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MyMPlus Wifi Presentation

MyMPlus Wifi Presentation



In this document, you can view the procedure on how MPlus can build a wifi internet system for a building or a city.

In this document, you can view the procedure on how MPlus can build a wifi internet system for a building or a city.



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    MyMPlus Wifi Presentation MyMPlus Wifi Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • 1 A Presentation on Wireless Based Network and Solutions Wireless Network and Application Presentation Proprietary Information for the City of Taguig Robin Llamas General Manager, iDirect Inc.
    • About ProVizion International, Inc.  Leverage on 5+ years experience in the ICT industry  Offices in the Philippines and US  Top Contact Centers and Enterprise among its customers  Strong network of partners and VARs  Flexible and Highly Responsive Organization  One of the Fastest Growing Service Provider Proprietary Information
    • About ProVizion International, Inc. Operating Licensed Radios within the 5.150 to 5.350 GHz frequency range  A registered VAS with the NTC  Internet Access Email Services Software Solutions Managed Services Proprietary Information
    • Sample Vertical Applications Public Transportation Video Surveillance Health Care Point of Sale Mobile Police Force Fleet management Monitor public Point-of-Care Lottery Kiosks Improved remote Stations workflow places Bedside Registry, Chain Stores reporting optimization Property protection nurse charting, Real-time Inventory Enhanced policing On-board physician entry services broadcasting Medication mgmt Proprietary Information Utility Meter Reading Traffic Management Remote Learning Industry Mobile Work Force Fast and efficient Optimize traffic flow Remote education Monitor, data Manpower mobility data collection Monitor speed-limit via real-time collection and control Location monitoring Accurate data Reduce accidents interactive media machinery, vehicles, Direct access to collection rates Remote data access dams, Pipes, oil office services Reduce costs Reduce Pollution Remote research platforms, mines,…
    • Proprietary Information 2 Product Overview
    • Backhaul Backhaul connect Satellite AP. Scenario 1 Broadband Hot spot To Provider WAN Satellite To next Node (station) Bridge units Back-to-back WL2410/AP hub Satellite HUB Receiver OR Router Station 3 wired PCMCIA Station 1 WAN WL-2401/WWB Proprietary Information Bridge units WL2410/AP Back-to-back hub WL-2402 in house Station 2
    • Backhaul connect AP. Scenario 2 AP 5GHz backhaul 5GHz backhaul AP cell 1 Backhaul Server Master Headquarter To WAN Backhaul AP Slave Proprietary Information Backhaul PCMCIA or Centrino AP cell 2 Hot spot
    • AP + 120-degree antenna back-to-back scenario Each antenna covers 120 degree Distance among antennas: 3 meters RF channel spaced by 6 channels Advantages: Outdoor AP Best Coverage and Reliability !! Big bandwidth for each tower (3 times) High flexibility of RF channel options !! Advantages of Tower: Beam width: 360 degree, omni- directional DC injector Total bandwidth: Multiplied by number of AP HUB Proprietary Information Channel Flexibility: 39 channels. Overlapping channels with other tower: many, many…. To : Server or WAN
    • ASU-24005G at client’s premise Barely invisible Proprietary Information
    • Sector antenna for Access point Dish for 5GHz backhaul Proprietary Information
    • Component 1: Long range backhaul xLink-5801a, 802.11a, 5~5.8GHz, 200mW/23dBm Backhaul True outdoor unit, POE design, -35c~70c, weather-proof Proprietary Information
    • Component 2: Node AP WL-2410/GM, 1 watt 802.11g, (AP/Client/Repeater/Bridge) With omni antenna or sectorial 120-degree antenna; or omni-directional array with 3 x 120-degree sectorial antennas Proprietary Information
    • Component 3: Node AP WL-24005G, 802.11g, 100mW AP/Client/Bridge/ Repeater True outdoor unit, POE design, -35c~70c, weather-proof Proprietary Information
    • Component 4: fixed CPE ASU-24005G, 802.11g, 100mW AP/Client/Bridge/ Repeater Plastic cost-effective outdoor unit, POE design, -15c~65c, weather-proof Proprietary Information
