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  1. 1. December 2010
  2. 2. OUr MissiOn Western Fashion For Women To bring love, joy For stylish mums and mums-to-be, Mom & Me’s and a sense of fashionable Western ensembles are perfect for office, casual lounging, and even evenings out. A wardrobe to wellbeing to every perfectly complement that special glow on you. mother and child. Ethnic Fashion For Women Look your best on your exciting journey of motherhood. Mom & Me’s trendy ethnic outfits are designed to flatter fuller figures during your pregnancy and after.ExclUsivE UPbEat Mother and baby WellnessWe are focussed on the needs ofMother & Child. Pregnancy & We offer you an experience that’s enjoyable &Parenting are our specialties. uniquely designed for mothers. Soft, gentle, nurturing and caring, just like a new mum. Mom & Me’s experts have selected only the gentlest, most renowned products for you and your child. Kids Fashion What Makes Mom & Me’s wardrobes for infants, toddlers and kids blend comfort and practicality with fashion. So your precious ones are always the center of attention. Us Mom & Me ? Furniture and Furnishing For Kids Eat. Sleep. Sit. Dream. Mom & Me’s range of furniture and furnishing offer kids a fairyland of premium quality, affordable furniture and nursery furnishing that they’ll simply love to grow up with. strollers and car seatscaring Everything is a fresh discovery in the eyes of a child.We are passionate about quality, justlike you are, as a mother. Introduce your kids to Mom & Me’s strollers and car GivinG seats and they’ll be set to explore the world. We facilitate sharing of knowledge & bring mothers together as a community. safety accessories Don’t stop your child from exploring every little nook. Mom & Me’s safety accessories keep your home safe for your little wanderer. toys and games Life is child’s play. And Mom & Me’s hand-picked selection of educational and recreational toys and Practical games ensure kids of all ages learn to enjoy playtime. Just arrived!! new range of We choose products to serve a mother’s various needs so you can get everything under one roof. Maternity & Kids Fashion
  3. 3. Kriti Maternity 04 Kriti Fashion 12 A Maternity Tops 14 Maternity Bottoms 26 Activewear 28 Lingerie 32 Breastfeeding 34 Mother Essentials 41 For Moms A. TOP AMEFTS1014764 ` 899| | |3|
  4. 4. just delivered ! MATERNITY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, AN INDIAN A WARDROBE FOR INDIAN MOTHERS-TO-BE Presenting Kriti. For the first time ever, a specialised range of maternity fashion wear in an Indian avatar. Designed to flatter your fuller figure and make you feel and look more attractive during this special time. Kriti’s comfortable cuts and ethnic fabrics have been carefully chosen for Indian women to complement that unique glow you have. Designed by: A. TOP AMEFTS1013938 ` 699 Bottom model’s own |5|| |
