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Mobility Tech Trends 2014 Event Presentation. Held on 27th January by Mobile Monday AHmedabad.

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  • Smaller screen sizes may go away20In Tablets – to replace desktops R&D commitmentsFlexible Screen Device will be
  • Strong Nokia PlansExpected Launch of Surface with small screen to target consumber tablet marketsStrengthen Mobile App Development Community
  • Primarily will be used for Access Control and Notifications
  • Unique Check-Ins.  How many unique people are checking into your venues?  This will help you understand if you are attracting primarily repeat customers, or if you are able to attract new customers to your venues.  Due to the social nature of check-ins, many businesses strive to attract new customers when its customers share check-ins.Venue Check-Ins.  If your business has more than one locations, it’s important to understand the differences in check-in stats amongst your venues.  Do different locations receive more or less check-ins than others? Do they receive different amounts of check-ins during different days or times?Offer Redemptions. How many of your check-in offers are being redeemed? Are your check-ins being redeemed more often at different venues? Are your offers being redeemed by new customers or repeat customers? Are certain offers redeemed more than others? Understanding how often your check-in offers and specials are being redeemed, along with who is redeeming them, will help you better understand how these offers affect your business.
  • social is a key part of sharing and distributing content, but moving forward, location and mobility are going to be key to the formula. Ok! Now before We move forward Just a Quick question, How many people NEVER Forget to carry their phones with them?Ok! And how many of us have access to More that one smart Device?
  • 2014 mobile trends_27th Jan

    1. 1. Mobility Trends 2014 Resolutions - Commitments - Way Forward Kinjan Shah Sr. Solution Architect kinjan.shah@infostretch.com
    2. 2. Mobile Monday Ahmedabad - 2014 Team Advisory Executive Team Team Ashok Karania Rajnikant Joshi Jayendra Mori Harshil Sheth Avani Makwana Rajesh Thakkar Vaibhavi Oza Kinjan Shah Chinar Shah Mahendra Sharma Snehil Jayswal Milan Patel Sagar Shah Chinab Shah CIIE Nominee GTU Nominee Bhavya Kothari Kinnari Dave
    3. 3. What Is Your Tech Resolution For 2014?
    4. 4. OEM’s Commitments For 2014
    5. 5. OEM’s Commitments For 2014 Samsung     Commits More 5-6in Smartphones 20in High Resolution Tablets Android Powered Smart Watches Flexible Screen Devices Google  Google Glass For Masses – More Apps
    6. 6. OEM’s Commitments For 2014 Microsoft     Make Nokia Work “Surface Mini”!! Get More Windows Mobile Apps Make Office Available on iOS  Sony To Release Devices With Firefox OS  LG To Launch Fingerprint Scanner On Devices  T-Mobile – Transform The Wireless Industry
    7. 7. Predictions For 2014  Blackberry Wont Die – For Now!  Android Will Go 64Bit  More Development Around Peripherals  HTML5 Will Gain Traction  The Concept of “MOBILE” Will Die
    8. 8. Mobility Trends 2014 Resolutions - Commitments - Way Forward FACTS AND FIGURES
    9. 9. Units Shipment - SmartphonesAnd Tablet Tablet Shipment Expected 2014 – 270.5 Million (Source: Research Firm IDC Forecast) Smartphone Shipment Expected 2014 – 1.1K Million
    10. 10. App Store Downloads Paid Downloads 2014 – 11K Million Free Downloads 2014 – 127K Million
    11. 11. Mobility Trends 2014 Resolutions - Commitments - Way Forward TRENDS TO OBSERVE
    12. 12. Trends To Observe In 2014 Trend #1 B2C – B2B Mobile Applications Trend #2 SoLoMo Mobile Apps Have Become A Significant Business Channel Social – Locational – Mobile 1.5b People On Social Networks, Businesses Are Connecting With Consumers Using Them Trend #3 Industrial Adoption Trend #4 Connected World Machine / Production Line Automation Home Automation And Connected Cars
    13. 13. Mobility Trends 2014 Resolutions - Commitments - Way Forward ENABLERS
