Localization : The Road Ahead : Kinnari


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Localization Presentation from Kinnari Dave. Presentation covers the Device Localization story of their own brand Mo First.

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Localization : The Road Ahead : Kinnari

  1. 1. Localisation
  2. 2. Can’t Read, Won’t Buy • • • • • Despite India’s reputation as an Anglophone nation, only a tenth of its 1.2 billion people count English as their first, second or third language It would take 83 languages to reach 80% of all people in the world Over 7000 languages to reach everyone ‘Language’ is the most fundamental trade barrier Understand customs, culture & sensitivities
  3. 3. Language • In terms of online population, this language is spoken by more people than Russian, French or German Arabic
  4. 4. Home Ground • • • Games & apps market to touch Rs 2,700 Cr by 2016 The smart phone user base is expected to grow to 382 million by 2016 [Report: Avendus Capital] 266 million 3g subscribers 2016 Are we READY ?
  5. 5. Apple of the EAST XIAOMI • • • Xiaomi (pronounced “chow me”), the upstart Chinese handset maker, three-and-a-half-year-old has 2,400 employees, annual revenues of about $2 billion, and only sells its wares in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. So how has this startup managed to draw attention? While handsets are clearly Xiaomi’s core business, they are not the main profit center. Instead, the hardware devices are used as complements for other products and services….ALL Localised
  6. 6. Apple of the EAST • • • Xiaomi’s Android-based operating system is updated every week, making it a hit with tech nerds. Users can ask for help via micro blog Weibo and get a reply in minutes. In Aug 13, its App Store hit one billion total app downloads. The app store launched about 13 months ago, and is claimed to be one of the top five app stores in China (out of about 200 total). It receives more than 1.3 million searches every day from 17 million active users. They download five million apps per day.
  7. 7. India’s 1st Language Ecosystem OS + App Store + Device
  8. 8. Unique • • • • • Integrated with our SWIPE powered PATENTED translation and transliteration services Smart and Easy to Use Predictive Matra KeyBoard Mobile Browser Supporting Indian Languages Regional Language App Store Regional Language Book Store, Music & Movie Services An ECOSYSTEM for every Language
  9. 9. A peek …
  10. 10. A peek …
  11. 11. A peek …
  12. 12. A peek … Transliterate Translate
  13. 13. Firstouch App Store
  14. 14. Firstouch Publish Benefits of publishing in Firstouch Store • Easy access to a specific community, centered around a language • Monetize your applications and content with Firstouch provided operator billing • Fast time-to-market • Sales & Usage Reports, update daily • Liberal quality assurance and content validations procedures http://publish.Firstouchmobile.com
  15. 15. Firstouch Publish Support publish@firstouchmobile.com
  16. 16. kinnari@mofirst.com 919727886490