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  • Ergonomic keyboards are now coming into common use due to the increase in number of people who use the computer. Their purpose is to prevent RSI whilst typing. This is aided by the shape of


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  • 4. Advantages DisadvantagesThey allow us to enter in correct The Qwerty and Dvorakdata, checking the monitor as we keyboards ease depends on thego along user.Data can be entered quickly It isn’t as quick as using a MICR or OMR.It is a strong device (Robust) Takes up space.The concept keyboard can be ofparticular use to people withdisabilities Back to Input Devices
  • 5. Advantages DisadvantagesThey take up less space and Due to their small size,are easy to carry around. entering the numbers may be difficult.Easier to hide them in case ofentering a PIN Back to Input Devices
  • 6. Advantages DisadvantagesIt is faster to select an option using It is easy to damage them.a mouse as opposed to a keyboard.They increase the speed of It may be difficult for a person withnavigation disabilities.They take up less space compared They take up more time if you wereto keyboards. to enter long passages of data. Their purpose is to make choices Back to Input from a menu; clicking. Devices
  • 7. Advantages DisadvantagesLike a mouse, it allows you May be found difficult forto quickly chose an option. people to use.Again like a mouse, it Difficult to control as theyallows quick navigation. are sensitive.Hand no wire to them, built Again like a mouse,into laptops. entering data with a lot of words can be difficult and time consuming. Back to Input Devices
  • 8. Advantages DisadvantagesDon’t require the same When a button is not presentamount of control as a mouse. to do a specific action is not present, a problem arises.Easier for people with Slower when selectingdisabilities options.Accuracy of where the pointeris on the screen can beincreased.Fixed into position Back to Input Devices
  • 9. Advantages DisadvantagesVideo date can easily be The video files occupy aedited. lot of space.The output can be A powerful computercustomized as to what and graphics card isformat you want it. necessary in order to edit video files. Back to Input Devices
  • 10. Advantages DisadvantagesCan be various distances from the People suffering from RSI will notdevice while still being able to find it easy to use.operate it.Beneficial to people who are unable Any obstruction in the pathway ofto walk with ease. the infrared signal from the remote to the receiver could result in no response from the device. Back to Input Devices
  • 11. Advantages DisadvantagesIt is faster to choose an Like a mouse and trackeroption using a joy stick. ball, it is difficult to use when it comes to typing long passages.Are able to control objects Difficulty may arise whenin 3D. trying to control the pointer. Back to Input Devices
  • 12. Advantages DisadvantagesFaster entry of option Screen is flat so continual use may result in RSI.Much more easier to selectyour optionMuch user friendly forpeople with disabilitiesLess likely to select anincorrect option. Back to Input Devices
  • 13. Advantages DisadvantagesFaster entry of data Damaged strip means that data entry needs to be done manually, reducing speed.Data entry is accurate Loss of card could cause problems such as no entry to restricted areas.It is more secureCan be used in security Back to Inputsystems Devices
  • 14. Advantages DisadvantagesCan be immediately updated If the card falls in the hands of a hacker, they can access all your details and can use it for identity theft.Are less damaged than magnetic stripreaders due to regular use.The data that is entered is more securethan a magnetic stripSecurity reasons: no entry without card. Back to Input Devices
  • 15. Advantages DisadvantagesIt is very secure because it will If PIN is forgotten the card isnot work without the PIN almost useless; the transaction gets cancelled.Time effective : using cash or Great care must b taken whencheques would require a longer entering the PIN.time.Chips are more indestructiblethan magnetic strips. Back to Input Devices
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  • 17. Advantages DisadvantagesImages can be stored and Limited Accuracythen later be edited.Using OCR saves time ratherthan typing up the wholedocument againEasier to scan a bar coderather than type it up. Back to Input Devices
  • 18. Advantages DisadvantagesTake a better quality picture Much more costly then traditional camerasEasier and quicker to get them onto Need to change the batteries morethe computer. often.Quicker than having the film developedAnd the amount of photo storage ismuch greater Back to Input Devices
  • 19. Advantages DisadvantagesSound can be altered whilst Voice recognition is not asrecording it. reliable as inputting text via a keyboard.It is much easier and muchfaster to input text as speech. Back to Input Devices
  • 20. Click for: Types of Sensors How does a Sensor Work? Advantages and Disadvantages Back to Input Devices
  • 21. • Used in automatic washing machines, automatic cookers,Temperatu central heating and greenhouses.re sensors • Used in burglar alarms, automatic washing machines, and canPressure be used as a part of a robotic arm.sensors • Used in computer-controlled greenhouses, burglar alarm Light systems, automatic washing machines and street lights. sensors Sound • Used in microphones and burglar alarm systems.SensorsHumidity • Used in computer-controlled greenhousesSensors Back to Input Devices
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  • 23. Advantages DisadvantagesReadings that are taken by sensors are If there is a power failure, the sensormuch more accurate than human cannot work; therefore it is unable to takereadings. any readings.The readings are taken at constantintervals, allowing the microprocessor totake immediate action.Sensors are able to do all the calculationsor automatic processes while humansperform other tasks. Back to Input Devices
  • 24. Advantages DisadvantagesFiles that are produced can be It will not have the original touchmanipulated. of the music being played live. “The music produced can sound manufactured rather than spontaneous. Back to InputErrors can be omitted Devices
  • 25. Advantages DisadvantagesYou can alter the drawing When choosing from awhilst making it. menu, it could be difficult.More accurate than using a More expensive than amouse mouse Back to Input Devices
  • 26. Advantages DisadvantagesSecurity is better than that of The amount of characters thatOCR’s can be used is limited.Accuracy is better than that of ExpensiveOCR.Cheques can be read evensomeone has written overthem. Back to Input Devices
  • 27. Advantages DisadvantagesQuick way of entering data Manual methods of marking are more accurate.More accurate than OCR’s Forms which can be processed by OMR’s need to planned with precision.The user can easily fill in theform that will be read by thecomputer. Back to Input Devices
  • 28. Advantages DisadvantagesIt is easier and faster to Errors are common.enter data this way ratherthan typing up the wholething. Handwriting may not always be recognised. Back to Input Devices
  • 29. Advantages DisadvantagesIt increases the speed. You Expensive.can scan the numbers onthe barcode rather thantyping them up.It is also more accurate Back to Input Devices
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  • 31. Advantages DisadvantagesBetter than barcode readers as More expensive compared tothey still work when they are other methods.intercepted.Can be read from and also be There is a lack of privacy as itwritten to. can be used to detect the movement of people.More difficult to copy asopposed to a barcode.Robust Back to Input Devices
  • 32. Can then beTake moving Input to a Files are incorporated pictures computer then stored into slideshows or web pages. Back to Input Devices
  • 33. Advantages DisadvantagesCan quickly be turned on Limited facilitiesProvide elders the opportunity to Not portablestay in contact with their friendsand family. Software is also limited. Back to Input Devices