How To Be
And get hired!
Mohit Mamoria
Founder & CEO*


*CEO = Chief Executive Owl
Self Claimed Awesome++

A Happy Programmer
Why this talk?
Real problem is something else!
5 realities of your industry
5 things to do about it
1. All Is Well
2. Weird and Fun Ride
3. Exits are quick!
4. Slowly but gradually
5. Over Hunger
1. Money is illusion, growth isn’t
2. Ego is good
3. Interview interviewer
4. Shape you own decisions
5. Ultra awesome programmer
All is well
Weird but fun ride
Exits are quick
Slowly but gradually
Over hunger
Money is illusion, growth isn’t
Ego is goo...
All is well
Weird but fun ride
Exits are quick
Slowly but gradually
Over hunger
Money is illusion, growth isn’t
Ego is goo...
One last thing…
Learn from me
Work at Owlgrin
Stay Awesome!
Thank You
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How to be awesome - and get hired!


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We do everything that we are told to get our dream job. But really, you should do just the right things at the right time to make the employer want you.

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  • There were no careerfest a few years ago. The reason is industry has moved forward very fast but the education didn’t. In today’s times, you buy books, learn from them, sit for campus placements, off-campus placements, pool campus placements (oh my god.. Itnesaaretohnaam hi hain).. But what do you get. So, listen to this Ullu, to stay away from babajika..
  • Working in a constantly changing environment also means a lot of drama, a lot of problems and egos clashing. Be aware of that and prepare for it. Even when you disagree with people strongly – if they are your manager and tell you something needs to be done the best way is to ask why and you might learn about outside pressures you weren’t aware of before.The I.T. world seems large, but it is actually pretty small. When leaving a job, don’t leave in anger. Don’t burn bridges as you will come across people later on you are very much sick of right now. You might even realise that in another environment these people will be brilliant to work with. You make a career by forging personal relationships. Collect great people to work with and keep up to date with what they are doing. Most great jobs come from word of mouth. Not via LinkedIn.
  • I.T. is probably, with the exception of acting and journalism, the most versatile job market out there. Things are constantly in flux and there is not much boredom if you are excited about building things from zeros and ones.Try everything and you will find patterns over time that help you make better decisions later on in your career.HOW vs WHY:We are obsessed with finding and showing quick and intelligent solutions for problems that abstract away the original issues in order to make us more effective and use less time to achieve our goals.This culture of giving you a “how to do things” instead of “why they work” starts perpetuating a false belief that what we do is easy and can be learned quickly by doing an online course or looking things up in Google.Many of the threads on sites like Stackoverflow are just repeated answers stating that “you just do this and everything works”. Sites like W3Schools are very successful as they show how to do something and give you the promise that you can achieve anything by just copying and pasting an answer. Why bother with understanding what you do when you could already deliver?The issue is that a lot of quick solutions start breaking really soon and then you are stuck as you don’t know what you did. You used magic, and not even yours and you aren’t even a wizard. There is nothing wrong with using free resources and abstractions and be more effective. In order to be professional, however, you also need to understand how they work and be able to create working solutions without them. This is when you start becoming someone who can be hired and offered a career. Otherwise you can get a job as a deliverer or maintainer but no company in their right mind would invest in you as your attitude is that of those who try to dazzle and really don’t not know what they are doing.
  • Interviewer never wants to say NO. He had already bourn so much cost to conduct placements, interview you that even his ego won’t let him say NO, if you are good.It is just like getting in a college in management quota. You might get in, but sustaining inside will be suffocating if you’re not the right fit. This is hard but this is truth. If you have skills, you will be hired and you will be on job from the next day. But, if you don’t turned out to be a good fit, you will be out immediately.And, not just skills-wise, but culturally too. Today, because of internet, many people have learned the skills that you have. So, the employer can get a replacement if you don’t have a good attitude. Companies will not tolerate any kind of Bigg Boss like thing in their company. They won’t even wait for Saturday for Salman to throw you out. (By the way, who got evicted last week?)But remember, All Is Still Well. 
  • Enact book purchasing.Similarities between programming and cooking and painting.Language doesn’t matter as long you know to develop solutions. Just like brand of ingredients doesn’t matter. Just like a good painter can paint equally awesome with pastels and oil colors.Also, reading just books won’t land you a job. Would you sit with me on aeroplane if I say that I have read the quick learning book to fly an aeroplane.Step Back. Refill yourself. Tell what ShriShriAkshay Kumar Ji said about babbarsher.
  • Once you are done with university, you have your degree and many jobs require a degree as a right of passage. This means you can and will easily get a job. However, lots of other people also have degrees and as someone who hires I am looking for other, additional features. You are about to embark on a great journey, one of privilege, really. No other market is booming like I.T. and the things companies do for us make other people gape in astonishment.Therefore, as a prospective employee, I am looking for passion in you. One of the main complaints by hiring managers is that people come into the job interview not knowing anything about the company they apply for. This is a bad first impression, as if you don’t care about the company why should the company care about you? Talk about your passions, give me an indicator that you want to get better and you are ready to learn more. Then I am ready to take you on and do a lot more for you than just pay you.YOUR DEGREE OPENS DOORS, YOUR PASSION OPPORTUNITIES
  • Lastly, I want to point out that I don’t see any way that you could not end up with a good job right now. The question you have to ask yourself is what you want to do. My advice is to find a place you feel great, you can be part of a team you respect and you see opportunities to learn new things. That is much more important than being paid a lot. Burnout is a big problem, and you should consider planning for a longer career rather than being a rockstar for a season and then feel like you already need a break at 22.
  • There is no better way to get hired than to be known as someone who cares about sharing, giving feedback and showing technical and social aptitude. The good news is that this is amazingly simple these days.The main issue is that becoming known and being visible can be easily seen as showing off and in many cases actually is.A great way to be visible is to go out there and speak about things you do. This is scary, but it is also a great way to get into the business. The simplest way to do that is to attend meetups and unconferences.However, you don’t have to put yourself out there immediately, participation and visibility can be achieved much easier.GitHub managed to make the impossible possible: it is a social network for engineers, people not generally known for being too social. On GitHub you can not only get lots and lots of great, free software but you can also become part of it. You can contribute code, you can file issues and help with testing, you can comment and help work around people’s differences. All of this brings you brownie points when it comes to applying for a job and looks much better on a CV than hypothetical achievements.It is important to remember that your bad behaviour online is also noted by prospective employers. It might be fun to start a flame war and to troll people, but it can also mean the end of your career before it started. Playing nice is a good idea.
  • You are not hungry for a job. You are not very very desperate to get any job. Yes you of course are. But don’t let them know this thing. You are afraid of interviewer because you know that he has options other than you.Let him feel the same too. Ask him questions too, to make him feel that you are the one who is choosing an employer and not he. Ask him three questions.What kind of work do you do?What is your funding situation?What is biggest downside of working with you?If you have so-so skills but you ask these questions, you have better chances of getting hired than others who have more skills than you do. And only when you feel comfortable about their answers, join them. Just remember, you’re not desperate for a job.
  • Don’t do everything your teacher tells you to do. You are paying to be a better person. Do assignments, only if you feel you need to do. Write research papers, only when you’ve conducted actual research papers.Guy who has “PHP” written in his resume and could solve problems put up by hiring manager, will get hired against the guy who has written a paper on “Some extra ordinary way to do XYZ”. 5 or 10 less marks in internals matter nothing if you look at the big picture.And to teachers, please teach how to conduct research rather than teaching how to download and make someone else’s research of your own. Students, if in future, you actually do some research and someone else gets it published with just the synonyms replaced, how would you feel. You are a part of this community, please be a gentleman.I want you to invest in yourself. Be what you want to be.
  • And the most important thing of all is to be be an awesome programmer. Let me tell you three things, that I wish someone would have told me when I was in the initial phase of programming.Think like nature.Make it work. Make it right. Make it fast. In that order.Best solution is never required. Optimal is.
  • If you want me to come to the college to teach you programming, convince your teachers to shell out some money. I contribute to the community but not everything. As a great guy, who will make appearance towards the end of my presentation said, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.”
  • And he the great guy, who suggested me not to do everything for free.
  • How to be awesome - and get hired!