    • 500mW WiFi AP/client/repeater/bridge Yagi The 16dBi yagi access antenna enables the Antenna “last mile” connection to customers. The units are the client side access points/transponders and antenna. They connect to a customer’s computer or router in minutes using CATV cable and a DC power adapter. They are weather proofed with O rings. They include mounting hardware. Antenna cable 1m, sma—sma There are 3 variants (normal, medium and long CFD-200 range). Yagi booster antennas and cables are included to further improve signal strength and reduce interference. This improves quality of service and reduces customer complaints. Up to 20km range. TO PC or server LAN Proprietary Information To AC power Power POE Patch cable, 25m
    • Best Solution In 5GHz Broadband Hotspot Feeding Leased Lines Video Surveillance VoIP Oil & Gas Telecommunications Secured VPN Nomadic Applications Shopping Malls Video Surveillance & Public Safety Public safety Leased Lines Backhauling Municipalities & Education Base station Traffic Control Video Surveillance & Traffic Control HotspotInternet Feeding cafés Proprietary Information Broadband Access Leased Lines Replacement Gaming Businesses VoIP Residential
    • REASONS FOR CHOOSING THIS PRODUCT •Expansive coverage - serves more customers with fewer base stations •OFDM non-line-of-sight (the basis of the WiMAX standard) •High Capacity - more users per sector, including corporate users as well as MDU/MTU users with different levels of SLAs •Best AU - for fast and simple SU installation, SU scans the entire frequency band and identifies available AUs, optimizes the link with best AU selection, redundancy mechanism that automatically re- synchronizes with next AU on list •Automatic clear channel selection (ACCS) - a spectrum analyzer mode that picks up on the noise characteristics per channel, and includes an option for automatically making clearest channel selection Proprietary Information •Flexible network planning - 10MHz and 20MHz channel options for radio planning, interference avoidance and increased cell capacity
    • 3 Bringing the Network to the Users Proprietary Information
    • WiFi – WiMAX Conversion NOC Base station OSS BreezeMAX / BreezeACCESS VL for Businesses WiFi cameras, meters and traffic control devices Proprietary Information Residential WiFi in streets WiFi in parks for city workers Access Network
    • Backhauling Mesh Backhauling mesh network Backhaul in 5.8Ghz, Mesh at 2.4Ghz (providing public WiFi access) Proprietary Information
    • 2 Indoor Coverage - Zero price CPE In-Building WiFi Coverage using Wi² WiFi 802.11b/g Low Cost basic voice / data solution to apartment building Improve performance using inexpensive window antenna Directional high gain WiFi antennas Proprietary Information
    • Wi² Unit Solution WiMAX DC CPE AC WiFi Proprietary Information AP All outdoor Robust WiMAX CPE + 802.11b/g AP 2.4GHz
    • Proprietary Information Wireless Applications
    • Video and Camera Surveillance Street light camera Video Server CCTV Router Traffic light Video camera Monitor Typical video applications: Multi cameras per sector, pending on cameras’ bit rate requirements Video multicast packets are not relayed back to the sector Proprietary Information Application note with MOBOTIX
    • Proprietary Information Video Surveillance
    • Proprietary Information Video Surveillance
    • OPS - Extended Temperature OPS – Outdoor Power Supply OPS-HD Why is it needed? …for all outdoor installations 110/220VAC and 12-24VDC options HD (heavy duty) water resistance OPS option AC availability DC availability on Q3 2006 (not with HD) Applications Video cameras on lighting poles (AC) Remote installations using solar systems (DC or AC) OPS Multi Dwelling Unit installations (AC) Proprietary Information Installation in Motor Vehicles (DC)
    • When used on light poles Installation is possible on: Poles (2-2.5 inch standard mounting kit with the product) Poles (up to 6 inches diameter, separate mounting kit ) Faster deployment Certified and tested solution Light pole connector allow to cascade devices Proprietary Information
    • Proprietary Information