Mountain Pass Rare Earth Technology Tour


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Please enjoy this short presentation showing how the advanced technologies at Molycorp's new Mountain Pass Rare Earth Facility produces advanced rare earth materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Mountain Pass Rare Earth Technology Tour

  1. 1. A Brief Technology Tour: Rare Earth Production At Mountain Pass, Calif. Making Advanced Materials Through Advanced Technologies October 2013
  2. 2. Mountain Pass Technology Tour
  3. 3. It all starts with the Mountain Pass rare earth ore body, which is one of the world’s largest, richest and most readily processable rare earth resources. Its ore grade averages about 8% TREO, and contains all naturally occurring lanthanide REs plus Yttrium.
  4. 4. Ore is crushed and blended to a consistent ore grade before it is sent to the Mill.
  5. 5. Ore is milled to a fine consistency and a high-grade rare earth concentrate is produced by a flotation process.
  6. 6. A proprietary multi-stage chemical process liberates rare earths from the concentrate, for later separation into individual elements and products. Both bastnasite and monazite minerals can be cracked in this process.
  7. 7. A heavy rare earth concentrate is then produced, which can be processed into highpurity, custom engineered heavy rare earth materials at other Molycorp facilities.
  8. 8. Other rare earths such as Cerium, Lanthanum, Neodymium, and Praseodymium are separated and purified into various products.
  9. 9. Wastewater produced in the separations process is treated for re-use, and brine (salt & water) is recovered from the wastewater.
  10. 10. The chloralkali plant converts brine into HCl and NaOH, both of which are used in the rare earth separation process. This helps to minimize the environmental footprint of rare earth production and reduce production costs at Mountain Pass.
  11. 11. This high efficiency power technology also helps to reduce An onsite Combined Heat and Power plant, fueled by clean-burning the environmental footprint of the facility and lower natural gas, provides reliable, low-cost, and highly efficient power and production costs at Mountain Pass. steam across the Mountain Pass facility.
  12. 12. Water is removed from non-rare earth mine tailings, making it available for re-use, and tailings are then converted into a paste.
  13. 13. Paste tailings are then deposited in layers that solidify, an environmentally friendly technology that eliminates the need for a “tailings dam.”
  14. 14. Wastewater from multiple Mountain Pass plants is sent for treatment onsite… Wastewater from various plants
  15. 15. .. and is then re-used across the facility.
  16. 16. In another innovative recycling process, wastewater is converted into the chemical reagents used for rare earth separation. This reduces waste, lessens the need to ship chemical reagents to the facility by truck, and helps to reduce production costs.
  17. 17. PRODUCTS  Rare Earth Oxides, Carbonates, Oxalates, Chlorides, Nitrates  SorbX® Products  Excess Chemical Reagents  Rare Earth Concentrates Commercial Markets Around the World / Molycorp’s Downstream Facilities
  18. 18. What We Produce For Global Supply Chains CUSTOM-ENGINEERED MATERIALS FROM: Cerium Lanthanum Praseodymium Neodymium Samarium Europium Gadolinium Terbium Dysprosium Holmium Erbium Thulium Ytterbium Lutetium Yttrium Scandium 29 RARE EARTH MAGNETIC MATERIALS NdFeB Alloys SmCo Alloys RARE METALS PRODUCTS Tantalum Niobium Gallium NdFeB magnetic powders Indium NdFeB magnets (bonded and sintered) Rhenium RARE EARTH / ZIRCONIUM MIXED OXIDES WATER PURIFICATION PRODUCTS SorbX®
  19. 19. For More Information: Chemicals and Oxides Sales Inquiries: Bob Noll, +1 303-843-8043 Magnetic Materials Sales Inquiries: Greg Kroll, +65 6415 0655 Rare Metals Sales Inquiries: Frank Timmerman, +31 40 292 8912 Investor Inquiries: Brian Blackman, +1 303-843-8067 News Media Inquiries: Jim Sims, +1 303-843-8062 Government Inquiries: Jim Sims, +12 303-843-8062