  5. 5. INTRODUCING THE SECRET FIT BELLY patented design by motherhood TM MATERNITY All secret fitTM bellies are attached to the churidar & nawabi making it a single piece to conceal & support your belly. Kriti means “A Work of Art” in Sanskrit. Mom & Me now brings you ‘Kriti’ - a specialised range of It’s Revolutionary! ethnic maternity fashion, for the first time in India. Kriti is designed to flatter your blossoming figure and makes you feel and look more attractive & confident during this special time of your life. A Every Kriti garment has been carefully and thoughtfully crafted to better complement the unique glow you have as now is the time you need clothes that are both comfortable as well as fashionable. B also available in We hope you enjoy the “Kriti” experience. Churidars & Nawabis with the revolutionary Secret Fit BellyTM are available C in knits and wovens Nursing Kurta Designed specially for feeding mothers; stylish yet convenient Fusion Tops A range of cotton kurtis in interesting styles A. TOP AMEFTS1014765 ` 799 B. TOP AMEFTS1013935 ` 1,099 C. TOP AMEFTS1013937 ` 899| | |7|
  6. 6. A B E C Nursingwear D A. NURSING KURTA AMEMKA1013932 ` 1,199 B. NURSING KURTA AMEMKA1013934 ` 1,099 C. NURSING KURTA AMEMKA1014760 ` 899 D. NURSING KURTA AMEMKA1014762 ` 899 E. NURSING KURTA AMEMKA1014761 ` 999 F F. NURSING KURTA AMEMKA1013933 ` 1,099 G G. NURSING KURTA AMEMKA1014763 ` 999 MATERNITY| | |9|
  7. 7. AMEFTS1014766 ` 799 A B C D AMEFTS1014767 ` 799 A. NURSING KURTA AMEMKA1013931 ` 1,099 B. KNIT ChURIDAAR AMEMCK1010702 ` 899 MATERNITY C. DRESS AKIGDF1013405 ` 799 D. LEGGINGS AKIGLE1013404 ` 299| | |11|
  8. 8. B A D C KURTA ALEMKA1013201 ` 499 A. KURTA ALEMKA1013207 ` 499 Churidar model’s own B. KURTA ALEMKA1015080 ` 699 C RED KNIT ChURIDAR AMEMCK1003047 ` 399 D. Churidar model’s own KURTA ALEMKA1013202 ` 499 FASHION Churidar model’s own| | |13|
  9. 9. Dressing over two million new moms-to-be each year, Motherhood Maternity™ offers an extensive variety of quality hot fashions, specially created for the young and fun expectant mom. From hip and sophisticated to bold and beautiful, Motherhood Maternity™ has everything the mom-to-be could ever want or need. Motherhood Maternity™ is the maternity expert.| | |15|
  10. 10. E C A F B D C. TOP AMWCBU1011843001 ` 1,700 E. TOP AMWCBU1011845001 ` 1,700 D. JEANS AMWCJE1010268001 ` 1,900 F. PANTS AMWCPN1012189001 ` 1,900| | A. TOP AMWWCD1011850001 ` 2,000 | B. JEANS AMWCJE1008279001 ` 1,900 |17|
  11. 11. B E A H C F D G I Woven Tops A. TOP AMWCBU1011872001 ` 1,500 | B. TOP AMWCBU1010869001 ` 1,600 | C. TOP AMWCBU1011172001 ` 1,400 D. TOP AMWCBU1011175001 ` 1,400 | E. TOP AMWCBU1012905001 ` 1,700 | F. TOP AMWCTS1011847001 ` 1,500 G. TOP AMWCBU1011173001 ` 1,600 | h. TOP AMWCBU1013096001 ` 1,500 | I. PANTS AMWCPN1008767001 ` 2,500| | |19|
  12. 12. Dresses C D E G F H Knitwear A. DRESS AMWCDR10111780001 ` 2,200 | B. DRESS AMWCDR1011852001 ` 2,200 C. TOP AMWCTS1011534001 ` 1,300 | D. TOP AMWCTS1011528001 ` 1,500 A B E. TOP AMWCTS1011530001 ` 1,100 | F. TOP AMWCTS1011535001 ` 1,500 G. TOP AMWCTS1011180001 ` 1,200 | h. BOTTOM AMWCJE1001682001 ` 2,500| | |21|
  13. 13. A B C J D E F K M P N O Q G H I L A. TOP AMWCBU1011877001 ` 1,500 | B. TOP AMWCTS1011870001 ` 1,200 C. TOP AMWCTS1012764001 ` 1,500 | D. TOP AMWCTS1012066001 ` 1,500 E. TOP AMWCTS1012772001 ` 1,500 | F. TOP AMWCTS1012763001 ` 1,500 G. TOP AMWCTS1012769001 ` 1,500 | h. TOP AMWCTS1011874001 ` 1,800 I. TOP AMWCTS1012771001 ` 1,500 | J. TOP AMWCTS1012906001 ` 1,500 K. TOP AMWCTS1011177001 ` 1,400 | L. TOP AMWCTS1011846001 ` 1,500 M. CARDIGAN AMWWCD1011851001 ` 1,900 | N. TOP AMWATS1011875001 ` 1,200 O. LEGGINGS AMWATG1009502001 ` 1,000 | P TOP AMWCTS1011849001 ` 1,500 . Q. PANTS AMWCPN1008376001 ` 1,900| | |23|
