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Career Project 1

  1. 1. Career Assessment Project 1By: Morgan O’Neil Period:7
  2. 2. About Me I am a visual learner which means I prefer listening to instructions I love to be active, since I am a swimmer My top two work values are achievement and relationships I look for jobs that allow me to use my best abilities and that my co-workers are friendly I am a people person, so working with people would be the best type of job for me
  3. 3.  My unique qualities are:  I like to maintain structure and order  I am polite and people friendly  I am a trustworthy person My foundation building blocks are self-esteem, listening, and responsibility.  Self-esteem: when you believe in yourself  Listening: you take notes and visualize what you hear  Responsibility: taking care of things that must be taken care of Three building blocks that I wish to have are negotiation, communication, and creative thinking.  Negotiation: using interpersonal communication skills to obtain a desired goal or resolve a conflict  Communication: Giving class presentations, reading articles and books, and writing reports  Creative Thinking: Learning how others have been creative and using your imagination
  4. 4. Holland Code I chose enterprising, investigative, and social as my three codes  Enterprising means you like to work to influence people  Investigative means you like to observe and learn  Social means you like to work with people It came out to be EIS, SEI, AND SIE Three occupations that interested me in each category were: EIS: Criminal Investigators, Lawyers, and Police Detectives SEI: Social Workers, Health Education, and Vocational Teachers SIE: Occupational Therapists, Special Ed. Teachers, and Instructors
  5. 5. Holland Code Career 1 My first career is a Criminal Investigator/ Special Agent They Investigate criminal violations of the law and determine if the evidence defends your findings Interests of a Criminal Investigator:  Start and carry out projects  You can lead people and make the decisions  Involves risk taking You must have good writing skills, coordination, complex problem solving, and instructing 4 year bachelors degree with several years of work-related experience Starting salary is $43, 120 Experienced workers salary is $85,520
  6. 6. Criminal Investigators/Special Agents
  7. 7. Holland Code Career 2 My second career is a social worker They provide social services and assistance to children and their families. When they are in schools they help teenagers with teen pregnancies and misbehaviors Interests of a Social Worker:  Working with people  Communicating with different people You must have speaking skills and be an active listener Social perceptiveness is a need for a social worker. It helps you become aware of others reactions and understand why they react as they do A bachelors degree is minimum It requires graduate school, which is where you receive your masters or Ph.D. and on-the-job training Starting salary is $34,260 Experienced workers salary is $59,800
  8. 8. Social Workers
  9. 9. Holland Code Career 3 My third career is an occupational therapist They assess, plan, organize, and participate in rehabilitative programs People may have had accidents which made them forget how to do things, so occupational therapists teach them how to do every day things. Interests of an Occupational Therapist:  Like working with people  Want to help people achieve goals You must be an active listener, have critical thinking, and service orientation. You need to listen to your patient to see what is the problem and think of ways you could help them without them hurting themselves. A bachelors degree is minimum. It does require graduate school to get your masters or doctoral You need hundreds of hours of on-the-job training Starting salary is $48,510 The salary for experienced workers $78,420
  10. 10. Occupational Therapist
  11. 11. Birkman Personality Test Results People with yellow interests means they like responsibilities which include organizing and systematizing. Activities these people like to do are ordering, numbering, scheduling. When someone has a yellow interest color they usually go into banking, accounting, tax law, and finance People with yellow interests perform their job responsibilities orderly and planned to meet a schedule. They prefer working where thinks get done with minimum interpretation and unexpected change. They are usually cautious, orderly, loyal, and organized. They usually choose a work environment where their style is welcomed and produced results.
  12. 12. Accountant/Auditor An accountant keeps track of payments, financial positions, and transfers of capital or income An auditor spends a small amount of time doing paperwork, while the rest of the time they are on the phone, traveling, or meeting with clients When you first start off, you are highly supervised, so you have to be able to work with people. After many years, many of them have started their own firm, so you have to have a business background. This career fits my personality because this job is an organized, orderly job. You have to keep files in order and stay on task. You are on a time schedule while you work because you have appointments with clients at different times during your work day. I am a girl who needs to always be on schedule and have everything neat and organized.
  13. 13. Corporate Lawyer These types of lawyers ensure legality of commercial transactions. There is a lot of research involved in this career.  Contract law - Bankruptcy  Tax law - intellectual property rights  Accounting - licensing  Securities law - zoning laws At the beginning of your career you review documents and do legal research, which is a lot of work and they put in long hours After many years, they are now negotiating. There is much more responsibility now, and they have very good compensation. To be a corporate lawyer, you must have an incisive mind and excellent communication skills, which makes this a great job for me. Research is fun for me. I like to problem solve and when you research things, you are looking up information to help solve something.
  14. 14. Financial Planner They determine how their clients can meet lifelong goals through management of resources. The guide people through steps to take to meet their goals based on their past You must look and play the part of corporate employee, which is what a financial planner is This is a career that is based off of a lot of research; you need to interview your clients to find out about their past with finances At first, they work in banks or investment firms and receive a lot of on-the-job training and long hours of analysis of documents, meetings, and networking. After many years, they have satisfied clients and a good track record. By now, they will be at management positions, overlooking the financial planning services This is a great job for me because I love to work with people and interact with them. I am sort of controlling and I like to do things my way, so telling people what to do would be a good fit for me.
  15. 15. My Top Career My favorite career would have to be an OccupationalTherapist. I feel it is a rewarding career just knowing that you arehelping people. Working with people is what I have always wantedto do, this way I would be able to be interacting and guiding them.Your clients have gone through some hard times and you are ableto help them through it. You teach people the every day needs. Youhelp them re-learn to drive, wash their hands or whatever it may be.Working with kids has always been my ambition, so helping kidswho may have been in an accident and teaching them what theyneed to know would exceed expectations. Being an occupationaltherapist is what I now realize I want to be.