    1. 1. How To Be Awesome And get hired!
    2. 2. Me Mohit Mamoria Founder & CEO* @mohitmamoria *CEO = Chief Executive Owl
    3. 3. Self Claimed Awesome++ A Happy Programmer
    4. 4. Why this talk?
    5. 5. Real problem is something else!
    6. 6. 5 realities of your industry && 5 things to do about it
    7. 7. 1. All Is Well
    8. 8. 2. Weird and Fun Ride
    9. 9. 3. Exits are quick!
    10. 10. 4. Slowly but gradually
    11. 11. 5. Over Hunger
    12. 12. 1. Money is illusion, growth isn’t
    13. 13. 2. Ego is good
    14. 14. 3. Interview interviewer
    15. 15. 4. Shape you own decisions
    16. 16. 5. Ultra awesome programmer
    17. 17. All is well Weird but fun ride Exits are quick Slowly but gradually Over hunger Money is illusion, growth isn’t Ego is good Interview interviewer Shape your own decision Ultra awesome programmer
    18. 18. All is well Weird but fun ride Exits are quick Slowly but gradually Over hunger Money is illusion, growth isn’t Ego is good Interview interviewer Shape your own decision Ultra awesome programmer
    19. 19. One last thing…
    20. 20. Learn from me
    21. 21. FREE!
    22. 22.
    23. 23. Work at Owlgrin
    24. 24. Stay Awesome!
    25. 25. Thank You