  14. 14. Winterwear C E F G D H I J also available in A A. SWEATER AMWWSW1012068001 ` 2,100 K L M B. PANTS AMWCPN1008767001 ` 2,500 C. JACKET AMWWJT1014773001 ` 3,900 D. JACKET AMWWJT1014772001 ` 4,900 E. CARDIGAN AMWWCD1011851001 ` 1,900 F. CARDIGAN AMWWCD1013100001 ` 2,400 G. CARDIGAN AMWWCD1013097001 ` 1,800 B h. SWEATER AMWWSW1014770001 ` 1,700 I. SWEATER AMWWSW1012074001 ` 1,500 J. SWEATER AMWWSW1014768001 ` 2,000 K. SWEATER AMWWSW1012069001 ` 2,100 L. SWEATER AMWWSW1014771001 ` 2,100 M. SWEATER AMWWSW1014769001 ` 2,100| | |25|
  15. 15. introducing SECRET FIT JEANS ` 1,900 TO ` 2,600 A revolutionary belly fit that uses seamless technology for the IT’S REVOLUTIONARY! SECRET FIT BELLy TM most perfect fit ever! patented design by motherhood discover smooth comfort all day long. BOOT-CUT STRAIGhT LEG SLIM-LEG STRAIGhT LEG AMWCJE1001682001 ` 2,500 AMWCJE8208001 ` 2,500 AMWCJE1005986001 ` 2,200 AMWCJE1012072001 ` 2,500 Try it on SEAMLESS NOW Finding just what you need to help you through this special time can be an interesting challenge. Let this problem be a thing of the past when you check out some of the unique products we have found for you. Introducing the revolutionary secret fit belly; designed especially for those TM nine months and after. maternity bottoms: expect a perfect fit All secret fit bellies are attached to the trouser TM making it a single piece to conceal & support SLIM-LEG BOOT-CUT LEGGINGS CORDUROy AMWCJE1012080001 ` 2,600 AMWCPN1012078001 ` 1,900 AMWATG1012077001 ` 1,500 AMWCPN1013103001 ` 1,900 your belly.| | |27|
  16. 16. A C E B D F C D SWIMWEAR AMWSOP1011532001 ` 2,900 G Activewear A. ACTIVE JACKET AMWAJT1012757001 ` 1,500 B. ACTIVE PANTS AMWATP1012751001 ` 1,400 C. ACTIVE JACKET AMWAJT1012762001 ` 1,500 D. ACTIVE PANTS AMWATP1012759001 ` 1,400 E. ACTIVE JACKET AMWAJT1012907001 ` 1,500 F. ACTIVE PANTS AMWATP1011854001 ` 1,200 G. ACTIVE PANTS AMWATP1011855001 ` 1,200| | |29|
  17. 17. Nursing Tops Nursing Nightwear The new patent pending nursing collection allows for extra support & smoother shape. NURSING TOP NURSING TOP AMNNTS1015047001 ` 1,300 AMNNTS1013144001 ` 1,200 A B C NURSING TOP NURSING TOP NURSING TOP AMNNTS1015048001 ` 1,500 AMNNTS1013145001 ` 1,500 AMNNTS1012075001 ` 1,300 NURSING TOP NURSING TOP NURSING TOP A. AMWNSS1011881001 ` 1,700 AMNNTS1012070001 ` 1,500 AMNNTS1012071001 ` 1,200 AMNNTS1011863001 ` 1,500 B. AMWNSS1011867001 ` 2,000| | C. AMWN1011866001 ` 2,500 |31|
  18. 18. LIGhT SUPPORT NURSING SLEEP BRA NURSING COTTON T-ShIRT black, nude, white NO UNDERWIRE BRA small | medium | large | xlarge nude 34 B, C, D BIKINI SEAMLESS 3 pack BIKINI SEAMLESS 3 pack PRINTED FAShION BIKINI 3 pack 97540 / 22 / 10 ` 1,200 36 B, C, D multi neutrals nude, lace, cream 38 B, C, D, E One size fits most - Size “0” One size fits most - Size “0” One size fits most - Size “0” 91739 ` 800 AMILUP1008766001 ` 900 AMILUP1002181001 ` 900 AMILUP1013099001 ` 800 (select stores only) MEDIUM SUPPORT Lingerie NURSING LIGhTLy PADDED