Our Experience with M2M

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  • 1. our experience with m2m Jüri Tarkpea, CTO, Oskando
  • 2. oskando - brief technological history ……. - 2007: hardware design, development and production in quantities of ~100-1000 2007: started web software development 2011 - …. killed hardware design and production 2013Q3 merger with autolog (dk), 
 currently having 35’000+ m2m units in SaaS
  • 3. my background web development. only. scared of all hardware have soldered only a few guitar cables have not read this book ->
  • 4. google: m2m people
  • 5. google: webdev people
  • 6. m2m machine to machine at least one of these machines is 
 serving one narrow purpose and is always pretty stupid
  • 7. m2m specific hardware for reading&writing IO
 digital/analog IO, GPS, temperature communication channel
 usually tcp/udp over gsm (gprs, sms, voice, ussd) or satellite server / user
 storage and data processing
  • 8. a few examples gps tracking / security
 gps/io data to server remote switching
 saunas / car heaters / boom barriers / air pumps remote sensing
 weather / road conditions
  • 9. hardware challenges development & technology
 long time from zero to “done in development”.
 long time from “dev” to “production”
 difficult to debug costs
 every physical piece costs. installation costs. maintenance costs. high expectations
 sofware is expected to break or have bugs. hardware is not.
  • 10. communication challenges costs, again
 are you counting bytes, megs, gigs?
 what is the expected availability?
  • 11. server-side challenges the amount of data
 we’re currently going at 
 350 incoming messages per second
 3.7G of raw data per day
  • 12. business challenges does not scale well
 extra hassle with warranties, export/import, 
 finances, stocking, installation etc
  • 13. m2m market twice as fast development as mobile much bigger in perspective
  • 14. starting m2m business? strong finances
 strong support exceptionally good hardware & software
  • 15. why would anyone do it? uncertainty" can be very interesting & exhausting in touch with physical life
  • 16. thanks jyri.tarkpea@oskando.ee