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King Henry Ppt Presentation By Shahriar Momen!
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King Henry Ppt Presentation By Shahriar Momen!


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Hey There! Momen Here! This is a Powerpoint that I made for my English Class! Its on King Henry VIII, and it ruined my weekend so ENJOY!

Hey There! Momen Here! This is a Powerpoint that I made for my English Class! Its on King Henry VIII, and it ruined my weekend so ENJOY!

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Shahriar Momen Per 6 12/8/09
  • 2. King Henry VIII Who is he?
    • King Henry was born on June 28, 1491 and he is the 2 nd son of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. He belongs to the Tudor family.
    • He was crowned King of England on June 24, 1509 and he reigned as King until he died, which was on January 28, 1547.
    • He is well known for having six wives and his bold cruel actions such as separating from the Roman Catholic Church and establishing the Church of England .
  • 3. Early Life
    • Not much is known about King Henry VIII’s childhood.
    • Around the age of ten his brother Arthur had died, therefore leaving the crown to him.
    • After his brother’s death he spent the next few years preparing to take over the throne.
    • He was also destined to marry his brother ‘s widow. Catherine of Aragon.
  • 4. The Youth King
    • King Henry VIII was crowned at the age of 18. Most people think of Henry as the fat, bald and ill man he later becomes. At this age he was very handsome and also very fit.
    • He was a great king and he loved all his subjects. He had great relations with the Roman Catholic Church and England loved him as a king.
    • Even though he was King he wasn’t that interested in kingship but rather more interested in arms, armor, sports, and women.
  • 5. Catherine of Aragon
    • Catherine was the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain.
    • Catherine of Aragon was originally married to Henry’s brother; Arthur.
    • However, when Arthur died Catherine’s parents offered a generous dowry for King Henry VIII to marry her.
    • Their wedding took place on June 11 th , 1509. King Henry was married to her for about twenty-four years.
    • Catherine provided Henry with one daughter; Mary (who was to become Queen Mary I).
    • Catherine also gave birth to 5 other children but they all died in infancy or were stillborn.
    The Wives of Henry by Antonia Fraser
  • 6. The King’s Great Matter
    • While King Henry VIII was married to Catherine of Aragon, he fell madly in love with Anne Boleyn. He tried everything he could to try to be with her.
    • He finally decided to annul the marriage between him and Catherine, but the Roman Catholic Church did not approve of divorces. So, Henry decided to break from the Roman Catholic Church and make England a Protestant country. This was not easy, it took years for Henry to annul the marriage.
    Henry VIII The King and his Court by Alison Weir
  • 7. The Plan
    • The King needed a way to resolve this mess. Then a man named Thomas Cromwell came up with a solution that would solve the Kings divorce problem and make England a sovereign national state.
    • “ The Act in Restraint of Appeals” was a law that King Henry proposed to the English Court. Once it was passed it granted the King permission to divorce. It also made England free from any foreign authority.
    • Henry also made himself The Supreme Head of the Church of England through “The Act of Supremacy” in 1534.
  • 8. Anne Boleyn
    • When Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII were married they had one daughter; Elizabeth (who eventually becomes Queen Elizabeth I).
    • This was a huge disappointment to King Henry because he wanted a son to take his throne.
    • As years passed by, King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s marriage started to fall apart. After Elizabeth was born, Henry had no interest in Anne.
    • Anne Boleyn was then accused of infidelity and treason against the King. She was then beheaded as a consequence. Most people think that Anne Boleyn was executed because her only real “crime” was not providing a son for King Henry .
    The Wives of Henry by Antonia Fraser
  • 9. Jane Seymour
    • Jane Seymour was the 4 th wife of King Henry VIII.
    • She is the first wife that succeeded presenting a heir to the throne. She gave birth to King Edward VI and he is the one that becomes King.
    • After Edward’s birth, Jane died a few days later because of an infection. King Henry was depressed because of her death, but he was also more happy about having a son than the death of his wife.
  • 10. Anne of Cleves
    • Anne of Cleves was married to King Henry VIII by an arranged marriage. He married her on the request by Thomas Cromwell.
    • The King saw her on a portrait and thought she was beautiful. When the King actually met Anne he did not like her as much as he thought he would. He quickly filed a divorce; judging on her looks.
    • Since Thomas Cromwell urged on the marriage he paid for it…with his life.
  • 11. Kathryn Howard
    • Kathryn Howard was an attractive young woman pushed into marriage by her powerful family. King Henry VIII wasn’t a proper husband anymore. He was old, bitter, and hardly a suitable husband for a young woman such as Kathryn.
    • Kathryn was fooling around with young courtiers and she was inevitably caught.
    • This was obviously a charge against the King. So there goes her head.
  • 12. Katherine Parr
    • Katherine Parr was the sixth and final wife for King Henry VIII.
    • She was intelligent, religious, and cared for her children. The children loved her back.
    • She is the only wife that didn’t get divorced or die because she outlived Henry and became a widow.
  • 13. Final Years
    • By 1540’s Henry was a dying old man.
    • He was ruthless and egotistic. He was also lazy because he made people carry him from place to place.
    • He finally died on January 28, 1547 at the age of 56.
    • The cause of his death is being heavily debated nowadays. One thing is for sure, it had to do something with his health.
    • Even though he was ill, he still did some memorable things.
    • He maintained England under control and resolved many conflicts.
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    Green=Print Sources Purple=Picture sources
  • 15. THANK YOU!
    • Thank you for watching! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE PRESENTATION!