NURSING BRA NO WIRE FULL NO WIRE BRA COVERAGE black, nude, white nude 34 B, C, D 34 B, C, D 36 B, C, D 36 C, D 38 B, C, D 38 C, D 40 C, D 40 C, D 94849 / 90571 / 90570 ` 1,400 - ` 1,600 97849 ` 1,200 ULTIMATE MATERNITy BELT FULL SUPPORT AMAABL1002200001 ` 1,200 As the pregnancy progresses and the belly grows, the lower back takes a lot of stress in order to support the additional weight. This causes pain and discomfort in the lower back. The maternity belt is designed to alleviate NURSING SPORTS BRA NURSING BRA WITh LACE & this stress, and provide you comfort and black, white UNDERWIRE relief. Recommended for the 2nd & 3rd small | medium | large | xlarge nude, white, black trimester 99389 - 01 / 10 ` 1,400 34 C, D 36 C, D 38 C, D 40 C, D (in nude & white only ) 98430 / 91152 / 92746 ` 1,400| | |33|
  19. 19. Because it’s not just about the best start in life. NUK NIPPLE SHIELDS SILICONE WITH STORAGE BOx Helps protect sensitive nipples while breastfeeding Made from soft, wafer-thin silicone for greater comfort Innovative triangular design which allows direct contact with the baby NUK BREAST MILK baby food: easy defrosting and CONTAINER heating with the NUK Babyfood Soft nobbles to gently stimulate milk For practical storage - allows Warmer flow to express and freeze milk in the Feeding: turn the container Practical box for safe and hygienic same container until feeding time into a bottle by simply assembling storage Hygienic and practical a NUK FIRST CHOICE Teat AWPLNS1003352 ` 345 and your bottle is ready to feed! container for breast milk & babyfood For more hygiene: improved Collecting expressed milk: screw neck with plain inner NUK BREAST SHELL SET compatible to NUK e-Motion and surface For relief from sore nipples and Sensitive Breast Pump Improved field for writing collecting those precious drops of breast Storing milk and babyfood: the date: plain surface with blue milk suitable for the fridge and freezer border Preparing breast milk and AWPLMC1003348 ` 550 2 Ventilated Breast Shells For effective protection - from rubbing against the clothes and fast relief from sore & sensitive nipples Specially designed shell to fit breast perfectly With ventilation holes that allow skin to breathe CLASSIC BREAST PADS Adhesive strip ensures a secure 2 Breast Shells fit inside the bra For precious collection of breast milk Anatomical pad moulds to the Spout for easy pouring shape of the mother’s breast Specially designed to fit breast Also available Ultra Dry Slimline Breast Pads 2 Soft, gently contoured Silicone AWPLBP1003347 ` 295 Cushion Inserts Feel good against the skin AWPLBS1003354 ` 675 A. SENSITIVE BREAST PUMP : Effective & gentle DUALogic 2-phase B. E-MOTION ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP : Super-soft, contoured NUK BREAST GEL CUSHION ULTRASLIMLINE BREAST PADS expressing. OptiForm breast shield fits perfectly to mother’s breast and rib silicone cushion moulds to the shape of the mother’s breast and massages Soft, comforting gel cushions to warm ( 24 PIECES) cage. Easily adjustable suction strength. Easy to handle & clean due to gently. Thoughtfully designed one hand handle for easy expressing. or cool during pregnancy and when breast fewer