Tf mobiel mondya中国文化与产品设计s
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Tf mobiel mondya中国文化与产品设计s

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  • Chinese culture and traditional Chinese culture 中国文化和中国传统文化
  • After our video prototype , please join us and welcome our beautyful engineer Bring out our product. (sumimasey, sumimasey)
  • After our video prototype , please join us and welcome our beautyful engineer Bring out our product (sumimasey, sumimasey)
  • We designed a smartphone and it’s user interface.Our concept is base on line . In next few miniutes We want to invite you to experience the beauty of a line with us
  • Why we choose line? ,In our culture Line is a key element. Chinese calligraphy is based on line drawing. We designed it in our cellphone user interface ,let’s see how it workds
  • Firstly we want to introduce a interaction called white line hardware interaction system.
  • This is the music part, some of the key operation is controlled by the white line
  • This is the message part ,we have already seen how It works in video part.
  • This is image and picture In calendar white line is as clock , the flashing part is showing that in that time your have something to do
  • We see touch screen interaction as Chinese calligraphy basic strocks
  • In Chinese calligraphy we call it 撇 And it is like this
  • Just now we have talked about Calligraphy , But only calligraphy can not all the culture we have , we still get some other beautiful parts
  • Calligraphy is just one part of local culture our design is derived from this point
  • With the development of science and technology, our memory of culture has been Unconscious forgotten or disposed, our link to our culture matrix has been cut off. We are trying to compensate for this by design. So we create linephone as a experiment, to bridge culture and and our familiar life style, in order to
  • let our culture context pass on along the social development. Linephone is just one possible direction, By embed culture this way we could have more branches direction, our culture experience will never lose.
  • As a designer ,how should we understand our culture ?