    14. 14. Device Sensors Gesture Sensor RGB Light Sensor Recognizes The User’s Hand Movements Using Infrared Rays Measures RGB And White Intensity Of The Light Source Recognizes Phone Is Located Near User Using Infrared Rays Gyro Sensor Hall Sensor Detects Phone Rotation State Based On Three Axes Recognizes Whether The Cover Is Open Or Closed Accelerometer Detects Phone Movement State Based On Three Axes Barometer Identifies Atmospheric Pressure At The User’s Current Location Proximity Sensor Temperature/ Humidity Sensor Checks Temperature And Humidity Levels Geomagnetic Sensor Detects Magnetic Field Intensity Based On Three Axes
    15. 15. Battle Of Processing Power Octa-Core Processors 64bit Architecture
    16. 16. Mobile Platforms To Look For Tizen OS – A Linux Based OS Tizen Powered Samsung Phone To Be Released This Year
    17. 17. Mobile Platforms To Look For Firefox OS Supports Android Compatible Smartphones ZTE Open, Alcatel One Touch Fire, LG Fireweb Sony To Release Firefox OS Device
    18. 18. Mobile Platforms To Look For Ubuntu Touch – Mobile Version Of Ubuntu OS Supports Google Nexus Series – Smartphones And Tablets
    19. 19. Wearable Technology The New Dress Code… #1 Forecast No. Of Units 100M Units In 2014 #2 Forecast Expected Revenues Approx. 2b In 2014 #3 Enables Industries Enterprise – Healthcare and Fitness –Entertainment
    20. 20. Wearable Technology In Enterprise
    21. 21. Wearable Technology Fitness And Healthcare Muscle Effort Heart Rate Pedalling, Lifting And Stretching Balance Time Tracking Check Out The Reports Mobile App – Sensors And Smartphone Connect Via Bluetooth SENSORS Image Source: Athos Website
    22. 22. Wearable Technology Entertainment KAPTURE Record Conversations And Acceess From Mobile App Narrative Clip Camera And GPS Enabled Device Takes Photos and Geo Tags. Accessible From Mobile Application Soundbrace Inegrated Motion And Gesture Controller Calibrate Soundbrace And Play Image Source: Soundbrace Website
    23. 23. Wearable Technology Google Glass Remotte
    24. 24. Mobility Trends 2014 Resolutions - Commitments - Way Forward TREND #1 B2C – B2B MOBILE APPLICATIONS MOBILE APPS HAVE BECOME A SIGNIFICANT BUSINESS CHANNEL
    25. 25. RETAIL
    26. 26. Retail Ecosystem CHECK-IN
    27. 27. Retail Ecosystem OPTIMAL ROUTE TO BUY PRODUCTS
    28. 28. Retail Ecosystem Buy 1 Get 1 Free 15% OFF On Bread 50% OFF On Butter NEARBY OFFER DETAILS CROSS SELL PRODUCTS
    30. 30. Retail Ecosystem Contactless Payment Using NFC SELF-CHECKOUT OPTION QR Code Scanning: • Retailer Mob App • POS System
    31. 31. TRAVEL
    32. 32. User Stories – Share Travel Experience Involving Users To Share Their Experience • Get Insight From It • Engage & Involve Using Smartphone And App, Capture Photos/Videos Add Effects In Photos/Videos Using Mobile App Create Story By Pinning Photos/Videos At Location Mobile App Submit Story + Share It On Social Media
    33. 33. User’s Story On Trip Experience Capture Photo Using Mobile App (During Trip) Using App In Mobile @Flying Above City @Staying At Cool Place @Relaxing Vacation Spots @Enjoying At Park
    34. 34. User’s Story On Trip Experience Add Effects - Photo, Video Using App In Mobile
    35. 35. User’s Story On Trip Experience Add Objects, Add Audio, Add Text Effects Using App In Mobile Add Voice Wet Roads...Feeling Nostalgic Text Editing Adding Object Add Objects
    36. 36. Travel Stories Beach Trip on 27th May, ‘13 @Relaxing Vacation Spots 54 Comments | 72 Likes Adding Audio Note Flight on 23rd May, ‘13 Add Music @Flying Above City 10 Comments | 32 Likes Flight on 26th May, ‘13 Panoramic Photo Collage Images Vintage Photo Effect Photo Effects Advance Editing @Enjoying At Park 25 Comments | 46 Likes
    37. 37. Mobility Trends 2014 Resolutions - Commitments - Way Forward TREND #2 SOLOMO A BRIDGE FOR BUSINESSES TO CONNECT WITH THEIR CONSUMERS
    38. 38. Facts • By 2014 Mobile Is Predicted To Overtake Desktop Internet Usage • 86% Of Mobile Internet Users Are Using Mobile Devices While Watching TV! • 45 Million People Are Using Foursquare • 5 Billion Check-in • 60 Million Foursquare Venues
    39. 39. What Does These Numbers Are All About? It says Your Users are Always On; Always Connected!
