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Indeed the promise will be questioned

Indeed the promise will be questioned






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    Indeed the promise will be questioned Indeed the promise will be questioned Presentation Transcript

    • Indeed the Promises will be Questioned
      Surah Israa/Bani Israel Ayah 34
      By: Momina
    • The Whole Ayah
      You shall not touch the orphans' money except for their own good, until they reach maturity. You shall fulfill your covenants, for a covenant is a great responsibility.
    • Commitments with Allah
      Is one who recognizes that your Lord’s revelations to you are the truth equal
      To one who is blind? Only those who posses intelligence will take heed
    • =
      Someone who believes
      in the Quran
      Someone who doesn’t
      believe in Quran
      Someone who does not
      believe in the Quran = BLIND
      Only intelligent people will take heed
      – only they will listen
    • What is an intelligent person?
      Intelligence in Quran is different than the intelligence we believe in.
      What we believe is that an intelligent person is one who gets high marks in Chemistry, Physics, or Biology.
      Or we believe an intelligent person is someone who is a doctor or an engineer.
    • What is intelligence in Quran?
      Intelligence in Quran is :
      • Submitting to Allah
      • Not being stubborn
      • Not being emotional
      • Someone who has a researching mind
      • Some who thinks or ponders on the Ayah of the Quran.
    • Back to Our Ayah
      Indeed our Promises will be Questioned.
    • What is a Promise?
      It is an assurance that someone gives that they will do something or that something will happen.
      Contracts you make in life.
      Your Promise to Allah
      Your Responsibilities
      Your Commitments
    • Examples
      A teachers responsibility is to be a good teacher.
      If you make plans with a friend make sure you fulfil it.
    • What are our promises with Allah?
      To obey him
      Submit to Allah
      Believe in the messengers
      Believe in the hereafter.
      When we say the Kalma Shahadah we are promising Allah – we are taking an oath.
      اشْهَدُ انْ لّآ اِلهَ اِلَّا اللّهُ وَحْدَه لَا شَرِيْكَ لَه، وَ اَشْهَدُ اَنَّ مُحَمَّدً اعَبْدُه وَرَسُولُه
    • Why will Allah s.w ask about the promise on the day of judgement.
      That will be the day of recompense.
      Like Payday.
      He will either punish you or reward you.
    • My Promises
      My promise to the school Environmentalist team. Lots of people have made fun of me but I didn't let them get the best of me.
      My promise to Allah to pray the Five daily prayers.
    • The End
      I hope you understood this powerpoint and may Allah increase my and your Knowledge.
      Jazakallah khair for watching.