parts. Designed for a comfortable grip and easy one hand expressing. Unbreakable Polypropylene housing and handle. Easily adjustable suction feeding Ultra-absorbent Can be operated by mains or battery. strength. Shaped to the breast for placing on lymph Ultra-thin - barely noticeable AWPLPB1003351 ` 3,595 AWPLPB1003419 ` 5,445 and mammary glands under your clothes Soft outer layer - skin friendly Breathable – skin friendly AWPLFP1003353 ` 525 AWPLBP1003346 ` 260 WWW.NUK.COM NUK is a registered trademark owned by MAPA GmbH/ Germany| | *Tests have proven that use of nipple shields leads to more relaxed breast feeding |35|
  20. 20. hARMONy BREAST PUMP MINI ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP This manual breast pump is This small electric breast pump ideal if you only express milk oc- offers optimal comfort for expressing casionally and do not want to miss Breast Pumps breast milk at home or on the go. Ideal the usual feed of your baby. for short-term and occasional use. Convenient swivel handle Easy to clean and assemble Gently massaging SoftFit™ Electric or battery-powered breast shield Cooler carrier available Fewer parts as compared to AWPLPB1005556 ` 5,950 most manual breast pumps Breast pumps are primarily used to ensure that Cooler carrier available your baby continues to have breastmilk when AWPLPB1005567 ` 3,250 you cannot nurse your baby – whether you are having trouble feeding, back in the office, traveling, taking prescription medication, or just MINI ELECTRIC PLUS SWING2PhASE BREAST out with friends. BREAST PUMP PUMP This fully automatic breast An electric breast pump which pump allows double pumping perfectly adapts to the daily routine with all its advantages. Ideal for of a dynamic mother. Ideal for expressing breast milk occasionally occasional or frequent pumping – when at home or on the go. handy, trendy and quiet. Single or double pumping Ideal when you are out and Electric or battery powered about Gently massaging SoftFit™ Cooler carrier available breastshield AWPLPB1005557 ` 8,250 Electric or battery-powered Cooler carrier available AWPLPB1005558 ` 10,250 FREE STyLE ADVANCED BREAST Breastshield for maximum comfort MEDELA MINI ELECTRIC PUMP and output STARTER PACK Hands-free accessories for more (INCLUDES) The world’s smallest high-performance freedom while pumping Mini Electric Breast Pump electric breastpump gives a mother more Stylish shoulder bag including cooler City Style Bag time and flexibility in her everyday life for on-the-go convenience Cooler Unit alongwith Bag Ideal for daily and frequent use Quick Clean Bag With 2-Phase Expression Rechargeable battery provides 3 hours Pump & Save Bag pumping time Single or double pumping Breast Milk Bottle 150 ml AWPLPB1006414 ` 32,800 SoftFit Breastshield and PersonalFit AWPLPB1012521 ` 8,450PUMP IN STyLE ADVANCED BREAST PUMP This electric breast pump comes with a trendy bag which isfully equipped for pumping – any time, any place, and is also CITy STyLE BREAST PUMP BAGideal for frequent and extended use. A stylish and attractive bag to transport a Medela breastpump and expressed Single or double pumping breastmilk. To cool, store and transport breastmilk Removable motor unit and cooler carrier Designed for active and working mothers Electric or battery powered Can be used long after mother‘s done pumping AWPLB100559 ` 24,500 Offers additional room for the breastpumps Swing, Harmony, Mini Electric Plus, Mini Electric or Manual Breastpump AWPLCB1008488 ` 3,000| | |37|
