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Year 11 Revision Quiz

Year 11 Revision Quiz



This is a self-paced quiz to get some quotes and story points into your brain before the exam on Friday. I would suggest reading all of either Maestro or Macbeth before the exam.

This is a self-paced quiz to get some quotes and story points into your brain before the exam on Friday. I would suggest reading all of either Maestro or Macbeth before the exam.



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    Year 11 Revision Quiz Year 11 Revision Quiz Presentation Transcript

    • • There are twelve sets of questions • Two sets about each text. • Each set has ten questions.• Go through the questions and write down your answers, and then view the answers to compare them to yours.• This will only work as useful revision if you actually try to answer the questions yourself
    • • Peter Goldsworthy
    • • Darwin
    • • Paul Crabbe
    • • Herr Eduard Keller
    • • Paul’s mother
    • • In a room above The Swan, a hotel in Darwin
    • • And upright and a grand, the “supine”
    • • Bennie Reid
    • • Rosie Zollo
    • • Rough Stuff
    • • David Hayden
    • • Bentrock• Mercer County• Montana
    • • Gail Hayden
    • • High powered job• White wife• Helps people• Abandoned Indian ways
    • • Murdered by Frank Hayden
    • • Because Frank is a returned war hero.
    • • Because Julian is a wealthy rancher• The role of sheriff has been in the Hayden family for some time.• Frank is a doctor• Frank is a war hero
    • • Because he was an native American.
    • • Because he loved her• Because Uncle Frank killed her and this changes all his family relationships• Because it changes David’s view of the world
    • • When he sees Frank and Wes talking in the creek bed at Julian’s ranch. He lines them up in his gun sights and is tempted to shoot Frank
    • • Joel and Ethan Coen
    • • Tom Chaney
    • • LaBoeuf• Reuben “Rooster” Cogburn
    • • Mattie Ross
    • • Reuben “Rooster” Cogburn
    • • LaBoeuf
    • • Colonel Stonehill
    • • Rueben “Rooster” Coburn
    • • The Irish undertaker
    • • Mattie Ross• Rueben “Rooster” Cogburn• LaBoeuf
    • • William Shakespeare
    • • The three witches, or weird sisters
    • • The Thane of Cawdor• Macdonwald• Sweno, the Norwean King
    • • Macbeth, about King Duncan.
    • • Lady Macbeth• That Macbeth has broken a promise and that she would never break a promise, no matter how gruesome.
    • • By making him the new Thane of Cawdor
    • • The murderers.• Outside the castle gate, as Banquo and Fleance returned from their ride.
    • • That he was keeping his distance from the new king, Macbeth.• He might have been suspicious, or he might not have thought much of Mabceth.
    • • Macduff• He was “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped.”
    • • That he would not be king himself, but he would be the start of a line of kings.
    • • Philadelphia
    • • She was on her way to visit her sister with her son, Samuel, following the death of her husband, Jacob.
    • • Because he was injured after being shot by McFee in the parking garage.
    • • The McFee would not be tried, because Book was going back to kill him himself.
    • • She takes off her bonnet.
    • • “Yeah, but it’s my way.”• That he seems himself as an individual rather than someone bound my the community’s way of doing things.• That he reverts to violence to solve this problems when provoked.
    • • Strength of numbers.• There are simply too many of them, so Shaffer cannot kill them all.
    • • He helps build Zook’s barn.• He dresses in Amish clothing• He milks the cows with Eli• He is a carpenter
    • • Peter Weir, the Australian director.
    • • John Book thinks it is okay to touch it as long as it is unloaded and safe.• Eli says, “What you take into your hand, you take into your heart.”
    • • Martin Blank is a professional killer
    • • To go to his high-school reunion• To complete a contract killing
    • • Debi Newberry
    • • In Grocer’s guild or club of assassins
    • • Marcella, when she gives him his assignment for Chicago.
    • • That it is not personal when he kills someone.• Moreover, that he distances himself from what he does. The killing is simply what he does, not anything about this identity
