P&G's Give Education and Communities in Schools: Let's School the Nation Campaign
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P&G's Give Education and Communities in Schools: Let's School the Nation Campaign






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  • Source: PRSA case study
  • Source: http://www.pg.com/en_US/company/purpose_people/pvp.shtml
  • Source: http://www.pg.com/en_US/sustainability/performance.shtml

P&G's Give Education and Communities in Schools: Let's School the Nation Campaign P&G's Give Education and Communities in Schools: Let's School the Nation Campaign Presentation Transcript

  • P&G’s GIVE Education andCommunities in Schools: Let’sSchool the Nation 2011Molly AlexanderLauren HalabiHeather MoorenBrittany TaylorArdranna Weatherspoon02/21/2013
  • Campaign• Communities in Schools (CIS): nation’s leading dropoutprevention organization (PRSA, 2012)• More than 1.2 million students drop out every year, 1/3 ofhigh school students fail to graduate on time (Communities inSchools, 2013)• Back to school (BTS) timeframe (July/August) (PRSA, 2012)• P&G brands have not gotten fair share in consumer spendingduring BTS (PRSA, 2012)• “Cause mainstream” consumers targeted, as well as momstasked with buying school supplies (PRSA, 2012)• 2011 campaign spokesperson: John Legend (Communities inSchools, 2011)
  • P&G’s Mission & Business“We will provide branded products and services of superior quality andvalue that improve the lives of the world’s consumers, now and forgenerations to come. As a result, consumers will reward us withleadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, ourshareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.”-P&G.com• 50 leadership brands, some of the most well-knownhousehold names (P&G, 2012)• 90% of these provide over 90% of sales and profit(P&G, 2012)• 25 of these are “billion dollar brands” that generatemore than $1 billion each in annual sales (P&G, 2012)
  • P&G’s Reputation• Well-known household brand names distributed(P&G, 2012)• Care for community and environment, use goals togive back through campaigns(P&G, 2012)
  • Campaign Objectives & Improvements• In its inaugural year, drive at least 500,000brandSAVER coupon redemptions▫ More time-definite; specific date should be set.• Secure retailer buy-in of GIVE Education to drive in-store display and trial of participating P&G brandssuch as Tide, Crest, Olay, and Puffs during BTS▫ More of a strategy than an objective.• Break through the media clutter to promote thelaunch of GIVE Education "School the Nation"program▫ More specific; how exactly do they plan to "breakthrough the media clutter?“
  • Campaign Objectives & Improvements• Raise profile and position of CIS in order toincrease awareness of the organization and itssuccess▫ Should be measurable; should include howmuch P&G would like to increase awareness• Achieve at least $10,000 in fundraising for CIS▫ Missing time frame, ensure that $10,000is achievable as well as realistic
  • Tactic: Social Media Tools• P&Gs use of socialmedia is probably themost common and mosteffective of tactics• Used social media notonly to promote thecause, but also to inspiresupport for both thecause and children inAmerica
  • Tactic: Deals, Coupons & Rebates• brandSAVER booklets withmore than 30 coupons in eachbooklet, distributed to morethan 50 million U.S.households in Sunday papers(PRSA)• For every coupon redeemed,P&G donated $0.02 to CIS(PRSA)• For every $25 spent on selectbrands, $5 mail-in-rebate(PRSA)• P&G will donate $5 to CIS(PRSA)
  • Tactic: Celebrity• Partnered with John Legend in2011 (PRSA)• Used celebrity popularity forthis campaign to drawawareness to the cause (PRSA)
  • Campaign Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths Weaknesses• 25 million GIVE EducationbrandSAVER coupons wereredeemed through purchases –50 times the goal (PRSA)• 911 million + total impressionsfrom traditional & social media• Facebook “likes” increased 143percent (PRSA)• P&G myGIVE, corporate socialresponsibility• Cost per CPM was $0.61- twotimes less than the projectedcost (PRSA)• $667,000 in cash was donatedto CIS through brandSAVERcoupon redemptions- more than60 times the goal- in addition to$500,000 in product donations(PRSA)• Spokesperson• Objectives were set low• Key markets only were big cities(ex: NY and Philadelphia) whichcaused a• Disconnect with drop out rateslocally• Back to School is a busy time forfamilies and money is tight• No social media evidence ofcampaign
  • Campaign Recommendations• Build on Success:▫ Keep John Legend as spokesperson▫ Retain a female spokesperson▫ Increase monetary goals▫ Increase P & G brand savor coupon book from 30 to 50 coupons▫ Get more student testimonials• Address Weaknesses:▫ Extend the campaign until end of September▫ Increase key markets from 5 to 8 cities▫ Create YouTube or commercial▫ Maintain social media presence year around
  • Sources• P&G, Citizen Paine. (2012) P&G’s Give Education and Communities InSchools: Let’s School the Nation. Retrieved fromhttp://www.prsa.org/SearchResults/view/6BW-1207F12/0/P_G_s_Give_Education_and_Communities_In_Schools_Le• Authors (2012) Purpose, values, and principles: Our foundation. Retrievedfrom: http://www.pg.com/en_US/company/purpose_people/pvp.shtml• Authors (2012) P&G Leadership brands. Retrieved from:http://www.pg.com/en_US/brands/index.shtml• Authors (2012) P&G Report Card: Final results for 2012 sustainabilitygoals. Retrieved from:http://www.pg.com/en_US/sustainability/performance.shtml• Bento, M. (2011) Communities in schools and P&G team up with JohnLegend to fight the nations dropout crisis. Retrieved from:http://www.communitiesinschools.org/pressroom/resource/communities-schools-and-pg-team-john-legend