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Little rabbit’s tale
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Little rabbit’s tale



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  • 1. Comprehension Quiz Show Cause and Effect
  • 2.  Effect – something that happens Cause – the reason why something happens
  • 3.  An apple
  • 4.  Because it shows that the sky isn’t really falling
  • 5.  Little Rabbit feels scared and worried. We can tell because he yells “Oh no!” and wants to tell everyone; he looks scared and worried in the picture
  • 6.  Because an apple fell on his head
  • 7.  Because he thinks the sky is falling and he wants to warn everyone
  • 8.  A fish is biting on the other endWhy doesn’t Goose catch his fish? How do you know?• Because Little Rabbit tells him the sky is falling and they hurry away to help warn others.
  • 9.  Because they want to find Beaver and tell him the sky is falling
  • 10.  Beaver looks surprised. He says they need to tell Turtle, and all the characters dash up the hill
  • 11.  Because Turtle is asleep and Beaver wants to tell him that the sky is fallingHow do the picture and words help your understanding?• The picture shows Beaver tapping on Turtle’s shell; Beaver says there is no time to sleep.
  • 12.  Little RabbitIn what order did the rest of the characters hear Little Rabbit’s news?• Little Rabbit told Goose, then Goose told Beaver, then Beaver told Turtle, and then Little Rabbit told Mother Rabbit
  • 13.  On the first page of the story How can we check that these are the same words?• We can read the first page again.
  • 14.  Because other characters are there to see what happens to Little Rabbit, they can tell him it was just an apple
  • 15.  Silly for overreacting; sorry for worrying his friends; maybe relieved that the sky was not really falling
  • 16.  In the beginning Little Rabbit thinks the sky is falling. In the middle, he runs around telling all of his friends. In the end, he finds out the sky is not falling and his friends stay at his house for dinner.
  • 17.  To tell a funny story, to make the reader laugh, to teach a lesson that you shouldn’t always jump to conclusions or believe everything you hear