  21. 21. BREAST ShELLS Protects sore or cracked nipples Coming Soon! Soft silicone provides a snug, comfortable fit Vented fronts help allow air circulation The patented dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow is specifically designed to Contoured for less visibility through clothing provide adequate support for your back, bump and knees without taking up AWPLBS1006421 ` 1,035 all of the room in the bed. It encourages you to lie on your left side which is the best position for mother and baby. Also for breastfeeding support, it’s designed to support your back NIPPLE ShIELD during feeding and keep the baby at the correct height and position for To relieve pain caused by sore or cracked nipples breastfeeding. ` 2995 To solve severe or persistent latch-on problems caused by flat, inverted nipples Shield designed not to touch baby’s nose AWPLNS1000837 ` 700 NIPPLE FORMERS A non-invasive method to prepare flat or inverted nipples for breastfeeding Soft silicone provides a snug, comfortable fit Vented fronts helps allow air circulation Contoured for less visibility through clothing AWPLNS1005563 ` 1,035 DISPOSABLE BRA PADS Absorbs milk leakage Unique moisture-absorbing material ACTIVE JACKET Adhesive tape keeps pad in place AMWAJT1012757001 ` 1500 Contoured for a natural, smooth fit AWPLBP1000835 ` 400 ACTIVE PANT AMWATP1012758001 ` 1400 BREASTMILK BOTTLES AWPLMC1005561 ` 725 WAShABLE BRA PADS Absorbs milk leakage Philips AVENT is a leader in parenting and baby products. The Allows air circulation around the Philips AVENT product range includes breastfeeding, bottle nipple feeding, toddler feeding, baby monitors and newborn gifts. Contoured shape for a comfortable fit Washable and reusable Pregnancy and early parenthood is an exciting and challenging NIPPLE CREAM time, when it’s good to know there is expert advice on hand AWPLDP1000840 ` 900 AWPCNO1005564 ` 600 to help take care of you and your baby. AVENT has been designing and manufacturing products since 1984 that are inspired by nature and have been developed through extensive research and clinical trials. Now, as part of the Philips Group, the new Philips AVENT will continue to produce innovative solutions that make feeding and caring for your baby easier. Choosing Philips AVENT means you have the assurance of superior quality products, designed with you and your baby’s needs in mind. Through extensive research and clinical trials, Philips AVENT products work effectively together to give you the flexibility to care for a growing baby. The Philips AVENT superior quality products help to support the choices you make, whether breastfeeding, bottle feeding COMFORT BREAST ShIELD PERSONAL FIT (S) BREAST ShIELD SOFT FIT BREAST ShIELD or combining the two. Then as your baby grows their For higher comfort while pumping Customised two-piece system to accommo- The SoftFitTM Breast shield is soft, interchangeable design features mean they can be