Apostrophes worksheet


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Apostrophes worksheet

  1. 1. Grammar Thursday Spelling words permitted mystery heard jury jewellery since certain formula believable assure twitch their answered apologise steal antique organising your tried you're Apostrophes There are two main reasons to use an apostrophe in your writing: possession and contraction. In some rare cases, apostrophes are also used for plurals. Be very careful with this last use. Possession: Someone owns something. I put the food in Indiana’s bowl.(the bowl belongs to Indiana) I put food in the dogs’ bowl. (the bowl belongs to the dogs). I was listening to Lewis’ new album. (the new album belongs to Lewis.) Note: You don’t need an apostrophe for possessive pronouns such as his, her, their, our and its. Contraction: Leaving out letters Indiana wasn’t ready to go to the park (Indiana was not ready to go to the park). It’s raining outside (it is raining outside) Note: It’s is always short for “it is”. Its it the possessive form of it. Apostrophes are sometimes used for plurals. You can use an apostrophe to make a number or acronym plural. This is a style thing and you can do it either way. “Jazz was very popular in the 1920’s.” or “Jazz was very popular in the 1920s.” “On the weekend, I bought two DVD’s.” or “On the weekend, I bought two DVDs.” You cannot use an apostrophe for plural on all other words.
  2. 2. Put the missing apostrophes in these sentences. 1. Early most mornings, I put food into the dogs bowls. 2. The dogs ran into the woods looking for Indianas ball. 3. It has been years since I last saw Martin Scorseses film “Mean Streets”. 4. Early most mornings, its really cold so Indiana isnt interested in going for a walk like other dogs. 5. Last year in History, we studied the major wars, the Great Depression, and culture in the 1920s. 6. Because they were dirty, I washed Indianas and Emmylous winter jackets. 7. It wasnt my car that crash ed, that was someone elses fault. 8. Cosmo stole the Zeldas food. Zelda tried to steal his first. 9. Its clear that her dogs tennis ball would never be found. 10. After several weeks, there was no chance of his car being found. Its a real shame. 11. In Maths today, the board was covered with 10s, 2s and 17s. 12. I have read some of Nick Hornbys books but not everything hes written. Il l have catch up with his other books one day. 13. Twas a shame that it all happen ed that way. Itll never happen again. 14. I looked every where for Lewiss lost DVDs. Ill never find them at this rate. 15. Ross didnt know what would happen to Bess house after the bees le ft their honey all over her place. 16. The games over and Bens really tired. 17. Its only the beginning of the game. Anyone could score goals at this stage. 18. Kriss love of Star Wars drove her to buy all of Larrys action figures and collectors edition DVD s. 19. I scratc hed Indianas nose and she licked my shoes. Silly dog. 20. Mr OMeara think s this is important. Im sure hes pro bably wrong. But thats his business really. Spelling test