    40. 40. Its All About Where You Are! There are three different types of Check-in that you must track 1) Unique Check-in 2) Venue Check-in 3) Offer Redemption
    41. 41. Its All About What People Are Doing! • Facebook: 1.15 Billion + • YouTube: 1 Billion+ • Twitter: 650 Million + • Google Plus: 500 Million + • Linked-In: 238 Million + • Rising *Visual* Stars: – Instagram ( 130 Million, Now Owned By Facebook) – Pinterest (70 Million)
    42. 42. Its All About What You Carry! • 5 Billion Mobile Phones In World • 1.08 Are Smart Phones • 89% Of People Uses Their Smart Phone Through Out The Day
    43. 43. So In A Nutshell There Are 1.15billion+ Facebook Users, From Which 751 Million Users Access Facebook From Mobile With 7,000 Different Devices, And They Are More Than Happy To Share What They Are Doing, Where They Are Going, With Whom They Are!
    44. 44. Mobility Trends 2014 Resolutions - Commitments - Way Forward TREND #3 INDUSTRIAL ADOPTION MACHINE / PRODUCTION LINE AUTOMATION
    45. 45. Industrial Automation Controll Machines Need Is To Control Machines Remotely Adjust Its Configuration For Batch Processing Data Management Realtime Production Data From Machine To ERP Production Modules
    46. 46. Industrial Automation Controlling - Mini Lathe
    47. 47. Mobility Trends 2014 Resolutions - Commitments - Way Forward TREND #4 CONNECTED WORLD HOME AUTOMATION AND CONNECTED CARS
    48. 48. HOTEL / HOME
    49. 49. Home Automation Experience Guest Experience Check-in Services Light Controls AC Controls Curtain Controls Control Lights, Room Temperature, Drapery From Smart Device
    50. 50. Home Automation Experience Lighting Controls Manage Lights Of Entire Home From Your Device Curtain Controls Control All Curtains and Blinds Mood Lights Arrange Lights That Gives Different Pre-Defined Moods Air Conditioning Control Temprature And Adjust As Per Mood TV / Audio System Control TV Programs And Audio System
    51. 51. Home Automation Experience Get Movies/Music On Demand (From Smart Device To TV/Stereo System)
    52. 52. CONNECTED CAR
    53. 53. BMW – Connected Car
    54. 54. Control Car Speed + Synchronized with mobile Son driving car at 80KPH Car Speed Sensor Not Exceeding Car Speed of 60KPH Son Son driving car at 80 KPH Father Car speed is set to 60 KPH See Live Speed Graph Set Maximum Car Speed
    55. 55. Emergency Help + Synchronized with mobile Automatically Send Location Details & Vehicle Description To Predefined Contacts Critical Accident Car Sensor Will Identify About Accident Condition Application Will Automatically Send Accident Report Moderate or Manageable Condition Alert Do you want to Report Accident? Automatically Report for accident if no response within 20 seconds OPTION FOR VIDEO CALL Emergency Centre Provide Temporary Guidance Based On Live Video Recording
    56. 56. Socially Connected Cars Picnic Place A Family 1 Family 1 Family 2 Family 2 Going For Picnic To Place A Going For Picnic To Place A + + Synchronized with mobile
    57. 57. Improve Driving Behaviour HINT Max Speed Limit for This Area Is 50KPH HINT This Is Non Parking Area. Please Do Not Park Here HINT HINT Drive Slow For Better Fuel Efficiency Reminder Your Parking Time will be completed in 20min
    58. 58. Car Security + Synchronized with mobile Car Sensor Integrated With Mobile App App Will Locate Vehicle From Anywhere Using Maps
    59. 59. Car Security + Synchronized with mobile Car Sensor Integrated With Mobile App Alert “Your Car Siren Alarm Rings” Alert Car is Moving Outside Location App Will Shutdown Engine Remotely In Case Of Car Theft
    60. 60. Thank You! Questions? Kinjan Shah Sr. Solution Architect kinjan.shah@infostretch.com