adapted to Imitates a baby’s sucking action date the needs of mothers flexible and comfortably massages the meet your baby’s developing needs. We are here to guide you For larger than average nipples breast and areola through all these wonderful changes. Made of soft silicone AWPLBS1005560 ` 1,240 Available in two tunnel sizes (27 and 30mm) Imitates a baby’s sucking action for maximum comfort Baby Range - ` 195 TO 1,495 AWPLBS1006415 ` 1,035 Mother’s Range - ` 695 TO ` 2,295 AWPLBS1006420 ` 1,035| | |39|
  22. 22. Mother B Essentials RELIEF BELT A natural swiss Thermotherapy 4-In-1 care pack – for warming, cooling, protecting & cushioning. Helps relieve discomfort from: abdominal pain, back aches, C-Section incision. Includes a real cherrystone insert for warming and soothing. Prenatal / Postpartum. Can be used for back & front AWPSBL1003433 ` 1,080 ` 675 TO ` 1,095 A yOGA MAT A. AWPSYM1011728 ` 399 B. AWPSYM1011729 ` 499 ` 95 TO ` 500 FEEDING PILLOW Makes feeding easy and comfortable for both the baby & the mother. Made of soft & non- toxic foam filling with 100% Cotton removable & washable cover. The strap is adjustable & fits any waist size. Currently available in two colors - Pink & Blue. D AWPSSC1005842 ` 1,599 AWPSSC1011946 ` 1,599 BODy PILLOW Provides the utmost comfort for expectant and new mothers. The shell fabric is 100% Cotton (white color) with Polyfiber filling. It has a Pink and Blue cord piping along the pillow edges. Washable. AWPSBP1002717 ` 1,099 E C C. hAIR TOWEL AWPLTR1011726 ` 175 | D. GAIA PURE PREGNANCy BELLy BUTTER (150 ML)AWPCSS1011355 ` 575 E. TOWEL AWPLTR1011727 ` 850| | |41|
  23. 23. Comfort & Well Being Great For Gifting A ADIRA PERIOD PANTy : ` 140 TO ` 170 A garment specially designed for a woman to use during her period Adira Period Panty is made of : 100% cotton skin friendly & leak proof material Special design – arrests all common areas of staining such as inner thigh, front and back The loops provided on the inside layer allow for sanitary napkins without SOUNDS FOR SILENCE BABy SETTLING PROGRAMME : Dramatically different, Sounds for wings to be fitted. For sanitary napkins with wings, the wings can be flipped B Silence uses sounds to distract, engage and soothe unsettled babies. AWPOBK1007149 ` 2,495/- around the inside layer Available in 4 Sizes- M, L, xL, xxL Two fits - Boxer – Recommended for High Flow Days, Hipster – Recommended for Low Flow Days hOT WATER BOTTLES C G A h A. AWPSHP1007508 ` 1195 I D J hEALTh SOCKS : ` 149 Loose Top Socks contract vertically to grip the leg and stay up without leaving B C D marks or restricting circulation. Their unique construction and superior stretch fibres E wont bind (which is good for circulation) or sag (which is great for comfort.) Especially K recommended for diabetic feet Aloe Vera infused socks helps to reverse degenerative skin changes (thinning, wrinkling, creasing, agespots etc.) Aloe Vera improves the skins ability to hydrate itself and aids in the removal of dead skin, it also reduces swelling from injuries and promotes recovery from infections L Infused with a cooling and energizing blend of peppermint and other mint oils E F G F M A. AWPOBK1002932 ` 399 | B. AWPOBK1003301 ` 250 | C. AWPOBK1002930 ` 495 | D. AWPOBK1003298 ` 192 B. AWPSWB1007737 ` 425 | C. AWPSWB1007741 ` 595 E. AWPOBK1002951 ` 295 | F. AWPOBK1003972 ` 199 | G. AWPOCD1006143 ` 200 | h. AWPOCD1014022 ` 200 D. AWPSWB1007744 ` 1,125 | E. AWPSHP1007513 ` 325 I. AWPOCD1014021 ` 200 | J. AWPOBK1014018 ` 200 | K. AWPOCD1014025 ` 200 | L. AWPOBK1014020 ` 200 F. AWPSHP1007513 ` 325 | G. AWPSHP1007516 ` 1,125 M. AWPOBK1014017 ` 200| | |43|
