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Mobile Monday (May 2014) - CB Bank - Mobile Banking
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Mobile Monday (May 2014) - CB Bank - Mobile Banking


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One of leading banks in Myanmar, CB Bank's technical consultant ran Mobile Monday participants through the bank's plans for mobile banking in the near future.

One of leading banks in Myanmar, CB Bank's technical consultant ran Mobile Monday participants through the bank's plans for mobile banking in the near future.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. CB Bank's Mobile Banking
  • 2. 4 Developing microfinance and people in rural 1 Payment service is developing in Myanmar   3 Providing bank services to rural region of Myanmar   2 Faster transactions is required in developing economic   Why CB Bank implement Mobile Banking?
  • 3. Mobile Banking Overview
  • 4. -­‐  Fund  Transfer   -­‐  Balance  Check   -­‐  Bill  Payment   -­‐  Top-­‐up   -­‐  Etc..   -­‐  Deposit   -­‐  Withdraw   -­‐  Remi@ance   -­‐  Loan   -­‐  Etc..   Logical Mobile Banking CORE  –  Centralized  Online  Real-­‐Dme  Environment  
  • 5. CB Bank Mobile Banking Customer UnbankedPazuntaung Branch Pyin Oo Lwin Branch Head Office CORE – Centralized Online Real-time Environment
  • 6. Mobile Channel Options § SMS - Alerts - Interactive § USSD § XHTML Browser §  Downloadable Applications - iPhone - Android - Windows Phone7 - JAVA ( MIDP 1 and MIDP 2)
  • 7. Mobile Banking Services Channels SMS - SMS alert and SMS commands USSD - Use USSD (eg: *133#), then customer will get the menu to access banking service Mobile Browser/WAP - Use web browser on mobile Application - Download application from the Market (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone7, JAVA)     *USSD  -­‐  Unstructured  Supplementary  Service  Data  
  • 8. CB Bank Mobile banking Advantages •  Almost Mobile Phone Handset can use CB Mobile •  Easy to use, menu based program •  Transmitted data are secured •  Customer can chose English or Burmese •  More and more services are being developed
  • 9. Mobile Banking Evolution Mobile  Banking   InformaDonal  Mobile   Banking   TransacDonal  Mobile   Banking   Account   Balances   TransacDon   History   Alerts       LBS   Mobile   Payments   Funds   Transfer   Cheques   Remote  data   capture   Remote   teller   •  Mobile Wallet •  P2P payments - Banked & unbanked Money transfers •  C2B payments - Retail payments • Acquire new customers - Upload customer ID - Photo upload - KYC • Remote chq deposit • Pay in/Pay out • Loan disbursement • Collections • Acquire customers • Sell products - Deposits, - Fast loans
  • 10. CB Bank Mobile banking functions 1 Exchange Rate - Enquiry the updated currency rates in CB Bank 2 Future Dated Transaction - CB Bank allows customer to do transaction in future date, this menu to inquiry upcoming transactions 3 Fund Transfer Own Account - Transfer between customer’s own accounts + Transaction date can be current date or future date + Transfer between current, saving, ATM accounts 4 Beneficiary Registration - Register beneficiary for funds transfer, standing order
  • 11. 5 Beneficiary Deletion - Delete registered beneficiary 6 Funds Transfer to Other (Beneficiary Payment) - Transfer to other CB Bank customer’s account (current, saving, ATM) 7 Standing Order - Enquiry all standing orders 8 Standing Order Registration - Customer to input standing order, then the system will make transaction frequently 9 Visa/Master card top-up - Customer can top-up CB’s Visa/Master card from current/saving accounts CB Bank Mobile banking functions
  • 12. 10 Payment Stop - When any cheque was lost/stolen, customer can use this menu to stop payment on it 11 Cheque Status - Enquiry cheque status 12 Cheque Book Request - Customer send request to the bank for cheque issuing for his current account. CB Bank Mobile banking functions
  • 13. 1 CB Bank is using TEMENOS T24 Core Banking System which is famous Core banking in the world, it helps CB Bank to provide valued and secured service to customer 2 T24 Core Banking System is Online Centralized System, so customer can retrieve their information or make transaction easily anytime. 3 Every transmitted information between Mobile User and CB Bank System are encrypted and secured by Firewall Security, Activation Key, Authorization Key, PIN and OTP (One Time Password) 4 When customer active the service on their phone, then other handset cannot be active with the same information Security
  • 14. 5 Any time transaction done, customer will receive alert message 6 Customer have to login by PIN number for using 7 If customer lost the phone, they can call to the bank to block their channel Security
  • 15. Mobile Banking future services
  • 16. Agent Banking Model Unbanked UnbankedAgentAgent Head Office Pazuntaung Branch Naunglaybin Branch Cash In Cash Out
  • 17. 1 When customer’s Card was lost/stolen, they can stop card service by Mobile 2 Mobile top-up 3 Manage insurance contract 4 Buy Cinema/Air ticket 5 Payment at supermarket   6 Agent cash withdraw 7 Agent cash deposit     Mobile Banking coming services
  • 18. Thank you