How to Create Mobile Sweepstakes or Contests


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Mobile sweepstakes and contests contain six main elements that are needed to be able to offer and run a mobile sweepstake. When in place a mobile sweepstakes offer marketers and companies three key benefits.

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How to Create Mobile Sweepstakes or Contests

  1. 1. How To Create a Mobile Sweepstakes
  2. 2. Momares helps brands agencies launch mobile sweepstakes and contests.
  3. 3. The Ad Mobile call-to-action
  4. 4. Ad Placements Mobile Website Banner Website Banner Facebook, social and partners
  5. 5. About Promotions Sweepstakes (where random winners are drawn) Contests (where a skill is needed to win) …are tried and proven marketing tactics that work.
  6. 6. Mobile Promotions Benefits • Buzz: sweepstakes create tremendous word of mouth for the brand. • Increase Your Email and Mobile Database: Mobile sweepstakes take it a step further by gathering the mobile number as well as email, first, last, zip, age, etc… • High Return on Investment (ROI): mobile sweepstakes cost’s are far lower than the cost involved in traditional “paper entry” sweepstakes. Mobile text-in entry increases the number of participants substantially.
  7. 7. The Main Elements Goal: The objective of the sweepstakes needs to be clarified and kept top of mind in all activities. Ex., lead generation, branding or market research. Privacy: A lot of personally identifiable data is collected. Marketers need to have and adhere to a solid privacy policy. Prize: Bigger isn’t always better. It’s crucial to pick the right prize– a prize that appeals to the target audience. Legal “Official Rules”: Sweepstakes and contests are heavily regulated. The Sweepstakes Official Rules should be reviewed by an attorney specializing in promotion marketing laws.
  8. 8. The Main Elements Mobile Partner: Provides the services of executing and running a mobile sweepstakes. Has the capacity to run text- to-win program and create mobile-optimized entry pages to capture participant’s information. A mobile sweepstakes partner should have the technology platform to provide a short code (text KEYS to 65047, for example), gather a database of mobile entries and provide reports as to the status of the program. Fulfillment: A winner must be picked randomly and the prize awarded within the time limits that were set in the Official Rules. The winner must be contacted and a Declaration of Compliance, Liability and Publicity Release should be received before any prize is delivered.
  9. 9. How to Reach Your Mobile Customers? Mobile sweepstakes and contests are absolutely the best way reach mobile customers, gather a detailed, permission-based profile of your mobile customer and create a fun, buzz-worthy event to energize current customers and reach new ones.
  10. 10. Thinking of a mobile sweepstake or contest? We have a few ideas. Source: The Anatomy of a Mobile Sweepstakes Campaign mobile-sweepstakes-campaign/ Momares, LLC 921 Pizarro St. Coral Gables, Fl 33134 Tel: 305.505.5393