  24. 24. K On The Go E A + + h F + + B C L I J G Great For Gifting D M A. TOMMEE TIPPEE ThERMOMETER ABHETH1010596 ` 4,458 | B. MINI SQUIDS SUNGLASSES ABHASG1011882 ` 1,395 C. MINI SQUIDS SUNGLASSES ABHASG1011883 ` 1,395 | D. DIAPER BAG AWPLDB1012081 ` 2,795 E. TIGEX INSULATED BAG ABCFBW1009354 ` 995 | F. TOMMEE TIPPEE TRAVEL BOTTLE WARMER ABCFBW1010600 ` 1,768 G. DIAPER BAG AWPLDB1009333 ` 1,425 | h. PAMPERS BABy WIPES ABCTWP1013941 ` 169 | I. DIAPER BAG AWPLDB1009333 ` 1,425 J. DIAPER BAG AWPLDB1009333 ` 169 | K. MESSENGER BAG-MIL AWPLDB1006064 ` 2,295 | L. CITy ChICK GREEN-MIL AWPLDB1006061 ` 2,595 M. DUO DEATCh PINK-MIL AWPLDB1006061 ` 2,995| | |45|
  25. 25. Infant Basics 47 Infant Fashion 52 Toddler Fashion 61 C D Grooming 65 Mealtime 69 Furniture & Furnishings 75 Travel & Safety 84 For Me Toys & Games 106 E B C Infant Basics G I F h J A B. PACK OF 2 BODySUITS AKIGBS1012570 ` 599 C. PACK OF 3 ACCESSORIES SET ACIGAS1012589 ` 349 D. PACK OF 2 KNIT JABLAS AKIBJB1012579 ` 599 E. LEGGINGS AKIBLE1012581 ` 299 F. BABy BASICS SET AKIBCS1012576 ` 799 G. PACK OF 2 BODySUITS AKIBBS1012563 ` 599 h. 2 PACK 2 PIECE NIGhT DRESS AKIGND1012037 ` 699 A. DRESS AKIGDF1013505 ` 799 I. PACK OF 2 KNIT JABLAS AKIGJB1012580 ` 599 J. LEGGINGS AKIGLE1012582 ` 299| | |47|
  26. 26. Great For Great Gifting For Gifting A B A. PACK OF 2 JABLAS AKIBJB1012007 ` 449 A B B. PACK OF 2 LEGGINGS AKIBST1012022 ` 299 C PACK OF 5 ACCESSORIES SET ACIBAS1012030 ` 699 Great For Gifting PACK OF 2 BODySUITS AKIBBS1012564 ` 599 A. BABy BASIC GIFT SET AKIGCS1012001 ` 699 B. BABy BASIC GIFT SET AKIGCS1012000 ` 1,299 C. BABy BASIC GIFT SET AKIBCS1011996 ` 1,299 D. PACK OF 2 JABLAS AKIGJB1012014 ` 399 E. PACK OF 3 ACCESSORIES SET ACIGAS1012033 ` 249 Instore - 3rd week January F. PACK OF 2 BODySUITS AKIGBS1011980 ` 449 G. PACK OF 2 ShORTS AKIGST1012023 ` 299 h. PACK OF 2 BODySUITS AKIGBS1012570 ` 599 E D G H PACK OF 5 BODySUITS AKIGBS1011979 ` 799 2 PACK 2 PIECE NIGhT DRESS AKIBPJ1012025 ` 699 F| | All accessories are model’s own |49|
  27. 27. E F D G Gift Sets J A D. ABCCGF1011860 ` 1,999 E. ABCCGF1011359 ` 850 B F. ABCCGF1011358 ` 850 I G. ABCCGF1011357 ` 850 h. ABCTTW1012775 ` 599 h I. PACK OF 4 ACCESSORIES SET ACIGAS1012590 ` 399 J. PACK OF 3 ACCESSORIES SET ACIBAS1012586 ` 299 J. BAByPURE FEEDING ESSENTIALS GIFT PACK ABCCGF1015008 ` 425 also available- sleep essentials gift pack, bath essentials gift pack L. BABy BASIC SET ACIGCS1012578 ` 799 C A. RANGE OF WOOLEN CAPS ` 199 (each) B. 2 PIECE NIGhT DRESS AKIBPJ1012583 ` 599 C. BABy BASIC SET AKIBCS1012577 ` 699 K| | All accessories are model’s own |51|
  28. 28. Infants PartywearB B C D E A. AKIBOW1014899 ` 1,899 | B. AKIGDF1013129 ` 999 | C. AKIGDF1013137 ` 1,099 | D. AKIGDF1013136 ` 1,199 E. AKIGDF1013132 ` 899 |53| All accessories are model’s own