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Opendataforum by nvanherreweghe
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Opendataforum by nvanherreweghe


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NOel Van Herreweghe, CORVE, provides a view on open data and link with information age

NOel Van Herreweghe, CORVE, provides a view on open data and link with information age

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 12. Knowing what data you have, where it is, and under agovernance structure that allows it to be shared internally(as well as externally) is a problem every government isgoing to face if it wants to be efficient, relevant andinnovative in the 21st century. 13
  • 13. Availability Usability Information management• the collection and management of information from one or more sources• the distribution of that information to one or more audiences.• The organization of and control over the structure, processing and delivery of information. 14
  • 14. Externally Internally / OrganisationFDIC’s Enterprise Architecture Framework 15
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  • 16. Availability Usability FOCUS 17
  • 17. The “ICING” stuff• Legislation, privacy, security & re-use• Inclusivity, choice, availability, usability, quality• Transparency, accountability• Linked, collaboration 18
  • 18. Legislation, privacy, security & re-useFederalRegions: Brussels Capital,Flanders, WalloniaCommunities: French speaking, Flemish, German)All regions and the federal state have theirown legislation on access to information andre-use of Public Sector Information . +Legislation on the protection of personal data, intellectual property rights, and somespecific regulations regarding particular types of government data (e.g. companyregister, cadastre) 19
  • 19. 6.1. Strategische krachtlijnen6.1.1. Open data wordt de norm binnen de Vlaamse overheid3.2. Hergebruik van overheidsinformatieAls gevolg van de Europese PSI-richtlijn 2003/98/EG (17 november 2003) betreffendehet hergebruik van overheidsinformatie en de wet tot omzetting van de richtlijn2003/98/ EG15(7 maart 2007) bekrachtigde de Vlaamse Regering op 18 april 2007 hetdecreet betreffende het hergebruik van overheidsinformatie 16 (BS 23 juli 2009).Op basis van het decreet hergebruik van overheidsinformatie kan elkebestuursinstantie in Vlaanderen autonoom beslissen of bestuursdocumenten waaroverze beschikt, vrijgegeven wordt voor hergebruik. 20
  • 20. GRONDWET Art. 32 Ieder heeft het recht elk bestuursdocument te raadplegen en er een afschrift van te krijgen, behoudens in de gevallen en onder de voorwaarden bepaald door de wet, het decreet of de regel bedoeld in artikel 134. Art. 134De wetten ter uitvoering van artikel 39 bepalen de rechtskracht van de regelen die de organen, welke zij oprichten, uitvaardigen in de aangelegenheden, welke zij aanduiden. Zij kunnen aan deze organen de bevoegdheid toekennen om decreten met kracht van wet uit te vaardigen op het gebied en op de wijze die zij bepalen. 21
  • 21. Inclusivity, choice, availability, usability, quality“While open data may seem at first glance like something reserved for technology geeks,the intention of the open data movement is the opposite of exclusivity: it aims to foster anunderstanding of government information for the average citizen. While not everyone willmake use of the data, it’s important for citizens to know that it’s accurate and available, andthat accessible data is a right, not a privilege. It is also an increasingly important skill forparticipation in the information and knowledge economy.” (from Open Data, Open City,University of Toronto: September, 2010) content/uploads/2011/09/Open_Cook_County_9.21.11.pdf 22
  • 22. Encouraged by Brussels, the online availability of open data provided by publicauthorities could give rise to a multitude of applications that are useful to citizens andsociety, with economic gains estimated at no less than 140 billion euros per year….….but a lot remains to be done before we can begin to cash in on some of this 140billion. We will have to increase the quality and quantity of available data, developalliances between the public and private sectors, and, perhaps most importantly,overcome resistance from a large number of civil servants who behave as though thisinformation, which is the public property, belonged to them personally 911-new-gold-mine-open-data 23
  • 23. Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre Repository 24
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  • 28. Transparency, accountability European Commission to adopt Open Data StrategyNews in from the European Commission, which has announced that they will beadopting a new Open Data Strategy from the 29th November 2O11. The aims ofthe strategy are to increase government transparency, and hopefully generateoverall economic gains of around €40 billion a year for the EU.Transparency enables people to find information that they “canreadily find and use.” “harness new technologies” and “solicit publicfeedback to identify information of greatest use to the public.” 29
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  • 35. Linked, CollaborationLinked Data is about using the Web to connect related data that wasnt previouslylinked, or using the Web to lower the barriers to linking data currently linkedusing other methods. 36
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  • 39. www.opendataforum.eu 40