily recognize the zodiac signsand its influence with each body part and plus and minus points of its actualplacement at the time of birth. In the Natal chart erected for a person, the planetaryalignments are to be taken into account, while giving any judgment for the same.However, the Running Dasa Bukti, and its sub, sub-sub divisions are to be considered;also, the transition of any planet at a given time is to be considered for predictions.The following Rasi Chakram Chart illustrate the simple notations on the same.
  26. 26. 3rd house Moon Sign - Mithunam 12th Rasi Lord - Bhudhanhouse Planet - Mercury 2nd Zodiac -Gemini 1st house Body -Chest house Moon Sign - Indications Meenam Brothers, Courage, Rasi Lord - Moon Sign - neck, ears, physical Moon Sign - Rishabam strength. Bruhaspathi/Guru Mesham Rasi Lord - Nakshatras Planet - Jupiter Rasi Lord: Kujan Shukran Mrigasiro/Makayiram Zodiac- Pisces (Mangal) Planet -Venus Thiruvathira Body - Feet Planet - Mars Zodiac -Taurus Punardam Indications Zodiac - Aries Body -Face (1,2,3,Quart)losses, evil deeds, Body - Head Indications Malefic Planets sins, destruction, Indications Education, Wealth, Sun (ravi) employment in Health and power of speech, Mars (kuja) foreign places, Longivity family, face, Jupiter (vyazham) yoga, mental Nakshatras eyes, good meals, Benefic Planets worries, diseases Ashwathi/Aswini Nakshatras Venus (shukran) in feet. Bharani Karthika (2nd Saturn (Sani) Nakshatras Karthika (1st Quart) Pururutadhi Quart) Rohini (4thQuart) Malefic Planets Makayiram (1st, Uthradam Venus (shukran) 2nd Quart) Revathi Mercury (bhudhan) Malefic Planets Malefic Planets Saturn (Sani) Moon (chandran) Sun (ravi) Benefic Planets Jupiter (vyazham) Venus (shukran) Sun (ravi) Venus (shukran)Mercury (bhudhan) Mars (kuja) Benefic Planets Saturn (Sani) Jupiter (vyazham) Sun (ravi) Benefic Planets Mars (kuja) Mercury (bhudhan)Moon (chandran) Mars (kuja) Saturn (Sani)
  27. 27. 4th house Moon Sign - Kadakam 11th In this Rasi Chakram, The Rasi Lord -house House, Hindu Moon Sign Chandran Planet - Moon name, Ruling Planet, Zodiac Zodiac - Cancer Name in English, Organ Body - Heart Moon Sign - controlled by, relative Indications Kumbham Rasi Lord - Sani indications of body part in Relatives, control with this planet, Happiness, vehicles, Planet -Saturn mother, hidden Zodiac -Aquarius human body parts likely to treasure, lands, Body -Calves affect, if in malefic chastity, greatness Indications positions, The Nakshatras of father, residence. profits gainswindfalls character allotted to this segment of Nakshatras Rasi, planets that are Punarpusam (4rth success in life Quart) treasure elder malefics if occupies this sign Poosam brother skill to and the Benefic planets to Ayilyamcompose and write this sign are given in Malefic Planets Nakshatras Avittam (3,4 sequence. However, the Mercury (bhudhan) Running Dasa bukti, current Saturn (Sani) Quart) Venus( shukran) Chathayam placement or transitions of a Benefic Planets Poruruthadhi particular planet, are the Mars (kuja) (1,2,3 Quart) factors to be taken into Jupiter (vyazham) Malefic Planets Mars (kuja) account for predictions. The Sun (ravi) sign and chart is placed hereJupiter (vyazham) according to South Indian Moon (chandran) style horoscope charts and Benefic Planets are in Clock-wise position Saturn (Sani) Venus( shukran) beginning from Mesham.
  28. 28. 5th house Moon Sign - Simmam Rasi Lord - Surya (Ravi) Planet -Sun 10th Zodiac -Leohouse Body - Stomach Indications Intelligence, Moon Sign - Children, fame, Makaram good deeds, next Rasi Lord - Sani birth, past birth, Planet -Saturn stomach, Mantras Zodiac -Capricorn Nakshatras Body -Knees Makam Indications Pooramprofession political Utram ( 1st Quart) success medicine Malefic Planetstreasure merit and Mercury (bhudhan)various vocational Saturn (Sani) aspects Venus (shukran) Nakshatras Benefic Planets Uthiradam 2,3,4 Mars (Kujan) Quart Sun (Ravi) Tiruvonam Avittam (1,2 Quart) Malefic Planets Mars (kuja) Moon (chandran) Benefic PlanetsMercury (bhudhan) Saturn (Sani)Venus (shukran)
  29. 29. 9th 7thhouse 8th house house 6th Moon Sign - house Moon Sign - Dhanusu Moon Sign - Thulam Rasi Lord - Viruchikam Rasi Lord - Moon Sign - KanniBruhaspathi/Guru Rasi Lord - Kujan Shukran Rasi Lord - Bhudha Planet -Jupiter Planet -Mars Planet -Venus Planet -MercuryZodiac -Sagittarius Zodiac -Scorpio Zodiac -Libra Zodiac -Virgo Body -Thighs Body -Genitals Body -Lower navel Body -Navel Indications Indications Indications Indications Mindset, charities father Longevity death wife, husband, Intelligence rituals, sins unexpected passions, marriage Disease wounds perceptiveness, gains loss of adultery, sexual enemies grieves, fortune money legacies happiness, sex debts, maternal devotions to gurs Nakshatras organs, adopted uncles, aunts, and gods Visakam (4rth son success over quarrels with pure mind noble Quart) enemies relatives. acts paternal Anizham Nakshatras Nakshatras happiness (Anuradha) Chithira Utram (2,3,4 Quart) Nakshatras /Anusham Swathi Malefic Planets Moolam Triketta (Kettai, Visakam(1,2,3 Moon (chandran) Pooradam Jyeshta) Quart) Mars (kuja) Uthiradam (1st Malefic Planets Malefics Planets Jupiter (Guru) Quart) Mercury (bhudhan) Mars (Kujan) Benefic Planets Malefic Planets Saturn (Sani) Sun (Ravi-Surya) Venus (Sukran)Mercury (bhudhan) Benefic Planets Jupiter(vyazhan) Saturn (Sani) Jupiter (vyazham) Benefics Planets Venus (shukran) Sun (ravi) Mercury(bhudhan) Benefic Planets Moon (chandran) Saturn (Sani) Mars (kuja) Venus (sukran) Sun (ravi)