    • • On the night of the prom, he realised that he wanted to kill someone and, because he loved Debi so much, he decided it would be better if he left.
    • • Because he is scared of him
    • • Debi Newberry to Martin Blank
    • • Because Blank accidently blew up a dog called Boudro and the dog’s owner hired LaPuBelle to kill Blank
    • • Darwin• By Banjo Patterson
    • • First impressions? Misleading of course.
    • • A Nazi• A drunk• A man no particular talent
    • • Sign above the gate at Auschwitz
    • • Puts dog-shit in burning paper on his doorstep
    • • That Paul is not a very good pianist.
    • • Paul Crabbe, by himself
    • • Paul’s parents’ friends
    • • Paul Crabbe said this about himself.• He means that the best musicians lost interest in him, because he just repeated everything that he had heard from Keller.
    • • This tells us that Keller is an arrogant and judgemental man.• He think he can tell how well someone plays the piano just by seeing their hands, rather than listening to or watching them play.
    • • That Frank Hayden only sexually assaulted Indian women and no-one else.
    • • Wes Hayden
    • • He slit his wrists with the broken glass in the Hayden’s root cellar
    • • Les MacAuley• About being a sheriff
    • • Marie Little Soldier
    • • Marie Little Soldier about Ollie Tall Bear
    • • Wes Hayden• Because he is choosing the be the sheriff rather than a loyal Hayden
    • • Wes Hayden, years after 1948 when David’s wife asks about what happened.
    • • Frank Hayden going into the back of the Hayden home to murder Marie.
    • • Julian Hayden said this.• It was obvious because Frank, the war hero and doctor, was his favourite son and everyone knew it.
    • • That she is strong-willed and articulate
    • • When Mattie repeatedly lets Grandma Turner take the bed clothes, this shows us that is not always able to stand up for herself.
    • • That is has a dry wit• That he has killed many people• That he is not always honest
    • • That he is vain and ineffective
    • • Races Mattie to safety, killing her horse and nearly killing himself in the process• Rode against Lucky Ned Pepper and his men, one against four
    • • Rooster Cogburn, at the cabin.
    • • That she speaks her mind.• That she does not care about people’s feeling• That she thinks she is clever• That she is quick witted
    • • That he will defend the weak, even though he takes his time to get there.
    • • A Texas ranger
    • • The foolish old man is Reuben “Rooster” Coburn• The harpie in trousers is Mattie Ross• The nincompoop is LaBeouf
    • • Because he fights bravely in the battles that are described.• Because he is unsettled by the idea of killing the king
    • • In a letter from her husband
    • • Lady Macbeth• That she feels guilty for the things that she and her husband have done
    • • Macbeth, while Duncan sleeps in Macbeth’s home.
    • • Macduff
    • • Lady Macbeth.
    • • Macbeth• That he has already harmed Macduff enough because he had his wife and children murdered.
    • • The second apparition, which the witches conjured.
    • • Macbeth• That he will fight Macduff honestly and to the death
    • • Thane of Glamis• Thane of Cawdor• King hereafter
    • • Schaeffer• McFee• Fergie
    • • “then I can not sit at table with you. I can not take a thing from your hand. I...I can not go with you to meeting!”
    • • Because buttons are proud
    • • In the flour tin
    • • The first tells us that he is a selfish man and in a hurry• The second, at the barn building where he sips a little then passes it on, shows us that he shares with other people and adopts their customs.
    • • From a newspaper clipping in the detectives’ office.
    • • John Book
    • • He has just learned that his partner, Carter, has been killed.
    • • A small wooden horse.
    • • A complex wooden toy
    • • Martin Blank
    • • Mary Blank, Martin’s mother• Martin Blank, looking at himself in the mirror.
    • • Dr Oatman
    • • That his childhood home has been turned into a convenience store
    • • Tells him there is no conflict between them, and then he listens to Bob’s poem.
    • • Dr Oatman
    • • Devil’s Night
    • • A pen
    • • Marcella
    • • Driving with Debi in her car, leaving Detroit.